Would Kam Chancellor sit out the year?

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Earlier today, MDS pointed out that Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor would lose more than $264,000 for each game check he misses, if his holdout extends into the regular season. The real question is whether he would he miss all 17 of the regular-season game checks.

“From what I know of the situation, yeah,” former Seahawks fullback and current NFL Network analyst Michael Robinson said earlier tonight on NFL Total Access. “He’s dug in. He really feels that they have the ability to pay him.”

Robinson said he has spoken on multiple occasions to Chancellor about the situation.

“Kam is not only a leader on this defense, he’s a team leader. He’s a guy that he can go to and be able to talk to a guy like Marshawn [Lynch], be able to talk to a guy on the offensive side of the ball to get him straight. He is everything to this team. I know there are guys out there making plays for the Seahawks right now, but nobody’s Kam Chancellor. Nobody sets the tone physically like Kam Chancellor. . . . He is the boom to the Legion of Boom.”

The boom has gone bust for 23 days and counting, with no indication that the Seahawks will do anything to enhance Chancellor’s contract. If no one blinks, the Seahawks may have to figure out how to get by without him in 2015.

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  1. I’m a Seahawks fan. Have been since ’79.

    Cut him.

    I hate so see him go but if he didn’t understand the contract he was signing or his reps (that he hired), didn’t explain it to him… It’s not the Seahawks’ fault.

  2. I just hope the Seahawks demand the training camp fines that he is incurring but if he reports prior to regular season they probably won’t. This isn’t a diss on Cam, he has to do what he thinks is best, but by dropping the fines it increases the chances of others doing the same thing moving forward. Go Hawks!!

  3. If your holding out for more money, you won’t sit out and loose $264,000 per game. He’s only threatening, he’ll be back by week one

  4. You are an idiot if you sit out Week 1.

    Go to camp. Play Week 1 and mention a contract is required.

    Week 16…. hold out when it matters.

  5. I’m a fan of both the Hawks and Kam. What worries me most is not Kam’s holdout, Seattle not paying him, or Seattle paying him and then a handful of players lined up at Johns door wanting a raise too. What worries me is it getting to the point where the relationship between the club and Kam getting to the point of destruction with no return. Most of all, Kam is a good dude and I’d hate to see his image, legacy, and the rest of his NFL career being tarnished to the point where Kam falls into obscurity.

    The NFL is a business but it all starts with passion, grit, and the love for the game with these players that makes the good ones into HOF’s. At the end of the day, nobody is going to remember Kam as the highest paid player, he will only be remembered by his play on the field and holding out will only tarnish that image.

    Don’t be a Albert Haynsworth or Mike Wallace Kam. You are better than that and deserve to be remembered for your play on the field, not the amount of money in your bank account.

  6. These JAMFs sign multi-year deals because they want the security they provide – a bird in the hand is worth more than “potential” future earnings. Then they decide they’ve “outplayed” the contract and demand it be torn up and redone. You can’t have it both ways. If you think you’re going to be some superstar in 2-3 years and worth more money, then sign a short-term deal and take the injury risk. Until some guy who is “underplaying” his contract goes to management and offers to give some money back, I’ll never have one shred of respect for holdouts like Kam.

  7. Edelman ran him over like a speed bump. Kam is just sitting out while Cheatin’ Pete shoots him up with juice to get his mojo back. Doesn’t matter though…the seagulls won’t even make the SB this year…Pats will spank the pack instead.

  8. He won’t sit out the whole season. Just enough for this to count as a season on his contract. He is already making 4.5 with 2 years left. I don’t know what he is expecting

  9. I’d love to see Chicago offer Jared Allen (in win now for both he and the Seahawks) and our 1st next year for KC. Then lock him up long term as a monster of the midway, and pair him with Fuller. Bears secondary would be solid for the next 5 years.

  10. Every preseason there is this same article about a different player. Every year the player shows, with or without a new contract. This will be no different. Nothing to see here, move along….

  11. .
    31 – the number of NFL teams looking for help at safety.

    Patriots safety Devon McCourty received a 9 million dollar contract this offseason. He had both the Giants and Eagles waiting in the wings with similar offers because there’s a league wide shortage of good safeties.

  12. Russell Wilson contract continues to reverberate across the league…win-win for the rest of the league. Seabirds all thinking they deserve highest pay in the land!! They can’t pay, people refuse to show up, this is what happens when you over pay one…the rest come expecting!!!

