Marshawn Lynch was fined $75K for not talking to media after NFC title game


As the 2015 regular season approaches, there will be plenty of talk about whether Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch will talk to the media after games. There also will be some talk about past failures to talk during a hearing on his latest fine for not talking.

Per a league source, Lynch has finally heard from the NFL about scheduling a hearing regarding a $75,000 fine imposed on him for not talking to the media after the NFC Championship Game against the Packers. If you don’t recall hearing about a $75,000 fine imposed on Lynch for not talking to the media after the NFC Championship Game, there’s a good reason for that. The fine had never been previously reported nor disclosed.

It was known that Lynch had been fined $20,000 for grabbing his ding-ding while scoring a touchdown in the victory. At the time, the report from Adam Schefter of ESPN indicated that the NFL was considering the imposition of a fine on Lynch in excess of $50,000 for not talking to the media. Neither Schefter nor anyone else had ever reported that a fine actually was imposed.

A $75,000 fine was indeed imposed, and the hearing will be occurring as the next wave of opportunities to ignore the media after games that count approaches.

According to the source, Lynch (who filed his appeal months ago) learned on Tuesday, August 25, that the hearing is scheduled for Thursday, August 27.

In January, Lynch lost the appeal of a $100,000 fine arising from his failure to speak to the media after a regular-season game against the Chiefs. The amount came from the implementation of a $50,000 fine that previously had been held in abeyance pending future cooperation, and a fresh $50,000 for the latest instant of not talking to the media.

UPDATE 6:14 p.m. ET: Lynch dropped the appeal of the fine for the obscene gesture. He has not dropped the appeal of the fine for not talking to the media.

99 responses to “Marshawn Lynch was fined $75K for not talking to media after NFC title game

  1. The strange thing about this is, when Lynch talks he does have something important to say. He did an interview with, I believe PBS, in his home town of Oakland and was very articulate. He spoke of his commitment to community and family. I never much cared for the guy until I saw that. He should talk, and talk often.

  2. Hence saying “I’m only here so I don’t get fined” on media day at the SB instead of being mute.

  3. Marshawn was looking for the microphone handoff but Pete told him we are going to pass instead.

  4. Meh… $75K….. pocket change for Beast Mode.
    He made that much and more on his Beastmode clothing brand with all this publicity. He’s not stupid!

  5. The NFL seriously needs to revamp its entire punishment system. I swear it is just a dart board with random fine and/or games suspended amounts written on it.

  6. Does anyone care if a player talks to the media or not other than NFLN? There’s nothing worse than tuning in at 4 expecting to see highlights of the early games and instead they show useless Q&A with coaches and players.

    I wish they would do the same with RG3, only in reverse -fine him every time he opens his friggin’ mouth. Maybe that will stop his daily press conferences discussing his QB greatness, etc.

  7. This is draconian and ridiculous designs from the NFL. Yes, the media has made the sport delectable to the public but these fines and punishments are not American. If this was happening in North Korea I wouldn’t bat an eye.

  8. Dude, just fullfill your obligations, 100k, more than most folks make in a year. Yet, you throw it away for not giving them 20 minutes, at most. DUMB………

  9. “I’m only here so I don’t get fined” – gate….

    What does MLB or NBA do in this type of situation….?

  10. Like it or not that’s their policy. If he doesn’t want to talk to the media he can always find a different job. Here’s a surprise, I don’t like some parts of my job but still do them, and I get paid much less than Lynch. Suck it up crybaby.

  11. Everything is blah blah blah to me until you tell me that he finds out about his hearing two days before it happens. That is just amazing.

    How do they get away with that? What if he had a prior engagement? 2 days… I used to respect the NFL as an organization now I’m starting to see how corrupt it is.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my football and can’t wait for kick off but some of the stuff I’m seeing the NFL do this offseason has really opened my eyes

  12. The NFL has the rule, agreed to by the NFLPA, to ensure fans can hear from their favorite player. Since fans pay the bills, not an unreasonable rule.

  13. .
    Lynch should spend some time in the film room…. . reviewing tapes of Bill Belichick’s press conferences. He, too, could make the media look like tools.

  14. Wow, 75k for Lynch, and if they went by the written rule it would be only 50k for tampering will the footballs. I guess talking after the game is more important than playing the game within the rules.

  15. Just another example of Goodell going nuts. Get him out of there.

    While I do understand the players should talk to the media, they should also be able to do it more on their terms.

    Let Lynch be Lynch.

