So who is the LeBron James of football?


Who’s the LeBron James of the NFL? It was apparently easier for Jerry Seinfeld to figure out the true identity of Shmoopie.

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles says it’s him. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says it’s him. Rodney Harrison of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN says it’s neither of them, because they have no rings.

I say it’s neither because they aren’t quarterbacks. It’s a quarterback-driven game, and only a quarterback can truly be the LeBron James of football.

Who do you think the LeBron James of the NFL is? Make your case in the comments.

100 responses to “So who is the LeBron James of football?

  1. Lebron James is great no doubt but his 2-4 record in the finals makes me wonder why is it being called Lebron James of football??????????

  2. By this you mean someone who needs a great cast of players around him for him to succeed?

  3. Talent wise, Gronk, no one dominates his position more completely.

    Attitude and leadership wise, Jay Cutler.

  4. Gotta be Peyton: Got over the hump and finally won a championship, but people seem to focus on him having a losing record in the Super Bowl just like Lebron has in the Finals. Unfair, but true. Peyton will have virtually every passing record just like Lebron will have most scoring records when he retires.

  5. Because of his recent ring, and even the similar loss in the championship and his athletic play making ability it has to be Russell Wilson. Sorry Brady, you are more like Larry Bird which is not a slam at all.

  6. It’s Peyton.

    They’re both arguably among the all time greats in their respective sports.

    But they also both have fewer rings than you’d expect from players as good as they are.

  7. This is a dumb question, there is none. Football is a team sport and not ball hogging boring basketball

  8. So is the question…who is the most egotistical player in football.? Most arrogant? Can you be more specifc?

  9. Tom Brady.

    But, he’s more like he Bill Russell of football, with over a decade of sustained championship-level performance and leadership.

    More playoff wins than something like 27 entire NFL franchises have had since 1970? Amazing.

  10. Brady…. hands down. The Patriots don’t win Superbowls without him (neither do the packers without Rodgers) but Brady has always done it with less than anyone else. Lebron makes any team he is on a contender the same way Brady has. With the turn over on Patriots offense, it’s equivalent to Brady playing on a new team yearly. Plus Brady did what Rodgers couldn’t….found a way to neutralize the greatest defensive backs in the history of the game… LOB!

  11. If by who is actually the hands down best player that is also willing to tell you he is at every opportunity thankfully there isn’t one. Not to say there aren’t plenty of guys willing to say they are the best (hello RG3 among others) but the guys that are really at the top are smart enough not to proclaim they are. Which makes them a lot smarter than the buffoon in the corner office at 345 Park Ave.

  12. Nobody. Basketball is a sport where one player can exert enough individual dominance to completely take over a game. Football’s a team sport, and even an all-time great like Jerry Rice would need a QB to deliver, other WRs to run decoy routes, an offensive line to keep the QB upright and all that.

    The basic nature of football means there can’t be a player as individually dominant as Lebron or MJ.

  13. sfsugator says:
    Aug 26, 2015 10:42 AM

    Lebron James is great no doubt but his 2-4 record in the finals makes me wonder why is it being called Lebron James of football??????????


    Maybe what he means by the “LeBron James of football” is the player that is outstanding during the regular season but his team is less successful in the postseason. By that standard maybe Charles and Peterson are right, less the rings of course.

    I can think of others that fit that description….with maybe a ring too boot.

  14. Honestly, no one. Lebron has been on ESPN since he was a junior in high school. He started out as a phenom, was a top overall draft pick, came into the league and dominated right away, has multiple MVP’s, and has won titles.

    No football player has dominated a sport from end to end the way that Lebron has. Brady has done great in the NFL but was a 6th round draft pick that wasn’t great in college. Adrian Peterson has been pretty great throughout his career but has no titles and doesn’t dominate like Lebron does.

    I think the closest is Peyton (Heisman runner up, 1st overall selection, multiple MVP’s, Super Bowl Champion, a few choke jobs like early Lebron). Andrew Luck has the ability to do something similar in the near future as well.

  15. If we’re talking about the greatest player in the game, I’ll argue this:

    Tom Brady:

    9 AFC Championship game appearances in 13 seasons (69%)

    6 Super Bowl appearances in 13 seasons (46%)

    4 Super Bowl wins in 13 seasons (31%)

    Nobody even comes close

  16. in terms of who can make a terrible team an instant contender overnight and who’d make almost every team bend over backwards to clear cap space and give a pitch during free agency like the NBA teams did in 2010: it’s Andrew Luck. Easy question

  17. This season can’t start soon enough. There questions are just plain stupid for the real fan. Next thing you know we will start talking fantasy football on here.

    Come on find something that matters.

  18. The Denver Broncos are 2-5 in the super bowl so I guess they would be closest since he is 2-4 in NBA championships!!!

