Philbin sees three key elements for quarterback play


As Dolphins coach Joe Philbin prepares for what will be his fourth year as a head coach and Ryan Tannehill’s fourth season as a quarterback, Philbin has a specific vision for what he needs to see from the team’s signal-caller.

“There’s really three key elements to me for quarterback play here for the Miami Dolphins,” Philbin said on Monday’s edition of PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. “We’ve seen really nice progress from Ryan over his three-year career. You know, the first part to me of playing quarterback is decision-making and so we’d like to see him continue to develop that aspect. I think if you’re a good decision-maker at quarterback, your play speed is going to be really good, and I think at that position at quarterback you got to play the game fast and decisive.

“The second thing is throwing the ball accurately. I think last year he completed about 66 percent and change, which is a good number but we’re looking for even subtle improvement there.”

Tannehill’s completion percentage has increased every year, from 58.3 percent as a rookie to 60.4 percent in 2013 to 66.4 percent in 2014.

“The third thing is making plays at critical times in games,” Philbin added. “So the thing we’re excited about organizationally about Ryan is he’s developed in all of those three areas yet we feel like there’s additional room improvement and growth.”

The Dolphins had enough faith in Tannehill to sign him to a long-term deal after only three seasons. They’re hoping that he’ll reward their faith by becoming the kind of guy they haven’t seen since Dan Marino retired in 1999.

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  1. “They’re hoping that he’ll reward their faith by becoming the kind of guy they haven’t seen since Dan Marino retired in 1999.”

    Since Marino? Seriously bad analogy. Setting the bar a trifle high there. Marino was the best pure passer I ever saw, maybe not the best overall quarterback but if not then damn close.

  2. AFC east champs this year… Might even make it to the second round of playoffs… Yep hate all you want but this team is on the rise big time.

  3. Many will scoff but Ryan Tannehill could become an extremely good QB. Reports are that he has looked terrific so far this year. If his O-line improves to give him more time he can become really dangerous.
    Many forget that Joe Philbin played a big part in the development of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. He is one of the few who has a really good understanding of how to develop a QB.

  4. Very excited to see tannehill continue to get better. He doesn’t get the respect of being an above average Qb already in this league while still learning it at the nfl level.

  5. As fin fans we need to stop waiting for the next Dan Marino. They only come around once or twice a franchise.

    That said, if Tannehill can’t get to the post season or at least rise above the middle of the pack statistically, we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity either. Extension or no, if Ryan can’t show something other than “progress” after 4 seasons, it’s time to move on.

  6. The real key elements for quarterback play for the Miami Dolphins can be learned from Tecmo Bowl. Here they are:

    1. The ball should never, ever be snapped before the 40th “Hut!”

    2. There is no reason not to throw deep every single play, except…

    3. Bruce Hardy is always, always open on Pass 2, even when the defense correctly guesses that play.

    4. Also, Duper is usually open on Pass 3.

    5. A QB needs to live with no regrets. Your friend who always picked the 49ers was a bandwagon-hopping jerk who deserved it when you kicked him in the face under the swings.

    6. Forget the running play.

  7. SSSSHHHHH… keep it down, we don’t want anybody to know the Dolphins might just kick ass this year. It’s more enjoyable when it’s a shock, like when they kicked NE’s ass in opener that no one gave them a chance with. Or when Brandon Marshall couldn’t believe he got shut down by Maximus Grimes, and they got beat. It’s much better to fly well under the radar.

  8. Philbin….the guy throws the red flag to protest a TD and sits there with a doofy look on his face while the Panthers coach lobbies officials to make the call a touchback…..

    It happens every year, geez!!!

    Go Dolphins! In spite of doof ball

  9. Honestly, I am a lifelong Dolphins Fan and I am more worried about Coach Philbin and his bonehead clock and time management, play challenges like this past Saturday night and inability to build depth for a team that fizzles out in December. The Dolphins Starters can beat any team, they have proved that; but consistent play is the Coaches job. QB Tannehill is not the problem and if we go 8-8 again we will know Philbin was by getting his replacement.

  10. Player A=COM%-63.6/YARDS-4,038/TD-28/INT-13/RATING-93.8
    Player B=COM%-66.4/YARDS-4,045/TD-27/INT-12/RATING-92.8

    “Player A” is Aaron Rodgers’ stat line from his 4th year in the NFL which was the first year he was the starter the entire season after being Brett Favre’s backup.

    “Player B” is Ryan Tannehill’s stat line from his 3rd year in the NFL, (last season), in which he was the starter since his rookie season.


    Sweep the pats. Kurt Schilling is a Nazi.

  11. Honestly, I am a lifelong Dolphins Fan and I am more worried about Coach Philbin and his bonehead clock and time management, play challenges like this past Saturday night.
    Joe Philbin has never lost a challenge as a head coach during the regular season–(Omar Kelly)

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