Frank Gore keeps praising Andrew Luck


Running back Frank Gore spent four seasons with quarterback Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco. But Gore apparently never played with a quarterback until he signed with the Colts.

Gore gushed about Andrew Luck during a recent visit to The Jim Rome Show, and it’s hard to read Gore’s words without considering the implications for the quarterback about whom Gore never said such things.

“He runs meetings like a coach,” Gore said of Luck. “Basically, I’m playing with a coordinator on the field. He’s a football God. He sees everything, and he sees the big picture of everything.”

Gore made similar — but not quite as strong — remarks earlier this month.

“He’s different. He knows what’s coming,” Gore told Rome. “He lets me know when [there’s] something I don’t see. He’s just different. How he’s in the huddle, off the field, in the meetings, he runs it. He runs the show, even in the offseason, he ran it. One day he had running backs, the next day he has receivers. He’s just different. He’s a football God.”

There’s a chance that Kaepernick now has the same abilities, and that he simply wasn’t able to do so because his former head coach in San Francisco, Jim Harbaugh, had a habit of running the show. As Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area recently explained it, Harbaugh “often took control and made the play call to the offense” during training camp and regular-season practices. (He even once practiced in full gear as the team’s No. 3 quarterback.) Under Jim Tomsula, Kaepernick now runs the show.

“It allows the players to have confidence in hearing your voice and you’re the one who’s going to be giving them direction on the field,” Kaepernick said. “It’s something that every quarterback should have the ability to do.”

The real question is whether Harbaugh did the same thing at Stanford, when Luck was the quarterback there. If so, Harbaugh trained Luck well — and possibly trained Kaepernick well, too.

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  1. He may just be addressing the fact that Luck is a once in a lifetime type of QB and leader. Just because Gore praises Luck doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dissing Kaepernick. Luck may be a better leader than almost every other QB in the league. He’s an exceptional QB.

  2. I would venture to say that Luck’s QBing acumen is more of a testament to the raw ability of Luck than to Harbaugh. As someone who thought Harbaugh was a bit of a “Qb Whisperer” I openly conceded Harb’s is very good at at creating continuity and settling things down. But after that he doesn’t appear to do a whole lot.

    I’m happy for Gore. Hopefully he’ll get some good games in.

  3. I think most people can see that these two QB’s are at the opposite ends of the scale when it comes to QB smarts.

    No surprise here.

  4. “Football God” is a stretch. Give it 10 years—who knows. The kid is a stud.

    One thing’s for sure though: Indy sure does know how to pick successful QB’s over the course of time. Can you imagine if they had decided to go with RG-Me instead?

  5. There’s a chance?
    Mary Swanson is more likely to bone Lloyd than Krapernick being in charge AND mastering an offense.

  6. Football God might be a bit of an overstatement. I’ll settle for a regular guy who can figure out how to beat the Patsies and win a Super Bowl. Is that too much to ask? Is it? I don’t think so.

  7. As a Pats fan I am buying what gore is selling. The mental and leadership piece is what separates the top 5 to 8 guys.

    Gores outspokenness is just making this all the more tangible for us.

  8. I don’t think there is any question that Luck is a far superior quarterback to Kaepernick, regardless of how Harbaugh treated them.

  9. Frank Gore I’ve always liked you as a football player, but I must admit you dissapointed me once you joined the Colts. It’s kind of a waste. The o line is soft like the rest of the team. The fans the team and the ownership will cry after every loss plus make excuses. Then on top of it it all put banners such as ” afc runner up” I mean come on Gore when you guys lost to the Ravens in the sb, I didn’t see no banner go up. That’s because the colts are a different breed. Other than you getting paid I feel bad that you have to wear blue and white.


  10. One thing about Frank Gore is that he would never say anything negative or imply anything negative about a former teammate. He’s honest and we should take him at his word. What he’s saying about Andrew Luck, is obvious to anyone who’s ever been around him, or to anyone who’s ever looked at tape of him playing football. A lot of others have criticized Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, but Frank is just gushing about his current QB. One day, when Andrew Luck has won his 6th super bowl, the rest of us will understand what Frank was saying. Right now, we’re just trying to be divisive.

  11. Is this really surprising? Look who he played behind in San Francisco. That guy was far from being any form of deity in intellect or ability. The guy wore other teams hats for goodness sake!

  12. nfl1818 says:
    Aug 28, 2015 8:06 AM

    As a Pats fan I am buying what gore is selling. The mental and leadership piece is what separates the top 5 to 8 guys.

    Well, as a Pats fan it’s that and bending the rule book into a pretzel…

    Just saying.

  13. Andrew Luck = Big Bro Manning v1.4 (read: 10-13 regular season game wins guaranteed; 15% chance, annually, of making the Super Bowl).

  14. We’ll see how much he praises him when they get knocked out of the playoffs again. The Luck Curse for when the Colts tanked their season to get him.

  15. Yeah, “There’s a chance that Kaepernick now has the same abilities, and that he simply wasn’t able to do so.” Good read on the situation.

    And about the take that, “The real question is whether Harbaugh did the same thing at Stanford, when Luck was the quarterback there. If so, Harbaugh trained Luck well — and possibly trained Kaepernick well, too.”

    C’mon man. Luck’s father was a multi-year team MVP and also a multi-year Academic All American and Rhodes Scholar Finalist who also had a career as an NFL QB for years. Why are you hyper-focusing on Jim freaking Harbaugh here? Are you not able to understand Luck’s genes (his nature), and his pre-Harbaugh prep (much of his formative nurture) and his smarts are the difference.

    This is NOT about a Jim Harbaugh “real question.” Not at all.

  16. This article is almost ingenious the way the author manages to find a positive upside behind an otherwise dismissive comment about Colin Kaepernick. Still, I won’t buy the premise. In the bewitching hour of the 4th quarter of every game, Colin Kaepernick turns into a pumpkin painted as the face of a deer in the headlights. No matter what Colin does during the offseason to improve his skills, he will always turn into that same Halloween pumpkin.

  17. You’re obviously a guy who likes games played out on paper. Unfortunately, you didn’t learn to read between-the-interceptions and calculate that the Colts had a zero running game. The only times they ran well were the infrequent design runs by Andrew Luck. So, here’s the bottom line: without a running game to worry about, Luck’s opponents would load up against the pass. With more defenders double-teaming the receivers, there are more chances for interceptions. Even so, somehow Luck managed to lead the league in TDs. What’s going to change this year is the addition of Frank Gore, who is an expert pass-blocker as well as an effective runner. Gore will find having a great passing QB is going to improve all of his running statistics. Andrew Luck is the best QB in the game, 2nd to no one. With a good running game, he will get to show more of his passing precision.

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