Bills going with Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback


The Bills have made their decision, and it’s one no one would have expected this offseason.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Bills are going with Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback for the regular season opener.

They gave EJ Manuel a courtesy start in the preseason, and the prevailing sentiment early in the process was that veteran Matt Cassel might be the safe choice.

But the Bills are going with the guy who gives them a chance to make plays on the ground as well as in the air. It’s a bit of a surprise, but it also underscores how thin the line is there between the contestants.

Taylor has never started an NFL game and only appeared in 14 in four seasons as a backup in Baltimore, with just 35 pass attempts

123 responses to “Bills going with Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback

  1. A testament to perseverance…not many guys get this opportunity after sitting the bench for 4 seasons…

  2. And just as I said months ago when they signed both Tyrod and Cassel, Tyrod would be the starter at the beginning of the season. You’re welcome and GO HOKIES! Good luck Tyrod, here is your chance to show what you can really do.

  3. Either Cassel or Manuel is likely to be cut. Taylor looked decent from the brief time I saw him, but the regular season is a different beast. We’ll see how this all plays out.

  4. Lets see what T-mobile can do. You know what you have in Cassel (not much) and Manuel appears to have been a mistake. If I were a Bills fan I would glad they’re not beholden to past draft mistakes, and are putting the best men on the field.

  5. Tyrod Taylor is the best option, Cassel has never done anything besides that one year, and EJ was a disaster from the moment they wasted the pick on him.

  6. Well they had to annouce something to offset the terrible decision to cut FredEx.

    Hope Fred Jackson goes on to play a few more years on a playoff contender.

  7. He’s been electric in the pre-season….. it’ll be interesting to see if that translates into regular season games.

    He’s always the fastest guy on the field — and he has been an accurate passer.

    Bills Nation wanted him as the starter.

  8. None of the QB on Bills’ roasters are any good. So Rex is trying out this guy… good for him for taking a chance. We all know Manuel and Cassel are retreads and we know what they can do – nothing! May be Bills will catch a break with Tyrod. He can always be benched for another subpar QB if he can’t perform. I am not even a Bills fan, but love the people at this thread who comment like they are head coach material. Give me a break.

  9. He played really good….EJ too. I wanted Taylor to win the starting job and EJ to be the backup. I would cut Cassel or trade him. The Bills are going to be a very dangerous team. All 3 QB’s on the Bills would start for the Raiders.

  10. Tyrod looked excellent during the preseason. Very accurate, mobile. Proved he could sit in the pocket and deliver nicely thrown balls. Bills are officially a sleeper.

    I like it Rex swinging for the fences rather than just hitting a single with Cassel

  11. So the offensive genius that is Rex Ryan’s sees something that 31 other teams had 4 years to see and miss…

  12. I think this is what the majority of Bills fans were hoping for and I expected it. Mobile QBs have given my Dolphins fits in recent years. I would much rather have seen Cassel than Taylor. Going to be a great match up week 3.

  13. None of the QB on Bills’ roasters are any good.

    I agree, always preferred Kenny Rogers’ Roasters myself.

  14. I’m not yet a Taylor believer, but hats off to him for a great off-season and pre-season. His up-side appears to be much greater that EJ’s. I’d want to see what he can do as well. Time always tells. He’ll either be a lion or a christian.

  15. Anyone who watched the Bills preseason games understands this move. Everyone who says the Bills will pick first next year is clueless. 9-7 with Kyle Orton starting and now we have Shady and a bunch new offensive weapons to go with the monster D and we will get worse? Yeah not happening. GO BILLS!

  16. For the bills sake I hope he does well, but the first season for a first year qb doesn’t usually go very smoothly. Doesn’t look good for ending their consecutive seasons without playoffs record.

  17. No brainer. We know what Cassel can do and EJ, while it seems like he has improved tremendously, has been pretty bad the past two years.

  18. In an era where Quarter Back talent is hard to find, The Bills have 3 good options. Unfortunately, for the quarterbacks who are not starting, one will not want to remain on the sideline with a clip board as a back up for too long. The other, his career has sadly disappointed him

  19. Wouldn’t it be ironic to all those Flacco haters in NE?

    Tom Shady throws twice as many picks and half as many TDS with a legal ball.

    Ravens backup QB to Ravens Joe Flacco becomes elite in Buffalo.

  20. Hmmm, interesting. Between this announcement and the cutting of Jackson today I am not sure what is going on in Buffalo. Taylor may be the most electric choice amongst them, but that isn’t always a good thing. If they do cut someone I would think it is Manual, because at least with Cassell you know you have a game manager who can get you through a season if Taylor implodes.

  21. He’ll have a field day against Indy hopefully that gets the ball moving for him for the rest of the season.

  22. Clearly a lot of you people haven’t seen Tyrod Taylor play… He has looked absolutely amazing so far in preseason! He might be the real deal! But he definitely earned his shot because he’s been the Bills best QB in preseason and in practice.