  16. If the media didn’t try to twist everything a player says into some kind story u would Have a problem with a player not talking. But because that’s all the media does .. I wouldn’t say anything either. Have to route for beast mode on this one

  17. Ridiculous. Although as much as I hate the NFL and all types of media, I think Marshawn warrants a bit of the blame. Just do the interviews and give them the same 1 liner all year long. They shouldn’t be able to do anything about that.

  18. patsrule59 says:
    Aug 25, 2015 6:03 PM
    If Brady had done that he would have been suspended for the entire season


    I don’t know what part of nobody outside of New England gives a crap about Tom Brady or the Patriots fans conspiracy theories you and your fellow Patriots fans don’t get.

    I know you have heard it before, but I’ll just remind you again. Nobody outside of New England gives a crap about Tom Brady or the Patriots fans conspiracy theories.

  19. I heard Marshawn talk freely the day of Golden State Warriors Championship Parade. You wouldn’t believe he was the same person.
    He was having fun and expressing himself very well. He was hanging with one of the players Mother and wondered if his comfort level was partially because of her and the fact that he wasn’t obligated.

    I think we have a Power Struggle here. Surprised Pete can’t help him with this behavior so it becomes a Win Win.

    Do it for your fans Marshawn!!!

  20. WOW! What a dope. I understand he makes millions of dollars, but being willing to leave tens of thousands on the table at the league office is just plain dumb. It shows two things: 1 – athletes are now getting paid way too much money! If he got paid less he wouldn’t be so quick to give away his fine money. and 2 – what kind of pouter is this moron? Him not talking to the media is all because of stupid choices he made as a member of the bills earlier in his career, and they called him out on it, and he claims they drug his name through the mud and tarnished his image! Ahh…yes of course Marshawn, they did it to you, you didnt bring any of it upon yourself.
    What person do any of you know, who would give up 75k just to not have to talk to the media? Even funnier, its become a circus of what will or wont Marshawn say after each game? All the reporters gather around him, already understanding he isn’t going to talk, and then he gets fined AGAIN for not talking. The media is winning once again Marshawn. All they have to do is throw a mic in your face after the game, you don’t talk back, and the result is…they (media) cost you another 10k.
    But you’re just too stupid to play the game with them. Great player, absolute dummy!

  21. I, for one, am glad that even during a time when Goodell and the NFL league office is running the NFL straight into the ground, they find the time to keep up with the important stuff like who is talking to the media and who is wearing the right color socks.

  22. Really – its a bad policy. Some players speak for themselves on the field but are less dazzling behind the microphone.

    I would put Lynch in that category. Listening to him can be painful. I would put Gronk in the same category.

    Not being critical – people are at their best when you let them play to their strengths….

    NFL should recognize that.

  23. He doesn’t have to speak if he doesn’t want to. It’s his choice, what’s the big deal? This coming from a Niners fan.

  24. I am so sick and tired of the posters who continually trash the NFL. If you dont like it, dont watch, dont read, move on!

    My belief is it is fans of teams that have been caught doing wrong.

    I have been watching football from the 70s. Its a great game and one that continues to improve. That is why it is the #1 sport in the US.

    They are doing a lot of things right. For one, just ask the communities that benefit from their non football contrabutions.

  25. You might think lynch is dumb for not talking to the media after games but to say he’d be working at McDonalds or in jail without football is stupid. He’s pretty smart actually and a really good guy when it comes to kids. He’s always doing charity work in Oakland with kids. My 6 year old and I go to Seahawks training camp every year and its amazing how much they interact with my son. Lynch is the best of all. This year he gave him a bunch of swag and took him around the field and facility for no other reason but because we were there. It was freaking awesome.

  26. Seriously, forcing guys that are not comfortable talking to either talk or get fined huge dollars is a parochial school power play. Goodell should dress up as a Sister Superior and accept the low wages nuns do.

    Lynch’s fines are evil.

  27. $75000.00?

    What did he do — punch an official?

    Absurd amount for a fine regarding skipping a presser or something like that. I can’t say as I blame Marshawn since most of the reporters always try to trick them into saying something outrageous or totally misrepresent what the player said. The amount of the fine is outrageous, it’s tantamount to going to jail for 2 years for a parking violation. Get with it Roger.

  28. How is the media supposed to exploit what you say for clicks or ratings if you don’t talk to them?

    Frankly, I love that he doesn’t talk to the media. It makes me like him more.

  29. Oh it’s a conspiracy!!!

    Oh the NFL hates us!!!!

    Oh he really did speak it’s just that Goodell is hiding the info!!!!

    Oh Marshawn spoke but paid the fine anyway because he loves the NFL so much!!!!

    Oh let’s all take up a collection!!!!


  30. “They are doing a lot of things right. For one, just ask the communities that benefit from their non football contrabutions.”

