Report: Football people want RG3 out of Washington, Snyder says no

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Robert Griffin III is reportedly remaining in Washington only because owner Dan Snyder is overruling the football people who want to get rid of the quarterback.

Front office officials and coaches want to move on from Griffin but are meeting resistance from ownership, according to ESPN.

The report says the team has talked about trading Griffin, but there’s been no interest. That’s no surprise: Griffin has a guaranteed salary of $3.3 million this year and would be owed a whopping $16.2 million next year if he suffered a severe injury. There’s no way for any team to justify committing that kind of money to a player who has played as poorly as Griffin over the last two years.

From all indications, coach Jay Gruden — who spent most of the offseason insisting that Griffin would be the starter — has lost any confidence he ever had in Griffin as a quarterback. Both Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy have far outplayed Griffin this preseason. General Manager Scot McCloughan, who was hired this year, has no particular loyalty to Griffin either.

But Snyder has loved Griffin since the team traded up in the 2012 draft to get him, and Snyder apparently isn’t willing to let go. And that’s the only thing keeping Griffin in Washington.

132 responses to “Report: Football people want RG3 out of Washington, Snyder says no

  1. That deal that they made with the Rams to get him will set this franchise back for years to come.

  2. The best teams have owners who do not get involved in personnel decisions. Why bother hiring a GM or someone to be in charge of personnel when you’re just going to do it yourself? Daniel Snyder does way more harm to that franchise than he does good. Until he checks his ego at the door, that team is going nowhere.

  3. Trading up? Didn’t he trade three first rounders and a second rounder? Yeah, I might have trouble giving up on that one too. Besides, RG3 is the best Quarterback in the league, so there’s that.

  4. and that Washington is the reason your team sucks…little Danny Synder is over ruling the football people…how can he hold them accountable if he is making personnel decisions

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, in a nutshell, the problem with the Redskins. And his initials are DS.

  6. Thanks you Washington. They are all that’s keeping my browns from the Lombardi of team disfunction.

  7. I love Dan Snyder. He is an underrated talent evaluator and owner. The media and fans of the team need to shut up and let the guy who writes the checks make his own decisions.

    Signed a happy Cowboy fan.

  8. Was there anyone that doubted the only reason he was on the roster was Snyder? What a fine bromance.

  9. way to go danny,all of your football people with decades of football knowledge want to drop this bum,but you with all of years of fantasy football coaching want to keep him, brilliant! i truly feel sorry for redskin fans ,they have to sit and watch the demise of a storied franchise!

  10. I am surprised the Texans dont show interest… the one spot in the country RG3 is still popular in is texas and perhaps getting traded will humble the kid . Also having a decent oline will help as well.

  11. What a dope. Just run the team yourself then Dan. Why waste money on a front office or coaches. I mean the last 15 years have been great.

  12. Well then fans can express their opinion to Dan via the pocketbook. Empty stadiums are so embarrassing

  13. Never trade picks for one guy, especially a running QB… Running leads to injuries except for Russell.

  14. Snyder!!!!!

    The more things change the more they remain the same. Gruden needs to bench Griffen if he thinks it’s in the team’s best interest and if Snyder insist he starts Gruden needs to let the world know it was a “management ” decision to start him. At a certain point the coach has to be free to make his own decisions.

  15. It would really be nice if BSPN would ever now and then put name behind the “source” !

    So many of the stories BSPN reports on have “sources ” and the sources turn out to be wrong.

    Ask the Patriots !

  16. Funny, the fans and what few in the organization who are not incompetent want Danny Boy out of the Redskin Organization.

    The incompetency starts at the top

  17. You couldn’t make a crappier owner than Dan Snyder. From the Redskins name debate, to the RG3 situation, he’s always on the wrong side of the issue.

  18. What a mess in Washington. It’s kind of sad though because Robert Griffin III was very good as a rookie.

    He can always go back to doing “Subway” commercials but I guess they wouldn’t be with that Jared fella.

