Jameis Winston looks good so far, but he still needs to be careful


The first overall pick in the 2015 draft looks like he could end up being a good player for the Buccaneers. The challenge for quarterback Jameis Winston, however, continues to be protecting his body so that he’ll be able to play on a consistent basis.

During Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Rodney Harrison and yours truly went back and forth on the question of whether Winston should dial back the type of intensity that sees him routinely diving head first during glorified scrimmages known as preseason games.

Winston has displayed plenty of promise and potential, especially in the second preseason game against the Bengals. But he also has shown a propensity to take a hit — and the more he is hit the more likely he’ll eventually be injured.

For the full segment regarding Winston, click the thing in the thing below.

9 responses to “Jameis Winston looks good so far, but he still needs to be careful

  1. This kid only knows how to play the game one way. That’s pedal to the metal and full speed ahead. He’s one hell of a competitor and will leave it all on the field to help his team win. I don’t think he’s changing his game anytime soon.

  2. I like it. It shows he wants to be there. I’d rather teach somebody to try less, than teach them to try more.

  3. He shouldnt “dial back” intensity but he should realize he needs to alter his style a bit. Young QBs never seem to realize that playing every sunday is almost as important as playing well. QB isnt like other positions that can be easily replaced for a week. Guys like Brady, Manning, Luck, Rodgers, Wilson, Flacco, etc play every sunday barring a catastrophic injury and usually play hurt.

  4. The Bucs better have some more QB’s queued up and ready to play, because that offensive line is terrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if they played 4 different QB’s this year due to injuries sustained in the pocket.

  5. I think both touchdowns were occasions where he knew that he was not going to take a big hit. I agree that he needs to be careful diving like this but I havent seen him ‘wreckless’ besides one scramble in the 1st preseason game where he dove head first for yardage.

    The great thing that this is fixable and he will LISTEN, unlike some other qbs in the Washington area…

  6. The Bucs need to fix their line, but he’s used to that since FSU’s line was garbage most of last year until late in the season. I know people have their talking point of that 4 of the 5 linemen were drafted, but did you actaully watch the games? He will lift that team with this kind of drive and enthusiasm alone to go along with his expected great play of course.

  7. One of these commentators has spent the majority playing and living football. The other has spent his whole life in a suit. Rodney knows what’s up.

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