    You are very misinformed.

    I guess you missed the story of the 14 teams getting paid by the Department of Defense a total of $5.4 million over the last four years in exchange for patriotic displays at games.

    The teams included the Jets, Falcons, Ravens, Bills, Bengals, Browns, Packers, Colts, Chiefs, Vikings, Steelers, Cowboys, Dolphins and Rams.

    The one guy that built his stadium without built his stadium without (a relative term) public funds was Bob Kraft.

  31. Lynch pleaded guilty to reckless driving after being arrested for DUI, to avoid a DUI trial. He was not suspended nor fined. But he is fined for not talking to the media. The NFL’s disciplinary system is a joke.

  32. Im ok with his fines.

    They are for repeated offences and he knows the expectation of his employment. Actors etc are required to promote films and give interviews etc. It’s part of the gig. He is in the entertainment industry.

    He is free to do something else.

  33. .
    He should just carry the Wells Report with him and quote from it every time he’s asked a question. For example :

    Q. What’s your outlook on the opener vs the Rams?

    A. All the Patriots game balls were all underinflated. Some by as much as 2 lbs. All the Colts balls were perfect.

  34. Those complaining about how high the amount is, you have to understand this isn’t his first offense. It’s not like he skipped one event and they hit him with a $75k fine, he was warned and then fined increasing amounts of money, leading up to the $75k. Its been the NFL equivalent of;

    “please, don’t do that”
    “really don’t don’t do that”
    “Hey, DON”T do that!”

    Wow, why did they yell at that poor kid.

    He knew darn well what was going to happen to him when he decided to skip out on the media. Which is fine, but don’t turn around and try to fight it. He made his decisions, he should live with them.

  35. I guess Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t the only one struggling with press coverage.

  36. He needs to have a wheel like in wheel of fortune and have a bunch of canned, cliche responses on it. Then when he’s asked a question, he spins the wheel and whatever it lands on, he just reads the cliche phrase.

    And if he needs any help with some of those cliche responses he can just listen any Russell Wilson interview ever. I love Russ and all, but man it gets old hearing the same thing over and over and over again.

  37. The person that should be fined is that lying narcissist Goodell. At least when Lynch says he doesn’t want want to talk he is being honest. And who can blame him when you read the stuff that posters here and elsewhere say about him. But look at his record in working with kids on the street. It’s stellar.
    Goodell cares about nothing but himself which is the same as saying he cares about nothing. Get rid of Goodell already.

  38. bonesawisready says:
    Aug 25, 2015 6:17 PM

    I don’t know what part of nobody outside of New England gives a crap about Tom Brady or the Patriots fans conspiracy theories you and your fellow Patriots fans don’t get.

    I know you have heard it before, but I’ll just remind you again. Nobody outside of New England gives a crap about Tom Brady or the Patriots fans conspiracy theories.

    Since you took the time to respond, looks like it is safe to say you live in New England.

  39. Forcing someone to talk.

    Somehow it seems very un-American.

    I bet Goodell would torture rule breakers if he could get away with it.

  40. $75,000?

    Best money he’s ever spent. He’s gotten so much publicity out of his well thought-out schtick. And reading some of these posts, I can see why people just eat this stuff up.

    Lynch is a business man and very smart.

  41. Why do people even CARE what he says? Seriously. What possible insight could he give to the game that we haven’t heard from every other RB who has ever played.

  42. -“PFTneedsToBringCommentSystemToThe21stCentury says:
    Aug 25, 2015 6:04 PM

    If he couldn’t play football, he’d be working at McDonald’s or in jail. He should appreciate what the NFL has done for him.”-

    lol, I don’t even know where to begin with this, except to point out how ridiculous it is!

    First off, this guy is not an idiot and with a degree in “Social Welfare” (from Berkeley no-less!) I find it extremely hard to believe the only job he’d be able to come across is at a McDonald’s.

    Secondly, I know a couple people who work at a McDonald’s and you know what? They actually really LIKE their job! and are comfortable with not only their job but with Themselves! and the $12hr they make is good enough to support them and their lives. And every single time I see them, they are ALWAYS more happy, less stressed and barely ever complain, as opposed to most of my other friends who work mundane droll office jobs for $45-50k year and constantly look like they want to destroy their office and can never talk about anything BUT work.

