Evan Mathis: I just couldn’t turn down Broncos opportunity


Guard Evan Mathis finally found a team for the 2015 season on Tuesday when he signed a one-year deal with the Broncos that can be worth as much as $4 million if Mathis earns all his incentives.

PFT reported Tuesday night that Mathis had a more lucrative offer from another team and Mathis said the same during an interview with Mike Klis of 9News in Denver. Mathis said that offer was equal to the $5.5 million he was set to make in Philly before being released, but said “you can’t put a price on peace of mind” or on the chance to play for a team that can make a playoff run.

“The No. 1 priority in finding a new place to play was playing for a contender,” Mathis said. “The Broncos weren’t in the mix early on. They were kind of the darkhorse in the race. They emerged here late and I just couldn’t turn down that opportunityr.”

Mathis says he’s in shape, although he’ll “have to get used to the altitude” in Denver. Assuming that doesn’t present too many problems, Mathis should assume the starting left guard job in time for Week One and provide experience to a line that was set to start three inexperienced players before his arrival. If he also provides the level of performance from the last couple of years in Philly, he’ll help the Broncos chances of being the contender he expects them to be.

75 responses to “Evan Mathis: I just couldn’t turn down Broncos opportunity

  1. 5.5 mil on a team that can challenge for a division title to 2.5 mil (excluding incentives) to a team that should win a division title but has a QB that history has shown, struggles getting deep in the playoffs.

    Not buying it Evan.

  2. The words “Super Bowl” and “Bronco’s” automatically equate to cheating of the salary cap.

    Maybe it’s time to check the Mr Ed’s books.

  3. Congratulations, sir…but stop selling that obviously bs line. You screwed up and believed the weasel. Missed out on millions. Own it.

  4. Wow…cost him $1.5M to play for the Broncos? I like Peyton Manning, but not for $1.5M.

  5. Good luck without Kelce and JP on either side of you. There was no phantom team or you would have signed earlier. But probably still an upgrade over what they had.

  6. 2 Dark horses. Throw in a cold windy snowy Denver nite 25% less than what he walked away from with the Eagles and 10% for your agent and I can’t see why he wouldn’t turn that down. Pretty dark in there Evan.

  7. “you can’t put a price on peace of mind”

    Hmmm you mean like a 2 year deal instead of 1 worth more money? That kind of peace of mind… Because you certainly put a price on that.

  8. walks in as the best lineman on the bronco’s team. bet old numb fingers is happiest guy in denver, not including the stoners!!!!

  9. said “you can’t put a price on peace of mind” or on the chance to play for a team that can make a playoff run.”
    Color me confused because that’s the exact situation he left. Only thing I can guess is that his agent wasn’t getting paid on his old deal and Mathis got him a check. Maybe he owed his agent money for something? But leaving a similar situation for $1.5M less doesn’t make a whole lot of good common sense to me.

  10. The best situation was to join a team that even with him is going to start two rookies on the offensive line? For $4 Mil only AFTER all incentives are earned? We all know it takes time for an O line to gel and become cohesive, so I don’t buy anything other than this was the most lucrative deal he was offered. should have stayed in Philly, had just as good a chance to win there for a heck of a lot more money.

  11. What is he talking about? Denver and the Eagles both have the same Vegas odds of 15-1 to win a Superbowl. After badly miss calculating his market value he went from earning 5.5M in Philly to a base salary of 2.5m with Denver. Now and to not make himself look anymore stupid he claims a mystery team offered him the same 5.5m. What team Evan? We are all not as dumb as you!

  12. Athlete translation = I have mortgage payments, child support and alimony payments that are timed with the regular season. So, I missed training camp and now have my cash flow.

    See, was that so hard to understand?

  13. Was never a huge fan of Mathis when he was here in Philly. I didn’t hate the guy, but I thought he was overrated. He also annoyed me when he fiercely defended Andy Reid despite a 4-12 season.

