NFL reminds teams that thigh and knee pads are mandatory


For decades, NFL players wore thigh and knee pads only if they wanted to — and many players didn’t want to, saying that the pads slowed them down. But in 2013, the league made thigh and knee pads mandatory.

As the 2015 season begins, the league is reminding players of that requirement.

“NFL Football Operations issued a reminder to general managers, head coaches and equipment managers that all players must be in compliance with the league rule on mandatory thigh and knee padding. The league emphasizes this rule every season as part of its efforts to protect players from unnecessary risk and ensure that the game is presented in a professional manner consistent with NFL standards,” the league noted on its Operations website.

At the time the rule was passed, some players vowed to break the rule, saying they wouldn’t allow the officials to tell them what to wear. But that was an idle threat for the simple reason that the officials have the authority to kick a player out of the game if he refuses to wear pads. So far, that hasn’t happened, and the NFL’s reminder is designed to ensure that thigh and knee pads remain a non-issue.

15 responses to “NFL reminds teams that thigh and knee pads are mandatory

  1. Doesn’t matter if they wear them or not. Goodell accusing you of an equipment violation is a 4 game suspension.

  2. Failure to do so might result in a 5 month investigation and a 4 game suspension. After all, less equipment makes you quicker and faster.

  3. Rules like this tend to show the disconnect between the league and the players. Players spend hours upon hours in treatment to get their bodies right. They spend untold amounts of cash on supplements, massages, you name it to increase performance. If the pads made one damn bit of difference they would be asking manufacturers to make them lighter and better ones. They would have pad contracts and kids would be buying the latest ones. But the reality is the pads don’t really do a damn thing and add little to the game at the pro level.The NFL rule makers have something to do though.

  4. 4 game suspension for player, 1st, 4th round draft picks, and 1 mill from franchise? Equipment violation right?

  5. The nfl Gestapo led by the dictator Roger Goodell continues. For the players sake, Brady had better win in court. otherwise, there’s no telling when Goodells reign of terror will end.

  6. Is there any proof that knee injuries and hamstring problems will reduce?

    I think a 6’2 240lb man running fast at someones legs can still cause damage.

  7. It is more probable than not that all players for The New England Patriots are guilty. They must be suspended, investigated, and pilloried for the forseeable future. It is only fair to do so. Knee Pad violations are an egregious insult to ‘The a Integrity of The Game’ and must be punished severely. That is all.

  8. Players who hate this will break their knee, then sue the league 25 years from now saying the league didn’t warn them or the dangers of not wearing knee and pads. Watch.

  9. Congrats. 99% of you will whine about anything that the NFL says. And 100% of you will still lap up every story, game, and all things NFL that you can buy. So just shut up.

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