Browns begin the process of getting to 75 with some vet cuts

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The Browns began the process of getting to the 75-man roster limit by tomorrow’s deadline, cutting several veterans in the process.

The team announced they had cut linebackers Everette Brown and Moise Fokou, running back Jalen Parmele and cornerback Aaron Ross.

None of those names are necessarily surprises, though Fokou did start 12 games for the Titans last year before he was cut late in the year, picking up with the Saints to close the season.

The Browns also waived tight end Anthony Ezeakunne and wide receiver Shane Wynn.

Those moves get the Browns down to 84, meaning there are nine more moves to be made by tomorrow afternoon.

6 responses to “Browns begin the process of getting to 75 with some vet cuts

  1. They’re all journeyman type players. I wouldn’t be surprised if all three are on a roster for a handful of games at some point this season.

  2. Shane Wynn is a playmaker. If he was taller he’d definitely get signed. I can see another team picking him up. They already have Taylor Gabriel so they need a bigger guy. I really see Terelle Pryor making the roster because he’s athletic and a 6th wide receiver has to offer other things. He can be a backup emergency quarterback if needed

  3. Sad to see Shane Wynn go. He’s a scrappy little guy (5’6″ 167lbs). Hopefully, they can stash him on the practice squad.

  4. I like Shane Wynn, too- and I know it’s not right to tell someone they just “can’t” do something, but, man- 5 and a half feet tall and a buck-seventy? He will get *killed* out there.

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