Rich McKay reinstated as head of NFL competition committee


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Falcons president Rich McKay on Wednesday and has reinstated McKay as the head of the league’s competition committee, effective immediately. McKay was suspended from the competition committee as part of the team’s penalty for pumping fake noise into the Georgia Dome during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

The NFL concluded McKay was unaware of the artificial crowd noise but “bared some responsibility for ensuring that team employees comply with league rules.” McKay’s suspension began April 1, and he was eligible to apply for reinstatement after June 30.

A co-chairman since 1998, Goodell promoted McKay to head of the competition committee in 2011.

The Falcons were fined $350,000 and docked a 2016 fifth-round draft pick as part of the punishment.

26 responses to “Rich McKay reinstated as head of NFL competition committee

  1. Yo! We need a bunch of employees of the NFL to get in here and holler about how Brady should do the same. Come on, AstroTurf doesn’t grow itself!

  2. Colts got accused of doing this.

    If any evidence was produced and considered, the NFL didn’t find it compelling enough to act on it. Plenty of rumor; no facts.

    So, again, to the history re-writers: Colts were never found guilty of fake crowd noise.

  3. Convicted cheater reinstated to top position on committee charged with ensuring fairness and ‘integrity’ of the game.

    You couldn’t make this crap up.

  4. Irony I guess. The head of the league’s competition committee is banned for cheating. Next for Goodall, he’ll be sitting on the ‘how to ruin this year’s super bowl committee’. Goodall sits on that committee with Irsay and the Ravens I think.

  5. Colts were never found guilty of pumping in fake crowd noise because the NFL couldn’t be bothered to investigate. Everyone and their uncle knows what happened, however, since the CD skipped LIVE ON NATIONAL TV.

  6. “So, again, to the history re-writers: Colts were never found guilty of fake crowd noise.”

    2005 Noisegate – pumped in artificial crowd noise during Steelers possessions, a Steelers official pointed out many unidentified microphones attached atop poles and around the lower perimeter of the stadium that had nothing to do with the TV broadcast but the league refused to investigate

    2006 Roast The Pats-gate – turned heat in their dome up to 90 degrees when they knew several critical Pats players had the flu. At the same time turned off the cold water in the Pats locker room. In the end they still needed a penalty called for “face guarding” which had been removed from the list of penalties 2 years prior to win the game. Face guarding was no longer a penalty at that time.

    2007 Noisegate – caught on national TV piping in artificial crowd noise during game against Pats when the cd skipped repeatedly

    2011 Suck for Luck

    2012-2014 PED Use (TE Saunders 2012 & 2013, FS Landry (2014), LB Mathis (2014), G Thomas (2014) – hmm is 3 players on the same team busted for PEDs indicative of a “team wide scheme” to use PEDs ? Is it enough to declare the Colts as a whole “cheaters” ?

    2014 Noisegate – Whining John Harbaugh accused the Colts of piping in artificial crowd noise though it was never proven in this case and after all, it was Harbaugh whining

    2015 Deflategate – 3 of the 4 Colts balls measured by the gauge the league used by the Wells report to determine the psi of Pats balls, however the league and Wells set aside that info as if it didn’t exist and all the Colts balls were legal

    2015 Framegate – the Colts claimed that the DB who intercepted a ball from Brady immediately went to the coaches claiming the ball felt very soft, though when later interviewed said DB claimed he never made any such claim to his coaches and the ball felt “fine”, that ball was then the only one of the Pats balls that was too far under allowable psi levels to be explained by the ideal gas law, the league has refused to investigate the possibility any member of the Colts staff deflated the ball before turning it into the league

  7. There are really no words in the English language to adequately describe the imbecility of the League Office. We may have to invent new ones…

  8. Yet Goodell and the NFL continue to waste time pursuing Brady with an incompetently put together “case” of deflated footballs.

    You know, I really can’t wait to see NFL lose this so badly that owners will have no choice but to fire Goodell and Troy Vincent, as well as disown Ted Wells

  9. the NFL is consistent on who holds this position:

    we have had Shula, big time cheater, even to the point of coercing officials on the field;

    Polian another pump up the sound; and

    McKay following right in the footsteps of Polian.

    I guess it would not make any sense to have a football mind in that position, Coughlin maybe, and of course never Belichick, the guy who knows more about football than all these guys ever will.

  10. The hypocrisy of the NFL league office is simply off the charts. Shakespeare would he hard pressed to find the words. Previous posters have pointed out the ludicousness of what happened in Atlanta vs what is happening in framegate, so I won’t bother to add more.

    BTW- the competition committee is where people go to get the rules changed to help their own teams. Polian controlled it for years and that’s why we have flage football offenses now, just so Peyton could pile up useless regular season records.

    Just wait for the cry from the read option coaches that will restrict the ability to hit QB’s who represent a run threat.

    Bill Bellichick knows more about the history and rules of the game than any man in the league. Does anyone wonder why in all his years, he’s never been on the rules committee? Wouldn’t you think having the smartest man in the league on such a committee would be an asset?

    Just sayin’

  11. Goodell is almost guaranteed immortality at this point. In the future when someone arrogantly and repeatedly jumps the shark in order to screw the un-screwable pooch in epic fashion folks are going to call it goodelling. When someone you know is acting like a world class moron for no apparent reason you’re going to say “Dude, don’t be a goodell.” Goodell will be to ‘dipstick’ what Benedict Arnold is to traitor, an all American synonym.


    Pumping in crowd noise for TWO YEARS is far more egregious than an alleged hiss of air let out of a football that may or may not have actually happened.





    You frauds are being EXPOSED!

  13. Just another head-scratching move by the NFL….amateur hour every day…

    …excuse me, i have to go to the bathroom and take a goodell….

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