Jay Gruden: “People want to make it out that we’re incompetent”


Washington coach Jay Gruden is not ready to name a starter, and he sounds like he’s getting worn down by the criticism about his ongoing quarterback saga.

After Saturday night’s game, in which Kirk Cousins started after Robert Griffin III was denied medical clearance just hours after Gruden claimed he’d already been given medical clearance, Gruden said it’s not fair to the team to suggest that they don’t know what they’re doing.

“We’re all as confused as you are, and people have to understand this has nothing to do with the Redskins. I know people want to make it out that we’re incompetent but we’re not. This has nothing to do with us. It was totally independent doctor, a verbal thing he said with our doctor, and then all of a sudden the written statement was different, the written report was different so we followed proper course and did what we thought was right for Robert,” Gruden said.

Asked if there’s a quarterback controversy on his team, Gruden said there isn’t.

“I’m not going to announce anything. There’s no controversy,” Gruden said. “As far as who’s starting at every position, we’re going to evaluate that as a staff. I’m not going to make any announcements right now, that’s for sure.”

But the mere fact that Gruden won’t announce his starter is why there is, in fact, a quarterback controversy. And the fact that there’s a quarterback controversy after a long offseason in which Gruden insisted there wouldn’t be a quarterback controversy is why the team looks incompetent.

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  1. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck. Well you know it’s probably a duck. Shame is this guy can’t concentrate on coaching because he has to constantly do bobby control.

  2. I can’t speak about everyone in the organization, but the RGMe is incompetent as well as the owner who knows nothing about football. I don’t think Gruden was the right choice when he was hired to be head coach so he might be incompetent also. The reason why that franchise is a mess is because of the owner and unless he stays away from the team and lets others make football decisions and stops kissing butts and empowering over priced non productive players such as RGMe they will always be a mess. Snyder is a great example of how not to manage a franchise if you want to win. He makes money because the fan base is loyal and keeps giving it to him. As long as he keeps making money he will never sell the team and they will never win.

  3. It’s not the Gruden’s fault. He jus works there. In no case over the many dysfunctional years was this never ending mess the head coach’s sole fault. Marty Shottenheimer, Mike Shanahan, Joe Gibbs. None were perfect, but they were far from solely responsible for this decades long dumpster fire. We all know whose fault it is. Redskins Fans need support from the rest of the NFL fanbase because we have no hope that it will ever be better because of our owner. He ruins the lives of those unlucky to work for him.

  4. The Dysfunctional Football League. Not a new league, just the NFL throwing out the trash..
    1.Washington Redskins
    2.Oakland Raiders
    3.Cleveland Browns
    4.Minnesota Vikings
    5.Jacksonville Jaguars

  5. It is amazing how consistently dysfunctional the Washington franchise appears. The only constant over the years is Danny Boy. They have had different executives, coaches, and, obviously, players, but they still can’t get out of their own way.
    Unfortunately for them, but happily for my Eagles, Snyder is not going anywhere soon.

  6. Sounds like a totally “independent doctor” might have prevented RGIII from playing on a injured knee, under the previous regime, despite his MASSIVE ego.

    But as for Gruden, like previously noted: “If it looks like a duck…”

  7. People love killing the Redskins (and man they make it easy) but performances change depth charts…period. People lose starting jobs on every team in the preseason. You try to build confidence by calling your number one your starter and he falls flat on his face.
    The real bad guy here is Snyder who insists on force feeding his coaches and gms Robert. Jay is back flipping down the halls not that Mccloughan is there to tell that fan boy he’s not good enough.

  8. Seriously, we don’t “think” you’re incompetent as a coach, leader and as an organization, we’re pretty darn “certain” of that fact.
    Not a ‘Skins fan, but have a soft spot for them for some reason and I was hoping Gruden could do it, but he is seriously out of his league. I see Div 1 NCAA position in his near future. Bad, weak conference too.

  9. Those darn “people” always stirring things up. Mr. Snyder you may die with the most toys, but you are a dysfunctional owner and in being so you are torturing troves and generations of loyal fans in D.C.

