Pete Carroll on current rules regarding quarterback hits: “It’s not right”


Two years ago, former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was concerned about hits on his mobile quarterback. Now, Harbaugh’s former nemesis has the same concern.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll commented on the topic of contact with running quarterbacks two days after Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs applied a clean, legal (and low) hit to Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford after a handoff.

“[W]e’ll be very much a part of that discussion if things continue like it’s going, because it’s not right,” Carroll said in comments distributed by the team. “We’ve been involved in that discussion with the league since Russell [Wilson] has been here, we’ve had the running quarterback. We’re really tuned into that so I’m anxious to see what comes up, because it certainly is not the way to want it to go. I would think, as we always here in the preseason to over-officiate, I think this is an area in particular that I’m sure we’ll hear something this week.”

It’s not clear what Carroll and the Seahawks are expecting to hear this week, given that NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino already has reiterated the notion that the quarterback is fair game until he’s clearly out of the play.

And that won’t be changing. Quarterbacks only get special protections as passers, not as runners. For teams with running quarterbacks, the rules are no different than if they had a running back lined up under center.

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  1. Somebody call the waaaaambulance. You want to have a running qb, then you better be prepared for him to get hit. You don’t get special rules Pete. Deal with it.

  2. You run the QB, you take your chances. As it should be, this is football after all. With the disproportionate share of the cap that gets paid at the position and the commensurate drop of talent that usually engenders from starter to backup teams may have to start considering that in their play calling.

  3. Can’t have it both ways. If you want all the rules protecting your QB then don’t use him like a RB. The defense has to be allowed to play defense! Running QB’s should be treated like RB’s when they are running the ball or out of the pocket in a read option, it’s that simple.

  4. “And that won’t be changing.”

    Who is to say what the NFL will do. They don’t seem to be averse to rule changes these days.

    The league is down to about 15 good quarterbacks in a country of 250 million.

    There are as many below par QBs coming out of the draft as good ones. The NFL can’t afford to lose them.

    I like to see a good QB sack/hit as much as the next fan, but watching 3rd stringers trying to prop up teams isn’t fun.

  5. I’m not saying I liked Suggs hit, or even thought it was right.. But more rules limiting contact to the QB are crazy.. Why not just go to hand touch on the running QB, with an in-the grass rule on handoff timing.. It’s football, not flag football.. You can’t ask the referees to watch a play live action make good calls on existing rules and… decide whether or not a play is read option to decide what hit rules apply

  6. Pete is looking for QB protection for teams that forgot to sign offensive linemen.
    -I’m speaking as a 20 year Seahawk Season Ticket Holder.

  7. And hit in the legs to boot. I mean… dived head first at the legs… I mean I’m sorry. I am no authority when it comes to football rules. However… Ill argue this with anybody cause its pretty common sense…

  8. The logic of protecting the qb reflect reality, there are only a hand full of Qbs left that you could call statues, most qb will run for a first nowadays. There not mostly unathletic anymore take the dresses off these guys and come up with rules that make sense in the current NFL.

  9. Pete Carroll: Holy crap the guy we paid 21.9 million a year to could get hurt any time he breaks the pocket. And he’s not a pocket passer! Wahhhhh
    Wahhhh. Save him.

    NFL fans: This is why you don’t pay a running QB…

  10. Bradford isn’t a running quarterback. He is a pocket quarterback, and he was hit in the pocket. Comparing him to Russell Wilson, and any other running quarterback is ridiculous.

  11. Suggs hit was legal but cant be deemed “clean”. He purposely avoided the RB to hurt Bradford. A play can be legal and dirty.

  12. Blandino is so incompetent he has no idea that his statement will be responsible for multiple starting QBs getting seriously injured, read option or no read option. Just wait until a $100 million franchise QB like Brady, Rodgers, Luck, Flacco, Wilson, Newton, Brees, Ryan, Manning, etc has his knee blown out after handing the ball off.

  13. These veteran defensive players know what they are doing when they go low like that. Regardless clean or dirty. When an experienced player like that goes low he is trying to take you out.

  14. There’s probably a perfect compromise between gameplay and player safety somewhere… hope they find it some day. Cant blame Pete for wanting to protect his QB from injury.

  15. Who wouldn’t be concerned? Wether it’s considered “Clean, legal, (and low)”, it was malicious none the less. Some players are dirty and find legal ways to get their dirt.

