NFL calls Cris Carter comments “unfortunate and inappropriate”


The NFL is distancing itself from comments made by Hall of Famer Cris Carter at the 2014 Rookie Symposium.

Carter said when addressing NFC rookies at the 2014 Symposium that they should have a “fall guy” ready to take the blame if they get into legal trouble. Although the NFL didn’t seem to have a problem with those comments at the time, a league spokesman told PFT in a statement today that the league does not think the comments were acceptable.

“This was an unfortunate and inappropriate comment made by Cris Carter during the 2014 NFC rookie symposium,” the NFL’s statement said. “The comment was not representative of the message of the symposium or any other league program. The league’s player engagement staff immediately expressed concern about the comment to Cris. The comment was not repeated in the 2014 AFC session or this year’s symposium.”

Left unanswered is why the NFL posted the comments online. If the league’s player engagement staff told Carter that the comments weren’t appropriate, why did someone at think it was acceptable to post video of Carter’s comments?

We may never know the answer to that question, but would be wise to be more careful in the future.

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  1. When people like Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp and Cris Carter are mentors for some of the young players coming into your league that’s sad.

  2. So the NFL let him address the AFC in 2014 and then allowed him to go to the 2015 Symposium. The NFL just doesn’t get it. They have absolutely NO self awareness.

  3. To me, “Unfortunate” is the fact that it took the NFL over a year to realize this – and only when their faces are rubbed in it.

    “Unfortunate” is yanking the comments instead of standing up and explaining them.

    “Unfortunate” is having a laser focus on image and no inherent fundamental sense of right and wrong.

    But then again, I’m not a nine billion dollar business.

  4. Obviously after butchering the Ray Rice , Adrien Peterson and Greg Hardy cases Goodell found his “Fall Guy”

  5. Let me understand, they posted the video he made these comments on their NFL website, got backlash & decided to pull it & say it was unfortunate & inappropriate? Lol CLASSIC NFL

  6. The League just can’t get out of its own way. And you know what sucks the most? They operate with impunity. No matter how bad they look or how stupid of a comment is made by current/former associate they’re still gonna be taking in the revenue from the TV and sponsorship deals. Roger will always have the backing of the owners as long as he’s making them money. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he ever faced punishment for anything.

  7. Chris Carter spends 4 minutes plus discussing in lengthy fashion, and using Teddy Bridgewater as visual aid, having guys around to take the fall if you break the law; and the NFL calls it a “comment”

    Tom Brady is speculated to have been “generally aware” of possible ball antics, and it’s called a “conspiratorial scheme” by the NFL.

    Gotcha – I see what you do when you do what you do, NFL

  8. “Unfortunate and inappropriate,” but true. Just because it doesn’t jive with the candy land view of reality so many of our more gentle-minded citizens hold doesn’t mean it’s false.

  9. After an exhaustive independent investigation it will be determined that it was more probable than not that Bob Kraft scripted 11 of the twelve lines Carter spoke.

  10. After an exhaustive independent investigation it will be determined that it was more probable than not that Bob Kraft scripted 11 of the twelve lines Carter spoke.

  11. Same guy who said Calvin Johnson was not an elite wide receiver. How can anyone be surprised he said something else stupid?

  12. I found the comments to be completely appropriate.

    Get a guy to buy your weed so you don’t end up getting arrested for 1oz like that guy the Broncos drafted.

    It’s like having a Turtle.

  13. Chris Carter was maybe as good as Golden Tate. Overrated turd should be banned from sports broadcasting permanently, terrible influence, terrible man and overrated football player.

  14. CC is an embarrassment . He is always talking out of his rear end. Like the time he said they had bounties when he played too. He is lucky he is on a rotten network or he wouldn’t have a job. He like a lot of people on BSPN like to listen to their own voice.

  15. Shake my head. No wonder this is the league with the most arrests. You have guys like Carter and Irvin acting as mentors to the younger guys and also commentating on Monday Night Football.

  16. Meanwhile the league still has no comment on Mort’s completely inaccurate tweet (which was league sourced) that gave them the PR push to launch deflatehunt.

  17. He is telling the truth.

    Imagine if Irsay had his fall guy available. But he left for Denver instead.

    Now they have to focus on their participation award with another overrated QB.

  18. Just a programming note: NFL Network will air Cris Carter’s ‘ A football life’ at 9 PM Eastern time tonight. I wonder if there is an editing where Carter talks about what fall guy he included to be the inspiration that he is today.

