Seahawks DE Bennett delivers opinions, comedy in wild radio interview


Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett joined the Brock and Salk Show in Seattle Tuesday — “Brock” is former NFL quarterback Brock Huard — and shared a few opinions.

Bennett brought energy and comedy, too, in an interview that covered everything from his unhappiness to with his contract situation to what he thinks about various quarterbacks around the league.

“I’m like a wife that’s married to a guy [and] they have kids, and she can’t really, you know, she can’t leave because she loves the kids. I love the kids, those are my teammates,” Bennett said of his current contract.

Bennett said teammate Kam Chancellor, who hasn’t reported to training camp because he also wants a new contract, “deserves a raise…he’s one of the best players. I think the organization should reward him in some type of way.”

Bennett had considered holding out of training camp in his own quest for more money, but decided against it at the last minute.

You can listen to the entire interview on the Brock and Salk website.

Later Bennett got into talking quarterbacks, picking out two he respects and calling out two individually for separate reasons.

“Aaron Rodgers is probably the best quarterback in the NFL,” Bennett said. “But quarterback is the only position in the NFL where you can be mediocre and get paid. At every other position you can’t be mediocre. If I was like Ryan Tannehill, and say the most games I ever won was seven, how could you get $100 million for that?”

Bennett also scoffed at the fallout from Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs hitting Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford in a preseason game last weekend, saying Bradford “was about to cry” and wondering why quarterbacks are treated differently.

“Someone tries to hit me in the legs every play,” Bennett said. “So what makes his life better than mine?

“I respect Tom Brady because when Tom Brady gets hit, he gets up and says, ‘Good job, good hit. He gets back in the huddle and handles his own, like a man. You have guys crying when they get hit like, ‘Oh, Suggs, Suggs hit me.'”

58 responses to “Seahawks DE Bennett delivers opinions, comedy in wild radio interview

  1. I thought Tom Brady was a cry baby? This is a good example of how little fans know and should shut up and listen to those who play the position. NFL players have respect for Brady.

  2. No surprise hearing his reverence towards TB12 from a proven winner and champion like Bennett, unlike the sorry lot of 12th Men who’s extent of lacing them up ends at their Barbie dolls.

  3. “I love the kids, those are my teammates” And Kam “deserves a raise”

    So which one of the beloved ‘kids’ gets cut so Bennett and Chancellor can get more money one year into their respective 4 year extensions? The team is up against it and there are more contracts coming up. Of yeah, they’re all about the kids alright.

  4. I thought Tom Brady was a cry baby? This is a good example of how little fans know and should shut up and listen to those who play the position. NFL players have respect for Brady.

    Even serial killers have groupies…

  5. What he didn’t say is “Tom Brady is innocent” because everyone knows he’s a cheater.


  6. Surprised to hear him praise Brady. I’ve seen him play in person and it looks like he whines to officials after each time he gets hit.

  7. He’s got a point about being a pretty bad QB and still getting paid. That said, he is making $8MM/year. I know top DL are getting paid more than that, but perhaps he should have aimed for a shorter contract if he wanted to prove himself.

    While the ability of teams to get out of contracts at times seems a bit “unfair” to the players… these guys act like they walked into the negotiation room and had a gun pointed at their head. It’s pretty obvious that the way to the biggest payday is to hit the open market. He chose not to.

  8. “But quarterback is the only position in the NFL where you can be mediocre and get paid.”

    He doesn’t have to look very far to identify that problem.

  9. I think the kids are grown up enough that you can leave. In fact, I encourage it. You are getting dangerously close to being a cancer in the locker room and certainly in the media.

    There are a lot of other defensive linemen in the league who would love to play for the ‘Hawks. (And by the way, at least tell the truth about why your holdout didn’t materialize–you looked at rookie Frank Clark and said, “Hey he’s pretty darn good. They might not miss me at all.)

  10. Most QB’s get up a say “nice hit” when its warranted. See it on NFL films all the time. We all see Tom Brady crying and stomping around on the field every Sunday. It doesnt mean he cant take a hit or say “nice hit” after he gets blown up.

    Bennett is a clown but a damn good DE.

  11. Bennett was second only to Gronk in terms of being the most entertaining player during the Super Bowl Media whatever. He has a lot of career left, but I hope he makes it into a broadcasting booth of some kind when he retires as a player.

    Also, it’s pretty funny to see the haters trying to argue with an actual NFL DE regarding Brady’s toughness.

  12. The issue with the Suggs hit wasn’t that Bradford doesn’t like to get hit…it’s that that Neanderthal tried to take out the knee that Bradford had 2 surgeries on during a preseason game. Did I mention that the knee had 2 ACL reconstructive surgeries in 1 year, and this was a freakin’ preseason game? Ending someone’s career with a cheap shot is nothing to be proud of.