    I think a lot of you people might have to eat your words! How sweet that would be! Go Bills!!

  23. Well he made his way up the hard way. You got your shot, son. If you don’t blow it untold millions of dollars await you.

  24. So in 1 day the Bill’s have named Taylor as the starter and then cut their best RB…so Bill’s fans, who do you project the team will take with their top 5 draft pick in 2016?

  25. Anyone wanting to make a small fortune should start selling “I Survived EJ Manuel” t-shirts Buffalo.

  26. “Dynamic” kid, a bit like a right-handed version of Michael Vick, though not as talented. Four (4) years as a backup to Joe Flacco (i.e., “quiet leader”) without any touchdowns, to come into Buffalo, compete and win the starting job is pretty impressive. Game One: Colts 34, Bills 17.

  27. The author said this was a “surprise” choice. Anyone who is from Buffalo, or has followed this battle closely knows that Tyrod took the job after the first preseason game, and hasn’t looked back. The notion that Cassel was the favorite because he was “safer” and had more experience is out dated. I’m not saying Tyrod will be a pro-bowler, and the competition he had to win the job was certainly weak…But after watching him in the preseason and following practices I feel 10x better about our QB situation than I did 2 months ago.

  28. Quarterbacks like Tyron Taylor who have been littering the AFC landscape for 20 years, spying on teams and deflated balls is why the Pats have owned this division this century. Nothing more.

  29. “…its one no one would have expected this offseason”

    Are you kidding? The media raved about his abilities all summer long and talked about how he could be the starter

  30. Rex just doing what Rex does…but why in the blue blazes did he cut Fred Jackson? (and I hope Dolphins pick him up! Go Division III!)

  31. jams 56: He’ll have a field day against Indy hopefully that gets the ball moving for him for the rest of the season…well,as a Colt fan, I think it could be a Bills win if they (McCoy, Taylor) can run the ball against the suspect Colt run defense…Luck will put up some points (20+) and if the Bill’s can’t run, Luck will find a way (Colts 2nd best in yds per completion allowed)…look for Taylor to have a hard time passing down the field.

  32. “The Bills have made their decision, and it’s one no one would have expected this offseason.”
    Well, I wouldn’t expect you to know me, but if you read PFT’s past articles on this subject, you would have seen that each time I called it correctly that Taylor would be the guy.

    It’s not above me to cut and paste, but I know you’ll take my word for it. Just in case you try it again, write this down. Taylor will take the Bills to the playoffs. Now you can’t say, “no one would have expected …”, when it happens.

  33. rightwingguy says: Aug 31, 2015 12:26 PM

    Hahaha man I’m glad we have teddy.
    Did you see Tyrod play? He looked considerably better than Teddy in preseason.

  34. Not a Bills fan (or hater, for that matter), but I like it. Cassel looked terrible the other day. I didn’t see Manuel, but heard he looked decent. Taylor is dynamic and looked great. Give the kid a shot and see what happens.

  35. Called it 2 weeks ago. And people always trying to diminish what Russell Wilson does are about to find out why he’s special when this results in a mediocre record for Buffalo with a very good defense of their own and better offensive skill pieces besides at RB where it’s a matter of styles to which you want. He’s a nut with some of his religious stuff, but he’s the best young QB in the game next to Luck.

  36. I watched him at VT every game and he’s a player. If Joe Flacco wasn’t there he would be starting in Baltimore.

  37. Rex’s track record with quarterbacks hasn’t been exactly stellar. However, Taylor is an interesting choice to start, and I wish him well. Manuel was a wasted draft pick, and Cassel is only a game manager at best. It’ll be fun to see how this decision plays out.

    On another note, justintuckrule says “The Pats have owned this division this century.” Actually, the truth–and every football fan outside the Northeast knows this to be true–is that Belichick, Brady, and the Pats are forever tainted as cheaters. There’s no legitimacy to their “Super Bowl championships” or any other accolades they may have stolen. The Pats are not respected because they don’t do things the right way. They aren’t winners: they’re cheaters. Big difference.

  38. Did you see Tyrod play? He looked considerably better than Teddy in preseason

    Considerably better? Teddy completed over 80% of his passes 29 of 35 passes for 295 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions and one sack. That adds up to completing an impressive 82.86 percent of his passes for a 111.3 passer ratin

  39. He’s been my favorite back-up QB (and one of my favorite non-Titans) for four years. And now he finally gets his shot with the starting gig. I love it!

  40. captainwhodat says:
    Aug 31, 2015 12:28 PM
    jams 56: He’ll have a field day against Indy hopefully that gets the ball moving for him for the rest of the season…well,as a Colt fan, I think it could be a Bills win if they (McCoy, Taylor) can run the ball against the suspect Colt run defense…Luck will put up some points (20+) and if the Bill’s can’t run, Luck will find a way (Colts 2nd best in yds per completion allowed)…look for Taylor to have a hard time passing down the field.