  19. If true Snyder would lose any of the very little credibility he has with the fan base. I would buy club seats for the Tampa Bay game to know who leaked this (Scot with one t I hope). The Redskins have a chance to be respectable if they name Captain Kirk the starter, back him up with McCoy, commit to the run, get an interior pass rush (in a division with Romo (35 and a bad back), Eli (34 and averaging 19 picks a year over the last 5 years) and Bradford (two ACL’s)), play better special teams and avoid turnovers (Cousin’s biggest drawback by far). Hail.

  20. Maybe we should stop making superstars out of people who haven’t done anything yet. Sometimes, they can’t live up to what we’ve made them.

  21. Something doesn’t smell right about all this anonymous reporting stuff… Either the leaks are coming form inside Redskins Park or maybe from his agent or whatever… but the whole concussion thing and not playing Saturday was supposed to be from an independent neurologist and not from the team. Adam Schefter and all those over at the ESPN crew are the ones promoting this, like Mort and debate gate, etc. Seems like son serious lack of morals truth somewhere here….

  22. I am so glad, that after 33 years, I stopped caring and turned in my fan card. Seeing this makes me realize why this fanbase is so often clowned upon. I love to see this now. Its so much more enjoyable than the product on the field and I openly root for anything that Snyder touches to fail. Only an owner like this make you feel back for both Griffin and Gruden.

  23. LOL.. Just said earlier today Redskins will never win as long as Snyder doesn’t let others make football decisions! LOL Snyder is an idiot!!!!!!!!

  24. Guys get an editor-

    Football people want to PART with Griffin, not DEPART with him.

    and Grudeon has LOST confidence not LOTS confidence.

  25. His type are better at counting beans. Look at philly, Kelly bounced that heeb roseman and they are killing it

  26. Bob has great socks. The difference between him and Bryce Petty is the socks and the media love for “The Chosen One.”

  27. It’s a hell of a life being a billionaire NFL franchise owner. You get to call the shots while your city pleads for help so they can cheer for a winning team, but it’s your team damnit, and you’ll do what you want with it.

  28. Kirk Cousins and Colt Mccoy are not going to win games in these league. Play RG3 the whole year and if he flops, draft another QB. I think RG3 deserves another season before you can write him off.

  29. well this is it… this is the time when we find out if the REDSKINS become the newest version of Al ( God rest his Soul) Davis’ Raiders for the next 25 years, or if the petulant Danny Boy finally listens to the adults in the room… and does what every competent football person would do in this situation and release RG3…

    Kirk is a great kid and probably the best Backup QB in the NFL… he’s just going to have to back up- prop-up- the entire franchise for an entire season…

    if he does, he can park his ass on the bench an play sparingly for the next 10 years… and in the process, he might just become the most beloved redskin of all time…

    if they get it turned around that is

  30. maybe they should have cleared him to play against the Ravens…. if only to take a season ending injury – sounds like the o-line would have obliged

  31. For a man who made so much money as a successful businessman, Dan Snyder doesn’t understand the concept of sunk cost real well.
    As for RG3, maybe he can rebuild his career by being a backup for a couple of years and having a great career like Steve Young. More likely, he’s Rick Mirer.

  32. Any real Skins fan knows RG3 is the best QB on the team. Cousins is ok and so is Mccoy but RG3 is cleary the most talented one. Cousins threw another bad pick last night. People are stupid to want to get rid of Robert. #HTTR

  33. I don’t think you meant “depart with him”. which would mean they were all leaving together. Might not be a bad idea, though.

  34. Synder bought the team in 1999 and they’ve gone to the playoffs 4 times in 16 years, with only 2 wins.

    Great legacy there dillweed.

  35. @jjb0811

    unfortunately, those Super Bowl championships were BS (before Snyder)

    suggestions: until he allows the football guys do what they get paid for, don’t hold your breath for the next one.