  13. I don’t take everything I read on the internet as gospel, but the folks at spotrac haven’t led me astray yet. So looking over this guy’s just signed deal…”Kam Chancellor signed a 4 year, $28,002,008 contract with the Seattle Seahawks, including a $5,000,000 signing bonus, $7,825,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $7,000,502. In 2015, Chancellor will earn a base salary of $4,550,000 and a incentive bonus of $100,000.”

    That’s way nicer than: 4 yrs 2,003,610, with a signing bonus of $213,610 and an average salary of $500,903 with a guarantee of$213,610. That new deal was inked in 2013 and he’s already wanting a new one. I don’t have a fantastic CBA like the NFLPA or a mighty union, and I also feel that I’m not getting paid on par with performance, yet I’m not diddy-bopping into the boss’s office and saying I feel cheated on the contract I read, agreed and signed. I have no sympathy. Don’t talk about maximizing your value, without football these guys would have normal jobs or none at all. If you can’t take $14 million dollars and do something better with it than spend spend spend,boo-hoo. Oh I’m sorry, the government gets half, so a paltry $7 mil by the age of 27 just isn’t viable right. They’ll buckle and pay him anyways and then he’ll decline and get traded.

  14. Seahawk fan thinks he is immune from salary caps, dwindling depth and disgruntled players. They’ll get a good taste this year. Can’t wait for some adversity to hit this team, they are mentally weak and will turn on each other.

  15. My first thought was ‘damn, pay that man’ Then I looked at his current deal and when he signed it.

    “I’ve got so many words it’s hard to throw them out there. I just feel great right now. The Seahawks organization has blessed me. It just feels good. I’m a happy person right now”
    Kam Chancellor’s own words on getting his extension 04/2013.

    One year into that 4 year extension he apparently is not feeling quite so blessed. He is holding out on a team that doesn’t have much breathing room as is and has other contracts coming up. Yeah, that’s a team guy.

  16. Can’t blame him. Ever since TB12 exposed the Legion of Bust as the frauds that they are with the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, I’d be doing everything I can to escape the sinking, rudderless ship known as the Seagulls.

  17. It’s the winner’s curse – everyone thinks they should get paid. This is where coaching and GM is key. Soon enough Seattle will need to draft the guys that will replace the unaffordables.

  18. I love Kam. Love his leadership. Love his physicality. Hate his holdout and logic for doing so. I hate to say it, but if he doesn’t report by Monday, let him seek a trade.

  19. I really wish these camp holdout fines of $30K per day were payable by the player, that the team didn’t have the option of waiving the fines. If that was the case, Chancellor would have been in camp on day one. No way Seattle does anything when the guy has 3 years left on his contract. Too big of a precedent.

    He will be there for week one. Count on it.

  20. If you want to get paid market value every year, then sign one year contracts, otherwise shut the hell up. The market moves, deal with it. You can’t have it both ways….market value every year and security against an injury….it just doesn’t work that way.

  21. With all the money they threw around this offseason, they could have easily given Kam what he wanted. Kam is the tone setter for that defense. He reminds me of Bob Sanders of the colts, he’s way better, but when Bob Sanders was in the game for the colts and was healthy, that defense was always legit. Hell, peyton owes his only super bowl ring to bob sanders coming back and making that defense legit for the playoffs. Kam may very well be the most important person on that defense. He knows it. He needs to pull a Revis and stick it out and get every penny he can, because the way he hits, it wont be a long career.

  22. Here come the high and mightys to demand he honour what he signed. Always conveniently leaving out that the team will bully him into a paycut the second they think he’s overpaid.

    Get your money Kam, you deserve it.

  23. He’s a 12M per year safety making chicken scratch. All the owner slurpers out there saying “honor your contract” would be the first begging the team to cut him if he stunk. With the daily fines, KC should show up and half it if they’re gonna hardball him.

  24. The team won’t Buckle. If they do, they are doomed, as EVERY player that plays awesome one year will expect more and say “well, Kam got it”. Won’t happen.

  25. He should sit out if he is this unhappy. Couple more years of sitting out and he’s up for a big fat

  26. In all business you are governed by rules of the game. In the NFL the rule of a new contract with 3 years left is NOT to write one and thus Kam is the only player that’s had 3 years left on his deal and held out. He simply has no leverage and as good as he is he’s not more important than the team and if he does hold out into the regular season then he will simply become a cancer. The Hawks should not trade him nor renegotiate his deal as they must make it clear to the rest of the team this strategy is a failure. If they bend then the whole thing collapses.

