Dolphins make 11 cuts on way to 75 players


The Dolphins have started clearing out players ahead of Tuesday’s deadline to set a 75-man roster.

None of the names are surprising ones, although the presence of center J.D. Walton on the list is somewhat notable. Walton signed a two-year deal with the Giants in 2014 that guaranteed him $3 million, but the Giants parted ways with Walton after one poor season.

His departure from the Dolphins could signal Mike Pouncey is OK after hurting his knee and it definitely signals that Sam Brenner was the team’s choice as Pouncey’s backup.

Defensive tackle Calvin Barnett, guard Bryant Browning, wide receiver LaRon Byrd, wide receiver Kevin Cone, defensive end Ray Drew, wide receiver Tyler McDonald, defensive end Kendall Montgomery, tight end Gerell Robinson, cornerback Sammy Seamster and safety Phillip Thomas were also dropped from the roster on Sunday.

9 responses to “Dolphins make 11 cuts on way to 75 players

  1. Love the play from the Dolphins Hewitt at LB and #31 at FS…Although the Dolphins still need an additional veteran /seasoned LB such as Lance Briggs to compliment Jenkins (LB) and the Defensive Line…I am more confident that the offense will be more productive and exciting this year thanks to the coaches and improved defense…


    Please pass on 3rd and long…Go Dolphins!!!

  2. TI knew there was going to be a surprise veteran cut this round and you are it Mr JD Walton. I was also a little surprised by TE Robinson and WR Byrd. I thought that both were worth taking a longer look at until final cuts

  3. “Please pass on 3rd and long…Go Dolphins!!!”

    Not in a preseason game with a patchwork line. They can work on that timing in situational drills with RT in a red jersey.

  4. Sorry to see Byrd get cut, but we have 6 solid WRs already. The rest are no shock. As for the LBs, Vigil is by far the best of the new bunch and Hull is decent, but slow. It will come down to Special Teams and versatility. Vigil can play MLB and OLB. I think the Roster is easy to figure out except if the keep Stoneburner at TE, then they only go 5 WRs. Hazel has performed well lately and should make it.

  5. Nonetheless lostsok… the Fins should be more formidable at Guard with Fox and Thomas even though Mathis would have been a good fit…We can keep the Tackle(s) and Center(s) healthier with some good Guard play this season…

    This is the proverbial ” Achilles Heal “…

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