Bryce Petty shows some promise for the Jets

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The Jets have had a long, painful struggle to find a franchise quarterback, and so any time a rookie quarterback for the Jets plays well, there’s going to be excitement. Which means it’s all aboard the Bryce Petty hype train.

Petty played very well with the Jets’ second-string offense on Friday night against the Falcons, completing 12 of 19 passes for 168 yards and a touchdown, with no turnovers. That was a big improvement from Petty’s sub-par showing in his preseason debut, and he said he felt a lot more comfortable in his second game.

“I think last week I had no idea what to expect as far as the game goes, as far as myself personally and emotionally, how it would roll and so I felt like coming in to this week I would have a better understanding of how things went down and how things worked. I felt a lot more comfortable out there. There was definitely progress as far as where I was last week to this week so that’s good,” Petty said.

Petty believes he has improved in a short time.

“It’s progress every week and that’s what I got to keep telling myself, every day, to get better, and every week to get better. I can’t get complacent, I can’t get happy about this. I have to get back in there in the film room and go to work. I still have to get better at decision making. I think especially situationally in the red zone I have to throw catchable balls that only our guys can catch and allow us to score points and not put ourselves in jeopardy down there. We’re learning.”

The Jets don’t yet believe Petty is ready to play in the regular season, which is why they signed Matt Flynn to be there in case Ryan Fitzpatrick gets hurt during Geno Smith’s absence. But Petty showed on Friday night that he has potential. The Jets will take it.

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  1. Best potential at QB in a long time for the Jets. I never thought Geno would amount to anything. Like Petty’s arm and the idea he improved so much in a short week is encouraging.

  2. I guess it only took one week and a couple of quarters of preseason play for Jets fans to come back to the reality of Fitzpatrick is not a good NFL Quarterback. Now their jumping on the rookie bandwagon. As I said before, they’ll be begging for Geno Smith after two weeks in the regular season.

  3. Petty looked like a real NFL QB…..he has a long way to go but he has the talent…..If the Jets have a bad season he should get some playing time to help the learning curve he could be ready in a yr or two…..

  4. What he needs is to ride the bench. Throwing him in there will not help the learning curve at all. The Jets have proved that with Sanchez and Geno. Let the kid sit like Rodgers and learn the system from Gailey/Fitzpatrick.

  5. I don’t know. I watched him overthrow a wide open receiver and throw one right into the defenses hands (dropped). Both in the redzone.

    Seems like an overreaction to a mild improvement from week 1.

  6. The order that QBs get selected in the drafted, very rarely ends up being the way they play in the NFL. Alex Smith went before Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady went in the 6th round, Joe Montana 3rd round, Kurt Warner and Tony Romo weren’t drafted, Dan Marino was the sixth QB chosen his year, etc., etc. So it’s highly probable that a QB taken in the later rounds (like Bryce Petty) is going to be the best QB from this crop.

  7. campcouch says:
    Aug 22, 2015 8:30 AM
    Haw! One preseason game against a vanilla defense and he’s already chaired next to Joe Namath.
    Joe Nameth, the most overrated QB in NFL history. They should hope for better.

  8. His accuracy and coming out of the spread would be my concerns with him making it, but just like with Geno Smith, Gailey is probably the best coordinator to get something out of these kinds of players.

  9. In last nights game Petty looked better than Geno Smith has in his two years with the Jets. You didn’t see that confusion, or the deer in the headlights look. Maybe the Jets have a good one in the making here, it’s about time for one.

  10. Matt Flynn is like an igniter switch to whoever is behind him. Its happened wherever he’s gone

  11. Marshall looked pretty good. Him and Decker are a good pair. Need the rookie Smith from OSU back for that sideline speed element. Could be a nice trio to throw to if he pans out

  12. I was excited when they drafted him, but they need to let him ride the bench for at least this season and absorb what he can with no pressure. New York provides a great deal of stress for any rookie and I don’t want to screw this one up like Sanchez and Geno. Sanchez might have done well if he wasn’t thrown straight into the fire year one, who knows.