    Too much is made of him. The guy really isn’t that good.

  19. krm62015 says:
    Aug 26, 2015 10:46 AM
    Because of his recent ring, and even the similar loss in the championship and his athletic play making ability it has to be Russell Wilson. Sorry Brady, you are more like Larry Bird which is not a slam at all.

    Bird made everyone around him better. LBJ makes everyone around him wonder if they matter.

    Bird was clutch, LBJ seems to want someone else to take the last shot.

    I’ll take Bird over LBJ every time.

  20. Its Peyton manning, the league and media constantly shoves him down your throat saying everyone loves him and he’s quite the playoff chocker.

  21. Tom Brady would be more like Michael Jordan (multiple championships, best player of all time).

    LeBron James would be more like JJ Watt… best player today.

  22. Darrelle Revis is the Lebron James of football because he’s done it “his way”, just like Lebron. Won a ring elsewhere, now trying to win one where it all started.

  23. No GOAT in any sport has EVER appeared in front of a judge for cheating allegations. case closed.


    That’s because Adam Silver has integrity and would never run a witch hunt based on lying at every turn.

    The NFL has literally lied at every turn and been exposed for it by a federal judge, but you still take their word over Brady’s, so damn sad.

  24. No question it’s Andrew Luck. Uber-talented #1 overall pick who took over a crap team and has led them to success, just not a title. The Pats (also from Boston) are like the aging Celtics, blocking him from a title.

    Now Luck just needs to “take his talents to Miami”, win a couple rings and “go home”.

  25. LeBron James can play every position on the court, with the exception of Center…and he can probably play center every once in awhile. To pick the “LeBron James” of the NFL you would need to pick somebody that can play multiple positions. That person has to be J.J. Watt. He can play just about every position on the field, probably even quarterback, and he’s successful. That’s my logic, but I’d rather just have the season start today!

  26. I’d have to echo Aaron Rodgers. Both guys are in the middle of their careers and have won rings, but are projected to win multiple ‘Ships before they are done. Both are taking the reigns from greats before them (Jordan & Kobe, Brady & Manning) and could surpass those greats when all is said and done.

  27. You mean a mercenary who roams from team to team, instantly making each new team a title contender? There hasn’t been one in the NFL for 20 years, and that was Deion Sanders.

  28. There is no LeBron in the NFL, there’s no one player who can turn the game around solely on the way he plays–you just can’t do it in football like you can in basketball.

  29. Jadeveon Clowney – more natural talent than anyone in the league, but does not have the killer mentality. Same with Lebron, all the natural talent in the world, but isn’t a killer like mj or Kobe

  30. LeBron James dominates this current era of basketball on both ends of the floor. The NFL is not designed that way to play both ways at a constant motion. There is no LeBron James in the NFL.

  31. It would definitely have to be a QB who has good field vision. A pocket QB whose first instinct is to pass. A field general. A future hall of famer who’s lost more than he should have won. A QB who needs all his teammates to play flawlessly in order to win the biggest games. One who can go to a new team and immediately take over. Someone who’ll always be compared to the greatest of all time but won’t finish with comparable championships numbers. A player who some will consider the greatest of all time regardless. So I’m going to say Peyton Manning is probably the LeBron of football.

  32. I often hear three words associated with Lebron’s greatness:

    1. Versatile
    2. Physical specimen
    3. Smart

    Based on those three criteria I can think of the following players (in no particular order):

    1. JJ Watt – satisfies all three criteria
    2. Randall Cobb – Is very versatile (QB at Kentucky) and is very smart. He is also very physical for his position
    3. Julius Pepper – It is not fair to call him the “Lebron of football” as honestly there is no other “Julius Pepper in football”.

  33. Antonio Margarito is the Tom Brady of boxing
    David Robinson is the Tom Brady of golf
    Kenny Rogers is the Tom Brady of baseball
    Tonya Harding is the Tom Brady of skating
    Rosie Ruiz is the Tom Brady of running/marathon
    Donald Crowhurst is the Tom Brady of sailing
    Dora Ratjen is the Tom Brady of long jumping
    Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels share the “honor’ of being the Tom Brady of coaching

  34. The LeBron of the NFL is retired now…That would have been Joe Montana….never lost the big one…I believe 4-0 in SBs

    Tom is great no doubt…But not as great as Joe Cool

  35. JJ Watt?? I think “Lebron of the NFL” means most physically talented and intimidating. It is hard to dispute Watt’s production and impact despite the attention offenses give to trying to shut him down.

  36. jerryyouradisgrace says:
    Aug 26, 2015 12:07 PM
    The LeBron of the NFL is retired now…That would have been Joe Montana….never lost the big one…I believe 4-0 in SBs

    Tom is great no doubt…But not as great as Joe Cool

    But Joe, who I loved, did it with a cheating WR named Rice and didn’t do it in the the cap era.