    Third, why does one automatically assume “jail time”? I always wonder with comments like these if it’s purely racial or just “stereotypical”. is it because he dresses the way he does? or because he listens to the type of music he does? or because he has interests in a certain type of sub-culture? because even with the couple run ins he has had with the law, there is nothing in any of those to suggest a “future in jail”.
    This is a guy who has pushed and trained himself consistantly doing the work necessary to get to and be at the level he is as an NFL running back (who freuently considered to be either the #1 or #2 RB in this league) Personally I think he has not only deserved but EARNED the right to dress, be and do however/whatever the heck he wishes as long as he is not harming others (isn’t that what determination and Hard Work are supposed to bring in this country?) and I have yet to see or hear of him HARMING people, in fact I think it’s safe to say he’s out helping kids and torn communities quite regularly and his personal time with his foundation (for a good many years now) is second only to Football. Again Lynch earned degrees in “Social Welfare” (professional Social Work) and he seems to use it on a daily basis…..What have YOU done today? Aside from post a comment that really kind of suggests that you approach the entertainment of the NFL as a sort of modern day minstrel show!

  43. He’s a Moron’s Moron. An absolute idiot. If he allegedly does charity work in Oakland, why doesn’t he realize the money he’s pissing away to the NFL could be saved & given to a charity in Oakland?

  44. NFL must need to replenish its bank account in light of more recent developments and where these are likely to end up before long. After all, it’s not called the “No Fun League” without good reason!

  45. I’d much rather listen to Lynch than Goodell, more intelligent responses & integrity too!

  46. Fans are more upset about this than Lynch.
    He should say a lot of annoying things this year that make Goodell regret fining him!

  47. Nothing disgust me more then players taking fines of 10’s of thousands of dollars for things like this. Its such a spit in the face of normal Americans. That they care so little about so much money that they will willing throw it away just to wear a certain shoe or sock on the field, to not talk to the media, to miss practice or a work out, to celebrate a play, or to say something derogatory about a coach or official. They don’t need to do any of those things, and the things they have to do are easy.

    I dont care if they grew up poor they have no clue what its like to struggle and be broke they were children. They dont know what its likes to struggle like that and have it be on you and nobody else to figure out how to pay the bills to keep your family fed with a roof over there heads. While knowing that you are already doing everything you can just to live that meager of a life and that it could always get worse.

    No wonder these guys go broke, get arrested, or become despondent after there careers are over. Everything they do flies in the face of normal society. From there disregard of money and what it takes to get it to there contempt to the average person all of it is completely foreign. They have no idea what the struggle is like to keep that life going.

    Them basically asking for fines of so much money proves that point. Which is why I don’t feel sorry for a single one of them that goes broke 3 years after there career is over.

  48. If he wasn’t so ignorant and stubborn he would actually talk to the media and do what he’s told and payed to do! I’d fine him too

  49. According to the source, Lynch (who filed his appeal months ago) learned on Tuesday, August 25, that the hearing is scheduled for Thursday, August 27.

    Learned on Tuesday? You mean these assho!e NFL executioners knew this months ago but just informed him Tuesday! Joke league whether you’re a 49er fan or a Colt fan.

    Two days to prepare for a hearing that WILL cost him $75K.

    I love my Hawks but I’m close to not watching another game. This has gone too far. What will they fine players for not wearing safety equipment? Bet it’s not $75K!

  50. Wheel! Of! Fines!

    Tune in next week when our contestants spin the wheel for a chance to win suspensions, fines, and even lawsuits! Watch as our host makes up the rules as he goes! Full of fun, intrigue, and general jackassery for all ages!

    Ladies and gentlemen, the NFL!

  51. You know, after he’s been out of the NFL for 4-5 years and he’s blown through all his money and he’s broke, he’s REALLY going to wish he had that $200,000 or so he’s racked up in fines.

  52. Belichick wrote the book on talking without talking. Just another great lesson by the best coach in the league. Lynch: take note, and help yourself to some more Skittles.

  53. He should just answer every question with “We’re on to San Francisco” or whatever team they play next. There are so many ways he could play this that would be priceless, like reading the Well’s report, as mentioned above. He’s missing an opportunity.

  54. Everyone knows Lynch is a punk and so are many other Seahawks. What do you expect, when their HC is a punk?

    Those who are whining in defense of this punk forget one thing. The media helped create this mega-billion dollar industry and help keep it growing.
    The guys and gals who report on the NFL get paid nothing compared to these NFL players. They are just trying to earn a living to feed their families, just as we often hear these brats in the NFL say they are doing.
    The NFL requires the players to talk to the media because it helps sell their brand, which makes all these millionaires more money.
    If a player won’t talk to the media as his own union agreed they would do, he deserves to be fined. And if he keeps refusing to do it, he deserves to be suspended under the conduct policy.
    Lynch is an arrogant punk. It’s why he was sent packing in Buffalo. Just because he’s a good football player, it doesn’t make him smart or a nice guy. On the contrary, he’s nothing more than a street punk and if he didn’t play football, he’d be stocking shelves some place.
    If the Players Association had any class, they’d tell Lynch to knock off his arrogant crap and do what he’s being paid to do.