  27. Some Seattle fans think that no player has ever taken a pay cut when he is underperforming. That is nonsense. TE Zach Miller took pay cuts, and the Sea Squawks still cut him after he was injured. Sidney Rice was cut when he got injured and then he signed for a much smaller amount before deciding to retire.

  28. Kam is getting some bad advise from his agent.
    And he will have his feathers ruffled even more if they dole out $4-5 million to get Evan Mathis into the fold for the O.L.That his body is getting a rest is the only good coming out of this.
    John Clayton is predicting for the third Monday in a row that Kam will report.lol.
    As soon as he lowers the boom on some Ram or Packer receiver early in the year, all disgruntled fans will quickly forgive him.

  29. I remember just a couple years ago when Seattle fans thought the LOB would last forever haha. Even if he comes back the foundation is cracked and only a matter of time before it crumbles.

  30. Although being married to a super model helps, tom brasy seems to be the only one to realize that if you take the team for 20% of the teams cap, that team is not going to be as good around you in about 2 years when theyve had to let others go because they cant afford them

  31. If this guy is even considering to sit out one game and lose $264k, the NFL must step in and make sure he goes through the concussion testing program.

  32. I don’t blame him one bit, I mean who the hell can pay your bills when you only make $4.2 million dollars a year in this economy?

    I hate the Seahawks but it wouldn’t matter if this was a guy on my team, I’d say the same thing. This BS is ridiculous, get your azz on the field punk!!!

  33. And if the team decided he had ‘underplayed’ the contract, they would tear it up and release him.

    It’s never a good thing when fans pick sides in contract or labor disputes.

    I don’t like to see player holdouts, because what do I care if he’s “underpaid” as long as he’s on the field, but the reality is that this is his job and these are just negotiations. Kam is a professional and will be ready and if he decides to skip out, a portion of his contract spells out exactly what happens.

    He isn’t doing anything outside of said contract. If Seattle doesn’t like what he’s doing, they can fine him or cut him (or trade him).

    All of the people who don’t think he will miss games because he will be fined $264k per game are nuts. The contract upgrade he would get would dwarf the dollars lost by an order of 10. Almost no player is dumb enough to actually lose money. The only thing you can be for sure is that if he misses 1 game, he’s not coming back without a better deal for him.

  34. Classy of his agent (the same one that apparently negotiated a bad deal one year ago) to use a former teammate to make threats via the league-owned news outlet.

  35. Fraud…. Brady exposed that secondary… Seachickens will be an average team this season. You signed the contract a year ago and already want a new one.. cut this fool and make a statement.

  36. So ridiculous that he JUST signed too. His contract’s ink is barely dry. Oh well, they won’t be able to replace his talent but if he wants to lay around pool side naked all season what can we do?!

  37. The guy is making 7.5M this year, counting the signing bonus. That keeps him top 5 in Safeties. Meaning he’s not underpaid at all, and he knows that their are three years left. This is moronic. Seattle has all of the leverage here—players don’t play better for sitting out a year, and his window to make money is small. He can’t burn a year. And if he really wanted to get paid every year what he’s worth, pull a Revis and only do year to year contracts. Otherwise, too bad.

  38. In management you get the behavior you reward.

    The Seahawks would have to review Bennett’s contract before looking into Kam’s. If not Bennett would leave camp.

    Kam’s getting bad advice. It’s likely this advice is coming from the same source that told him he could get a better deal after 2 years, if he played well.

    Of course the other possibility is that the MCL is a bigger problem thanhe wants people to know.

    Either way, there is no way the Seahawks can redo his deal while he is out.

    The team would be better off signing Mathis, and taking their chances on Kam.

  39. 49ers will take him off Seattle’s hands for a conditional 7th round pick and a Costco-sized bag of Skittles.

  40. Anyone who thinks professional athletes are worth this kind of money is a fool. This is sick and well out of hand. If I want to take my two boys to a football game it would cost me a months wages. I have friends and brothers fighting fires and risking their lives to protect homes probably even theirs for pennies compared to them. To get paid multi million dollar contracts to play a game is sick. You can see what is happening to this country and the 98% who live paycheck to paycheck. A reality check needs to be made some one finally say enough is enough.

  41. golforepar says:
    Aug 22, 2015 9:54 AM
    Greed has the Seahawks window as a NFL power closing fast!
    better to have “powered” and lost, than never to have “powered” at all.

  42. He is going to have to renegotiate just to get out from under the fines he will owe.

    Tie him up for 3 years and don’t pay him. Then, let Wilson earn the money from the huge contract he signed.

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