No one knows who Washington’s Week One starter will be

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Washington coach Jay Gruden has insisted all offseason that Robert Griffin III will be the team’s Week One starter. And the closer we get to Week One, the less believable those statements become.

In fact, reports coming out of Washington are now indicating that Kirk Cousins will not only start tonight’s third preseason game but will also start the regular-season opener against the Dolphins. ESPN reported this morning that the team plans to start Cousins for Week One, while Albert Breer of NFL Network says there’s been no decision yet on the Week One starter.

The reality is that even if the report about Gruden planning to start Cousins is right on the money, that doesn’t mean much, because plans can change. And nothing we’ve seen coming out of Washington in the last few weeks would suggest that this is a team that will make a plan and stick to it.

The best guess is that if Cousins plays great tonight, he’ll start Week One. If Cousins struggles, that opens the door to Griffin, assuming he’s medically cleared to play. And the wild-card possibility is that Colt McCoy could play better with the backups tonight than Cousins plays with the starters, and Gruden will decide to go with McCoy.

Whatever decision Gruden makes, he’d better get it right. Gruden’s first season as a head coach was a 4-12 campaign marked by a season-long quarterback controversy. If Gruden’s second season goes the same way, he may not get a third season.

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  1. “Whatever decision Gruden makes, he’d better get it right.”

    Not sure it’s possible to make a right decision with those choices.

  2. RG3 will be CUT or TRADED by the end of next week. Time for the circus to pack up and leave town. All Cousins has to do tonight is not throw up on himself and put up fairly decent numbers and the job is his for the season.

  3. I think you gotta go Giffin. Only because, if/when he fails, you can then go to Cousins, no big deal. Even if Cousins continues to outplay him, everyone would know the reasoning behind it

    If you name Cousins the starter, you’ve basically already said Griffin is a failure (much of the world is at point already, but the redskins organization is not the reset of the world). If Cousins then doesn’t play well, or goes down to injury, whatever, how do you then go to RG3 when you’ve already told the world you’ve lost all faith in him?

    I just see the downside of starting Cousins as much worse than the downside of starting Griffen, while the upside isn’t much different at all

  4. Jay prob doesn’t know himself. At least their opponent will need to devote time to prepping for both QBs

  5. I agree RG3s days are numbered but ESPN needs to chill out. They spent almost 30 minutes talking about this on this mornings Sports Center, acting like they just announced they are releasing him. Even ran a package, wtf seriously?

    Basically implying they are using a concussion to bench him.

  6. No one knows what the weather will be a week from today either, and even though it’s of more importance to most people than the topic here, the crack investigative reporters of ESPN and NFLN aren’t spreading rumors about it

  7. It’s a shame Gruden’s coaching tenure has gone this way. He never had a chance. He was dead on arrival. All the injuries to RG3, the QB controversy’s, the garbage owner meddling again. No one can succeed under these circumstances.

  8. Sounds like Gruden is taking a page out of Rex Ryan’s play book. Both will end badly…

  9. What a fusterduck this organization is. From the owner on down they just seem to take incompetence to the next level. When Gruden gets fired some other schmuck owner will give him aHC job because Gruden didn’t “have his guy at QB for his system” when in reality he will have just finished off Mike Shanahan’s job of destroying the health and career of one the most exciting QB prospects to ever come out of college.

  10. Cousins can make stick throws that McCoy cannot. He has a stronger arm than I thought coming out of college. He’s been inconsistent, but hasn’t started many games in a row. I think you have to give him some leash and a full endorsement if you’re gonna go that route.

    Griffin has been ineffective and his passive aggressive interviews have to be a source of frustration.

    Just win, it cures all. Win some ball games and this crap stops getting talked about.

  11. All this sounds like a scapegoat reason to bench RGme. He is not a good QB at all right now and until he gets humbled he will never be a good QB. He need to get traded or cut and have a coach like BB to put him in his place and make him start completely over and focus on being a good QB and not scheduling pressers and talking about himself. BB or a coach just like that is the only thing that can save this guys career.

