Falcons sign Rex Grossman

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The Rex Grossman experience is coming to Atlanta.

Grossman visited with the Falcons on Tuesday and he’ll be enjoying their Southern hospitality for a little while longer. PFT has learned, via a league source, that Grossman has agreed to a one-year deal with the team.

The Falcons will add Grossman to the mix vying to be the backup to Matt Ryan come the start of the regular season. T.J. Yates and Sean Renfree have been competing for the job this summer, although one of them could be on the way out with Grossman coming on board.

Grossman hasn’t played in a regular season game since 2011, when he started 13 games for the Redskins, but he has a long relationship with Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and the Falcons wouldn’t be signing him if they were convinced that the right guys were already on the roster.


26 responses to “Falcons sign Rex Grossman

  1. See ya T.J. Yates, Sean Renfree to the practice squad or gone outright as brought on by the previous regime.

  2. good sign your season isn’t going to be a great one if this is the signing you make…without an injury forcing you to make a move.

  3. I don’t root for anyone to get hurt, but this means the Falcons are big 1 blind-side hit on Matt Ryan away from another 4-12 season. They would be much smarter rolling with Yates as the backup.

  4. Rex Grossman. A poor mans Bret Favre, he has a strong arm and will stand talk in the pocket for sure. Accuracy that’s a different story.

  5. But Kyle Shanahan loves him and he knows the system. Good locker room guy, mature and all the Falcon fans need to hope that he never takes a snap in a game because he is no Matt Ryan.

  6. good sign your season isn’t going to be a great one if this is the signing you make…without an injury forcing you to make a move.

    Huh? This guy likely never plays a snap since Ryan has been so durable. It says that TJ Yates and Sean Renfree are awful but nothing else about the Falcons. Any team that loses their starting QB is screwed… unless the starting QB sucks in the first place. See Washington.

  7. Rex knows the offense and can be a resource for Matt Ryan. Love that he keeps defying the haters. Go Rexy!

  8. This guy was Jay Cutler in Chicago before Jay Cutler was in Chicago. Some incredible throws interspersed with a whole lot of others that made you wonder how he ever made it onto a division 1 college roster much less an NFL team.

    He must be a really good locker room guy because he keeps getting work but if your team has to ride him for more than a couple of games you’re in trouble because he’s just too inconsistent.

  9. More proof of the lack of NFL talent at the QB position coming out of the college ranks. Vick in Pitt, Rex in Atlanta and Matt H. in Indy shows the college game does not get the currant generation ready for the pro game.

  10. Just like every other Florida QB: Overhyped and just average enough to eke out a living as a backup QB. Name the last FSU, Florida, or Miami QB who was a star in the NFL. You have to go back over 25 years.

  11. 13 QB’s drafted in 2003, only two remain and only one has been to a Super Bowl. REX GROSSMAN!

  12. Everyone forgets there was a time when Rex was looked at as a potential premiere QB in this league. Unfortunately for him he was playing on a Bears staff that didn’t know how to develop a QB. And still don’t by the way

  13. Super Bowl 41 (XLI) veteran Rex Grossman is a good choice to backup “Matty Ice” (Matt Ryan). Ryan is a steady QB, like Andy Dalton, but simply doesn’t have that “wow” factor when the chips are on the line (i.e., post-season). Should the Falcons get lucky and make it to post-season, then perhaps Grossman can offer “Matty Ice” a few tipsters.

  14. What a joke, this Rex was washed up years ago, they should be developing a young guy, rather than recycling this bum

  15. A lot of teams have worse backup QBs than Rex. A lot. There’s a massive lack of QBs right now.

    This, from a Chicago Bears fan.

  16. If Kyle Shanahan is your OC it doesn’t matter who plays QB for you. The guy is a loser. If not, why do teams keep dumping him? How many places has he been the OC? 3? 4? He and his dad were awful for the Redskins. Good luck with him and Grossman, a nice guy who is better in the locker room guy than he is on the field….

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