  16. When the qb has clearly let go of the ball he should not be hit. A read option looks very very very similar to that of a delayed handoff or delayed playfake. They do need clarification of the rule further bc a qb sitting in the pocket in shotgun whose gotten the snap. Then looks at the defense and hands off the ball almost instantaneously should absolutely not be hit.

    If you disagree go look at greats like Brady and Manning and watch them do a shotgun playfake and tell me that doesn’t look the same as some of these read option plays where they pass the ball. Now tell me if someone decided to smash one of those qbs for doing it and how most people including the league office would react..

    Their needs to be clarification of the rule mainly because qbs are protected and should not get smacked in the pocket WITHOUT the ball in their hands. If they are running a read option play and are moving or running then kill that sucka for all I care but treating a defensless player like a target is literally stupid as hell.

    Don’t be a sour fan who doesn’t have a mobile qb and let that blind your opinion. No one should be defenseless without having the ball and getting tagged like crazy whenever a defensive player chooses to hit your qb.

  17. Actually quarterbacks do get special protection even as runners. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Brady run and draw a flag because he tries to stretch the run too far and someone hits him before he can get all the way down into a slide. Meanwhile patriots(and Seahawks) defenders jump on a guy that has already been tackled to the ground almost every play. That’s not good defense. That’s just late hit, plain and simple. And it’s never called!

  18. Of course it’s not right for teams that have running QB’s . If the NFL wants to the league to go to all running QB’s change the rule then every team will have to have one because the rules would give them a huge advantage. If you don’t like to rules don’t let your QB run because you are the one putting him at risk, not the rules

  19. I don’t understand these coaches who want their QBs to be runners complaining about their QBs getting hit. The biggest difference between college and the NFL for decades has been that NFL teams didn’t run the option because they didn’t want their QBs to get clocked by bigger/faster defenders. If you don’t want your QB to get hit, keep him in the pocket and use him as a passer.

    All these coaches begging and crying for rule changes that favor their team’s current situation do NOT have the best interest of the game at heart. They have their own short-term success and job security in mind. Winners learn how to use the rules to their advantage. Losers whine about the rules and use them as an excuse for why they can’t win. It’s not a great sign for Seattle that Carroll is staking claim to his position in the latter camp.

  20. I agree with the explanation from the league. The QB is fair game until he’s completely out of the play.
    Memo to QB: The number one rule in boxing applies to you ;

  21. Hmm. Interesting that this particular coach would think that quarterbacks should be allowed to run around without being tackled.

    We should really take this seriously…

  22. The “hit” may of been legal, but Suggs went for his knees, with intent to injure… Suggs is a dirty player. His reaction after the game was more WWE then NFL. He should be fined, at a minimum for the low hit. The NFL would of fined Suh, that’s for sure.

    Pete is right, and not just because he has Russell as a QB.

  23. Eventually mobile quarterbacks get injured for being mobile. It’s just a matter of time.

  24. There’s a reason Pete and Chip don’t think it’s right, it’s because it isn’t. Blandino is a freakin’ Moron.

  25. Sure Pete, you want your D to be able to beat the hell out of running qb’s like kaepernick, but don’t want your darling Wilson to be touched. You need to take the disadvantages of a running qb if you want the advantages.

  26. I don’t see how the NFL is going to change on this. Teams with running QB’s want to gain the protection on hits while creating an advantage with deception. Part of the deception is the chance the QB will keep the ball. To take away the defenses ability to play the deception (and therefore hit the QB) is an advantage for the offense.

    What’s next, flags on the QBs…?

  27. I’m a Panthers fan, so I understand wanting to protect a running QB, but the reality is that the read option would be nearly impossible to stop with a good running QB if the defense isn’t allowed to hit a QB pretending to have the football.

  28. I love the ‘Hawks and I think Russell Wilson is great. I’d be devastated if he got hurt. But if the QB fakes like he has the ball, of course he is subject to being hit. And if it is a good fake, he should be hit–otherwise it wasn’t a very good fake.

    I am actually OK with there being stricter rules on how a QB can be hit when he is passing because the act of passing leaves him very exposed. But as a runner or potential runner those same rules don’t apply. He is not exposed with one arm up in the air as he follows through on the pass, leaving his ribs and upper body exposed.

