Vikings “aiming” for Trae Waynes to be starter in Week One

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Like many rookie cornerbacks, Vikings first-round pick Trae Waynes had a rough time out of the gate in his first preseason appearances.

That led to a lot of negative instant feedback from outside the team, but defensive coordinator George Edwards stressed patience over immediate impact and said that Waynes was “right on course” to being the player that they wanted him to be. The timeline seems to have sped up a bit in Minnesota because Edwards said Thursday that the team had its sights on Waynes assuming a starting role for the first week of the regular season.

“That’s what we’re aiming for,” Edwards said, via “That’s what we’re all working for. But we’re just going to take it from week to week. We’ve still got two more [preseason] games to go, and we’ll just keep evaluating him through the process.”

Waynes has been seeing time as an outside cornerback across from Xavier Rhodes with Terence Newman kicking into the slot when the Vikings use three corners and that may be the starting role that Edwards has in mind for the rookie in the early part of the season. Given how frequently teams use such alignments, that would still a lot of playing time for a player that Edwards says has “gotten better from week to week.”

Veteran Captain Munnerlyn would likely handle third corner duties if the Vikings decide Waynes isn’t ready for the job.

36 responses to “Vikings “aiming” for Trae Waynes to be starter in Week One

  1. I’m not looking forward to watching this guy learn on the field, he has looked terrible in the preseason. I wasn’t thrilled with the pick but I have confidence that Zimmer knows what he needs out of his db’s and obviously saw enough to make him the pick. I think he’ll end up being good but I’m sure he’s gonna annoy me with lots of penalties and blown coverage in the beginning.

  2. We’re also still “aiming” to get CP involved in the passing game while we’re “aiming” for a 4-12 season.

    Waynes is just another in a long line of first round misses for us.

    BTW – Here in ND, we did our fantasy draft last night. Twelve team league. AP and Wallace were the only Vikings taken. Kinda tells you what every other person really thinks of our “team”.

  3. You must give him time to develop. People want him to start instantly and be like a Richard Sherman(talent not attitude) or a Patrick Peterson from Arizona. Xavier Rhodes wasn’t the best his rookie season, but he developed into a quality starter and reliable counterpart to our defense, because he had time to develop. Give Trae his time due because he is being evaluated on only three preseason games. Every other player in the NFL would be listed as a bust if they were only evaluated based on three preseason games. He is young and has the best mentor in coach Mike Zimmer as his best asset to develop under. Time will tell but we will have to wait and see if he is worthy of a starting job in the NFL.

  4. I hope he starts to catch on. He flashes at some times, but from what I’ve seen its going to be awhile to get him where we want him to be.

    My biggest fear is that we feel the need to start him because he was the 11th overall pick.

  5. Typical Vikes, start a rookie that gets torched by 4th string WRs in Pre-season. Nobody reveals a bust better than the Vikings.

  6. Waynes will get there eventually. He just needs to acclimate to the speed of the NFL and how disect plays. He’s got one of the top cornerback coaches in the NFL as his head coach also. Tre Waynes will work out fine. Xavier Rhodes had really solidified his positon and alot of us were worried about him, but he has really broke out. This Vikings defense will only get even better as time goes by.

  7. This high draft pick fits right into the starting lineup – just like Ponder and Kalil did. He is the latest poster child for Spielman incompetence.

  8. Mike Zimmer is one of the best in the business at coaching up young DBs. It’s way too early to say Waynes will fail with the Vikings but if he does, the finger has to point at Spielman, not Zimmer.

  9. Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford surely hope so…(Sorry, Jay).


    These two clowns have a combined 5-15 playoff record!!! WOW!!!

  10. Ariani – Rodgers has a superbowl win…I will take it.

    It’s great watching your team win the superbowl…Must kill you not knowing what that’s like (and not having it on the horizon, either).

  11. If he starts, that is a good sign that he has progressed well throughout the preseason. Zimmer does not care about where you were drafted, how old you are, what you ate for breakfast, etc. He’ll put his best players on the field, period. And if he doesn’t perform, we have decent depth behind him and he’ll get benched.

    I think he’s going to be a solid CB. He’ll make some mistakes early, but he has all the tools you want (except for maybe an “only average” change of direction speed) and one of the best CB coaches in the game.