  19. .
    The three key essentials for an NFL career :

    1. Fall Guy

    2. Plant Gun

    3. Ted Wells Phone Number

  20. Every owner should be ashamed of hiding behind Goodell’s skirt.

    Everyone should despise a hypocrite and that’s what Goodell and the owners using him to do their dirty work have been proven to be.

    Kudos to PFT for bringing this story to light.

  21. 44 million a year…

    Let that sink in for a bit… 44 million a year.

    No one person should make that kind of money.

    44 million a year…

  22. The fact that ESPN hired Ray Lewis, who should be in jail for obstructing a murder investigation,destroying the bloody suit says it all.

  23. The rookie symposium is shaped in the vision of executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent. He is aware of all contents in this vision. He approved of the advice being posted on for over a year. Now it is unfortunate?

  24. ESPN should fire him; but they won’t. They ALL stick together, probably won’t even be mentioned. He’s part of the “boys club” at ESPN. He along with another ESPN ole boy Tony Dungy are worthless neither should be in the HOF!

  25. kd75 says:
    Life Tips from Cris Carter and Warren Sapp…

    Who’s brilliant idea was that?

    Cut the league some slack. Word is that they were fill in guys. Pacman’s flight was cancelled due to heavy rain and Aaron Hernandez was unavoidably detained

  26. Cris Carter and Jerome Bettis should open their own hall. Call it the hall of pretty good for a really long time. Brett Favre can be their first inductee.

  27. Once again the NFL doesn’t view misconduct as wrong until the public learns about it. The nfls MO is so plainly obvious to anyone paying attention. Took over a year to take corrective action.

  28. I think i have watched a total of about 10 mins of real time of pre-season.

    I think it will carry over into the regular season. What ive watched has been unwatchable.

    I cant remember anytime ever being less excited for the NFL season. Its turning into a bad product. I hope all the owners watch their franchise values plummet.

  29. As much as I do not like espn, they did get the headline right for the Chris Borland article. He is the most feared man in the NFL. Without him this video never gets notice. Honestly, its going to be great to watch Borland be a major thorn in the NFL!! Keep up the great work, Borland!!

  30. Unacceptable! What’s more, we’re talking about the “integrity” of the league! I find it hard to believe that Commissioner Roger Goodell was not at the very least “generally aware” of the comments. I want a full independent investigation, headed by Ted Wells. Ha!

  31. Come on man!

    If NPSE has ANY credibility CC will be GONE! so expect to see CC all year long on the countdown because NPSE has no credibility unless a comment is made by oh say a white male with the name Rush.

  32. Chris Carter continues to say stupid things again & again. Toward the end of last season during a pregame interview on ESPN with Hannah Storm he said the NFL isn’t a violent sport. Thankfully Hannah didn’t let this slide & hit the brakes for a second to question what he said, give him a chance basically to bail on what he said. But CC being a genius didn’t back down at all, said it again the NFL isn’t a violent sport. He’s said other dumb things that went unchecked. Best thing you can say is he’s a slightly smarter version of Warren Sapp.

  33. He’ll whip up some fake tears tomorrow night and say how sorry bla bla bla he is and all’s forgiven.
    That network won’t have the ballz to chitcan the racist.

  34. This is why so many young blacks get in trouble time after time. The so called mentors don’t tell them to not get in trouble, but give them a way to avoid being caught. And they have a problem with Roger Goodell coz he tolerates none of it. Carter should no longer be on tv.

  35. Here comes the pitchforks and torches to snatch Chris Carter. You know, because everybody commenting on here is so perfect and never make any inappropriate comments. The flawless life of the NFL fan.

  36. This makes zero sense. Where was the logic from the NFL when letting a former drug addict and a guy with as poor of a background like Carter or the king of class himself Warren Sapp the guys who welcome rookies into the league? Can’t they hire someone with class like Jerry Rice? Or is it too hard to find someone like that?

  37. Roger will probably find him a job in the league office. He could teach those executives a thing or two, no doubt-Roger included. The NFL and ESPN are such a joke, spending millions on a frame up of Brady, and then smearing and slandering his name from their ivory towers. You can’t make this stuff up. #nointegrity

  38. Il tell u why. Bcuz the nfl lies! They lie constantly! They lie in arbitration decisions, to ret fed judges & to billions of fans. That’s your answer

  39. The espn article was right, Chris Borland is the most feared man in the NFL. Without him this video never gets seen. Its going to be awesome watching Borland be a thorn in the side of the NFL!!