  36. I recently transplanted to the DC area, and the Skins have the most loyal fans I have ever witnessed in sports. The fact that Snyder is not listening to football people is no surprise to the locals. One of the definitions of insanity is ” to repeatedly do the same thing and expect different results.” Food for thought, I guess.

  37. I thought the biggest issue facing this team was the name Redskins?

    Most real fans have known Cousins has the most pro potential for some time. Hopefully the line is up for Kirk’s task.

  38. The most incompetent coach in all of professional football; the most incompetent starting QB in all of professional football, and the most incompetent owner in the history of professional sports, insisting they don’t break up this awesome juggernaut… wow.

    If I were anyone who was associated with the Skins before Daniel Snyder bought them for the devil to play with, I’d be BEGGING for Danny to change the name of the team so I wouldn’t be associated with this bunch in any way shape or form, you might want to re-think that one, Joe Theisman…
    Be proud, DC, be very proud.

  39. patsfan1960 says:

    This is why the redskins suck every year, the owner makes the football decisions..another jerry jones

    Jerry Jones played on a national championship team, has three Lombardi’s and one of the better teams in the league.

  40. I have the feeling that Snyder will fire Gruden before he lets RG3 go. But I felt that way even before this so-call leaked report.

  41. The Oline guys will try to get him hurt……and he WILL get hurt at sometime so don’t worry about it. This will be his last season anyway.

  42. The only thing that would make this more awesome is if little Danny insisted on starting Griffin and Gruden and McCloughan just walked off the job.

  43. Author says no other NFL team wants Griffin III, then says Snyder is the only reason why Griffin is still there? Doesn’t make sense.

  44. As long as Snyder is there to overrule people who know more about football than he does, Washington will never win anything… except maybe the first overall pick.

    It’s pretty safe to say that Stewie Griffin would be a better quarterback than Robert Griffin, but Snyder will never admit what a colossal blunder acquiring this guy was.

  45. This is getting ridiculous, the season hasn’t even started yet am I’m pissed. What’s the point in hiring “football people” if you aren’t going to listen to them. This is why we suck 😞

  46. gomybirdsgo says:

    “…Also having a decent oline will help as well.”


    That same o-line gave up 0 sacks on 39 attempts last night. So maybe having guys who know how to run the offense and get rid of the ball helps the o-line while having somebody back there who can’t do either makes the o-line look much worse than it actually. Just sayin’…

  47. If anyone should leave it should be Jon Gruden’s fat, younger brother. Face it. He never accepted the coaching job with the intent to help the franchise like he told Snyder. He’s been dogging RG3 since he got here. That’s fact. He totally isolated RG3. Fat Gruden is the one that planted the the seeds of dissent among team mates.Look at his press conferences and you can see it for yourselves. It’s time to cut ties with any player and/or coaches sabotaging the franchise #HTTR

  48. Can’t wait to see him week one against Miami’s defense. I have a feeling he won’t finish the first half. I can see Gruden pulling him or him not being able to physically handle the punishment Suh and Co bestow upon him.

  49. All in All, It was a bad decision for Snyder to hire Gruden ! If you went “All In” on the trade with the Rams then you need a coach that is “All In” on RGIII or you get the crap flying around such as the rumors and internet chat room garbage. As an owner, you traded away several draft picks and committed to the back ended contract to RGIII, you can’t unload him since your own coaches are blowing him up in the media and have no way to recover any of the money that you’re on the hook for as an owner. When owners make bad investments with no way out then it may be unpleasant but you need to find a true “QB-Whisperer”, it’s cheaper to find a coach that can work with RGIII that “has a known track record” which could accomplish TWO things: 1) correct RGIII’s playing field issues to make him viable 2) unload him as quickly as you can or trade him once he’s made viable. I mean, what the heck do you think Gruden said to Snyder when he was interviewing him for the head coach position? “Snyder, you went all in on a qb that sucks and you ruined the future of this franchise by giving away all those draft picks, i can’t work with that Good-Luck!” or did he say “Heck yeah, hire me and i’ll make RGIII a star in this league. Just show me the money !!”

