Aaron Rodgers: We’re right where we need to be


After Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson tore his ACL last Sunday, quarterback Aaron Rodgers lamented that his top target from last season had been injured in a “meaningless” game.

Nelson’s absence will force some players into new roles and cause some changes with the way things flow on the offense, but the man who told the world to relax after the Packers started 1-2 last season doesn’t seem overly concerned about working on them in two meaningless games this summer. Rodgers said Wednesday that he feels he’s had enough work already this summer to prepare for the start of the regular season.

“We’re right where we need to be,” Rodgers said, via ESPN.com. “We’ve had some productive drives when we’ve been out there. I’m happy where we’re at. We have some guys banged up right now, so not sure what the playing time will be, but whatever Mike [McCarthy] decides, I’m confident we’ll be ready when the season starts.”

One thing that should factor into McCarthy’s decision is injuries to left tackle David Bakhtiari, left guard Josh Sitton and right guard T.J. Lang. None of those need to risk further issues by playing in a preseason game and playing Rodgers behind backups ups the risk to his health to a level that might be more than the Packers need to take at this point in the schedule.

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  1. I like the Pac and I like AR but he’s full of sh!!…lol. The Packers loose JN and they are right where they want to be. Yea the Pats loose Brady and Saints loose Brees and they will be fine to…smh

  2. is that picture from last year’s NFC chokingship game with 5 minutes left to play and the whole packer side line was giving each other hand shakes?

  3. NFL Total QBR – 2014 Season Leaders

    1. Tony Romo, Dallas 83.6

    2. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay 77.4

    Yes, we know who the real NFL MVP was.

  4. I think Rogers is trying to sugar coat the situation a bit. I think we will compete for a playoff spot, but I have my doubts about the defense and macarthurs play calling. Plus the Vike’s are on the come up, so there’s that. Might be a good year to tank and draft the next qb. Just my 5 cents. GO PACK!!

  5. They ARE right where they need to be. They were the best team in the NFL by the end of last year. They choked. Doesn’t change the fact that they beat the Seahawks up in their own backyard for 55 minutes.

    Improvements at ILB, OLB, DT and CB are going to help, but the bottom line is that while Nelson is one of the best WRs in the NFL, the Packers have the best WR depth in the NFL. Cobb/Adams/Montgomery/Janis/R Rodgers is still a top 5 pass catching unit.

    And, oh yeah, the best QB in the game by far.

    Still will win the NFCN going away. Still will be the favorite for home field in the NFC. Still will be (and should be) the favorite to win it all.

  6. Why do you keep feeding the trolls??

    Fakenumba1sportsfan, McCarthy doesn’t call plays anymore, I’d think you’d know that being the #1 troll, I mean fan.

  7. And the viking trolls are right where they want to be… posting on yet another Packer article.

  8. Boo Hoo! You poor Packer fans. Nobody feels sorry for you!

    My Vikings #1 WR is a guy who couldn’t even crack the Packers 53 man roster. Your top 3 WR’s are better than our #1, so cry me a river!

  9. Aaron Rodgers is overrated.

    During his one super bowl run, Rodgers drew Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, and Jay Cutler/Caleb Hanie. Then he wins a super bowl because his defense forced three turnovers, including a pick six.

    Aside from that season, he has beaten Joe Webb and got a lucky call on the Dez Bryant play.

  10. If I were a Minnesotian, a TwinsCitian or just a regular Viking fan, I would find this multi-named troll and chop off his fingers. It’s better to have other teams’ fans respect your team, win or lose. He does more to create ill will towards his team than all the arrested players (and indicted owners).

  11. Rodgers can have all the completion percentage and best stats ever, but at the end of the game /season, it’s about the win, and he sure doesn’t have that under his goat belt. All he had was a choke belt.

