Marshawn Lynch pays no fine now, could face big fine if he won’t talk


For now, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch does not have to pay a fine for failing to talk to the media.

Following up on the report today that Lynch settled with the NFL over his $75,000 for refusing to talk after the NFC Championship Game, a league source tells PFT that Lynch doesn’t have to pay anything. Yet.

Under the terms of his settlement, Lynch won’t have to pay a fine as long as he complies with the NFL’s media policy, which requires that all players make themselves available to the media. But if Lynch fails to comply, his next violation would result in the $75,000 fine being reinstated, and in Lynch getting an additional fine on top of that. So if the NFL fined him $75,000 for an additional violation, it would cost him $150,000.

Lynch has previously faced a similar situation: He was initially fined $50,000 for failing to talk to the media, then got the NFL to hold that fine in abeyance when he agreed to cooperate. He later failed to cooperate again and was fined a total of $100,000.

Lynch has never been verbose with the media (except when he randomly decides to appear on a talk show in Turkey), so it wouldn’t be surprising if he decides to comply with the NFL’s media policy by giving reporters a bunch of one-word answers. But as long as he does that, he’s technically cooperating with the policy, and he won’t be in trouble.

If he refuses to talk to the media at all, that’s when the NFL will take a large bite out of his next paycheck.

61 responses to “Marshawn Lynch pays no fine now, could face big fine if he won’t talk

  1. Lynch doesn’t want to talk, and we don’t want to hear him. Why can’t the NFL understand that?

  2. All he has to do is tell the media in a soft horse voice that he has lost his voice and can’t talk. Fines over. Good luck trying to fine a guy who lost his voice and can’t speak to the media.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. If the man doesn’t want the spotlight, he doesn’t want the spotlight. They are football players first and foremost. As long as he signs autographs for the kids during training camp. Who the hell cares if he talks to the media or not.

  3. I’m impressed. League sources correcting misinformation in less than 24 hours? Where was this source correcting what Mort was tweeting back in January?

  4. He should take a page out of Bill Belichicks book by talking to the media without telling them anything. Drives the media crazy, but fun to watch them squirm.

  5. I was perfectly happy with Marshawn’s “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” routine; I thought it was really entertaining. Probably one of the best and certainly most memorable interview of the Super Bowl media week.

    He should just do more stuff like that. Don’t get fined, bruh.

  6. I’m no Seattle Fan, but Lynch is awesome. He is the Bill Belichick on the players side.

    The rule is stupid, and I get they are subject to it, but its still dumb.

    Its a grueling game, win or lose, and to have to sit in front of reporters to answer rhetorical, lame questions (most of the time) is just asinine.

    You’ve got a new contract Lynch, just stick it to them and pay the fine. Watch their collective heads explode

  7. Why the double standards…He is already a repeat offender 🙂

    (I frankly dont want him to talk but NFL!…unbelievable…)

    While Brady is supposedly a 1st time offender…generally aware as per a 5 million $ investigation…but 4 games for u!…

    Whew…i think Troy Vincent comes up with all this during his looong showers 🙂

    So should Brady say i will not do it again & NFL wipes out the fine/suspension…& we move on?

  8. What is the point of issuing any penalty anymore? I dont agree with a $75K fine for this, but still why issue a penalty that will be appealed and then dropped or reduced? Every time a player appeals he wins- so why not skip that step and just punish them and dont deal with appeals. This guy makes incredible money and should be available to the media- he’s just a stubborn idiot for refusing. The league should just tell him he isnt allowed to play if he doesnt take care of the media side of it. Thats like a mechanic saying “i will only work on oil changes but anything else i wont do”, its all part of the job description. Deal with it.

  9. So a repeat offender gets off with a big fat warning? Gotta love the hypocrisy that is NFL rules discipline.

  10. The media isn’t interested in any response he might have to their foolish questions. They antagonize him because they want to annoy him and see him fined, because that is news to them.

  11. “I get paid millions of dollars for playing a game but I’m not going to live up to the part of my contract that asks that I talk about it.” IDIOT. I don’t understand why people love this guy so much. Great player, but he’s fighting a stupid battle.

  12. Yeah, he’s a rebel. It’s all part of the shtick, pimpin’ the beast mode life. I’m stiffin’ the man, buy my stuff to show how you too are your own dog.

  13. Amazing how a chronic rule breaker, with clear evidence against him, gets his fine rescinded because he is not on a certain team.

