Sources say Snyder, football operation are on the same page


The team’s recent history and more immediate circumstances have created the impression that dysfunction in D.C. has reached full boil. While the franchise is hardly displaying a high degree of competence on a consistent basis, the situation isn’t quite as bad as it’s currently being portrayed.

Multiple sources tell PFT that, contrary to a Sunday afternoon report from ESPN, no schism exists between owner Daniel Snyder and the people he has hired to run the football operations regarding the status of quarterback Robert Griffin III.

ESPN claims that the coaching staff and front-official officials want to move on from Griffin, but that they are “meeting resistance” from owner Daniel Snyder. Three different sources have told PFT that this simply isn’t true. (One source called it “spaghetti journalism,” with reports being thrown against the wall at a time when a situation that seems to be disintegrating cries out for more and more efforts to advance the story.)

As one source explained it to PFT, everyone in Washington is on the same page regarding the roles and responsibilities. G.M. Scot McCloughan is in charge of the roster, which soon will be at 53, and coach Jay Gruden decides who will play.

Reports of a two-hour meeting between Snyder and McCloughan may have pushed the needle in the direction of a disagreement between McCloughan/Gruden and Snyder, but a source with knowledge of the situation told PFT that the meeting was focused on sorting out exactly what happened with Griffin being cleared to play after suffering a concussion and then not being cleared to play. That discrepancy fueled the latest spike in perceived dysfunction, but it’s not yet gotten to the point where the guy whose primary job is to sign the checks is getting in the way of the people whose primary jobs are to run the football team.

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  1. With regard to telling the truth, the Redskins front office has taken lessons from Kraft and the Patriots.

    I believe ESPN.

    Kraft apologized, the Redskins coaches don’t want Griffin but Danny Boy does.

  2. Scot McCloughan is probably sitting back and laughing when he reads stories about how bad the situation with the Redskins supposedly is..

  3. And that’s just spaghetti cover up on Snyder’s part. He’s either gonna have to pull himself out of the mix or his billion dollar investment will continue to crumble. Nobody agrees w/how involved Jerry Jones is but at least he knows how to extend his brand. Snyder just looks like a angry born again bully who got pushed around in grade school.

  4. You mean espn sent out incorrect information I don’t believe it…espn that upstanding network,you only hire upstanding journalists..just can’t believe it

  5. I just want all this to go away. I don’t care what happens, I just want it all to stop and for someone, anyone, to take charge of this team at QB and win games. Is that too much to ask??

  6. I said this when I first saw it. Snyder is an easy target because of years ago, but Shanahan had free reign and ran that team into the ground just like the did the last 7 years in Denver, and Gruden isn’t a very good coach. I wish some people would start focusing on those stories instead of trying to give them outs for them being bad, espeecially Sahanahan who is still blaming everybody else for why he’s sucked since Elway retired. People need to start putting the blame where it should be. The reason I wasn’t buying it is because the one good hire he’s made is McCloughan, and he wouldn’t hesitate to talk since his reputation as a great personnel evaluator precedes him. I don’t doubt McCloughan will get rid of Griffin, but Gruen’s going to.

  7. The Redskins are the third most valuable team in the NFL.

    Snyders Redskins empire is far from “crumbling “.

  8. All this talk about RGIII makes me long for the discussion regarding the name of the team.

  9. I have never seen an NFL organization as neolithically incompetent as Washington. You can never believe anything that comes out of that front office and that includes Gruden too. He is an accessory to the fact because he says one thing and does another. Once he said the competition for the QB job was open (February)….then he said that RGMeMeMe was the starter…now he does not know who the starter will be. Shame…Shame…Shame.

  10. The Redskins are the third most valuable team in the NFL.

    Snyders Redskins empire is far from “crumbling “.


    Yeah, that’s led to lots of Super Bowl Championships, now hasn’t it?

  11. While there is dysfunction in Redskins park, this is a tailor made situation for ESPN, long a network of advancing agenda driven journalism. It does not surprise me how many times ESPN is wrong on their reports and I find it laughable the amount of people who believe ESPN at face value. Their breaking news and insider reports are terrible and often filled with opinion instead of fact which only furthers the story and ratings which is their only objective. As a network, their talent is sub-par. They manufacture stories to push a narrative. The Redskins are an easy target for them but I have always been skeptical of ESPN and these reports today seem to be typical ESPN journalism. If there is smoke, there is fire, if there isn’t fire, then try to manufacture some kind of controversy to create it.

  12. That said, if the Skins feel the need that they need to move on from RGIII then they should. There is no sense to continue to play him if he’s just not the right fit. Hanging on to him because he cost 3 draft picks and was good 2 years ago isn’t a reason to not move on. That was a decision made 3+ years ago and to continue to hamstring your franchise because you paid a lot for what is turning out to be a decision that had more short term worth than long term is just not something you do. Just move on and that’s it. It’s not like RGIII has done anything the last couple of years to make the case to hang onto him and the way he has played so far this preseason, there isn’t a whole lot of indication that the 2012 version of RGIII is going to return.

  13. ” Yeah, that’s led to lots of Super Bowl Championships, now hasn’t it? ”

    Nope. But it has a lot to do with the claim that Snyders empire is crumbling.

  14. skins1970 says:
    Aug 30, 2015 8:35 PM
    Scot McCloughan is probably sitting back and laughing when he reads stories about how bad the situation with the Redskins supposedly is..

    Is he laughing as hard as people watching his team are?

  15. Just a hunch. Matt Cavanaugh, quarterbacks coach and Bill Callahan, offensive line coach, are not on board with the get rid of RG3 crew. Or maybe that was more than just a hunch.

  16. ESPN as a whole is no longer relevant, Schilling is suspended for his comments and Carter isn’t. The NFL & MLB networks put ESPN to shame. PFT has much more credibility in my opinion over any ESPN report.

  17. Snyder 16 years ownership
    16 QB’s
    8 Coaches
    and counting….
    Miss ol Jack Kent Cooke. Bet hes never go a peaceful rest rolling over in his grave daily.

  18. If the media could/would name sources on this stuff then we wouldn’t need to figure out who is lying. Anonymous sources fall into 4 categories. They are either made up by the reporter to add credibility to their guesses, do not really know what they are talking about and are guessing themselves, are purposely lying to the reporter or they are proving themselves unreliable and untrustworthy by telling secrets they are paid to keep. ESPN has a history of reporting wrong information but there is obviously something going on in Washington.

    What source would know what was discussed in a private meeting between the owner and GM? Why would the meeting last 2 hours if the subject could be discussed in 5 minutes? I’m sure the GM decides who is on the roster and the Coach decides who plays but the owner decides if they made the right decisions and can fire them if they don’t. They know that and will make decisions accordingly and possibly will gripe about being ‘forced’ to do something they disagree with.

    Most accounts are that the other QBs have outplayed Griffin in practice and preseason games. Based on that, what could possibly influence the HC to start the worst performing QB on the roster, especially a guy he doesn’t seem to like much?

  19. Maybe, just maybe Snyder is learning from his football people. If so, the Redskins MIGHT have a future. NO ONE could watch the RGme footage (as broken down by Chris Cooley on local DC TV) and still think RGme is an NFL quarterback. He has not progressed at all in DC and needs a new start elsewhere. The Skins will not get much for him, but he needs to go. It is no disgrace to blow a draft pick, but to waste more than three years trying to “fix” him is beyond silly!!!

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