  12. All these choke posts…. Atleast he was in a position to choke… Lol where was your QB at? At home?

  13. We have to take pity on these vikings fans.

    They’re literally the only team that has killed a player, and now they’ve killed an innocent worker trying to build their stadium of sadness.

    They can’t cope with these tragedies (or the tragedy that is their team in general), so they try to bash the people who are better than them in every way: Packers fans.

    It’s ok, Vikings fans. We understand. We’ve never been as low as you, nor will we, but we can use our imaginations. We can pretend that we have no reason to live.

  14. Remember, Green Bay was the most injured team in the NFL when they won the Super Bowl in February of 2011. They were not only missing their #1 TE in Jermichael Finley, they were also missing their #1 RB in Ryan Grant. Yet even though they had so many injuries, they still won it all.

  15. I feel like giggling when Packers trolls said their 3rd receiver is better than our #1. Perhaps i should remind you that Johnson burn ur #1 cb william, last year here in our stadium. Teddy made him better then Rodgers.

  16. All these packer fans crack me up. Talking about depth at wr? Lol. Janis, Montgomery, Adams…. Blah blah. They haven’t done anything yet, how is that depth? Get real, losing Nelson is a huge blow to your team!

  17. I hope that all the haters out there realize that when Green Bay loses a star player….they still make it to the playoffs. Even Rodgers missed some games but they still made it to the playoffs… (including the Cowboys who they beat in their own deathstar) So don’t celebrate too soon.

  18. “We’re right where we need to be,”
    Judging by the past few years and McCarthy’s own admission that he can’t get his team ready for the start of the season, right where the Packer need to be is ready to lose the first game of the season.

  19. It’s no wonder Charles Johnson succeeded in Minnesota, where the offense is simplified to the point that a moron could understand it (and Patterson still can’t).

    Fortunately, as the Packers have a winning culture, they set the bar higher. The WRs that won’t make our team this year are better than most other team’s starters.

    It’s science.

  20. Can’t wait to see how the Packers respond to this JN challenge- who knows, they’ve done it before! I’m hoping for the best. Go Pack!

  21. Yep you are right where you ought to be, 3rd place in the NFCN right now..
    Even choked in the pre season, I guess you don’t have it out of your system yet!

  22. purplepackerpunchers says:
    Aug 27, 2015 11:12 AM

    All these packer fans crack me up. Talking about depth at wr? Lol. Janis, Montgomery, Adams…. Blah blah. They haven’t done anything yet, how is that depth? Get real, losing Nelson is a huge blow to your team!

    Nobody said this was not a big blow to the packers… but unlike you Vikings fans, we understand that the Packers have not built a team only on one player (Peterson) for years, which is why they have a thing called depth. Nobody will disagree that losing Nelson does not change things, as you said the others are “Unknown” so how big of a blow has yet to be seen.

  23. Teams usually build their team around their QB. Pretty simple concept. It’s just a matter of whether the QB sucks or not that is the difference. That’s why the Vikings are never worth anything…unless they have a former Packer QB.

  24. Actually teams that succeed do so by drafting their lines first.

    QBs are very important, but your team should have a good enough backup QB to keep you in contention. When Rodgers goes down the packers win % drops like a rock to around .200.

    Losing Nelson isn’t the death knell but don’t pretend you won’t regress without him. And please cut the crap about having a top WR group, you have 1 WR that has proven he can play in the NFL. Your WR group has less experience and talent now than he Vikings WR group…that’s fact based on stats in-game and in fantasy value. I’d also take Stefon Diggs over at least two of your starting WR’s and he’s our rookie #4WR/punt returner.

    Vikings made the playoffs with Ponder at QB. You don’t need a good QB to be in contention.

    Teddy B was .500 in his rookie year and improved game by game. He also has his starting TE and RB this year, and a new deep threat in Wallace. The packer window will be closed…or maybe more like being cemented in by end of season.

    And shame on Packer fans for using the death of a construction worker at a stadium as a source of trolling the Vikings.

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