  12. I didn’t expect for Trae to start until midseason or later.

    The fact that the coaches are considering starting him right away must be that they see his talent and performance in ways the rube fans don’t understand.

    Like when Vincent Jackson caught that 40 yard pass and the majority of the rubes thought it was blown coverage by Trae.

    Fact of the matter is that Waynes’ was supposed to have help on the deep route on that play, but didn’t get it.

  13. At least the Packers and Lions can make it to the playoffs.

    The Vikings have ZERO Championships.

    The Conference Championship in 1969 doesn’t count as a recognized final NFL Championship. The Vikings got destroyed (as usual in the post season) by the Chiefs in the Superbowl in 1969.


  14. When you evaluate Trae Waynes against the other Viking corners, its about even in terms of watching the ball sail over their heads into the arms of a wide open WR. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the Vikings simply don’t charge them the cost of a ticket if all they are going to do is stand around and watch the game like the rest of us.

  15. Based on the first 3 pre-season games, he’s not even close to being ready to start. Hopefully, they’ll work him into the system like Rhodes, the other Vikings’ 1st round CB that the cheesers gleefully mocked as a rookie who is now as good as or better than anyone on their roster.

  16. Not trolling here but I have seen this guy make one good play in 3 games, a pass break up on an out route to the sideline and one decent tackle, a helmet to helmet hit on a sliding Jameis Winston. Other than that, dude has been burned on numerous occasions and just flat out refuses to tackle people other than jumping on a pile when someone else made the tackle.

    Seriously Viking fans, tell me im wrong. Dude is softer than jet puffed marshmallows. Im not saying he wont get better or become more physical in time but so far hes been extremely unimpressive.

  17. The Mike Zimmer/Teddy Sewerwater combo has never beaten a team with a .500 record or better, ever. (0-7)

    They’ve only recorded 1 win in the NFC North in 6 attempts.
    Thankfully they ran into a lifeless Chicago Bears team, that was only too happy to just mail it in, during week 17 last year.

    And now their “vaunted” defense is taking another hit with this wasted draft pick.
    I’ve searched my soul for some words of wisdom and all I can think of is a heartfelt skoLOL!

  18. purplepride11 says:
    Aug 28, 2015 3:57 PM
    Love all the hate against the Vikings, it’s going to make it so much refreshing when they do great this year.


    Did they replace Walsh?

  19. He’ll learn more by playing than by sitting on the bench. I expect a lot of growing pains this year, but it will be worth it next year when Waynes World and Rhodes Closed make up the best cornerback combination in the league. And remember, Zimmer is the best cornerback coach around and he isn’t going to play a guy who is in over his head.

  20. The Packers are having the same growing pains with Quinten Rollins. It takes time. Deion type talent comes along every 1000 players. You can only hope they don’t give up too many big plays. Once they’ve played to mid-season, they’re no longer rookies and you have a better idea of what you really have. Good luck to both. I wish Opening Day would hurry up and get here.

  21. I wasnt a big fan of the pick. Thought D Parker was a better prospect and value. After watching Trae in preseason im certainly not impressed by either his coverage or more importantly his tackling. I hope Zimmer is right about Trae, because as of today im not sure he could cover Jordy Nelson. Kendricks, on the other hand, appears to be a stud.

  22. purplepride11 says:
    Aug 28, 2015 3:57 PM

    Love all the hate against the Vikings, it’s going to make it so much refreshing when they do great this year.

    I try to stay objective on here and, IMO, if the Vikings played last years schedule again this year, 10-6 and a playoff spot would be reachable. This year’s schedule is significantly tougher. Not to mention your injuries on O-line. With the teams on your schedule this year, you should feel real happy about finishing 8-8.

  23. Queen bay fans talking like they have a good defense.
    Their starting MLB had 6 tackles in the NFC championship game that went into OT. Wow he is something to brag about. CB have as many tackles than that. And they take a huge cap hit with the guy.
    $12.8 million. Brutal at least AD shows up. Clay 45 tackles and 16 asst.s that is really weak for an inside backer.

  24. Green Bay’s defense was a dead-heat statistically with Minnesota, with the exception of appearing in the postseason.

  25. Those 45 tackles average out to less than 3 tackles a game for Clay. What a stud at Inside backer. Fabio.

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