  40. The NFL officially eclipses Congress atbe Taliban, (announcing Mullah Omar was dead after two years), as the slowest acting group of people on the planet… A year later? Fire the PR firm. I could lead better than Uncle Roger from my recliner…

  41. The espn article was right, Chris Borland is the most feared man in the NFL. Without him this video never gets seen. Its going to be awesome watching Borland be a thorn in the side of the NFL!!

  42. Carter got caught up in PC silliness. Nothing wrong with what he said. However, using a scapegoat gives more flexibility for any specific incident.

  43. Imagine if the NFL held itself and their guys responsible for what is proven instead of engaging in witch hunts, using fall guys, and looking to pass the blame.

    The Cowboys would have just shut up after losing in the Divisional round and said: “We were out played and out coached. The better team won.”

    The Ravens would have just shut up after losing in the Divisional round and said: “We were out played and out coached. The better team won.”

    The Colts would have just shut up after being spanked in the AFCCG and said: “We were out played and out coached. The better team won.”

    At the end of the super bowl, the Seahawks would have said: “We were out played and out coached. The better team won.”

    Alas, Goodell and the NFL suits have encouraged a culture of excuses instead of letting the play on the field, and the final score, be the final arbiter of who wins and loses.

    By the way, one team that got jobbed, the Lions, didn’t make excuses in last year’s playoffs and no one seems to appreciate that they were model citizens in defeat.

  44. You really can’t make this stuff up.

    At this very minute, Mark Brunell is crying, ” I find it hard to believe that as Commissioner, Roger Goodell could not have been at least generally aware of this video.”

    Maybe we can get an independent investigation led by someone fair like (I don’t know)… Is Ted Wells available? Ha!

  45. Cris Carter it must be the Patriots fault. They implanted a mind control device in your head and made you say these things. Maybe your can borrow the Colts devices for finding electronic bugs………

  46. This is the first good advice coming out of the NFL. I never understood how these guys kept getting caught doing simple stuff. Hire a drive if you are going to be drinking. Get a camera person or a body cam if you plan on hanging out with people you don’t know. Keep a buddy close who will cop to owning the weed if you get pulled over. Simple stuff. No kingpin ever touches the product.

  47. Jesus, you fan boys must think the NFL players are a bunch of Church going Boy Scouts! Wake up, get real. Try to learn the real reality!

    Oh the horror! MOMMY!!

  48. So let me get this straight…the man who always says the Patriots cheated comes out and says have a “fall guy” ready when you cheat. HYPOCRITE

  49. When is Goodell getting the boot from the owners…the Rice fiasco, ex-thugs giving advice to rookies. The NFL would make money if my dog was commissioner. He has lost credibility and is an embarrassment.

  50. Chris Carter is so smart that last year on ESPN he told Hannah Storm the NFL isn’t a violent sport. Thankfully she paused & questioned him on what he said but CC didn’t back down, said it again that the NFL isn’t a violent sport. The look on Hannah’s face was OK Chris, sure.

  51. Cris Carter says what’s on his mind without a filter. It’s what we want from our sports analysts, but it’s also what gets them in trouble from time to time.

    Bottom line is Carter has to be smarter than this.

  52. The NFL is a large organization. There’s a saying I like that relates to large organizations or bureaucracies…”Never attribute to malice, that which can be explained by incompetence (or stupidity). In other words, it’s not always a conspiracy or in this case the fact the video was posted for a year, doesn’t mean the NFL approved of the comments. It means they just didn’t stop the bureaucracy from rolling and the video being posted like all other videos are posted.

    The “video guy” that captures the video of these events, passes the video on to the “web guy” to post on the website. It does not go through Roger Goodell for approval before being posted. It may not even be edited, certainly not for content.

    The symposium took place and video of it was posted online; simple as that. The player engagement staff may have mentioned it to someone and may have even reprimanded Chris Carter for saying it, but that’s where it ended. No one followed through to say, “hey we need to edit that out of the video before it gets posted.”

  53. He is a pats hater. That’s why nothing will come of this or hasn’t from the NFL. Really nothing should becuase Cris Carter is mentally unstable and ahould seek treatment.

  54. I have a hard time believing Commissioner Roger Goodell wasn’t at least “generally aware” of this video. We need an independent investigation. Is Ted Wells available?