    Meanwhile another person, where there is no proof he did anything to break a rule, is suspended for 4 games because he *is* on a certain team.

  14. Can’t blame the guy for not wanting to talk to the two-faced media people who will also keep asking stupid questions.

    He’s probably also not that comfortable having cameras and microphones shoved in his face and it causes some anxiety. That’s a different situation than that Turkey situation

  15. This would be a prime example of the NFL showing a bit of common sense with player discipline were it not for one huge thing – they already tried this exact thing before and it did not work. So instead it shows just how uneven and unfair the league is.

    There is a really overused quote from Einstein (perhaps) that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is just another example of collective insanity in the league office.

  16. So let me get this straight, he was fined, now he doesn’t have to pay the fine, he just gets a warning…it must be nice to not be a Patriot…you get a warning even if the NFL has actual evidence that you broke a rule. For the record, I’d like to say, it’s a stupid rule, if Lynch doesn’t want to talk to the media, so what, some people don’t feel comfortable with that….others you can’t get away from the mic. It’s not like there would be dead air if Marshawn doesn’t want to talk.

  17. At this point, its pretty apparent that his not talking to the media is some form of shtick.

    He should just start advertising while he is there. Or answer completely unasked questions..

  18. Or just start quoting the Chappelle’s show. Why dont you cool yourself off in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

  19. I hope Berman see this and has a little chat with Dodger.

    At least at this point we’ve cleared up any misconceptions about fairness and consistency, there is none.

    Rice – reduced, Hardy – Reduced, Lynch, rescinded, Brady – clearly a detriment to the league, can’t cut him a break. Clearly Tom would have been better off slapping his wife & kids around.

    Hmmmm, something very fishy here. Gotta hammer somebody, might as well be the wh

    oh never mind, the fix is in, clearly.

    It’s good to be king. Roger Goodell, the Joffrey Baratheon of the NFL.

  20. Leave Lynch alone. He earns his money on the field. You can be certain there wasn’t a single scout checking out his interview skills when they were considering drafting him.

    Marshawn, my suggestion to you is answer each question with a story about one of the kids lives you are helping. And donate $2,000 -$5,000 for each question you are asked about your foundation. Then see is the reporters get it. They won’t of course.

    I know that even Limakey agrees with me on this. I think.

  21. So Lynch, who has repeatedly “failed to cooperate” and has violated NFL rules, thus engaging in “conduct detrimental to the game”, gets no fine and a simple warning not to do it again?

    So, if Brady, who may or may not have had something to do with a deflation that may or may not have occurred, promises not to do the thing that he may or may not have done again, can we get the same deal? He can even promise not to destroy any more of the cell phones he was not asked to turn over.

    Judge Berman, I hope you are paying attention!

  22. I would LOVE it if all the media would agree to totally ignore him, especially after he has a big game. It would be worth it just to see the look on his face and to hear him cry about not getting enough attention.

  23. Nothing for or against Lynch as I personally don’t think any player should have to talk to the media if they don’t want to but my issue is with the NFL and individual teams when it comes to discipline and fines. If you are going to have a rule that requires players to speak with the media (which I agree is dumb) then either enforce it or get rid of the rule. Situations like this only fuel the appeal/negotiation tactics of players with all things football. If a player is fined for not being in training camp then those fines should never be waived……put some teeth into it or forget it. Kind of like a parent disciplined a child and then because they pout the parent negotiates with them……….childish!!!

  24. I know Lynch has a lot if people that think he is stupid, a ghetto clown, a gang banger etc. I personally applaud the young man. Marshawn if you are reading this take some good advice. Enter the ring when you are forced to due to contract obligations. Nobody and it is not written anywhere what your reply to the media MUST be. All it states is you must make yourself available. Please, do so. When asked any question just answer on a non selfish basis Example, if asked your thought on any particular subject. Tell them how you enjoy fishing or shopping or hanging at the beach with friends. You are entitled to as a human being to say anything you wish or not say anything you wish. I loved your answers. Loved them. You abided by your duty to answer and you have the press nothing. If all the other players could use your roll with the press the NFL would be a better place. When asked, any question just respond that you had a great time at the butterfly exhibit. Love you man. You certainly are the best running back in the NFL. Keep your composure and when asked a question, tell them that the grass is green and the sun is warm. LOL. You will enjoy the expression in their faces. But remember this. You got the money, the people asking you questions don’t. To those that think something, no, I am not a black person putting Marshawn on a pedestal. I am just a member if the human race that believes no man is obligated to say something to appease the masses

  25. So is this the new standard of punishment now? Double or nothing on whether you do it again?

  26. The question is, why won’t he speak?

    BB started his current post game interview MO with reporters right after the Pats were fined for taping signals from a few feet inside the new prohibited area. I can’t say for certain but if I had been treated by the press the way BB was treated I’d give them a similar interview, except I wouldn’t be so nice about it. Perhaps he should have taken a page from the Parcells playbook and told reporters their questions were stupid, which many are.

