Impasse continues between Chancellor, Seahawks


Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor continues to hold out for a new contract. The Seahawks continue to refuse to give him one.

Chancellor’s teammates continue to support Chancellor, and more importantly to place no pressure on him whatsoever.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was the latest player to say nothing that would put Chancellor in an awkward spot during a Wednesday session with reporters.

“I’m not sure,” Sherman said regarding whether the team is “wondering” about Chancellor. “I don’t think we’re wondering about anything. I think we’re focused on what we’re doing here and if they work something out with him that will be phenomenal and we’ll welcome him back with open arms. But if not, then we’ll focus on what we have here and continue to play.”

It’s looking like the “not” is winning.

“Both sides are digging their heels in,” Sherman said. “That’s how it goes when you have deals like this. He’s digging his heels in, they’re digging their heels in. I don’t know when it’s going to get resolved. I try to focus on what we control here and hope that it gets resolved.”

Sherman is right; neither side is budging, and there’s no apparent middle ground that would allow a win-win or at a minimum some face saving. As one league source put it earlier today, the Seahawks refuse to do anything to Chancellor’s contract. At this point, the only question is whether Chancellor will cave — and then whether the Seahawks will waive all or part of daily fines in the amount of $30,000 per day.

48 responses to “Impasse continues between Chancellor, Seahawks

  1. The player had better take what he is being offered and be VERY grateful…or he can ride his couch and be paid NOTHING this year. Employees do NOT make the rules, employers DO.

  2. Missing training camp is going to hurt the Seahawks.

    Ohh look Kam’s missing games that don’t count ohh we better give him a better deal.

    Makes no sense for Kam. Bad advice from is agent.

    Now if he held out during the regular season and Earl goes down then the Seahawks might budge.

    All this is doing is causing Kam to lose money.

    I mean the only thing he can do is retire to have any real leaverage on the Seahawks.

    Fire your agent KAM!

    A Packer fan.

  3. The team couldn’t really cave if it wanted to. They currently have @ $5M in cap space this year. With Chancellor’s current deal they are still projected to only have $12M available next year. With about 30 contracts running out, including Okung’s and several other starters.

    Cam is in the first year of a 4 year extension. Looking at those numbers tell me again what a great team guy he is.

  4. I REALLY hope the Hawks DON’T give in to his demands. One player is not worth it, even if it is BAM BAM.

  5. Kam was really happy with the contract when he signed it and collected 17 million I think it was. Now he is hurting what used to be team. There will be a few Butt hurt team mates, it will never be the same.

  6. If he does indeed miss any games I’m going to love when a nice long seam pass is not met by Kam thumping the WR into dropping the ball and the camera pans to the usually gum chomping “Ra Ra’ cheerleader in Mr. Peter Carroll who has a look of sadness and disbelief.

  7. PFTneedsToBringCommentSystemToThe21stCentury says:

    7-9. Even if he comes back, the wheels are already off.
    14-2. Easy Super Bowl win. Best roster in football by a huge margin with or without Kam.

  8. If you know another job would pay you more, would you not try to leverage more money at work too?

    Keep in mind if Seattle caves and signs him, and he sucks, Seattle can cut him only losing guaranteed money. If teams can cut players whenever they please, why should a player not be able to maximize his value at its highest point?

    – A Broncos Fan

  9. .
    Chancellor, like Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, took his money early on. Now, he’s seeing his teammates cash in and contemporaries, like S Devon McCourty of the Patriots sign offseason contracts that are double what he’s making.

    It would seem that the only way Chancellor gets a new deal is by forcing a trade. I’m sure that he and his camp are well aware that there’s a league wide shortage of good safeties. He would have lots of interested parties should he hit the market.

  10. This is what happens when you cave into Lynch’s contract nonsense. Once you redo one contract you open up the door for every other player. What’s criminal is that Chancellor is already paid 7 million/year.

  11. Trade rumors are starting to come out. That is the one piece of leverage the team has. Kam can continue to sit out but at some point if the Hawks will not have his services for a reasonable portion of the year they are going to dump him on some chumps like Washington that like to give away WAY too many draft picks for what they get. A 1st, a 3rd and maybe something in 2017 to take him off their hands seems about right. He’s a great player but he does them ZERO good watching games from at home and what better way to send a message to the rest of the team then to cash him in for some picks.

    Hopefully it doesn’t get there but if it does the Hawks can still win this standoff and Kam could be giving up a lot for the hopes of a bit more money.