  13. I liked him in college, the only knock is he was in a spread system in college and history isn’t on his side. Might end up being a steal of the draft

  14. petty looked good.. big improvement from last game.. i have my doubts about him playing in the same colllege system rg3 did and how rg3 turned out. but with Gailey as offensive coordinator this kid has a chance.. but he was playing against a falcon back up defense and the falcons defense was one of the worst in league last year.. give him a year to sit and improve and learn.. dont waste yet another qb on playing to soon.. but his arrow is pointing up.. the jets need a qb to pan out and have a entrenched starter for 10 + years and this kid could possibly be that guy.. as of now too small of a sample

  15. You’d think that in a country of 250 million, there would be 32 men capable of playing QB and yet the difference between the top 10 and the bottom 10 QBs couldn’t be greater. It shows how tough it is to get one and how it’s crucial to keep hold of a good one. That’s why average QBs like Eli (although in the top 15 of people on the whole planet to play the position) can demand so much money.

  16. I won’t get excited by what he did in college or what he did against guys who won’t be in the league come week 1. Plus, Geno ran the spread in college and was a far better at it than Petty was. Petty is basically a lottery ticket. Hopefully the jets get lucky and hit with him. Time will tell.

  17. As a Packer fan,
    I think the best thing for Bryce is to let him wrap his head around being in the NFL and how different and faster it is than the Big 12. To throw him out there is a gamble. Maybe he does well but in the same breath I could say it might overwhelm him and taint his confidence. It’s a rebuilding process and you have time to nurse Bryce along.
    I was hoping the Packers would select him in the 4th but we needed a ILB. We took Hundley in the 5th and he’s looking OK for a rookie.

  18. Petty is the future….when the season is lost they should just let Petty learn on the job.
    You mean like right now!

  19. Before the draft, I suggested the Titans take Williams first and Petty second, thinking Zack deserved another year. It’s nice to see all of them play well.

  20. The best thing for Bryce is to not play in games this year. He really needs a year to learn the pro game. The spread is just very different.

    No way Geno should have played either, but Rex and Idzik had either bad luck or just incompetence to stick him in. I guess they figured they would play Sanchez or David Garrard. Garrard retired and Sanchez got hurt –some say on purpose by Idzik and Rex.

    I think Rex was going to do anything to try to save his job. Idzik should have looked for options to let Geno sit and learn. Throw a kid into the fire too quickly and they may never recover. Even Aaron Rodgers sat a while, if he had to play right away, how would his career have gone? David Carr played behind a lousy offensive line and…who knows.

    Learning on the job is a tenuous thing at best in the NFL. Even Brady didn’t play his first year. In the Jets case..playing with few skill position players on offense is unlikely to help a young qb develop.

    And Rex has shown no ability or patience to work with young QBs. Although he was very clear he was never going to play Tim Tebow..which was kind of weird.

  21. Funny how NE fans misinterpret, some of the Jet fans Bryce Petty post lol. Where, how, when did any of the Price Petty post suggest that after 2 preseason games, we Jet fans are claiming he’s the next Joe? I guess they do not teach reading comprehension in the Public School system across the Sound? But what else could we expect when the rest of the Country knows Brady is guilty? NE fans actually believe Brady is innocent? lol

  22. More probable then not (lol) Petty starts at some point this year. Probably when they are already out of the playoffs.

    When you have a messy QB situation I think you need to give the younger guys a chance just to evaluate them. Smith, Fitzpatrick and Flynn are certainly not the future of this franchise.

  23. Gm and Coach are in 1st year. They wont have pressure to play Petty this year.

    Not like Rex trying to get back to the playoffs. I hope he does not play this year. If he does its either he did really well or the owner insisted. Which is a bad sign.

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