Tom Brady once endorsed a concussion-prevention drink, too

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is taking some heat for claiming that a product he endorses, Recovery Water, prevented him from suffering a concussion in the NFC Championship Game. But Wilson isn’t the only Super Bowl-winning quarterback who has endorsed such a product.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady previously endorsed a product called “NeuroSafe,” which allegedly “protects your brain from the consequences of sports-related traumatic brain injury.”

An ad for NeuroSafe shows Brady holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy and attributes to Brady a quote saying, “NeuroSafe makes me feel comfortable that if I get a concussion I can recover faster and more fully. There is no other solution on the market today that can do what NeuroSafe does. It’s that extra level of protection that gives me comfort when I’m out on the field.”

Despite Brady’s endorsement, NeuroSafe appears to have gone out of business years ago. Its website no longer exists and its Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2011.

There’s a good reason that products like this go out of business: They don’t work. They’re scams. They’re snake oil. And they’re dangerous because they mislead people about proper protocols for prevention of brain injuries. It doesn’t speak well for Wilson or Brady that they’re willing to lend their names to such products to make a buck.

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  1. I think the bigger potential issue is Recovery Water apparently including nanomaterials. Fortune had a cover story on their use in foods by large corps, who suddenly did an about face and stopped using them.

    As for promoting concussion relief, it appeals to a rather small potential demo. It’s not like it’s a regular occurrence for anyone. Just stick with the claims Gatorade or Powerade make, neither of which seem more effective than simple H2O out of your tap.

  2. Sure. A professional ad campaign, using a celebrity of Tom Brady’s stature, and they spell ‘concussion’ incorrectly? They spelled it ‘concusion’.

  3. I think the difference between Brady and Wilson is Brady did his endorsement because they came to his house with a dump truck full of money. Wilson is an investor in his company and we have seen that he has gone crazy. I somehow doubt god’s plan involved Wilson for him in the nfc championship was to throw 4 picks.

  4. The difference is Brady did it for the money. Wilson did it because Jesus told him to.

  5. Tom likes it as long as he can get someone to take the air out it before he drinks it.

  6. .
    The dude needs the dough. He just got fined 1.9 million dollars for ” probably being generally aware ” of something that we all know now, never actually happened .

  7. Doesn’t change anybody’s mind about Brady here in New England other than to make the haters feel better.

    Heck, Belichick could get a tatoo on his neck and his nose pierced and we wouldn’t care.

    They ‘WIN’

  8. I’m not going to defend their endorsements because I, like the rest of us, haven’t looked at the science of any of it, but I will say I don’t fault people who regularly get banged up and concussed for our entertainment for wanting to find and endorse ways to recover faster.

  9. Its a shame it didn’t work on his knee… nor did it have any anti-Marcus Pollard enzymes.

  10. I have personal experience with NeuroSafe, and it believe it has done wonders for the various head traumas I faced during my days of playing football and participating extreme sports. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Kmart sucks. 264 toothpicks. I like pancakes. In fact, I would say NeuroSafe has make me even more lucid than at any point in my life.

  11. Getting paid to say stuff about products, sincerely or otherwise, is kinda what professional athletes do.

    The difference between Tom’s endorsement and Russell’s is that Russ offered his endorsement in an unrelated interview in the midst of conversation. He wasnt being professionally quoted in an ad, he was shilling for free in casual conversation because he’s evidently gullible enough to believe these products work.

  12. Drive for 5! Tommy’s gonna win the Super Bowl in his backyard and ride off into the sunset. And I hope he says what is really on his mind. Belichick goes with him, but moves upstairs, and McDaniels takes over.

  13. Are we sure he was actually aware this thing existed? Was he actually a spokesman or did they just use his picture?

  14. It’s OK, he found a more effective prevention technique that really works. He just asks the refs to flag players when they get near him to reduce the chance he ever gets touched.

  15. And in related news, Tom Brady used Puffs Kleenex instead of Scott to blow his nose this morning! $100,000.00 fine! 6 game suspension! All accomplishments erased from the books!!

  16. no offense, but Brady isn’t the guy who should be endorsing pseudo concussion recovery drinks…. you actually have to be hit to get a concussion. Falling down on the ground when the pocket collapses or begging for a flag when a defender falls near your ankles doesn’t qualify!

