Ryan Mallett missed practice because he overslept

Maybe Ryan Mallett hit the snooze alarm for an extra five and it never came back. Or maybe he messed up the AM/PM. Or maybe there was a separate knob for the radio alarm.

Whatever the reason, Mallett overslept today and missed practice, the Houston Chronicle reports. The Texans had previously confirmed that Mallett missed practice but refused to say why.

That doesn’t reflect well on Mallett, who lost the Texans’ quarterback competition to Brian Hoyer this week and took it hard. If Mallett ever wants to convince coach Bill O’Brien that he deserves to start, missing practice isn’t the way to do it.

There have been reports about Mallett lacking maturity going back to his college days, and his failure to get to work on time today won’t do anything to change the perception that he’s just not ready to lead an NFL team.

In the future, perhaps Mallett should arrange for a wakeup call. And try not to offend the wakeup guy.

80 responses to “Ryan Mallett missed practice because he overslept

  1. Well that can’t be good for Mallett but still he’s better off playing for O’Brien instead of Belichick because he wouldn’t have to worry about starting this year. Maybe O’Brien will give him some space seeing he was so upset about Hoyer being named the starter. Life is tough in the NFL, if you “Don’t Do Your Job.”

  2. Gonna be a whole lot of people piling on with the hate in these comments but… honestly… to oversleep is human. Embarassing, totally not acceptable… and totally something everybody does now and then

  3. I wish the season would start, so that the fact that a player overslept won’t be the lead story here. Either that, or I’m just spending too way much time paying attention to the NFL.

  4. He got hammered all night after finding out he was not going to be the starter, I guarantee you.

  5. Any adult that over sleeps is irresponsible. This guy must be looking for a ticket out of town.

  6. Geno Smith misses a meeting because he can’t manage the difference between east & west coast times, now Mallett can’t reliably set an alarm clock? no wonder that their respective teams are still seeking QB leadership!

  7. I don’t really understand what the problem is……..QB’s in Houston have been asleep at the wheel since the franchise started

  8. ^^^none of the current starting quarterbacks in the nfl except maybe Winston and probably not even him would oversleep and miss practice.

  9. This is why I have two alarm clocks, both with battery backup. A ‘drop-dead’ one is across the room where I can’t hit snooze, and set for the latest time I can sleep.

    My dogs HATE that one!

  10. Look…

    Brian Hoyer is an NFL Backup…

    Which means….

    Mallet is an NFL 3rd stringer/Roster Bubble/ CFL player

    And that reality probably smacked him right in the face this week.

  11. blackman510 says:
    Aug 27, 2015 9:23 PM
    If you oversleep you show up late. To not show up at all is childish or immature.

    Many jobs and functions won’t let you in if you are late. I had classes in school that wouldn’t let you sit. I guess it can’t hurt showing up, but the coaches would probably just send him home. Maybe he called/texted and asked if he should show up.

    IMHO, I think he’s lucky the QB market is such a mess right now.

  12. When he thought the world was his oyster he missed a pre draft visit with Carolina and was late for his visit with with the Titans because he was either sick or slept through his wake up call or both, depending on who he spoke to. Perhaps after finding out once again that not only is the world not his oyster but he himself is not the pearl he thought he was this morning he was both. Or just maybe his give a damn got busted under the weight of his sense of entitlement on all three occasions.

  13. adoombray says:
    Aug 27, 2015 9:13 PM
    Gonna be a whole lot of people piling on with the hate in these comments but… honestly… to oversleep is human. Embarassing, totally not acceptable… and totally something everybody does now and then

    Wise words, something a man like Vince Wilfork might write. I sure hope Vince has a good year down there in Houston. We’re gonna miss him up here in New England.

    Good luck Ryan M.

    Yeah, if you want to read comments from trolls piling on with the hate, unfortunately this once great website has become THE place to visit.

  14. Remember that time Marino, Montana, Elway showed up late / missed practice? C’mon, these young kids today know everything and know how to play the game. Right?

  15. Who’s photo is that? It sure ain’t Ryan Mallet. Why use a photo of someone else when you’re talking about Ryan Mallet. No one noticed that?

  16. In honesty, no one here knows what happened. He was feeling very upset about not being named the starter, and it may very well be that the reason he overslept was because he hadn’t slept much that night. The human mind can behave in different ways when something happens that creates a big emotional reaction – poor or restless sleep being one of them. This is not a weakness!

    Unless the team can cite previous occasions when Mallett overslept and missed practice, then this should be dealt with internally and no more said about it.

  17. blackman510 says:
    Aug 27, 2015 9:23 PM
    If you oversleep you show up late. To not show up at all is childish or immature.

    Exactly! You always hear about the great QBs being “first in, last out”. Mallett should be in the building long before practice starts, and oversleeping doesn’t mean you miss all of practice.

  18. Yeah, this punk is done in Houston. BO’B doesn’t take kindly to adults using elementary school excuses for missing an adult job!

    BO’B is already scouring the waiver wire and will try (good luck) to trade problem child or simply waive him when he picks up another QB. Mallet has some physical talent but his head has never been where it should be.

  19. Mallet doesnt have a Southern drawl btw…he almost has a touch of lazy hip hopness to his accent.

    The reason he was not chosen is because he looks too stiff…no smoothness to his throws at all. His feet are not set right and he throws these booger flicker passes in the short route with no accuracy. Texans offense requires composure and skill in the short game…he’s not good in the short game.

  20. O’Brien’s doing a great job of setting up another “its’ the QB’s fault, just give me another year” season. Wonder how many more he has in store.

  21. hey kevpft: Don’t blame O’Brien if that’s what he’s doing. Many, many, many coaches have perfected that art. Blame the owners. They’re the dummies that fall for it every time.

  22. He’s got it made doesn’t have to worry about starting just be sober enough to hold the clipboard one day a week and make millions of dollars. The easiest job in America I say is being the backup QB for an NFL team. Life is good.

  23. Guess he figured that he wasn’t going up or down in the rotation, may as well catch a few more Zs.

  24. Work your tail off for years and when the goal is in reach, someone takes it from you and calls it a “football decision”. Give him a few days to be down about it. He probably wouldn’t have had a good practice anyway. Sometimes you ARE better off just staying in bed.

  25. Butt head. Better work hard at trying to make it in the NFL because you have no chance out in the real world.

  26. Trade him to the Bills for Matt Cassel, or maybe even to the Eagles for Matt Barkley.
    Was anyone else disappointed that they didn’t use a screenshot of Iverson’s “practice” press conference?

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