  12. Washington’s Pro Bowl RB Alfred Morris is still playing out his rookie deal and still drives the same 1990 Mazda he had in college. He comes to work, plays hard and never complains. #ClassAct

  13. Kam, Russell Wilson talks to God and is healed by Recovery Water. You need to run…… as fast as you can…… another team.

  14. I’m reminded of Todd Bell, who sat out the 1985 season while the bears went on to win the Super Bowl.

  15. defscottyb says:
    Aug 26, 2015 6:51 PM
    Cam is average… the rest of that D made him look great.

    Nonsensical comment. Everyone, stop pointing to the rest of the team as the reason a player looks great. You can go through all 11 starters on that D and say they only look great because of the other 10. It doesn’t make sense.
    Can we just agree that the Hawks have great players starting at most of the defensive positions?

    They’re a great Defensive unit made up of great players, Kam included.

  16. In my profession if I was to try this, I would be considered AWOL and could not have a job to return to when I decided to if they didn’t decide to just give me a Article 15 punishment, but damn sure wouldn’t be getting a pay raise instead I’m looking at the opposite.

  17. In your profession you are a dime-a-dozen, sorry to break the news.

    Kam, along with most every NFL starter, is a world class athlete. It’s not really “next man up” like the cliche that gets spewed about all of the time.

  18. the “middle ground” is when the season begins, and Seattle realizes that defense is completely dependent on Kam. Kam has prepared for this….He’s good.

    Worry about your own teams getting to the SB. Seattle’s preparing for it’s 3rd in a row, which hasn’t been done since the early 90’s. And only accomplished TWICE in NFL history. Miami and Buffalo.

    NE’s cheater, Brady, couldn’t outplay Jim Kelly of Buffalo and get NE to 3 straight SB’s.

  19. mackcarrington says:
    Aug 26, 2015 7:23 PM
    I’m reminded of Todd Bell, who sat out the 1985 season while the bears went on to win the Super Bowl.
    So you’re saying, Seattle returns to a 3rd straight SB and wins. I like it!

  20. I have to side with the Seahawks in this one. The guy just signed a new contract. He took the money knowing FULL WELL that he was giving up a bigger potential pay day down the line. Plus, it would set a bad precedent with the team. If the Seahawks cave, what would stop any other Seahawks player who felt he out-played his current deal from pulling the same thing?

    I get that this is a business and he feels he is under-payed (which he probably is). But again, he knew this when he signed his current contract.

    I wonder if a middle ground could be found giving him more guaranteed money or converting some of the money into a signing bonus (or something similar)…

  21. Sad state of affairs for both the club and player. I love my Hawks as well as Kam. I get that the business side is ruthless and players do get the short end of the stick many times but as players come and go my team will always remain the same.

    Kam is too good of a player and person from my perception to flame out like this. I’d just hate to see the Hawks be forced to trade him (as one poster pointed out, a draft pick is worth much more than a player who sits out regardless if he’s all pro or not).

    I’m torn on this one, but would hate to see Kam go to greener pastures only to find out it’s nowhere as green as it was in Seattle.

    Seattle got a lot of grief for “caving” in on Marshawn last year by adding some extra guaranteed money so I can’t see them budging and Kam isn’t the type to step down and admit defeat.

  22. These players are crazy, they negotiated contracts which they want to renegotiate when they play well but never agree to back any money when they are horrible. You have a contract play!

  23. hate this. such a good player. total team leader. plays tough and plays hurt. and you can tell by their reaction that his teammates love him.

    but the hawks are doing the right thing big picture-wise here. i can’t fault them either.

    whole things sucks. the window is still open for this team, but any/every distraction makes it tougher than it already is to make a SB run. so hard to keep everyone happy on a good roster.

  24. Chancy will cave when the season starts. Those other players who got big raises could have forgone their big raises to get Chancy back on the field. That is the kind of “support” I would like to see.

  25. Kind of hope Dion Bailey has an amazing game 3, gets to start a few regular season games, and makes Seattle trade away Kam to some perennial bottom-feeder like the Browns.

  26. CAM is history.

    He knows Seahawks have plenty of young talent waiting inline for their turn to play first string.

    So Cam must be looking to capitalize $$$ on the SB ring and his trophy with a different team.

  27. Pay the man!

    — signed Not a Seahawks fan

    Seriously, it’s not his fault the Seahawks used mental telepathy to force him to sign a multi-million dollar contract. Have pity on the guy and give him more.
    Its the right thing to do (for the rest of the league).

  28. Play your deal!!
    I will be pissed if the hawks pay him and/or wave his fines.
    He just cut a GREAT deal in ’13!!
    He already “Gots Paid!!”

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