    So what’s Lynch’s beef? Is there an event that started all this? I hope so since otherwise it comes off as being a punk.

  27. Here in Seattle it doesn’t bug us that he won’t even talk to our media. He is a private person who deep down loves the game of football and just wants to play the game. Why can’t people understand that. Let’s do it BEAST! GO HAWKS!

  28. pats777 says:
    Aug 27, 2015 12:16 PM

    So a repeat offender gets off with a big fat warning? Gotta love the hypocrisy that is NFL rules discipline.

    It’s all psychological. If Lynch paid the $75K it would be a sunk cost. The next transgression would only be for another $75K. The first $75K is already gone. But delaying the fine now means the next transgression will cost him $150K. Big difference and a sound behavior modification tactic.

  29. Whatever his motivations I’m calling him out on the whole “I’m thankful” bs line. No your not. People who are thankful don’t conduct themselves in this fashion. With your salary you should be thankful. Nowhere else in this or any country can you make that much with your skillset except in sports.

  30. “This goof should do everybody a favor and retire.”

    Says the non Seahawks fan. I’m sure everyone outside of Seattle would consider it a big favor if he quit right now. But here in the good old Pacific Northwest we kind of enjoy watching our Beast Mode run. We’re looking forward to at least of couple more years of it and we’re not giving it up before we have to.

  31. Reminds me of when the Tolnedran army tried to force open the gates to Riva in order to let their merchants in to sell…the Rivan army drove them into the sea and set fire to their ships.

    The media will get the NFL to force Lynch to sit through interviews, so he’ll give garbage answers, which they will use to paint him as the bad guy. Eventually they’ll give up, having gotten nothing from him…or he’ll just string them along for a few years and retire.

  32. No one , players and or coaches, should be required to talk to the media after a game.These guys play and coach hard and then after a devastating loss they get a mic shoved in their face.Media is just praying they can trip a player/coach up to say some thing they will regret forever (Playoffs?PLAYOFFS?)

  33. Why does everything have to become a “settlement” these days?

    Break the rules… here’s the fine / suspension. PERIOD.

    The NFL needs to clamp down on this immediately. Starting with the Patri*ts.

  34. This is so stupid! Why on earth does the NFL feel like it has to be so controlling? Accept the fact that there are individuals that don’t like to talk. It’s not that uncommon. There are plenty of other guys that do want to talk. I think the NFL has control issues. I don’t think the media has any issues, they’ll just go to the next guy on the list and talk to them. The NFL is really starting to tick me off. It’s too much!!!

  35. If I was in his boat, I’d just give grunting monosyllable answers. Maybe even write up a cliche’ sheet and pass it out before press conferences. Then when a reported asked a question I’d say something like:

    Answer 14 which would be some idiotic sports cliche’.

    Kind of like ‘Meat’ in Bull Durham.

  36. percydovetonsils says:
    Aug 27, 2015 12:00 PM

    Lynch doesn’t want to talk, and we don’t want to hear him. Why can’t the NFL understand that?


    They don’t want to set a precedent for other players

  37. Marshawn should be given a choice by the NFL to either talk to the media after games, or talk to a bunch of children. For the most part the media acts like children anyway.

  38. In a parallel universe somewhere the Goodell clone will be fined every time he opens his mouth.

  39. Come on guys! Take a closer look at what this news reporter bunch does. Not all but many using “freedom of speech” outright lie and are rude to individuals. Mr. Lynch has a common right as a human being to avoid this kind of behavior when he does not like it.
    In every day life people often do not like and thus do not talk to certain people for their own reasons.

    Why not our Beast too?

    The real answer for the league is to control the reporters dialogue’s if they want to report things about individual players.

    Our beast simply recognizes his human rights and does exercise that right.

    Need not say more than that. Its simple.

    Have a nice day guys, Jim

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