    Yeah, considering that the Bills have had a top defense the last 3-4 years. The Packers put up a huge 13 points in Buffalo last season. So yes, I imagine Luck will light it up week 1 in a sold out game in Buffalo. Probably 50 points.

    2014 Bills defense stats: sacks (1st – 54), third down percentage (1st – 33.18), yards per play (3rd, 4.86), passing defense (3rd – 205.8), takeaways (3rd – 30) points per game (4th – 18.1) and first downs per game (5th – 18.9).

    Wasn’t a weak schedule either, we faced the majority of the top quarterbacks / offenses last season. Just sayin …

  41. I’m glad he’s getting a good look. It was easy to see his frustration in Baltimore, but he always kept his cool. He didn’t do well in limited playing time, but who would when you get to play maybe 3 or 5 quarters per season?

  42. Reading through these comments makes me realize that a lot of self professed football fans know nothing about football, and obviously haven’t even watched the Bills in the preseason. Tyrod Taylor has looked the best out of all 3 and has done a great job. Greg Roman is the Offensive Coordinator, and who did he build an offense around in San Fran? Someone with a similar skill set and who made it to the Super Bowl as a young QB. All these haters making comments about the Bills QB situation will be eating their words. Quote me on that.

  43. I think it’s a good move. I also think letting a QB develop for a number of years before starting him is usually a good idea.

  44. He’ll have some success, show some promise, and then he’ll get hurt. Haven’t we seen this movie?

  45. Too bad they don’t have a Real quarterback like David Carr, instead they have a good to great defense with zero offense.

  46. Remember when we used to get breaking news from the actual news source via a press conference? Now it’s which reporter gets the leak first. If I was a coach, I’d leak all kinds of untrue crazy stuff just to poke fun at it.

  47. Rex is a genius. Now he can switch QBs in a year or two, and press the restart button. No coach is expected to win with a new QB.

  48. What’s that? Another black QB in the NFL? Yesssssss!!!!!

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    Report comment

    He is one botched play from being RGIII’ed out of the game. Once he stops thinking and starts running he is toast……

  49. Remember, Russell Wilson got the job in Seattle after starting the off-season as a 3rd string QB. That worked out pretty well.

    Good luck to Tyrod Taylor. I hope he does well and helps to elevate the competitiveness of the AFC East. And I say that as a Patriots fan. I’d love to see a strong division rivalry develop.

  50. If you have to choose between 3 QB’s on an NFL roster that means you have no QB. Good luck Rex because eventually the Bills fans will get tired of your blow hole and get rid of you.

  51. Which is why I don’t understand getting rid of Fred Jackson. Tyrod isn’t going to be throwing 40 times a game…or 30… if you can keep him at 20-25 throws per game, run the hell out of the ball and beat people up on D this could be a winner. Fred is a back you can count on. Dixon, Brown and Williams aren’t guarantees at all.

  52. EJ looked great in preseason and was easily the best QB out of the 3 come game time. They’ll regret this decision in a couple weeks when team start game planning for Tyrod. Rex compares him to Wilson but he is more like Mike Vick.

  53. This really isnt a shock, you already know what you have with Cassell and EJ, both are average at best.

    Why not give Tyrod a shot and see if he can make things happen now that he finally has his chance?

  54. With the first overall pick in the 2016 Draft the Bills select Quaterback…
    With the first overall pick in the 2016 Draft the Redskins select Quaterback…
    there, now the statement is right…..the Bills have a QB who likely won’t throw a ton of interceptions, while Washington has a mess at quarterback that they claim is “good.” Washington will cut Griffin (likely soon), start Cousins (who’ll lead the league in interceptions) and earn the top pick and fire Gruden. Christian Hackenberg or Cardale Jones please.

  55. He has all the physical Tools of Russell Wilson and with that running game and defense they could be the Seahawks of the Afc..but first we have to see if he has the mental capabilities of Russell Wilson like taking what is given and not making the crucial mistakes

  56. He was very good in college. He was a respectful backup behind Joe. He’s done well in the preseason. And he’s getting his shot to show what he can do as a starting QB. All the best!

  57. Just look at all the fools buying into this nonsense. Watch the all 22, and you’ll see how Taylor struggles with coverages and is going to get killed running so much. Rex is like most defensive lunkhead coaches,a nd I love Rex, who thinks because a running QB gives a defense some fits on any given Sunday it’s a good idea to start him. Don’t get me wrong, there’s not much there with Manuel who I said when they drafted him was a mistake, so you might as well try it, but this is going to fail horribly. It’s the same nonsense I ehard about how Troy Smith just needed his shot, and then he just fell on his face. This will go similarly. Funny though that all the people who knock Kaepernick think this guy is going to get it done. Lol, LMAO.

  58. richmanfl says:
    Aug 31, 2015 5:18 PM
    Just another team that the Dolphins do not have to worry about! Miami AFC East champs!

    Of course, one might point out that the Dolphins are 0-3 against EJ Manuel and Thad Lewis the last two years.

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