Randy Moss kicks open door for a potential return

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Five days ago, former NFL receiver Randy Moss didn’t completely slam the door on a potential comeback. On Sunday night, he kicked it wide open.

“I actually have not lost the itch,” Moss told Curt Menefee of FOX. “I’ve been working out with a few guys over the offseason. I have been retired for the last two years, but you never know, Curt. But it’s the love of the game that I still have inside of me.”

Replied Menefee: “That’s not a commitment that you’re gonna be here beside us the rest of the year. It doesn’t sound like it. Are you thinking [about a return to football]?”

Said Moss with a big smile, “Hey, I don’t know. The sky’s the limit for me, Curt. So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Moss seemed downright giddy as he discussed the possibility, which suggests that he either has decided to come back and/or that he knows the interest may be there. The Panthers have a clear need after the loss of receiver Kelvin Benjamin for the season with a torn ACL, but they seem to be intent on sticking with in-house options. The Packers now have a need with the loss of Jordy Nelson for the season with a torn ACL, but Green Bay consistently has resisted the temptation to add Moss over the past several years.

If he returns, it most likely would be with a team having a short-list franchise quarterback. The Patriots apparently would like to upgrade the position, given the decision to give Reggie Wayne a physical. But New England has never looked back after dumping him on the Vikings for a third-round pick in 2010.

If the ACL-tear trend continues to hit big-name wideouts, it could just be a matter of time before a team with big-name quarterback decides to to consider filling the spot with one of the greatest receivers in NFL history.

94 responses to “Randy Moss kicks open door for a potential return

  1. Um, what team is going to want to deal with his attitude, in exchange for what amounts to the talent level of second stringer?

  2. Randy can still get it done im sure w/ a quality QB….i miss hearing Randy Moss from Rand University on the opening introductions

  3. Moss in his prime was the greatest receiver I ever saw. Not sure what he has left, if anything, but I’d tune into watch even if he’s just a redzone target.

  4. Fox is showing Rams vs Titans…

    NFL Network is showing a Football Life Doug Flutie…

    Really? No Cowboys vs 49ers?

    Some really stupid TV Execs…

  5. Saw this live and was a bit perplexed as have not seen anything of anyone having interest. To be that effusive, someone must have made contact or he is leaving himself with a big matzo ball out there.

  6. Stay retired.
    Better to leave when you think you can still do the job, instead of coming back and risk finding out different.

  7. After Ravens whiffed AGAIN on a receiver… and the offense looking as miserable as ever against a very pedestrian Eagles defense… Perhaps they give their chuck the ball deep and pray quarterback the best receiver at answering those kind of prayers?

  8. It is not going to happen but I would love to see it.

    There would be more befuddled and grumpy Packer fans than when Favre joined the Vikings.

    Those guys have the least sense of humor than any other fan base.

  9. I’m hoping that Randy Moss will text the QB coach for the Browns Cleveland needs a receiver , come on Randy text the coach already !

  10. Your last game was the super bowl and from the way you played. Scratch your itch or use some ointment but forget football.

  11. The dude is incredible shape right now. Whether he’s in “football shape” is another question. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a run though.

  12. Though I believe Adams has a very bright future.. And I know the chances of it happening are very low, I’d proudly cheer Randy Maw in a Packers jersey. Would be an excellent cap to a great career if he helped them win a ring.

  13. heybackatyou says:
    Aug 23, 2015 8:20 PM

    First there was Reggie Wayne, now there is Moss. Bret Favre is next, I suppose.

    Wes Welker

  14. I don’t see the Packers or Patriots adding Moss, but Carolina would be a good fit and he could really help bring Funchess along. I wonder if the Giants cut James Jones would he make his way back to Green Bay?

  15. In other news, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Tiki Barber, and Jeff George are also open to potential comeback. George received a hearty endorsement from Randy Moss, who calls him the best quarterback he has ever played with.

  16. freddypatsfan says:
    Aug 23, 2015 8:19 PM
    Wouldn’t hurt for the Packers to give him a try with Jordy out

    Um, no thanks.

  17. Brett Favre would cancel his Thanksgiving jersey retirement if Ted Thompson signed Moss now. There is -0% chance of Green Bay even considering this. It would be a PR disaster of epic proportions.

  18. tokyogasblaster says:
    Aug 23, 2015 8:29 PM
    Packers love them some old Vikes….


    Um, I think that’s the other way around. How many ex-Packers have the Vikings signed in the last several seasons? Ryan Longwell, Brett Favre, Greg Jennings, Robert Ferguson, Brandon Bostick, DuJuan Harris, Charles Johnson, Darren Sharper.

  19. cheeseisfattening says:
    Aug 23, 2015 9:11 PM
    It is not going to happen but I would love to see it.

    There would be more befuddled and grumpy Packer fans than when Favre joined the Vikings.

    Those guys have the least sense of humor than any other fan base.


    We have a great sense of humor. We laugh at Vikings fans and Lions fans all the time.

  20. Keep your health. Stay retired. You have nothing to prove. If you’re not the greatest WR of all time, at least you’re in the argument.

  21. 2 years ago he averaged 24 yards and game and had 3 TD that year.