  55. On one had you have Lynch and on the other is Marshall. I’d take the closed lipped Lynch must more readily than the fat mouth Marshall. The fine is excessive and ridiculous.

    But what else would you expect from this circus league?

  56. $75 K for not talking to the media. But pats fans think $25 K for refusing to cooperate in an NFL investigation and cheating is a sufficient fine. Lol.

  57. Supposedly, all fines are donated to charities.. But have you ever looked at salary of the board of directors and/or CEO of say, The American Cancer Society???? Charities are just another money making scam.. $.07 of every dollar goes to the actual charity…

  58. Like a previous poster said, every job has aspects that are unpleasant, but a true professional handles them anyway. You can question the motives of media members (and you would be justified in doing so), but it’s still part of the job.

    Also, he is very smart, articulate and funny. The first time he did the “yeah” thing, I thought it was hilarious. People want to hear from him, because he is an elite player and, most of the time, the polar opposite of insomnia-curing people like BB and John Fox.

    So I’m OK with his fines, because he has plenty to offer and he withholds it from the rest of us.

  59. Marshawn, you get paid millions to run with a football in your hand for a giant media corporation. They’re gonna expect that you talk to reports after the game. How hard is that?

  60. selfpromotingqb says:
    Aug 25, 2015 6:00 PM
    Sounds like a ponzi scheme. Where does all of this fine money go?

    titimium says:
    Aug 25, 2015 8:42 PM
    He’s a Moron’s Moron. An absolute idiot. If he allegedly does charity work in Oakland, why doesn’t he realize the money he’s pissing away to the NFL could be saved & given to a charity in Oakland?


    “Player fine money is used to support retired player programs, as well as other charitable causes as agreed upon between the NFL and NFL Players Association,” said David Krichavsky, the NFL’s director of community affairs. “Every letter notifying the player of a fine indicates where the fine money goes. I have gotten feedback from players who don’t like writing the check to the NFL, but they are pleased to know it does not go back into our coffers but to charitable organizations.” – USAToday October 10, 2010

    “Marshawn Lynch, the normally reserved Seattle Seahawks running back, took a few minutes at a charity event Sunday night to talk about his Fam 1st Family Foundation.

    The Fam 1st Family Foundation says its goal is to build self-esteem and academic learning skills in underprivileged youth.

    ‘I love kids, so anytime I have an opportunity to help a kid, I’m all for it,’ said Lynch.

    Lynch and the foundation have partnered with designer Jennifer Montana, wife of NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana. She designed a one-of-a-kind, handmade key stamped with ‘Beast Mode 24’ that hangs off a brass chain. Proceeds from the $124 necklace go to the Fam 1st Family Foundation and to Four Rings, Montana Family Foundation.

    Lynch also hinted that, despite some media reports, retirement is not in his immediate future.

    ‘I don’t see myself stopping no time soon,’ said Lynch. ‘When that time comes, just like I’m hands-on right now with my foundation, when I got more time, I’ll be able to deal with them kids on a year-round basis.’ ” – King 5 News December 14, 2015

    Sources cited, so that should clear some things up.

  61. “Sounds like a ponzi scheme. Where does all of this fine money go?”

    Uh it goes to charity which is well known.

    “He doesn’t have to speak if he doesn’t want to. It’s his choice, what’s the big deal?”

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Players are contractually obligated to speak to the media at certain times. As to the why its because the NFL wants them sitting out there in front of sponsor logos after the games.

    As others have said there’s an easy solution. Follow the Belichick model and talk while saying nothing. If Lynch were actually smart instead of being such a smartass child he would have figured that out long ago.

  62. ESPN routinely misreports or outright fabricates NFL stories even though players are forced to talk to it. The policy does nothing to improve coverage of the league, and instead forces players that clearly shouldn’t be talking to the media anyway to be available to it. Such a waste of time and resources.

  63. This effing idiot would throw away 75 K. Threw away 2 peoples paycheck for a year.
    Gee maybe they might go back to their SB run and finally fine the team for having 9 players on peds…or maybe fining them for practicing with pads earlier than any team out there…gee wonder why they are so prepared…or maybe slapping fines on teams that give a bad name to the NFL and sportsmanship like Roided out Sheman after the NFC game and the whole D during the end of the game in the SB when they were bull rushing a kneel down…cuz they were mad. Eff that whole team…they are a disgrace to the game.

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