X-ray negative on McCown’s finger; nature of injury unclear

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Browns starting quarterback Josh McCown threw an interception on the team’s first two drives, then led a field goal drive to end the first half in a preseason game against the Bills Thursday night.

After the game, McCown was taken to the X-ray room in First Energy Stadium to have his right ring finger X-rayed. That X-ray came back negative, the team later confirmed, but McCown told reporters the finger on his throwing hand was “sore” and he wasn’t sure how he injured it or if he would need further testing.

If McCown has more than soreness and/or swelling in his finger, time is on his side. The Browns return to practice this weekend but don’t play their third preseason game in Tampa Bay until Aug. 29.

Johnny Manziel led a touchdown drive in the fourth quarter Thursday against the Bills backups. Though Manziel has shown improvement this summer, the Browns have remained firm that McCown, who signed with the team last February, is the starting quarterback.

McCown called Manziel’s 96-yard scoring drive “awesome” but said he’ll continue to prepare as the starter and a mentor to the 22-year-old Manziel.

“Until told otherwise, my preparation will be the same as it has been,” McCown said. “I am getting ready to go down to Tampa, and hopefully, depending on how long we play or whatever the situation is, go out there and really get revved up (for) kind of the last time before the opener.”

After the game, Browns coach Mike Pettine called McCown “firmly the one” in answering a question about the team’s quarterback depth chart.

9 responses to “X-ray negative on McCown’s finger; nature of injury unclear

  1. Josh. Awesome person….

    … still trying to learn that nice guys finish last.

    Should’ve never left Chicago. Was the beginning of the end for Trestman there.

  2. McCown owes Marc Trestman commission for life. He sucked before that season with the Bears and he’s sucked since. He’s a great person and a tremendous asset in any team’s locker room but he has no business starting in the NFL. I predict this is his last season on an NFL roster.

  3. If I were a Browns fan I would hope that the injury kept him out the whole season. You have a much better chance with Johnny Football. Thank God the Bills did not sign McCown. He is awful. I’m much happier having Tyrod and even EJ over McCown.

  4. What a dope why wouldn’t u go with manziel if team excels stickng with McCown garentees 5 and 11 tops much more upside with manziel

  5. Watched that game last night and McCown looked just like he did when he was with the Cardinals.

    It’s amazing that mediocre QBs always find work in the NFL. Heck, Ken Whisenhunt turned Kevin Kolb into a multi-millionaire and that guy stunk from the word go, when everyone on the planet except Whiz and Rod Graves knew the guy had a glass jaw.

    We paid that guy $4.3 million PER GAME !

  6. Gary Barnage is going to suck as a starting tight end. As soon as he got hit by a real defense, he can’t hold on to the ball. That 1st one was on Barnage.

    I don’t know what McCown was thinking on the second one. Our offensive line was completely over matched though, but that’s not headline material. I’m not an apologist but I would say McCown is not nearly as good as game 1 and not nearly as bad as game 2.

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