  50. So not only did they resign RG 3 #1 draft picks. They made a bonus in his contract for injury? Am I reading this right?

  51. Regardless, I have always loved my Redskins and have changed my stance on their name after seeing the light. Hail to the Redskins and Mohawk Native Pride NATIONWIDE.

    We’ll be fine with either QB behind center.

  52. Bears.. Cutler for RG3….. Both have stupid contracts and neither are wanted by their teams or fans.

  53. Shanahan is a genius in hindsight. He must be laughing to the bank on this sideshow. RG should have listened to him instead of getting him fired. I guarantee you RG is the locker room snitch that snider wants to keep around. He’s the spy no one likes.

  54. Rg3 has acted the same way his whole Redskins career; he got Shanahan fired as Sunday sided with him then too, but Shanahan did enough other things (plus he’s too old to sick up to an owner anymore) to get blame and get let go.

    Rg3 is now pulling the same attitude with the new coach, and now the media and insiders are realizing it was the player, not the coach.

  55. Blackanvil………
    Did you watch the game yesterday? The offense actually looked pretty good. RG has never ran the offense so smoothly. Cousins really only has a hand full of starts.
    Just don’t understand what you see in RG? He’s been terrible.

  56. Snyder should fire himself for incompetence in running a supposed professional sports team. Unless, maybe losing is his primary goal. Tax write off or maybe he thinks Washington DC needs one more laughing stock.

  57. Dan Snyder needs to understand one thing. This is a business not a hobby. When your own fans (the people who pay the bills) tell you they don’t want the guy on their team, you oughta listen. Leave the football decisions to the football people..

  58. He can do whatever he wants, it’s his team. I think he is getting what he deserves. A team with a slang bigotted nickname deserves a crappy QB with an incredibly inflated sense of self worth despite having no real NFL accomplishments to speak of. A match made in heaven.

  59. abninf says:
    Aug 30, 2015 6:13 PM
    patsfan1960 says:

    This is why the redskins suck every year, the owner makes the football decisions..another jerry jones

    Jerry Jones played on a national championship team, has three Lombardi’s and one of the better teams in the league.

    You mean those three teams built by Jimmy Johnson?

  60. Snyder has delivered the same thing to Washington DC as Jeffrey Lurie has in Philadelphia.

    Zero championships during their ownership.

  61. If you tell your coach that he can pick his QB and you refuse to trade away the other QB, that’s basically lying.

    If you can’t trade RG3, it will be a media problem if you ‘bench’ him.

    Good job Daniel Snyder.

  62. People keep saying Snyder has ruined the team (which is true), yet mindless fans keep showing up for games and buying his merchandise. Why would he ever change?

  63. They would be lucky to get a roll of athletic tape for RG Me in a trade at this point.

  64. You knew RG3 was going to be a bum as soon as Skip Bayless started spouting off about him. Every quarterback that Bayless has ever pimped has been a disaster more quickly that not:

    Jay Cutler
    Vince Young
    Tim Tebow
    Johnny Manziel
    Robert Griffin

    Every one on this site knows more about football than he does.

  65. 1. ESPN has 0 credible anything. This is the same outfit that glorified that Jenner thing. Disgraceful.

    2. Until Dan Snyder actually lets the GM and Head coach do what they were hired to do, this will always be a 4-12 kind of team. Owners are supposted to handle the finances and integrity of the brand. Football operations should be handled by the coach and the GM.

  66. Redskins fans should picket outside of FedEx Field demanding Snyder sell the franchise.

    This guy has been ruining that franchise for years and doesn’t let the people he hires do their damn jobs. He runs the team like he’s a 13 year old fan boy, gushing over every player and asking them to sign his football.

    As a Giants fan…I hope he owns that team for a long time…I know we will never finish last in the division as along as Snyder owns the Skins.