  17. Well the logical response to this is obviously to conduct a crooked investigation, slandering Brady’s name with false leaks the whole way, and we should probably vacate the four Super Bowls, and hell, let’s just disband the whole team and send them all to Guatanamo Bay. Seems reasonable. Russ, you’re cool though, bro…

  18. So Brady and Wilson should opt out of any concussion related settlements down the road, right? The NFL could save a lot of money by just giving this magic water to all its players.

  19. As made clear by the SI story last year, Brady has consistently experimented with and refined his conditioning and health routine. And all of his teammates are respectful of his commitment to health and maximizing his output.

    But Brady wasn’t making the pitch after a huge hit and a miraculous recovery.

    The real issue is how many Seahawks players think their leader is a rapidly becoming a buffoon?

  20. Wilson also says “God speaks to him.”

    Maybe that should be on the label as a side effect.

  21. Endorsements are one thing – every athlete does them for cash, whether or not they truly believe in the product.

    The difference here is that Wilson made the claim that his fixed his concussion, this product endorsed by Brady states that it helps him ‘recover faster and more fully’.

    If memory serves, I don’t recall Brady ever receiving a concussion and claiming this snake water fixing it. Wilson did, which is why it’s more of a problem.

  22. Brady endorsing a shady miracle water company… OH GOD this is Watergate we’ve come full circle shut it down!

  23. Being a Patriots fan has always meant loving Tom Brady and hating just about all his commercial endorsements. In all fairness though, have you seen Brady act? It’s so atrocious that he has to take whatever comes along in print ads.

  24. Brady should’ve drank something that prevented Goodell from investigating his footballs.

  25. I wonder if Brady can remember endorsing this company, you know with it’s brain healing properties and all.

  26. He should be suspended four games for it. It would make more sense than what Roger has done over “more probable than not, generally aware.”

    For the uneducated non-New Englanders: Note my above mentioned sarcasm.

    That said, what is fact: TB12, Greatest of all time!

  27. Mostly agree but only someone without a highschool education could ever believe something as stupid as a sports drink would prevent them from brain damage or a concussion. Once again you have pushed the envelope too far

  28. Digging deep here to take the heat off Wilson. Brady sued that company in 2012 for using his likeness without his approval, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story! You should look for a job over at ESPN!

  29. Tom Brady does not lend his name out to many endorsements (he’s not Peyton Manning). I have a sneaking suspicion that this wannabe company simply used his name and image without permission.

  30. There is a strong chance NeuroSafe used Brady without permission. The actual ad has that “feel” to me of fake ads using fake endorsements. I can’t prove it, but I have seen it done many times with other celebrities.

  31. Tom, that’s something you should apologize for and pay a fine (a charitable contribution would do).

  32. Neither product is mainstream. Both Brady and Wilson has shown an inclination to choose their endorsements carefully. Obviously, the financial payout for these endorsements is much smaller than what Peyton Manning harvests from Papa John’s, Buick, Nationwide Insurance, Gatorade, etc.

    In choosing carefully, I’m sure neither Brady nor Wilson would choose a scam. They had to ( in Brady’s case) and have to (in Wilson’s case) believe that the product is of benefit.

    The reason that Brady’s drink failed is not that it doesn’t work. It’s that the marketing campaign did not work. There’s plenty of crap on the market that doesn’t work, and there are plenty of companies out of business now who offered useful products that never caught on.

  33. The only “heat” I see Wilson taking is from a couple guys that work for a place called pft. (And of course the few outraged comment-ers withh too much ime on their hands). It’s advertising, lighten up, pft has ads all over the place

  34. Brady = Greatest QB of all time



  35. Pretty desperate for mud to sling at Brady, eh?

    The fake deflation scam isn’t working out, so now you’re digging through the archives.

  36. You owe us at least five articles about how Goodell knew about the risks of concussions and lied to Congress about it.

    I mean, if you’re serious about who is knowingly taking actions to put more people in harm’s way, that is.

  37. Russell Wilson is jumping for joy and saying “hallelujah” today, because he just got off the hook.

  38. Why is Brady worried about concussion medicine? The only injury he could have would be to his vocal chords for screaming for a penalty after he flops down to avoid a hit when anybody gets close to him.