  55. Goodell and the NFL suits have encouraged a culture of excuses instead of letting the play on the field, and the final score, be the final arbiter of who wins and loses.

    Last year you had the Cowboys blaming the refs, the Ravens blaming legal formations, the Colts blaming the psi in balls, and the Seahawks blaming their coach for losing in the playoffs.

    The NFL has a fall-guy culture.

  56. Chris Carter has said a lot of stupid things on ESPN yet ESPN keeps rolling him out there…i think its time to move on…there has to be someone out there who has something better to offer listeners than him…

  57. Chris Carter and ESPN. Both were once really good at what they did and now they’re a shell of their former selves. I haven’t watched ESPN in couple of years. Internet, Foxsports, local cable sports news, all better & no BS hype.

  58. I’m a HUGE Vikings fan and CC fan but you know what??? Sometimes, when you talk a lot less, you have a lot less problems…#Engagebrainbeforeopeningmouth!!!!

  59. has still NOT reported a single thing on the issue! How in the world can they call themselves an unbiased news site? If it slanders anyone or any organization other than themselves, they are on it like white on rice! If it potentially harms their image or Emperor Goodell, it will never appear on (or NFL network or ESPN).

  60. If the NFL ( meaning the Commissioner’s office and those who run the league) had any credibility left before this came to light, they have absolutely ZERO now.

    The NFL was fine with Carter’s comments until guys like Chris Borland, who obviously has more wisdom and common sense than the league office, pointed it out that maybe they weren’t so appropriate.

    Why would the NFL have someone like Cris Carter giving anyone advice? Who was their second choice, Ray Lewis??

    If they truly wanted to to have someone be a role model and offer some “been there, done that” kind of wisdom, use people who have credibility and high character. A guy like Tony Dungy would be perfect for that kind of role.

  61. How about just don’t be an idiot and break the law period. You want to drink have a driver, you want to smoke do it in your home, don’t punch other people or force your self upon woman. Maybe a have a session on saving 15-25 percent of your income for the future as well. But nah just get a fall guy and do whatever you want your in the NFL now.

  62. Chris Carter acting like he is on moral high ground and critiquing others, when he is the guy who told rookies to “get yourself a fall guy”? What a hypocrite and fraud! Hey, Carter, “C’mon, man!”

  63. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business run by people with five-cent brains. It’s literally unbelievable that such people are given such power.

  64. The reactions to CC’s comment and the NFL’s revised stance on the comment have covered the spectrum. Let me offer another angle here, whether or not it was intended will never be known. Think for a moment on how many people benefit from pro athletes–a veritable entourage spanning family, friends, frenemies, & wannabe homies from every corner of the old neighborhood–right or wrong? So, perhaps one unexplored aspect is that such athletes who will inevitably be taken advantage of by many, should know someone whom they trust so much that the person would be willing to sacrifice for them too. I’m not describing only a guy to absorb the blame for my own misconduct, but more of a person who is down for me and has my back regardless of what shiz hits the fan. Don’t we all need a homeboy or homegirl like that?

  65. Cris Carter is a Patriot hater. He should retire/quit from the World Wide Leader of Patriot haters: ESPN.

    Did anyone see/hear ESPN’s Apologizes to the Patriots the other night? The formal apology took place at mid-night. Anyone surprised they didn’t offer it up during the morning session or at primetime?

  66. On last weeks Mike & Mike show Carter said that if a fan had followed him and his family for 30 miles like what happened recently to a well known player (whose name escapes me) Carter let it be known that like a lot of celebrities he carries a gun and would have pulled over and confronted the person following him. I mean, how stupid is that, especially with his family in the car. Carters co-host on Mike & Mike (they were filling in for the real Mike & Mike) ask Carter if it wouldn’t be better to call 911 if you felt threatened in that situation, especially considering you were with your family. Thankfully that question brought Carter to his senses making him realize how dumb his comments were. By the way, it turns out the fan was following the well known player to get an autograph. Fans are not immune to stupidity.

  67. Great football player, horrible human being with no character. He was and is a terrible role model for young players. No wonder Randy Moss was a train wreck in Minnesota. Randy Moss’ behavior wasn’t Cris Carters fault, but his “wisdom” certainly didn’t help

  68. The NFL, Goodell, and everyone associated with this sport has sunken to a level that I can’t help but despise. But the worst of all this is that the “sponsors” who continually get into bed with the NFL see what WE see and continue to give them money anyway.