  14. What a clown. You had a more lucrative deal (11mil over the next 2 yrs) with a team that is a poised to take their division and contend in the playoffs….but you wanted to stomp your feet like a little baby.

    Journeyman lineman that nobody heard of before he was in a system that made him look good because it fit his skills.

  15. So let me get this straight. He didn’t want to play for a team who won ten games two years in a row because he wanted MORE money. But….he decided to play for another team who has won 10+ games two years in row for a 50% discount off what “another” team offered only because he wanted to play for a winner.

    He is either delusional, stupid, egotistical, or greedy. Regardless, he severely overestimated his worth.

  16. Do you think they paid him under the table to circumvent the cap like they did with their star players when they won their only two tainted Super Bowls? Just stating facts.

  17. Believe he ha a 2 year deal in Philly for more money and wasn’t incentive laden. Philly also should be in the playoff mix. His agent surely did not advise him well on this one.

  18. what a crock. spin doctor. putting lipstick on a pig. the “5.5 mill from another team” is fantasy.

    mathis bet on himself, like a fool listening to drewie baby, and lost big time. eagles offer was 6.5 mill over multiple seasons. and now 4 mill for 1 year ??? wow what a moron.

    and he thinks denv will contend ?? double moron. denv will be in decline. I doubt they win the afc west this yr and and may not even make playoffs as wildcard. manning is past his prime and declining.

    fact of the matter is mathis got 1 yr deal for 4 mill. not even a multi yr deal. other highly probably scenarios is he gets hurt and doesn’t play much and ditto for pay TONE.

  19. Spin. Philly is/was a contender – who an argue against that?

    He just didn’t judge the market correctly, and took less than he could have made in Philly once he burned all of his bridges there.

    Its hard to blame him for trying to maximise his situation – but the market spoke and it didn’t agree with Mathis.

  20. he wanted to be cut so he could make more money, but then turned down another offer to make less? no one believes that for a second.

  21. Can’t blame him.

    Playing with a soft spoken QB like Manning, who will likely choke in the playoffs is better than playing for a loud mouth coach like Chip who will choke before the playoffs.


  22. I liked Mathis, liked his story of bouncing around till he found a place to shine but I thought Mathis was smarter than that. His beef with the Eagles was all about money.
    Whoever gave him advice cost him at least $1.5 million ($2.5 if you count turning down the 2014 offer of an extra million added to his base) and probably more, unless he hits on ALL incentives.
    His prestige and career prospects may also suffer: he will not be playing between future HOFer Peters and pro-baller Kelce.
    All and all a shame for the man. You gotta be able to find/hire people you can trust.

  23. Let me get this straight. Evan was making 5.5 base salary to play for a playoff contender, and he was holding out for a raise?

    Now he’s playing for a playoff contender for 2.5 base?

    He must have the worst agent in the world.

  24. Where are LeSean McCoy and all other released teammates of the Eagles, with there Racist Chip Kelly Rant now? Hadn’t even heard anything like that when Mathis was released.

  25. You know, with Kelly cutting good players and all the turmoil there, it could be that the Eagles are about to implode and he wanted out no matter what.

  26. Joetoronto says:

    The words “Super Bowl” and “Bronco’s” automatically equate to cheating of the salary cap.

    Maybe it’s time to check the Mr Ed’s books.

    I’ve never agreed with you ever…until today! There is NO WAY this team is under the cap even with Pay-day Manning’s reworked deal. The Broncos cheated their way through the 90s while the Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers played within the rules to put quality products on the field.

    Proof? (Aside from the salary cap issues) review the recording of the 1997 Divisional Playoff game at KC. Broncos were given an uncharged timeout (not even a unsportsmanlike conduct) without penalty to go wipe their offensive lines jerseys off from the silicon spray they applied to themselves. If that was the 2014 Patriots…it would have ended up in court and senate hearings!

  27. Translation: I should’ve kept my mouth shut and stayed in Philadelphia, where I would have made more money and had a better chance of winning a superbowl.

  28. Wait, so:

    Broncos: [WITH] incentives he makes $4 Million and only 1 year.