  12. If there is even a hint of truth to some of the recent reports of some of the OL not respecting RGIII, then the choice is easy.

    From an outsiders perspective, RGIII’s talent is undeniable, but he never has seemed to recover from trying to gut it out and play hurt early in his career. Which is too bad, not being a Redskin fan, I felt the heart he showed was inspirational, unfortunately for the game itself he just has never been the same player.

  13. It’s so delicious to see all of those worthless bureaucrats in Parasite City forced to hold their noses and cheer for this train wreck.

  14. “Whatever decision Gruden makes, he’d better get it right.”

    This assessment assumes Gruden makes the decisions.

    If there is anything we have seen about this team, it is that Little Danny generally makes the decisions, with Chief Sycophant George Allen implementing them and Chief Mouthpiece Tony Wylie playing the Baghdad Bob function in Ashburnistan. Even Scott McCloughan is senior to Gruden in the decision making role, otherwise they would have signed Chris Cooley by now to play TE.

    I seriously doubt Gruden is responsible for any decision. And I cannot imagine how he will still be coaching next season.

  15. Just keep cashing those big paychecks Coach Gruden as long as Snyder keeps writing them.

    Two years and careful management of that money and you and your family are set for life and then quite a bit more.

  16. trbowman says:
    Just win, it cures all. Win some ball games and this crap stops getting talked about.
    That’s so true. It works like magic.
    With this owner though, even if they start playing competitive ball, I wonder if he’d be ok keeping Griffin on the bench.

  17. Its amazing that a team that has basically done nothing for over 20 years gets so much press.

  18. Bottom line- The Redskins do not have a starting QB on their roster. They have two back ups and train wreck.

  19. The only reason there are so many articles about IRG3 is so you can make it a point to not use the team’s actual name–they’re the Redskins. Get over it.

  20. His talent is undeniable??? He was a great athlete. The operative word is was. Not now with the injuries. And he has never shown the QB skills he needs to succeed in the NFL.

  21. As bad a rg3 has played, cousins has been worse. Washington fans, be careful what you wish for. Actually, it doesn’t matter, both wishes end poorly

  22. Robert is a coach killer and Synder is a franchise killer. A match made in heaven.

  23. As a Texas fan I am pulling for Colt McCoy to win the job. Although he had his highs and lows in that game it was such a deflating move to go from McCoy back to RG3 after Washington’s Monday Night Football win against the Cowboys.

    A push for the postseason was unlikely, but that meant even more of a reason to give McCoy a shot rather than bringing back RG3.

  24. I remember a week before the 2012 draft on here, everybody was bashing some unnamed scouts for saying that RGIII has a sense of entitlement/grandiosity and was talking about his lack of accuracy when nobody could find anything wrong with him. Guess they were right after all on RGIII.

  25. Just as Jay Cutler is Jeff George 2.0 , Rg3 Is Mike Vick 2.0. Good athlete but not a good QB. Now that his legs are gone you’re stuck with mediocrity.

  26. gmangg65 says:
    Aug 29, 2015 4:44 PM
    Just as Jay Cutler is Jeff George 2.0 , Rg3 Is Mike Vick 2.0. Good athlete but not a good QB. Now that his legs are gone you’re stuck with mediocrity.

    Washington wishes they had Cutler. BTW if was Lovie Smith who killed Cutlers career not the other way around. Lovie killed Rex Grossman Kyle Orton and 10 other QB s while in Chicago.

  27. If…and that’s a major if with Snyder running the QB decision making gong show…they go to Cousins there is no turning back unless injury hits Cousins and McCoy. If GM McGlohan (sp?) really does want to change the culture, then moving away then back to RG halts that.

  28. I feel so badly for the fans of teams like the Redskins, Raiders, Browns and Jets. All off-season they await with hope and belief in new beginnings only to see their season killed before it begins. Sniff.

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