    Glad your not my team’s owner.

  10. is anyone else reading into this that RG3 deliberately said something to the independent doctor that would make him rule RG3 out of Saturday’s game? -“a verbal thing he said with our doctor”

  11. in·com·pe·tent
    not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.

  12. Don’t worry Jay you’ll be a coordinator next season and you will not have to worry about answering any RG3 questions. And neither will RG3/since he will probably wind up as the Falcons backup qb next season since they like all the redskins castoffs.

  13. I would just like to personnally and publicly apologize to Jason Campbell for all the times I was critical… He’d be a stabilizing influence and an improvement on this roster

  14. Anybody who watched the game last week knows RG3 didn’t get a concussion. There was no blow to his head whatsoever, nor was there any whiplash to his head which would have caused a concussion. Just man up and tell people you prefer Cousins and start him. Then watch Cousins throw into double and triple coverage, turn the ball over like crazy, and put in McCoy. Why do we have to play this game?

  15. Let’s not forget unstable too. He seems to not be sure about much of anything with his franchise and is emotionally out of it at times. And he doesn’t know who his best qb is now. Or the starter. Or who is cleared to play. And he listens to sports talk radio and responds to criticisms from the radio at his press conferences.

    No wonder it took him so long to get a HC gig.

  16. This is so funny! He may not admit that they are incompetent…..but at least he’s using the right word to describe that whole organization!

  17. The biggest issue the Redskins have to overcome is a meddling owner who refuses to acknowledge the hand writing on the wall.

    RGIII was a huge mistake and the coach is stuck with him as a starter just because the owner says so.

  18. As much as Bill Belichick can be aggravating to listen to at a press conference there is something to be said about “we are on to Cincinnati”; name Cousins the starter, have McCoy ready as the back-up and leave RGIII at the end of the bench. Commit to the run, play better special teams, rush the passer and don’t beat yourself. The bar is so low (5-11 would be progress) and the fan base so hungry for anything other than drama if he can keep the team in games he can keep his job.

  19. He is also confused that Keenan Allen’s finishing move started a real fight. Who coaches this team, Hulk Hogan?

  20. It’s hard when everyone Gruden reports to has a differing opinion on RGIII. Yes, he was a dynamic force when he joined the league. Yes, he appeared at that time to be the Redskins savior. But let’s get real. The league caught up and adjusted and RGIII didn’t. He’s simply not that good. It’s hard when you’ve invested a lot of money but now spending good money on a bad QB is not a good business decision. Cut your losses and move on. Cousins isn’t the answer either, but he’s a much better option than RGIII. Trust Gruden and move forward.

  21. Just keep cashing those huge paychecks little Danny writes you every week and be greatful at the rate your bank account keeps growing.

    The gravy train will only last so long till you get fired for Snyder’s incompetence

  22. the one unknown is whether the nfl or the team employs the neuropsychologist, who is the one who put the kibosh on playing last night.

    and what in the process of his neuropsychological assessment led him to override the redskins doctor and the neurologist?

    perhaps he exhibited symptoms like “delusions of grandeur”………..

    now that would make sense of the whole thing.

  23. I feel for Gruden. His hands are tied. If he was allowed to coach the team and make decisions based on football, Griffin would be buried on the depth chart or off the team. Instead, he is prepped by Tony Wylie, with orders from Snyder, to tow the company line. He’s a football coach, not a press secretary. He wants the circus to pack up its tent and pull out of town, but it’s not because he works for circus. Although, this should come as no surprise to him. He took the job and he knew the dysfunction that lies within. And I’m a Giants can.

  24. birdsfan1215 says:

    Unfortunately for them, but happily for my Eagles, Snyder is not going anywhere soon.

    The Redskins are a joke but you have no room to talk. Your team has never won a Super Bowl.

