Jay Gruden “very concerned” about Junior Galette after practice injury


Before he was released by the Saints, linebacker Junior Galette’s availability for the 2015 season was thought to be at risk because of a pectoral injury.

Galette avoided surgery for that injury and has been practicing with the Redskins without any sign that it’s bothering him since landing in Washington in late July. Wednesday brought a new injury concern for the pass rusher, however.

After practice, coach Jay Gruden said, via Albert Breer of NFL Media, that he’s “very concerned” about an injury that Galette suffered near the end of the session. Gruden said Galette would have his ankle evaluated. Unless that concern is totally overblown, Galette will likely miss this weekend’s game against the Ravens and his game debut with the team will have to wait for another time.

Gruden also said that the team is not sure whether Ryan Kerrigan will make his preseason debut against Baltimore. Kerrigan had a knee scope in May and did not play in either of the team’s first two preseason games.

UPDATE 2:19 p.m. ET: Multiple reports indicate the team fears an Achilles injury for Galette. If it is a torn Achilles, he’ll miss the 2015 season.

29 responses to “Jay Gruden “very concerned” about Junior Galette after practice injury

  1. Team can’t catch a break. They pick up a great player on the low for one year and he goes down in training camp..

  2. Well as bad as that injury will be for the team. Thank goodness they invested in this position alot. I’m a huge fan of Preston Smith and thinks he’s growing into the position. Trent Murphy has to perform good at run defense poor at getting to the QB. I think Smith will benefit from this alot and be a solid 6-8 sack guy like McPhee was in Baltimore.

  3. Well it was a nice attempt at adding additional depth for the team but since he was signed for the veteran minimum it doesnt hurt the team at all. Shame, he could have been an impact player for a defense that had been struggling for years.

  4. You expect team injuries over the long NFL season, but not like this, in just the preseason. Really makes you wonder if it really takes 6 weeks, and 4 preseason games to determine the roster and get ready for the start of the new season. The only real benefit to all of these games is the money in the owner’s pocket.

  5. Is it just me or does it seem that every year more guys go down with worse injuries during the preseason? And so many of these injuries do not occur as the result of contact! Could it be that the shortening of organized activities has something to do with this state of affairs or are the PEDs that are not being tested for are causing muscles to become too strong? Something is going on here.

  6. To the Redskins Organization:

    As a life long fan I can’t begin to explain my disappointment yet again. I’ve defended the owner, the organization, every coach, QB and decision almost blindly with the hopes that things would improve. How can any of your fans defend you anymore? How can you force your coach to start a QB that he does not believe in? How can you expect your fan base to support a team with no chance of winning yet again? We all wanted to see RG3 succeed. We all loved the excitement that year 1 brought to the team but that ship has sailed. That QB no longer exists and we’re left with a guy who gives us zero shot to win and an owner who refuses to turn the page on that mistake. Move on. You have 2 QBs behind him who, if supported by a commitment to run the ball and good Defense can win some games. Move on so we can have some hope that this year can be a building block rather than another wasted one. Move on so you can have players that believe the team is committed to playing the best 11 at any time. How do you expect these guys to fight for a coach with no control? How will these guys fight when they are put in a position to fail? C’mon…….wake up.

  7. Nothing to worry about… Just get him a bottle of Russell Wilsons “Magical God Water” and he’ll be back on the field tomorrow.

  8. Damn, not even a Redskins fan, but this sucks. Him and Kerrigan were going to form a nasty outside 1-2 punch for a team with a suspect secondary. That being said, they have some hungry talent behind Galette who now have the chance of a lifetime to step up. Tough offseason for the Washington Redskins!

  9. What did Quinn from the Lions say about Jordy Nelson’s injury? God wanted him injured? That ridiculous statement may hold some water here.

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