    Philly: [BASE] $5.5 Million and x in Incentives times 2 years (nearly $11 Million).

    Sorry I don’t see a $1.5 year loss in the deal. I see $7-9 Million loss. No one has guaranteed his old ass a job for the 2nd year. Good luck hunting for a job in 2016 Off Season.

  29. You tools crack me up. If this had gone the opposite direction you all would be ” Oh yeah man, take the big money to play for a losing franchise. Watch him tank as soon as that huge signing bonus clears. You athletes are all about the money “. You losers are a joke.

  30. Evan Mathis at LG and Louis Vasquez at RG is perhaps the #1 guard combo in football.

    Both CJ Anderson and Peyton Manning’s FF value went up with this Mathis signing.

  31. You blew it boy, you really blew it.
    You were wanted in Philly.
    Even after you started complaining, they put a contract on the table with an extra Mil, multi-year.
    What’s that tell you compared to how things have gone with other players there recently?
    Plus you were playing between Peters and Kelce.
    Now you have a one year deal for a lot less on a less good line, for a team with no better shot at a ring than Philly.
    I hope you’re happy a mile-high.
    Your agent really played you badly on this one.
    What’s your excuse??
    Chip Kelly can’t relate to men with beards?

  32. Technically, he did have a 5.5 mil offer from a contender. It was the Eagles, and he did turn it down. Classic agent speak right there.

    Someone prior nailed it on the head. He signed with Rosenhaus, but the previous agent was getting the cut of his current salary. If DR can get the team to tear up the deal and rework, he then gets a cut. Its the same thing he did with TO back in the day when TO was on the Eagles.

  33. For that money, he should have just signed with the Seahawks. Far better odds to get him to a SB and shot at a ring (6-1 vs. 15-1). Poor $ decision to leave Eagles in the first place. Jared Allen made same mistake last year and signed with Bears over Hawks. Broncos will win games, but we know what happens in the playoffs.

  34. Normal hatred spewing fools questioning another human being’s decision….Remember that next time someone questions your own life decisions. sheez

    Focus on your job and not PFT

  35. officialgame says:Aug 26, 2015 8:24 AM

    What is he talking about? Denver and the Eagles both have the same Vegas odds of 15-1 to win a Superbowl. After badly miss calculating his market value he went from earning 5.5M in Philly to a base salary of 2.5m with Denver. Now and to not make himself look anymore stupid he claims a mystery team offered him the same 5.5m. What team Evan? We are all not as dumb as you!


    Check again guy. Denver is 8-1 to win the Superbowl now. Tied with New England.

    Mathis has a much better situation in Denver than he did with that circus in Philly.

    All the Eagle fans are in denial. Sam Bradford looks like a little boy out there, fragile as ever. He’ll get hurt by week 4. Mark my words. He’s a god awful QB that keeps getting chances for some reason, he’s a younger version of Jay Cutler, just a lanky fragile version.

  36. Keep telling yourself that…..sooner or later at least you will believe yourself….in the meantime everybody else will keep their boots on cause it is getting so deep.

  37. Translation: I just paid $3,000,000 to block for an old fragile quarterback instead of a young fragile quarterback. At least now, I’ll be the best player on the line, instead of the fourth best in Philly.

  38. Unemployed guy: I couldn’t turn down work after being unemployed for months, even if it was far less than I was making before.

    Finally, an NFL player that can relate to the fans.


  39. Well… no income, or several million (potentially) for one season. Plus living in Denver doesn’t exactly suck. Duh.

  40. Hey Broncos Fans… No one is Hating on your team. Ok, some are saying Manning can’t get an SB win, but MAINLY… we are all saying what a LOAD OF BS. He lost money and he is glad the Broncos are taking a chance.

  41. Well of course he couldn’t turn them down. He only turned one down in his life and he turned him face down!

  42. After his whole fiasco, the Broncos should be getting the very best of Mathis and that makes Denver the winner in this signing.

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