  25. the fact Gruden doesnt see how incompetent they are only speaks to the depths of their incompetence

  26. Everything about this once proud franchise screams incompetent.

    From their at best “culturally insensitive” logo, down through Snyder who OKed the Frandchise-crippling RG3 trade and draft, down through a head coach that can’t control his players, and many of the players like Robinson and RG3 who can’t control themselves both on and off the field.

    I bet fans in DC are so completely sick of Snyder and what this team has become. They used to be one of the the classiest organizations in the NFL, usually one step ahead of most of the competition, with tons of tradition and winning. Now they are at least a step behind on every level and honestly kind of a joke from the outside looking in.

  27. I was a fan of RG3 and I’m still not a hater, but he’s obviously just way too injury prone to make it in this league – at this point it’s pretty clear he’s shot.

    As for Gruden, it’s just another example of a last name getting someone a position they don’t deserve. Quite simply, he’s not a very good head coach. Remember, this is the same guy that wanted to keep Haslett as defensive coordinator after last years atrocity of a defense despite having some decent defensive players.

    As for Snyder, I actually liked him as an owner when he continuously made move and spent money trying to make the redskins relevant again, even though he clearly wasn’t very good at picking the right people. But now, he seems to be caving to all the criticism and has pulled back the spending and seems gunshy on getting rid of what is obviously a lousy coaching staff.

    As a skins fan, this is clearly football hell.

  28. I just surveyed all 32 head coaches in the league and it turns out, surprisingly, that exactly none of them think of themselves as incompetent.

  29. Joe Gibbs has been a winner at everything he has done in life. Superbowl winning coach, NASCAR champion team leader, best selling author.
    But he had a losing record under Snyder. It says a lot when you are so bad that you can turn Joe Gibbs into a loser.

  30. Yea they are dysfunction but so are the fans. They expect to much from the roster they have. So when they 2-5 to start a season they think it must be bc of the coach or chemistry or something else.

    The fact is they have 1 of the least talented rosters in the nfl. Every team has 3-4 starters who are just serviceable. The Redskins starters are almost entirely made up of those types of players, and their depth is virtually nonexistent.

    They have 2 above average starters in Desean and Kerrigan and 1 star in Trent Williams. Everyone else is replacement level players. Most of them could start on another team in the league, but they would be gap fillers not answers.

    So yea they are dysfunctional but it seems a lot worse then it is because they are so talentless. We will see what happens with the new GM. Redskins fans have already started to drink his kool-aid. Maybe they will actually be right about someone this time. Nobody can be wrong 100% of the time.

  31. You are certainly head and shoulders above me when it comes to coaching… But I want to coaching level you are absolutely incompetent compared to your peers other than maybe Lovie Smith and Ken Whisenhunt

  32. The starting QB will be whoever Danny Snyder decides it will be. Meanwhile he’s trying to bribe politicians into ramroding a free billion dollar stadium down the taxpayers’ throats.

  33. Scot McCloughan has come in and started to change the team culture and added quite a bit of young talent. I wish people woud realize Dan has taken on the JKC role he has very little to do with the team now.

  34. Like the coach before him, Gruden has been forced to coddle a bad QB with a bad attitude because idiot Snyder gave up a king’s ransom to draft a bad QB. Cousins isn’t much better of an option, but at least the team doesn’t hate the guy. Gruden had no chance to succeed in this circus and may very well regret taking this coaching job….because it might be his last. This will not end well and this team will stink until RGMe is gone and Snyder concedes all power over personnel decisions.

  35. I remember the Packers going to the playoffs twice in 24 seasons. I remember the Pats and Colts being the worst teams in the League. All franchises have histories of failures. Ours has been going on for 23 seasons, yet we’ve made the playoffs 5 times during this period, so not as bad as what the Pack went through, and just like their bad times, no one will remember ours when we finally sustain success AGAIN.

  36. With an owner like Snyder, Washington has been putting the “fun” in dysfunctional long before Mr. Gruden arrived. Having a delusional and fragile QB like RGme doesn’t help them.

  37. Jay Gruden: “People want to make it out that we’re incompetent” Um…these days incompetence is synonymous with the word Redskins.

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