Comeback or not, Randy Moss is a marketing genius

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On Sunday, former NFL receiver Randy Moss spoke in giddy terms about a potential comeback to the NFL. Coincidentally or not, DirecTV debuts on Monday a new Sunday Ticket commercial featuring Randy Moss and “Petite Randy Moss,” a shorter version of himself who has cable not satellite.

Even if Moss is truly thinking about playing again, his decision to re-insert his name in the national conversation as the commercial launches is the work of a marketing genius. Otherwise, who would have even shrugged at a guy who has been out of the NFL since the 2012 season doing a commercial?

Of course, it may not be a good idea for the commercial to generate so much buzz, since this specific version of the Rob Lowe-style alter ego spots suggests that Randy Newman was right, after all.

While it’s a tongue-in-cheek approach to getting people to buy DirecTV, there are definitely lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Last year’s “Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe” commercial actually created a bit of a dust up regarding the notion that the cable-owning Lowe can’t urinate with other people present.

“What if he didn’t have a leg or an arm?” said the CEO of the International Paruresis Association last November. “Are you going to make fun of them?”

Eventually, DirecTV dumped the Rob Lowe ads not because of the potential for offending people with the characteristics deemed to be undesirable in the commercials but because DirecTV was making unsubstantiated claims about the differences between satellite TV and cable. The approach works with Sunday Ticket because the difference is that DirecTV has it and cable doesn’t.

Still, look for some of the Short People of the world to not be thrilled about the Moss commercial, especially since DirecTV has no qualms about taking people’s money, regardless of how tall they are. Or aren’t.

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  1. Still, look for some of the Short People of the world to not be thrilled about the Moss commercial.


    This is the crap that has to go. I am so sorry nature did not make you taller but it is what it is. People being offended by everything and then running to sue is destroying our country. PC is not what America was built on. America does not need PC, we need to tell it like it is.

  2. America, the land of political correctness and absolutely no sense of humor. On another note all satellite and cable companies stink and overcharge for poor quality and gawd awful service.

  3. OK, Mr. Trump. Tell me why making someone who is short feel inferior is a good thing for the country?

  4. He’s short compare to NBA players too. He’s got a stinky attitude in the locker room, i play when i wanna play, and dog food will always be in his blood, that’s the way people look at him. He will never be in the hof like Carter

  5. Straight cash Homie!

    Give it a week. 08/31/15, the day everyone in the US will finally be offended by everything. How did we as a society lose our collective sense of humor? The country as a whole needs to be involved in a site like PFT. After all. when the PFT trolls lose their ability to laugh at themselves all they need do is post and the rest of us gladly do it for them.

  6. no tolerance for intolerance….. this PC junk has got to stop. The problem is once something is deemed as “offensive” it’s on to the next thing to deem offensive. It will never stop, someone will ALWAYS be looking for the next thing to vilify.

  7. This love affair with Moss is confusing. While indisputably a great player, his off the field issues and infamous TD celebration shouldn’t be brushed aside.

    Not to mention, he committed the sin from which no team player can forgive, he not only quit on his team, he had the temerity, to admit he gave 100% only when he wanted to. That is unforgivable.

    Did I mention his ” straight cash ” slogan? Early on, I loved to watch him play, but now I have no use for him as an analyst or player.

  8. I’m sure there have always been people offended by everything in history. For some reason, the media now pays attention to the spokesmen of even the smallest (see what I did there?) whiner groups. This begs for a skit involving Dorf being a highly ranked person with the whiner group only to be revealed as an average height guy.

  9. Wow. Marketing “genius”, huh? I’m sure Google, Apple, General Electric, British Petroleum, and all the other huge companies in the world will be calling him soon then, so he can run their marketing department.

  10. Will there be a Cris Carter DirecTV commercial where he just blames everything on his fall guy?

    Cris could say “I was there that night but it wasn’t me that ordered cable, it was Aaron.” and the camera could pan over to Aaron Hernandez shaking his head up and down. (you know you like this)

  11. Too bad the commercial didn’t include a portion where the short Randy Moss ran over a meter maid because he couldn’t see over the steering wheel. Let’s make it historically accurate.

  12. Randy Moss is a magician!

    (How in the world did he ever fit all that hair inside a football helmet?!!!)

  13. Protect your health Randy and stay retired. No doubt you could still play, but who needs the injuries?

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