  13. People on here saying “yeah, well Tannehill beat you…” UMM that was 2012 when Bennett wasn’t even a Seahawks!! Talk about grasping for straws

  14. The funniest thing about this is all the non football players trying to tell Nennett he is wrong about Brady.

    The truth is Brady is a grinder and a gym rat. He will work and work and grind and grind because he loves the game and wants rings. He will praise good play from anyone and talk smack when you smack talk him. It seems sad to me that people choose their own pettiness and just don’t appreciate watching him play whole they can.

  15. He went to the same college as Tannehill…not at the same time but I think his brother did. A ton of examples to use and he chose Tannehill. Its funny to point at Tannehill because Tannehill has never really played on a loaded roster with All-Pro players and Pro-bowlers but has still put up decent numbers in addition to improving every year.

    Michael Bennet plays on a All-Pro/All-World type roster benefiting from help he receives because of Seattle’s secondary. My guess is Tannehill is worth more to his team than Bennet is to his by a long shot. Without Bennet Seattle still could win 10+ games a season.

  16. The truth is that under pressure, Brady often whines to the officials every time he is touched. Bennett must not watch a lot of Patriots game film.

  17. TOM BRADY doesn’t turn to the refs and scream for a flag every time someone touches him? I know anyone anti-Goodell is a cause célèbre for the players now, but don’t say things that make readers wonder if you’re on drugs, dude.

  18. Bennett can complain all he wants about Tannehill being mediocre, but it is all relative. If there aren’t any quarterbacks available that are better than him, then he’s getting paid his fair market value, regardless of how talented he is in absolute terms or compared to historical figures.

    Regarding Tom Brady, there is a clear distinction between the type of behavior Bennett is complaining about and what Brady does. Bennett is complaining about quarterbacks who whine any time they’re touched, on and off the field, because they might have been hurt. When Brady complains to the referees about a hit, he isn’t saying he shouldn’t have been hit because he might get injured – it’s to say that according to the rules, that action merits a penalty. What Brady does is basically trying to maximize his competitive advantage, which is why I think Bennett respects him, as opposed to walking around demanding to be treated like a china doll, as with some other quarterbacks.

  19. Kam chancellor is a top 3 paid SS in football… Just bc his yearly pay is lower now that he’s not at the beginning of his front loaded contract does not mean that he’s underpaid..

    Teams cannot and should not restructure players to always be the top laid player at their position just bc someone signs a new deal that makes them look underpaid.. They should move some money around for guarantee purposes but that is it. He has 3 years on his deal and is still one of the top paid players at his position.

  20. to be fair to ryan tannehill the most game he has won is 8, though that doesnt take away from the point michael is trying to make.

  21. Make this year count Michael; because in 2016, it’s goodbye Bennett and hello Frank Clark/Cassius Marsh. Younger, faster, cheaper alternatives wait in the wings. Let the Tampas, Atlantas and Chicagos of the world overpay you. You’re worth your deal, but not much more.

  22. I’m surprised at how hard Bennett has been going in preseason considering his unhappiness with his 4 year contract that he signed 1 year ago. I figured he’d come in and halfass it. Kudos to him for that. However, his constant complaining about his contract will soon cause off field/locker room problems. The last thing this team needs on top of Kam’s selfish holdout is more locker room drama. Hate to lose him on the field but if he keeps up the complaining, I hope the Seahawks find a team that would trade for him knowing they would have to re-do his contract to keep him happy.

  23. Gee, some of you guys are making this article about Tom Brady instead of Bennett. I’m starting to think you don’t like him.

  24. He meant to say Russell Wilson but since he’s on the same team he just said the first qb that came to mind. This rant was specifically about him and kam not getting paid because of his qb’s contract.

  25. northeastkiller says:
    Aug 25, 2015 4:17 PM
    TOM BRADY doesn’t turn to the refs and scream for a flag every time someone touches him? I know anyone anti-Goodell is a cause célèbre for the players now, but don’t say things that make readers wonder if you’re on drugs, dude.


    Well, no. No, he doesn’t. Far from it. Try to watch with a slight amount of objectivity. So jealous.

  26. I don’t think Tannehill is mediocre. The QB gets too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose. I think he is maturing and growing. The thing is that there aren’t that many super star QBs. You have to pay for a certain level of competency. Tannehill may be slightly overpaid but so is Wilson and Flacco. Put Wilson and Flacco on the Dolphins the past three years and see how Many wins he gets. Not any more than Tannehill would be my guess.

  27. The only time I saw Brady went really berserk was when he was kneed while trying to get up during the Ravens game. He tried to go after the culprit but the toughie hid behind the referee. Brady’s eye was injured during that game. The referee did not see or do anything so Brady just marched on and took the Ravens out of contention.

    Then Harbaugh cried like a baby with a loaded diaper.

    Brady doesn’t complain if it’s a good hit. He gets planted on the ground often enough. Bennet knows what he is talking about.