    That is why the day that one sponsor decides to get a brain and pull their money from the NFL and the NFL decides to sue them for all that money, plus more, plus threaten their families’ very livelihood, I will not bat an eyelash.

    Yes, that is disgusting. Yes, that is what the NFL has created.

  69. It’s apparently a well-established practice. During a recent interview, SF retired 2nd year linebacker Chris Borland said it was recommended to him that he get a ‘fall guy’ when he came into the league, and cited it as among the reasons he decided to retire in his second year, saying he thought the league was in for a big fall itself in the not too distant future.

  70. Cris Carter is taking it on the chin and derservedly so for the worst piece of advice ever! Hope this guy doesn’t give this kind of advice to his kids. Warren Sapp was sitting there the whole time nodding his head and agreeing with everything Carter was saying! NFL should have kicked him off the stage as soon he started talking about this nonsense! But we all know that the front office must have fall guys too! As a matter of fact it seems to me that Goodell’s fall guy must be Tom Brady!

  71. What’s “unfortunate and inappropriate” is that the NFL, ESPN, and Chris Carter didn’t find these comments “unfortunate and inappropriate” a year ago.

  72. Carter with his checkered past should get fired but won’t because he’s tight with the NFL’s other incompetent executive Vincent.

  73. It is not news that Cris Carter is an imbecile. Having said that, isn’t it time that Troy Vincent, Executive VP of NFL Football Operations, became unemployed?

    Come on NFL owners. Roger Goodell, Troy Vincent, Mike Kensil, and Jeff Pash – can you owners really not do better than that?

    Bite the bullet, cut them their ridiculous severance packages, and put competence back in the NFL Executive team.

  74. jontarbox says:…..Aug 23, 2015 6:21 PM
    Obviously after butchering the Ray Rice , Adrien Peterson and Greg Hardy cases Goodell found his “Fall Guy”.


  75. Chris has being giving rookies advise for over decades because of his personal experience and his real life story. The man made a mistake. He said something that is an unwritten rule. Every organization has a fall guy. The political system, Wall Street, Law Enforcement, etc. He just can’t say that.

  76. Perhaps the Symposium organizers would be better organized if they knew the contents of the speeches BEFORE they were given. They must remember that how older NFL players survived 20 years ago may not be applicable today.
    This is what you get when you hand the keys to a 100 billion dollar company to a bunch of IDIOTS.

  77. Never like this dude… Loud drama queen is all he is…. His “come on man” makes me ill…

  78. Spend money poorly
    Disregard the law
    Deflect personal resposibility
    Sell someone out to save your reputation

    “I approve this message.”
    -R. Goodell

  79. And the league defames Tom Brady and lets a black parade of former coaches, players and reporters on ESPN do the dirty work. Talk about fall guys.

  80. Man… the NFL and ESPN should suspend him 4 games and dock him 4 game checks…..

    oh wait he isn’t Tom Brady……

    Be careful Chris what goes around comes around brother…..

  81. Who’s worse, Mr. Carter for being an unethical narcissist or NFL & ESPN’s management for still paying big money to an unethical narcissist to represent their league and network?

  82. CHRIS CARTER is an idiot who is in Love with himself. he thinks he knows everything. when he,s on Mike and Mike i turn that station off as soon i hear his arrogant voice. the man is in LOVE WITH HIMSELF.

  83. If you have a crew and have any illegal actions in mind have a fall guy,great advice.So don’t have a crew don’t have illegal actions in mind. The truth is the NFL will always have bad people playing the game its in the nature of violent people in a angry sport.
    Football is one of our regulated guilty pleasures.

  84. Hey NFL, it wasn’t a comment. It was an entire speech.! He didn’t just make some off the cuff comment. He spent time and stressed the importance of this. Making sure EVERYONE in the room new exactly what he was talking about. Then again getting the facts straight has never been a priority…..Now we can see how Mike and Mike handle this. We will see what frauds they are now…….

  85. Too bad Cris Carter never had a chance to speak with Aaron Hernandez. Carter’s efforts would not have redirected Aaron’s criminal behavior but he might have had a “fall guy” allowing him to still play.

    Carter is a Patriot Hater!!! I hope he gets fired.

  86. NFL calls Cris Carter comments “unfortunate and inappropriate”……now that it’s been made public. When they first heard about it, they simply asked that it be kept off the record. They didn’t disavow it, they just didn’t want it publicized…..typical NFL move.

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