    2 years later he want to come back

    2011 nothing

    2010 less than 400 yard combined with 3 teams

    Just do not see it happening.

  22. Green Bay doesn’t need a WR. That was probably their deepest skill position before Nelson’s injury.

    They’ll likely just use their next man up modus operandi, like usual.

  23. NFL needs a “champions ” league like golf. Love to see Farve and Moss against aikman and TO.

  24. Unless Randy has matured (at some point you just accept that’s the person and it’s not a maturity issue), Carolina would be a bad spot for him. I don’t think it would take long for him to get frustrated with Cam Newton’s passing inconsistencies, and I don’t know that he has a real connection to the organization. He really needs to be with a coach and a QB that he truly respects, and even then you have to hope that he doesn’t have a meltdown. And that’s coming from someone who loved the guy when he was in Minnesota…the first time.

  25. Best WR and threat I’ve ever seen and maybe that the NFL has ever seen. I miss watching him fly by db’s and throw his arm up and then touchdown. Might be the first player to single handily make other teams draft as many db’s as they possibly can. His first game at Lambeau was epic, dude was unstoppable. As a Vikes fan I’m deeply saddened we couldn’t supply him with a franchise QB. He would’ve had stats that would have never been touched. His stats are basically with a bunch of scrubs as it is. Thanks for the memories Randy!

    PS: Stay retired so we can see you as a first ballet HOF in 3 years.

  26. the Panthers make the most sense because 1) lack of WR talent and 2) his own son plays for Mallard Creek High School which is in Charlotte.

  27. Randy lives in Charlotte and his son is a 4 star recruit TE… So I figured with Benjamins injury it was only a matter of time.. What do the Panthers have to lose, even if he is only a mentor to the young receivers .

  28. jerryjonesbankroll says:
    Aug 23, 2015 8:27 PM
    Come to Dallas
    Moss hasn’t beaten any women… Is he still eligible in Dallas?

  29. What do teams have to lose? I’d give him a look see. If he still looks good I’d give him the veteran minimum and plug him into the rotation. If not I’d cut his ass. Simple.

  30. Delusional. Hasn’t lost one step, has lost several steps. Let’s see, he has been a complete non-factor in Minnesota, Tennesssee, and SF so why would anyone in the NFL think he has something left? Throw in that his well known “alligator arms” grew even shorter while in SF.

  31. This is lame but it isn’t nonsensical enough. Someone should ask Daunte Culpepper if he wants to come back.

  32. It’s funny how many seem to think this guy’s the greatest ever. Plain and simple: If he’s so damn good, why hasn’t he been playing the last few years?

  33. If he signs with Green Bay he’ll have to bring a bucket of water and a brush with him to clean off one of the goal posts.
    After catching a pass for a touchdown, he cleaned his rear on the goal post.
    To this day, however, I’ve never seen a receiver like him in the league. He stayed healthy by developing hands of stone across the middle so the safeties wouldn’t tatoo him.

  34. Football talent aside…..one of the two most despicable self-centered egomaniacs that ever played. The other being Peterson. Green Bay wouldn’t sign him if he paid his own way.

  35. Moss looked done when he walked through the door of Winter Park for the second time. He looked terrible in Tennessee. Maybe it was food poisoning from the not even dog food he ate as a Viking. Randy didn’t do much of anything for the Niners. Randy, you got to two Super Bowls. Almost won them both. Just sit back another couple years and enjoy your Hall of Fame career.

  36. dtroxallday says:

    It’s funny how many seem to think this guy’s the greatest ever. Plain and simple: If he’s so damn good, why hasn’t he been playing the last few years?

    Great point! I guess you can say the same for Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, TO, Lynn Swann, etc. they must have really stunk since they aren’t playing anymore..

  37. First of all, dog food he is smelling but won’t even get a taste of it. Second, I play when I want to play. Third, he would look awful/terrible in those yellow jersey, just like the rest of players there. And lastly, he wasn’t born a Packers bc he killed them when he was a Vikings, never been a Packers and will never be.

  38. I think Moss to the Packers or Patriots sounds like a great idea. Moss may or may not have the speed anymore but he has the vertical and the hands. Not to mention he runs routes better than almost anyone.

    Be like Jordan in the later years when he fell back on experience and technique to make defender look like fools.

    Hope he gets picked up. I know were all supposed to say Rice is the greatest but in my book Randy Moss is the best receiver to ever play the game. Dudes electric.

  39. Randy is just having fun with a reporter and everyone goes wild. So funny. The guy is done and has been for the last 5 years.

  40. Randy needs a weed allowance. You gotta love moss. He’s not only one of the GOAT at his positition, but he seems like a cool guy to fire one up with.

  41. Those claiming Moss was the greatest of all time clearly are not old enough to have seen Rice play.

  42. “But it’s the love of the game that I still have inside of me.”


    His love is for weed, a paycheck, being the center of attention, and the opportunity to give a giant middle finger to decency and professionalism. If the Panthers sign him, I will give serious consideration to finding another favorite team. I would much rather have Brenton Bersin and his slippery feet than this self-aggrandizing idiot.

  43. Who’s next to make a comeback….T.O.? These guys may still know how to catch a football, but without the speed and elusiveness that they had at the peak of their careers, defensive backs should be able to handle them easily.

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