  29. Pete Carroll sorry but the NFL not going to change just because you have a running quarterback. Are you drinking Lemonade or soup in the NFL a running quarterback is just like a running back. Better run for your life because you going to get hit, are you thinking your quarterback Russell Wilson going to be like Michael Vick, Robert Griffin III, and a few more of those quarterbacks who love to run. This is the NFL Pete Carroll not college.

  30. Mobile QBs are ridiculous. If the QB wants to run or act like they will run then they are fair game. Am I the only one who is tired of watching sub-par QBs run all over the field for a 4 yard gain. Throw it girly man.

  31. Carroll should worry more about a quarterback that can’t throw the ball more than 2 yards without being intercepted.

  32. First, I doubt Blandino has many allies at NFL HQ. he burned his on field ref, who called a penalty, which is a major sin. If the guy on the field thinks his calls will be second-guessed by his boss in the media, they won’t call anything until QBs start getting injured-at which point owners will seek Blandino’s scalp.

    Second, NFL has been trying to increase safety in the game. This goes in the opposite direction. Every other level of football (NCAA, NFHS) says once a QB gets rid of the ball and is no longer a ball carrier or a blocker, he isn’t to be hit unless he’s simulating carrying the ball.

    Watch a clarifying memo come out before game 1. Or expect this to be Blandino’s last season.

  33. Typical Carroll, wants it both ways. Its absurd to argue that a QB that makes a decision to hand off or not, wouldn’t be treated as a runner. IF they ruled any other way it becomes another advantage to the read option teams. They’re trying to be deceptive, which is fine, but then don’t treat the QB as a runner that he may very well be. Then they want a free 15 yards for a personal foul.

  34. If the QBs actions indicate he has no intention of passing the ball then he should be treated as a runner. That includes hand-offs where the QB fakes like he still has the ball in order to draw attention away from the RB. A few hard, but legal, hits to the QB would end that practice right away.

  35. It’s not like Florio to stick up for the bad guys.
    Suggs didn’t trip, slip or stumble and could have easily targeted Bradford’s waist or chest, but you generally don’t tear up a guy’s knees by choosing one of the two latter options. The hit was legal but DIRTY.
    It’s no revelation that Suggs is a dirty player, and this stuff happens all the time. Once in a while you’ll even see a normally clean player step out of character with a cheap shot. It’s the nature of the game.
    So, aside from Suggs blowing his intended play by not ending Bradford’s season and/or career and instead giving him confidence in the health of his knee, what’s the big deal?

  36. Make them wear skirts…get real here. If your QB is a threat to run the ball, he is a running back…period. And then he is subject to the rules for RBs. Florio has it right…the QB rules apply when the QB is in the pocket as a passer.

  37. NFL is just so soft these days. Just put a red jersey on them. Better yet, let’s just do away with defense and let them pass and catch with nobody defending since they can’t hit QB’s or Recievers….

  38. The read option results in the largest gain when the QB is not defended resulting in a large gain by pass or run. Defenses understand this and take the QB out of the play. If a hand off looks like a hand off but is a fake the defender has to choose who to take out of the play. Football intelligence will always err on taking the QB and letting pursuit get the runner or fake runner. A running QB is a runner and should protect themselves accordingly. They do not get or deserve more protection than any other runner. Coaches who argue otherwise have running QBs and are seeking an unfair advantage.

  39. It is the risk of Carroll’s gameplan. Live with it or change. The rules are the same for everybody.

  40. Teach a running back to throw the ball then. If your quarter back wants to run out the pocket, make sure you have his back up ready because this is a mans game. All that money they spent on Wilson just to be a game managing hybrid QB/RB

  41. Chip Kellys whole point was that Bradford wasn’t running the read-option. Bradford was in the shotgun and just handed the ball off and got tackled. If you want to play that game the Eagles will do the same.

  42. Russell Wilson took more sacks than any other QB in the league last year and is prone to taking more hits than pocket QBs so I can understand Carroll’s concern but I this football: a legal, clean, “safe” hit can end a career: don’t like it, don’t play the game.

  43. “And that won’t be changing. Quarterbacks only get special protections as passers, not as runners. ”

    This WILL change in time. It’ll happen as soon as Paul Allen and the other owners decide they don’t want their $20 million per year investments getting hit on such plays.

    Unfortunately, it’s probably going to take a big name player getting knocked out for the season before they do something about it.

  44. So just because you want to put your QB under the line of fire, the defense shouldn’t be able to touch him? Wow, the NFL is becoming softer and softer every day.