  28. “But quarterback is the only position in the NFL where you can be mediocre and get paid

    He was right, especially with regard to Tannehill…they’re overpaying him on speculation alone. They should have offered him the “mediocre QB” contract (13-19 million) with incentives, but they got desperate.

  29. Bennett must not remember Suggs trying to tackle Brady low on a Sunday Night Football game where Brady points and begs at the ref to throw a flag. Remember what Harrison said? “Tom Brady, if your listening, take off the squirt and put on some slacks. TOUGHEN UP”. That’s from Rodney Harrison, a teammate of Brady. I tend to believe what I see with my own eyes, and I seen Brady beg for flags on multiple occasions.

  30. scmems07 says:
    Aug 25, 2015 4:47 PM
    He meant to say Russell Wilson but since he’s on the same team he just said the first qb that came to mind. This rant was specifically about him and kam not getting paid because of his qb’s contract.
    Bennett’s 4-year contract was taken care of a year ago and Kam’s 5-year contract was taken care of two years ago. So don’t say that he and Kam aren’t getting paid because of the QB’s contract. First of all, they are getting paid just fine. Second of all, they signed contracts. Third of all, their contracts and Wilson’s contracts are so separated in time, that to imply Wilson’s affected theirs is just plain wrong.

  31. thanks for the support for Tannehill here…really I can think of a few of big contract QBs in the NFL that are far less successful than Tannehill…Cutler comes most to mind…and why is it players from Seattle have this crappy attitude about fellow players? (I guess my question is why pick on Tannehill? Why pick on anybody?)

    It’ll be interesting in terms of karma if (a big if, but if) that Harvard Study picking Seattle and Miami for the Super Bowl 50 comes to fruition.

  32. Is Bennett a joke?? Tannehill has been on his ass for the last 3 years because his line sucked, and the guy still improve better than 90% of the QB’s in the NFL he learned a new system last year when Lazor replaced his college coach who also went to Miami and let Tannehill get his ass kicked to the tune of close to 60 sacks his rookie year, so I know if any QB deserves a raise its Ryan Tannehill 10 fold, Keep up the Good work Ryan Tannehill, Fin Up!!! Stronger Together !!!

  33. Odd, seems every time I see Tom Brady get hit near the knees, his arm starts jerking backwards in the “throw the flag” motion. And quite often about 30 seconds later, the ref throws the flag.

  34. oh, you mean the Tannehill that threw for more yards and more TDs than your QB?!! its a team game homey, you of all people should know that. Tannehill did more than enough to guide his team to more wins and playoff appearances.. the D failed them in the end.. plus he’s never had a good O-line.

  35. Bennett told it like it is about Brady. 🙂

    You know how you know Brady is tough and its genuine? Because unlike a few other Qbs with a reputation of being tough *coughBigBencough* Brady never lets anyone know he’s hurting or injured in a game or after. You will never see Brady pose with his “injuries” with the media cameras around

    If the dude gets beat then he gets beat. Period. You will never hear him say it is because of injuries or pain. He got the snot kicked out of him in both Super Bowl losses to the Giants… One of which he had a high ankle sprain coming into the game…and yet not one excuse.

    Bennett knows. And so does the rest of the league.


  36. Those were pathetic comments about a former college teammate, (Both played for Texas A&M). Bennett should be proud for Tannehill instead he just showed how he’s a jealous and greedy individual. Bennett is a great player but runs his big mouth way too much…..just like his brother.

  37. And quite often about 30 seconds later, the ref throws the flag.

    As they should. 🙂

  38. Mediocre just like your brother at the TE position for three quarters of his career.

    Newsflash Seattle won’t be able to sign you all so start looking for a new home.

  39. I like Bennett, but he just showed his ignorance and jealousy.
    His agent only got him a 4 year $28 mil deal – When he could of… should of got more.

    Tannehill is a strong, silent QB with rising talent.
    You don’t hear him complain like Kaepernick, he’s not about the spotlight like Newton, nor does he get the hype that Matt Ryan gets. He works. He tries to get better. And he shows results.
    4000 yds in 2014. He even had leads against DET, DEN & GB with his defense gave up last minute score – can’t blame the QB for defensive shortcomings.

    Tannehill’s deal (Extension and raise) was only an additional $77 million
    Sam Bradford, Kaepernick, Newton, Palmer, Ryan, Dalton, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Wilson, Rivers, Romo, Flacco and Eli Manning have contracts burger than Tannehills, some deserve it, some don’t…

    Rodgers is a great QB, one of the best.
    Ultimately – the player has to live up to the contract – not the record – thats the entire team’s responsibility

  40. Tannehill 2014 stats, his 3rd season..4,045 yds. 27tds, 12 Ints. Qb rating of 93.. I’m not sure I’d call that mediocre. But I’m not a mediocre DE. So what do stats really matter? Maybe the mediocre DE needs to get on a computer and google. I did.

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