    And the correct answer is George Blanda>Lebron. If you’re too young to have had the honor of watching him play check out his 5 miracle wins in 1970. He played until 48. Played QB, PK & even LB. Lebron and pretty much everyone else who ever played pales by comparison.

  37. Tom Brady has the highest winning percentage in the regular season and postseason, as well as most yards, TDs, and wins in postseason history. In his most recent Super Bowl win, he broke, tied, or extended 9 different SB records, including most receptions, most SB starts, and most TDs — all while causing his opponent to become the first SB team to have a player ejected for fighting at the end of it. His greatness is also reflected in the fact that fans of lesser teams are driven into a blind, incoherent rage by the mere sight of him.

  38. Brady’s better and he’s won more championships, so it can’t be him. LeBron has a poster of TB on his wall because that’s who he wants to be when he grows up

  39. Tom Brady is good and all, but it always seems like there’s something else, a call, an edge, some other player who actually makes the play. You probably get very little disagreement if they go 19-0 when they were prohibitive favorites against the NYG.

  40. gofor2with3pointlead says:
    Aug 26, 2015 12:36 PM
    Tom Brady is good and all, but it always seems like there’s something else, a call, an edge, some other player who actually makes the play. You probably get very little disagreement if they go 19-0 when they were prohibitive favorites against the NYG.

    true of all QBs. It’s football. Joe Cool throws 10 yards, some other guy with glue on his hands catches and runs for 75 yards and a TD. It’s football. Manning throws, Tyree makes the most amazing catch in SB history.

  41. When you talk about the whole package of what is and has been Lebron James, the only two that seem to fit the mold for me is Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

    You are talking about two guys that came into the league, considered unparralleled prospects that were suppose to dominate the game from day one. Both were considered two of the greatest prospects ever at their position, and both have lived up to almost unreal expectations. And yes Manning has his playoff knocks, and a ring, and Luck has yet to win the big one, but is still exremely young and has plenty of time.

  42. Peyton, JJ Watt and Gronk are all excellent choices for this title. Rodgers backed up Favre for too many years to be eligible and Brady has won far too many games and titles. I think Peyton is probably the best choice, but I wanted to throw Cam Newton into the discussion simply because no one else has mentioned him.

    Both were highly touted out of college, both have failed to live up to the grandiose expectations the media has had for them and both think very highly of themselves and aren’t ashamed to say so. Having said that, I would also add that both seem to be genuinely ‘good’ people and have done a great deal for the communities in which their teams reside.

    But yeah, it”s still Peyton. #CutThatMeat!

  43. JJ Watt – Versatile. Physically dominating. A leader. Makes everyone around him better. Stuck on a team that can’t get it done early in his career. He wrecks offensive plans and scores from both sides of the ball.

    I just don’t think there is any one player that impacts their team more. You can argue others, but Brady went down for a season and his backup lead the team to eleven wins. Peterson was out for a year and the Vikes posted a 7-9 record just like they would have with him on the field. The Colts had that tanked season between Manning and Luck, but look very similar with competent play at the position.

  44. The point guard is the QB position in the NBA, so it’s not fair to equate Lebron to a QB and vice versa.

    Here’s why it’s AP.
    1) Both lead league in stats when they are/were healthy and active, for multiple seaons.

    2) Both wanted to get away from their original teams that were lacking other key players to make them competitive resulting from or creating massive Controversy in the process.

    3) While Lebron succeeded in Miami and AP didn’t, thought the talent in MN has grown drastically through the draft, both players ended up back on their original teams.

    3) Both are/have been widely hated or loved depending upon which teams they played for and which side of the controversy you fell on.

    4) Both are always in the news, for both good and bad reasons.

    5) Both took bad teams to the playoffs single handedly but couldn’t get it done. AP had a crappy Ponder at QB and Lebron had no one to help him until he got to the Heat.

    6) Both have strong opinions about how great and dominant they are.

    The reason it can’t be Brady is because he’s a cheat and a QB.

    It can’t be Manning because he’s too quiet/reserved and a QB.

    Can’t be Rodgers because he’s a cheat, a Qb, and a sconnie and no one likes sconnies but sconnies.

  45. To me, this question is: “what great player transcends the sport to be its superstar ambassador?”

    Asked another way, who would my wife recognize if she passed him on the street.

    Two guys qualify under that criteria: Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Brady’s a tool, so I’d say Manning.

  46. This is a joke. A ego maniac in a sport that is centric to individuals. Silly to try and compare the intelligence of an NFL player to the NBA’s goon mentality

  47. The NBA is garbage do not even try to equate with NFL players or the NFL. The officiating I can see as they don’t call the games correctly in both sports. But the game and players just stop. It is more like what nba player breaks the most tackles running to the rim?
    Not fantastic anymore.

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