  45. Running QBs already have protection with the slide. If you don’t want your QB to get hit, have him slide or don’t have him fake like he has the ball when he really doesn’t. Sure he won’t gain as many yards but that’s the trade-off. Otherwise, play in a flag football league.

  46. Can anyone explain why coaches should be creating new offenses that don’t work well under existing rules, then demanding rule changes to accommodate their offenses, instead of configuring offenses that function within the rules?

  47. Okay a hit at the knees is not okay.

    However if you watch that play — Suggs DID try to wrap him up. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t like he propelled toward his patella at breakneck speed with clear intent to injure. He can’t hit him up high either with the helmet, or he gets flagged for that too.

    This is FOOTBALL. If your team has a mobile quaterback (which is an advantage to some) you can’t get hit? You should just get to roll past the defensive end no matter what for the score?

    Why don’t we just put flags on the guys, take off the helmets, and be done with it?

    Doesn’t anyone else think the emasculation of football is getting pathetic?

  48. Back when the “In The Grasp” rule came out Bradshaw said……”You may as well put a dress on them” …….. We keep getting closer to it.

  49. It’s really this simple. If you don’t want your QB getting hit on running plays do not try and pull off a last minute handoff like running the read option at the NFL level. Case closed.

  50. i dont get it. they want to run an offense where they deceive the defense into making them believe the qb will keep it and run and they are shocked the defenders actually try tackle who they think has the ball.

  51. So that means that Brady and Manning are fair game since they hand the ball off exclusively out of the shotgun..something tells me the league will quickly alter their stance if the golden boys start taking shots to the knees.

  52. Unless you are Brady, then you get special protection for everything everywhere. However, that may soon be changing, since he is irritating the NFL. That usually comes back to you. Can’t wait for the season to begin!!

  53. Anyway Pete can get an advantage he’s on it. If a QB is outside the tackle box, he’s clearly a runner who can still pass. And because he can do both, he needs to be treated as a runner unless he’s sliding.

  54. Fine. tighten the rules up on QB hits….

    BUT if you have a running QB, the first time he fakes a hand off and casually rolls out like he doesn’t have the ball then takes off; or runs up the sideline to go out of bounds only to stay in for 10-15 more yards, the rule goes away and running QBs are in-play and we never cry about running QBs getting hit anymore.

  55. Translation: I have one of the smallest QBs in the NFL and would love if you legislated hitting him out of the game.

    If they change this rule it may be the real straw for me. You wanna get cute with your QB he deserves to be laid out. Let the defense have some chance to stop a touchdown..

  56. Of course he doesn’t like it, his QB is that type of QB, and they run that style of offense. If he had a QB like Peyton Manning, he wouldn’t be opening his mouth.

  57. If all QBs recieved tom brady protection, the NFL would be a borring game.
    The problem lies with Brady. Everytime the opposing defense just looks at him funny he goes crying like a diva to the refs

  58. Perfect. Quarterbacks get to run downfield and they are only allowed to be hit if you first ask permission, and then you can’t hit them above the shoulders or below the waist. And they can put their head down, but you can’t hit them in the head.

  59. Is this still the NFL? If you have the ball then you will get tackled, sometimes really hard. If you don’t like it then don’t play football, or play defense. Why is the QB special? None of this was even on the radar until fantasy football became so popular.

    I nearly turned a few games off last year and suspect this year may be the year I go from watching every play to casually following my team. Too many rule changes, too much lobbying for penalties every play.

  60. 2 things:

    1. It was a little weird to see some really questionable roughing the passer calls this weekend and then a few overly intense, pretty late hits on QB’s after a hand off go un-called.

    2. Even though the idea of a purely passing QB in a pass-heavy offense only dates back to the 80’s, it’s strange how bias some folks in the league and also fans are towards passing vs running QB’s. Even only shows passing yards in the headline for a QB’s profile. It should be all-purpose yards. As in Russell Wilson had as many all-purpose yards as Tom Brady in 2014. I mean, at the end of the day it’s about getting the ball down the field, right?

  61. Just slap the yellow no contact jersey on them and don’t let them be touched. I’m so sick of this whining when it comes to QBs and acting like they shouldn’t be hit. To act like scrambling/mobile QBs shouldn’t be allowed to get hit in certain situations is ridiculous

    This league is turning into a damn joke…that isn’t even funny.