  39. Neurosafe was busted by the FDA and Wilson’s company will be too. The FDA just doesn’t move very fast as they are swamped with thousands of internet companies selling snakeoil like Wilson is doing.

  40. Are you kidding me? How about all the athletes and celebrities that used to endorse tobacco or alcoholic beverages? Or more recently the athletes and celebrities that endorse various insurance companies that are happy to take people’s money, but very reluctant or outright refusing to cover people when they have a claim? (ask the people involved in disasters like Katrina or Andrew how they made out)

  41. It’s got to hurt to be beat by Brady. Some of my sympathies (not many mind you) go out to you guys.

    I am certain even Limakey agrees with me. I think.

  42. “It doesn’t speak well for Wilson or Brady that they’re willing to lend their names to such products to make a buck.”

    Hard to take you seriously when your byline is surrounded by all those targeted ads. Some of which are for companies with very sketchy pasts.

  43. Hey I know …. Lets call it “…WATER-GATE…”

    Has a nice ring to it….Do you think it will stick??


  44. Apologies Russell, from Patriot Nation. Kind to sad to see people who were so quick to bash you backtrack and justify Brady for doing the same thing. Both of you were just trying to make a buck.

    Caveat emptor.

  45. It’s clearly evident that the poundings that Brady and the Patriots have administered to some of these posters’ teams have left the posters themselves concussed.

  46. This just goes to show that Tom Brady could shoot some unarmed guy and hold up the gun in triumph, and Patriots fans would claim self-defense.

    It’s one thing to endorse shoes, it’s another thing to peddle some snake oil product that makes a mockery of what’s supposedly such a serious issue for football players from pee-wee level to the pros.

    What’s hilarious is how many Pats fans got all over Russell Wilson yesterday for doing the same thing, but now… anyone who calls out Brady is a “hater.” Chalk up yet more hypocrisy points!

  47. The good folks at r/patriots were able to find proof that Brady never actually did endorse this product. The company illegally used his name and likeness on their site.

  48. Tommy didn’t actually drink any of it.

    He just rubbed it on his footballs which softened the leather which allowed a few pounds of air leak out after the officials inspected them.

    All in a days work for a Patri*t…

  49. How rich that the Baltimore fans take time out from looting their drug stores to comment on tom Brady’s alleged cheating.

  50. Good report Mr. Smith. Surprised to see it on this homertrain. Taaahhmmee tarnished boy.

  51. TOM BRADY NFL records

    When Wilson sniffs these I’ll be impressed

    NFL (career)
    Most games, 145+ passer rating, career: 13

    Most games, 125+ passer rating, season: 7

    Highest completion percentage, post-season game (minimum 20 attempts): 92.9

    Most games with at least 75% pass completion rate and no interceptions, season (minimum 20 attempts per game): 6

    Highest completion percentage, game (minimum 6 TD passes): 85.3

    Longest pass completion: 99 yards ( tied with 12 other QB’s)

    Most Passing Touchdowns, Season, Away: 29

    Most Games 3+ TD Passes, Season: 12

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    Most games, 120+ passer rating, season: 8, Tom Brady, 2007, Philip Rivers, 2008

    Most games, 140+ passer rating, season: 4, Jacky Lee 1961, Roger Staubach 1973, Tom Brady 2007 & 2010, Aaron Rodgers 2011 & 2014

    Most games, 145+ passer rating, season: 4, Tom Brady 2007, Roger Staubach 1973

    Most games, 150+ passer rating, season: 2, Steve Young 1993, Kurt Warner 1999, Tom Brady 2007, Drew Brees 2009, Aaron Rodgers 2014

    Most seasons, 110+ passer rating: 2, Tom Brady 2007-2010, Peyton Manning 2004-2013, Aaron Rodgers 2011-2014

    Most games 35 completions, season: 3, Tom Brady 2002, Rich Gannon 2002 and Peyton Manning 2010

    Most passing yards, any quarter: 252, Tom Brady on October 19, 2009; Boomer Esiason on November 10, 1996

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    Most consecutive home wins, regular season, by a starting quarterback: 31, Tom Brady, New England Patriots, 2006–2011

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