It sounds like Aaron Rodgers won’t play on Saturday


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Wednesday that the Packers offense is right where it needs to be for the start of the regular season before saying he wasn’t sure how much playing time he’d get in Saturday’s game against the Eagles.

Based on what one of his backups had to say on Thursday, it sounds like he won’t get any playing time at all. The Packers have three starting offensive linemen battling injuries heading into the game, which isn’t the kind of situation you want to put Rodgers in if you can avoid it. Quarterback Matt Blanchard says that they won’t when discussing his own plans for the game.

“I know the starters aren’t going to be playing but for us, it’s our first time out on Lambeau this season,” Blanchard said, via Rob Demovsky of “The backups don’t normally get these type of reps. We have a lot of respect for Philly and their defense. Their starters are going to be playing a lot of time. It’s a good opportunity for Brett [Hundley] and I to get in there and see where we’re at and take advantage of it.”

Given the usual operating procedure for the final week of the preseason, it seems likely that Rodgers’s next game action will come in Week One against the Bears. Demovsky reports the team’s defensive starters are expected to play in Saturday’s game.

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  1. What a difference a few weeks make.

    From an article dated August 11th:

    “Aaron Rodgers expects to play. Clay Matthews is preparing to do so, too.

    When Green Bay opens the preseason schedule Thursday night at the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Packers coach Mike McCarthy is planning to go with what he has.

    “Whoever travels to New England will play,” McCarthy said Tuesday.

    McCarthy’s approach to exhibition play this year appears to be running contrary to how he handled the preseason games last August.

    A year ago, McCarthy held out Rodgers as well as starting running back Eddie Lacy and top receiver Jordy Nelson from the Packers’ preseason opener at the Tennessee Titans.

    Rodgers, Lacy, Nelson and Matthews, along with veteran linebacker Julius Peppers, also didn’t play Green Bay’s final preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

    The Packers then proceeded to lose two of their first three games for the third straight season.”

    I guess he wants to revert back to the slow starts of the last 3 seasons…

  2. The purpose of game 3 of the preseason is to acquaint Packer fans with some of the younger players who’ll be wearing Super Bowl rings in February.

  3. Smart move. Why take stupid chances with nothing to be gained? GB has already been wounded enough this preseason

  4. cheeseisfattening says:
    Aug 27, 2015 6:06 PM
    First game of the season at Lambeau! Oh you lucky Packer fans! I bet you can already smell the food being deep fried!

    I do! It smells like it’s coming from your mom’s house! We’ll all say hi to her for you.

  5. I was mildly curious about how the new Eagles secondary would fare versus A-Rodge.

    Nothing left to do but commence with the usual prayers for Bradford’s health.

  6. The Packers own the Vikings. I have to think that undeniable fact makes the trolls grind their teeth. They have to eat the truth every time they hear it. The only thing they can come back with is insults and putdowns, the ammunition of school kids. Nothing will change this year. The Packers remain the team to beat, and everybody knows it.

  7. So, I guess we are preparing to start 1-2 again. Another slow start coming up.

  8. First game of the season at Lambeau! Oh you lucky Packer fans! I bet you can already smell the food being deep fried!

    This made me laugh. Considering deep fried cheese curds is the signature item at the MN State Fair. You can barely find them at the Wisconsin fair. Cream puffs are the signature item..but most people just call theme Vikings puffs.

  9. As an Eagles fan, this is bad news. I kind of wanted Rodgers to go off a little bit on Saturday so that there is some good film when an elite quarterback exposes weaknesses in the defense. True neither team really game plans but after the first two weeks, the starters on defense really haven’t been tested in the air all that hard.

  10. This game could get ugly, depending upon what Chip wants to do. Tolzien is out and you have essentially two of the most inexperienced QBs taking snaps with a makeshift offensive line. As a Packers fan, I’d be surprised if GB puts up more than 13 points. It will, however, be a good test for these QBs as well as for the young backers and 3 rookie DBs. GoPackGo.

  11. How many preseason games does it take to get down pat kicking a field goal from the one?
    Ariani if you are going to use a new name try saying something remotely different….

  12. Feel for all the fans who were anticipating seeing Aaron Rodgers for the first time live. That 3rd preseason game is the one where starters usually play a half. Now, they get welcomed to Hot Rod Hundley and Matt Blanchard. That’s gotta sting like the loss to Seattle in the ‘chip.

  13. It makes absolutely no sense for him to play, as it’s not like he needs the reps. It makes even more sense if Barclay is still filling in at starting LT

  14. The way the MVP is overthrowing his receivers this preseason, they’re afraid every eligible wideout will have a torn ACL in 30 minutes of play.

    Smart to sit him. The knee injuries can wait until at least Week 1, if not Wk 2.

  15. The game is at legendary Lambeau Field – where no humans were harmed during the construction of the epicenter of the NFL.

    Theres nothing higher than 2 stories in Green Bay

  16. Pre-season football is great for Rookies and fringe players trying to make the team.

    Vets over 5 years that hve solidified there spot in the starting line up, aren’t worth the risk reward of Pre-season.

    That goes extra for Regular season and Superbowl MVP

  17. Good he doesn’t need to. I’m sure Bridgewater will play on Saturday though so he can complete 3 of 4 screen passes and viking fans can gush over his completion percentage.

  18. Kind of screws the Eagles. Eagles have 5 new starters, 6 if you count the nickel corner, and now they will have a grand total of 3 drives vs a starting offense before going into the new season.

  19. He’s either nursing his fragile collarbone, or still depressed about the beatdown he took last week.

  20. For all the Queen fans talking smack about Rodgers not playing in the preseason, when was the last time your diva supposedly HOF RB played in the preaseason. Yeah thats what I thought.

  21. 93gravedigger says:
    Aug 27, 2015 11:21 PM
    Good he doesn’t need to. I’m sure Bridgewater will play on Saturday though so he can complete 3 of 4 screen passes and viking fans can gush over his completion percentage.
    Which puts TB, what, two years ahead of AR for starts in their career as a first year player?

    BTW: your little analogy of “screen passes” doesn’t hold up when you actually look at the stats. But feel free to lie some more.

  22. I’ll be there and I’m really looking forward to it.
    Tailgating and BBQ in Green Bay.
    Better football and better people.

  23. As an Eagles fan, this sucks because I was really looking forward to eeing how the secondary matches up to elite QB play. As a football fan, I totally understand the move considering you lost your most reliable WR for the season. best to go into the season without risking your franchise QB to unnecessary injury.

  24. 250dollarnflowner says:
    Aug 28, 2015 5:34 AM
    They say Lambeau seats 80,978 on the aluminum bleachers… Unless it’s filled with the average sized WI Packer fan, then it holds 54,364

    The bleachers are great. Perfect for real football fans. Too bad they’re only used in 2/3rds of the stadium.

    And the new seats being installed in the Viking stadium look pretty dang large to me. The stadium is twice the size and seats the same number of fans. What does that tell you? I tried to find the article about the new seats being the largest in the NFL, but I couldn’t find it….yet. It will be easy to confirm soon. I sent a friend down to the season ticket set-up with a tape measure. Big ass seats. Second to none.

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