  62. The play in question was not a read option rather a ball fake handoff from QB to RB. It is no different then a play action fake from under center and both are designed to freeze the defense. Can you blow up the QB on a play action? No. So how is this play legal? Blandino has to define what he considers a zone read option to be because Bradford made no attempt to become a runner and this was simply a ball fake.

  63. “kenrobinson12 says:
    Aug 25, 2015 9:19 AM

    Is this still the NFL? If you have the ball then you will get tackled, sometimes really hard. If you don’t like it then don’t play football, or play defense. Why is the QB special? None of this was even on the radar until fantasy football became so popular.

    I nearly turned a few games off last year and suspect this year may be the year I go from watching every play to casually following my team. Too many rule changes, too much lobbying for penalties every play.”

    This is exactly my view and why I’m losing interest every year for this league. I also don’t expect to watch much football this year because of the way they are ruining this league.

  64. I think a lot of commentors aren’t understanding what the story is about. For instance, I think it was the Titans/Rams game this weekend, a QB got drilled several seconds after the hand off, deep in the back field and he was just standing there. No call. It was so strange.

    YOUR passing QB is fair game for this too. Any QB can just get laid out in this scenario just because they handed the ball off.

  65. Of course it’s not right. His QB runs the QB option. The QB has 3 options, hand off, run and pass. Two of which he still maintains control of the ball. A problem I see is that RBs aren’t protected like the QB is so if the RB doesn’t get the ball and gets tackled while the QB takes option 2 or 3 then oh well.

    The QB being an potential option is fair game. Players can’t hit high as the rules prevent head shots on the QB of any type. Their other option is low which is legal and should be. Players should be identified as players and not by the position that they play. What is good or legal for one player or position should be good for all. A QB should be able to get hit like a RB, WR or TE.

    I have an idea. If they are really worried about QBs being targeted on option plays then how about they ban option plays. Eliminate the QB as a runner before they get eliminated by the defensive end.

  66. The question is, was Bradford clearly out of the play? Seems to me he was. But we also have to ask how Suggs would know that, since he didn’t seem interested in looking at the play; he made a beeline for Bradford with his head down.

  67. if anyone blows up brady or manning immediately after a handoff, and prior to the time any defender could have concluded the qb didn’t have the ball, will they call the flag then?

    why yes, of course they will.

    just like mike vick and other athletic qbs got no protection in the pocket, the league bureaucracy has decided if your qb runs sometimes, the rules that apply to other qbs then don’t apply.

    i have no beef with the suggs play except for going low. most vets however would have just passed on that opportunity since he knew bradford didn’t have the ball and it was preseason and flacco was coming back out there.

  68. repmochief says:Aug 24, 2015 10:41 PM

    Can’t have it both ways. If you want all the rules protecting your QB then don’t use him like a RB. The defense has to be allowed to play defense! Running QB’s should be treated like RB’s when they are running the ball or out of the pocket in a read option, it’s that simple.

    You got that right. If teams go with the highly mobile QB’s (and use them that way) they are going to get hit plain and simple. I for one think the defense should be allowed to tee off on them. If you are running or a threat to run expect to get hit. This is football right?

  69. He’s talking about the QB in the pocket not the QB running down field. He doesn’t want the referee to decide after he hands the ball off that he is still open to getting hit because it might have been an option play. That was what happened to Bradford.

  70. These known dirty players will hit dirty. Going for the knees , or try to grind the QB legs to the ground like what was done to Rodgers, kneeing Brady while he was trying to get up…. Keep the rule but keep your eyes on the dirty players. Keep an eye on Gregg Williams players especially. They already brawled with the Cowboys. The easiest way to win a game or reach the championship is to take out the QB. Running QBs get hit anyway. I don’t see an instance when defence just let them go without trying to get them. It’s just running QB like Wilson are fast and smart. Hit but hit clean. That’s should also be part of Blandino’s statement. Even Coach Pete thinks that his statement implies open season for mobile QBs. The dirty players might just think the same.

  71. I understand the QB is the most unprotected position on the field , therefore they should be afforded appropriate protection, but it is getting to the point where QB’s are being looked at an untouchable “god” type players.Give QB’s the right protection, but if teams what to employ a read option offense, he is by rule a runner and bears either the glory or consequences of the decision.Any more additional protection and they might as well wear flags tucked in their belts.

