Cardinals’ Chris Johnson out a week or two with pulled hamstring


Chris Johnson wasn’t able to stay healthy for long in Arizona.

Johnson, the running back signed by the Cardinals last week, did not play in last night’s preseason game against the Chargers even though the Cardinals had initially planned to get him at least a few carries. Afterward, coach Bruce Arians explained that Johnson pulled a hamstring in Thursday’s practice and will be out for a week or two.

If he’s out two weeks, that means he won’t play at all for the Cardinals, and his first live action in their offense wouldn’t come until the regular season.

Johnson has been very healthy in his NFL career: The only game he’s ever missed was a meaningless Week 17 game. The Cardinals will try to get him healthy in time for Week One, when they hope he looks like the Chris Johnson of old.

16 responses to “Cardinals’ Chris Johnson out a week or two with pulled hamstring

  1. The Chris Johnson of old was a speed back who had one of the best offensive lines in football. That Chris Johnson was in the secondary before anyone touched him.

    The problem was they paid the back but let the offensive line deteriorate.

    Look at Emmitt smith. He wasn’t the greatest runner ever but he was durable and was able to hit the holes that great dallas offensive line opened for him.

    Some running backs are great, ie AP, and others benefit from being in a great situation.

    Chris Johnson is several years from his great situation but it is still getting him paid.

  2. He missed the second half of our playoff game against the Ravens in 2008 after running for 75 yards in the first half. It cost us the game. Good luck CJ.

  3. When will coach Arians get with the program and ensure that these guys are properly stretched out before hitting the field? I know that this was the last play of practice but there have been SEVERAL pulled hammys in his tenure. He says it’s on the player to stretch out. Well BA, if you want your team to win, you need to make damn sure they are on the field and not in gym clothes on the sideline due to pulled muscles… Enough is enough already. The only policy that I disagree with him on. Just a big one…

  4. Chris Johnson has been done for a few years now. He will get little playing time behind Ellington and when he does he will do little to nothing with it. If you don’t believe you haven’t watched him play over the last few years. He plays with no heart and isn’t nearly as fast or quick as he use to be.

  5. He won’t make the final 53, if for no other reason than then his salary would be guaranteed. They cut him in the final cuts, then possibly resign him after week 1, or not at all.

  6. He will make the final 53, if only so they have a vet back in case Arrington gets banged up again. No good going with just rookies in big games, like the Cards had to do late last year. Rookies rarely understand pass protection schemes, but vets have no such problems. No use exposing Palmer needlessly.

  7. Ya’ll stop crying about stretching….
    BA says ‘It’s the players job to stretch before practice. Practice time is limited so I want players practicing not stretching during my time. They can stretch on their own time.’
    Shoot they aren’t babies…they can stretch before practice.
    I still wish we had John Lott as strength coach…our injuries were way down every year with him. He does it right.

  8. CJ will make the team. You cant go into the season relying on a rookie as your main #2 back. And everyone else below CJ is just average at best. I will say though David Johnson looks like the real deal last night. That guy is going to be a beast.

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