Evans leaves preseason game with hamstring strain


It’s the summer of the hamstring injury across the NFL, and Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans is the latest to be affected by it.

Evans left Monday night’s preseason game vs. the Bengals with what the team called a hamstring strain. Because it’s the preseason and because the Bucs play again in five nights, even if Evans was OK and cleared to return to a real game he won’t return to this one.

Evans, who just turned 22, caught 68 passes for 1,051 yards and 12 touchdowns last year as a rookie. With Jameis Winston now in as the Bucs’ quarterback of the present and future, Evans is one of the Bucs’ most important players and could become one of the league’s top receivers.

Winston and Evans just missed hooking up on a deep ball down the middle in the first quarter Monday. He was targeted twice but did not have a catch.

6 responses to “Evans leaves preseason game with hamstring strain

  1. Hey it’s prime time Andy and the rest of the gang! I didn’t know he would make an appearance in the preseason. Team makes me sick.

  2. Lot of mistakes…and’s just preseason..but first half was a preview of what Bucs are growing into. Takeaways & big plays.

    Smith’s going to do just fine taking over the D. They will keep us in some games.

    And any offensive coordinator’s better than playing without one like last season.

    Koetter’s better than average.

    Gonna surprise alot of folks not paying attention.

    Go Bucs!

  3. Preseason or not. They play like they did tonight and keep the INTs to a minimum, I see a wild card spot at least. Especially with how bad the NFC South is. Like I said it’s only preseason but Jameis had some decent moments.

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