  72. Pete want’s his QB to wear a red shirt during the game! Sorry you paid so much for a running QB. He will get hurt, it’s only a matter of time.
    You Pete, will be the one responsible if you are the one who called the option play.

  73. “Coach, God appeared in my dream and told me to tell you His message for you:

    “Go tell Peter ‘fret not as thy God will protect thee from serious injuries, from the head to the knees.”

    So please Coach, do not worry about me.”

    – Russell Wilson

  74. Can’t have it both ways. If you use your QB’s legs as a weapon then accept the consequences.

    Bradford is the wrong guy to be testing such rules in the first place.

  75. Dean Blandino is a complete idiot. I bet you if he did a wonderlic he would make Vince young look like Mensa member. These guys has been on tv contradicting himself and making excuses than I can count.

    I remember what the NFL said last year about QB’s handling the ball off. An Eagle fan found the article and posted it and if the QB is no longer a runner (clearly handed the ball off or stepped back and took himself out of the play) he gets passer protections.

    Diving and tackling any football player below his knees is dirty plain and simple.

  76. Running or not, QB’s are still football players. If there’s a chance that they’re still part of a play, they should be able to be hit just like any other player on the field.

    Of course coaches of running qb’s are going to fight for more protection, though. Carroll trying to get as much protection for Wilson shouldn’t surprise anybody and anybody who blames him is a lame hater who would hate on him no matter what he said.

  77. Can anyone explain why coaches should be creating new offenses that don’t work well under existing rules, then demanding rule changes to accommodate their offenses, instead of configuring offenses that function within the rules?


    I’m sorry but that’s not what’s happening. The rules are always adjusting. In this case the rules are adjusting away from this kind of offense. The refs this preseason are not calling some questionable hits. It’s a change that actually favors teams with non-mobile QB’s. But the point of rules that protect the QB is protecting the NFL’s most valuable assets. Franchise QB’s are very hard to acquire and develop. Without them football becomes very boring to watch as defenses mop the floor with sub-par QB’s.

  78. Make a rule that says the QB has to skip like a 2nd grader. If he’s skipping you can’t touch him.

  79. Somebody put a muzzle on this guy.

    So Carroll has a marginal passing quarterback with better than average scrambling ability. Of course he would want the rules changed to better suit his talent.

    But why do we have to give his QB a red shirt to do what Marshawn Lynch gets his ass kicked to do. If he’s a runner, light him up!!!

    For a team that plays defense like they do you would think he would keep quiet on that one.

    Keep chewing baby! You’re better spoken when you don’t talk.

  80. If they changed the rule and I was a head coach I’d put in a Ronnie Brown style wildcat back with a good play fake and just run options. Get my free 15 yards every time the defense guesses wrong. Throw once a game so I can claim he really is the QB.

  81. swagger52 says:
    Aug 25, 2015 8:49 AM
    Unless you are Brady, then you get special protection for everything everywhere. However, that may soon be changing, since he is irritating the NFL. That usually comes back to you. Can’t wait for the season to begin!!

    BY irritating the NFL you mean he whups your team frequently.

    Clearly you don’t watch the games or you watch the ball and not the field. Brady gets hit plenty and rarely gets a roughing call.

    Of course if I was getting sent home early as often as the Ravens do I’d probably hate him as well.

  82. Hilarious to see all these names that usually just blindly spew that they want Goodell fired and that the NFL is a joke, now agreeing with the NFL.

    It really is a low standard of “fan” here.

  83. “Running QB’s work up and through college. Not in the Pro’s, the defenses are too good for that to last any real length of time. Running QB’s have never worked in the NFL and it wouldn’t matter what rule they would enact, a qb will take it too far and still get plowed.

    Suggs with his experience didn’t have to do what he did, but it’s the read option and that’s a loophole for the defense. The QB is “technically” a runner on that play.

    Plain and simple.

  84. Alan Branch in regards to playing RG3 in the playoffs after Rg3 suffered his injury against Baltimore” I don’t think it changes the game plan at all so it doesn’t matter to me, we just got to get him on the ground, that’s our job.” The Seahawks are just fine with the rule on defense but want it changed for their offense.

  85. It’s funny that just by reading most of these comments, you can tell you hasn’t ever put on pads in a real game. And I’m not talking pop warner. Some of you armchair players need to give it a rest. I’d say come back when you have some experience but odds are it’s too late in your lives for that..

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