  67. Poor Snyder. Admitting to yourself that you’ve made one of the biggest mistakes of your life can be extremely difficult.

  68. ClubTwo says:
    Aug 30, 2015 7:53 PM

    Most overrated QBs in the nfl

    1. RG3
    2. Cutler
    3. Rivers
    4. Matt Ryan
    5. Tony Romo

    Rivers, Ryan and Romo do not belong on that list. Heck Romo was the #1 rated QB in the NFL last year and should have been MVP.

  69. Dan Snyder haven’t you proven it to youself over and over again that you don’t know what you’re doing?? Just get the hell away from my football team!!

  70. Shalakka…Did you notice the play calling was more about keeping the defense honest with roll outs and shotgun plays being called.? Did you notice 99.9%:of the plays called for RG3 were from the ever collapsing nonexistent passing pocket. At this rate none of these guys will survive the season. You ever notice when reporters show RG3 replays of him getting sack they show them in slow motion ? Then they try to he had plenty of time to pass. Gruden has to go.

  71. does he go fishing with matt millen? what an idiot.

    Here’s the opening kickoff for 2015 and… the seasons over.

  72. Kind of simple to figure if you thing about it. People who lose money in either the market or the casino have a penchant to win it back. Redemption.
    The owner has payed this guy a ton and wants to get something for his money. Letting him go signals defeat. Besides no one wants him.

  73. Paul Allen would never get in Pete Carroll or John Schneider’s way. It is kind of funny to say about one of the richest men in the world but with the seahawks, he knows his place and stays there. He hired those guys for a reason and it is working well.

    Then again, Paul Allen is rich BECAUSE he is smart (founded microsoft with his buddy bill). Snyder doesn’t seem as confident in himself as paul, it is like he has something to prove. I think if this happened in Seattle Paul Allen would shrug and cut his losses without a second thought. Look what they did either Percy harvin. Traded him for nothing to the Jets so he could enjoy geno ha, take that!

  74. Blackanvil seriously!
    quit making excuses for RG. In the Detroit game why couldn’t RG audible into smthg? Call better pass protection pull a back over?
    It’s time to act like you’ve been there before? Remember he’s the best QB in the league, he should have better QB awareness.
    2012 was a college system. It’s put up or get the hell out time.
    He still looks confused? Lost?
    I do notice the plays are different, but RG can’t run the same offense that cousins or McCoy can. Hello it’s obvious, last year it was said that they have to dumb it down for RG, bc his reaction time is sooooo slow
    He doesn’t have any pre-snap awareness.
    He really needs to go to Green Bay and learn the position from a quality QB. He’s light years behind.
    But your response, get rid of gruden and start over again?
    RG can’t be fixed? Either you have it or you don’t………

  75. Why get rid of a good thing! He is the best QB in the league.
    Keep up the Good Work Danny Boy! You keep calling the shots! Never mind the media or the fans. you keep your ego high!
    Hire Big Bob as locker room security so RGMe doesn’t get beat up like Geno.
    RGMe, keep working on selling 5 dollar foot longs and work on your logo.
    Everything is great from my point of view.


  76. I do not like or know this team very well. But as an outside observer Dan Snyder and RGIII are the problem with the team. The players themselves do not seem to back RGIII. How is he suppose to lead this team when nobody seems to back him?I do not see it happening. People here want to blast the organization. But the reality is they are like a bunch or other teams that do not have their QB yet. I would go with Cousins.

  77. Dan Snyder is the number one career killer in sports history. There is a long list of players, coaches, and front office people who have been very successful throughout their careers, yet failed miserably in Washington under Snyder. That list includes RG3. Many NFL people liked RG3 better than Andrew Luck coming out of college. Certainly there is someone out there who believes RG3 had no chance at success in Washington, and would be willing to give him a shot.

  78. I never have liked the Redskins or the Cowboys.
    Keep it up DS, it is your team do what you want.

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