Cullen Jenkins: Giants don’t respond well to adversity


With safeties getting injured at a fantastic rate, Jason Pierre-Paul away from the team while his fireworks injuries heal, left tackle Will Beatty out with a pectoral injury and Victor Cruz battling a calf injury, the Giants have had a fair amount of negative turns in 2015.

One member of the team’s defensive line thinks that kind of adversity could be setting the team up for another disappointing season. Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins says he has seen the team “freeze up a little bit” in the face of tough situations over the last two years and that they need to develop a confidence that “won’t be denied” if they are going to do a better job this year.

“This is the NFL,” Jenkins said, via Newsday. “No one team is just going to go out there and not have its fair share of adversity. That comes along with the game. If you know that, you know it’s required that you have to be able to respond to it. That’s what we need to do a better job with. When we get hit in the mouth or go through adversity, we don’t respond as well as we should.”

Jenkins isn’t wrong about the need for NFL teams to shrug off adversity if they are going to succeed, but talent and scheme can’t be ignored as major factors in the team’s 13-19 record over the last two years.

The Giants have seen mediocre or worse performances from their running backs, offensive line and across the defense in those 32 games which has led to changes of coordinators on both sides of the ball. They’ve also seen the last four drafts produce few high-level contributors to a roster that hasn’t found quality replacements for many of the key players from their 2011 Super Bowl championship team. Add it all up and you get three seasons out of the playoffs and increased pressure to change their fortunes this year lest sweeping changes hit the team.

18 responses to “Cullen Jenkins: Giants don’t respond well to adversity

  1. If there is anyone on the Giants who knows what its like playing on a team that knows it has to overcome adversity..its Cullen!!

  2. Let’s not forget their QB, who has the most turnovers in the NFL over the past 3 seasons. Ever since he called himself elite, he has been anything but.

  3. ^^^ ya last year, he had 34 TD’s, 14 Int and threw for 4400 yards.. Which Qb’s had a better year than him? I can name 4-5 but thats about it… Remember, he had those #’s with a new OC, a crappy O-line, an injured Odell Beckham Jr for the 1st half of the year and Cruz missed the second half.. seems pretty damn good to me..

  4. The Giants have seen mediocre or worse performances from their running backs, offensive line and ..the defense..

    Don’t forget Eli(nterception). The team is just begging to be broken down and rebuilt entirely. Eli has parlayed his two rings brilliantly. Now, he is basically untouchable.

  5. joefelicelli says: if you follow the timeline….after Eli made that statement….he won a SB in 2012 so yes we accept your apologies!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Here we go with the Eli bashing again… the problem is not the QB. Since our last Super Bowl, the defense is has been horrible. We have no pass rush (even JPP is sub par) and an offensive line that stinks. You can’t win anything unless your two lines are above average. Lastly, where is the running game? Not asking for an elite running game. Just to balance out the offense. If you are not a Giants fan and you do not watch every down this team plays, you have no clue about what’s wrong with this team. There are not that many dependable QB in the league. Eli has his flaws, but he is not the reason this team stinks (and will likely be a losing team again in 2015). Tom Coughlin should have gone out at the top in 2011. The team ownership delayed the inevitable change in head coaching by a year. But mass changes are coming soon and the Giants will likely have a couple of more years of down time. Professional sports is cyclical and the Giants are on the down draft.

  7. well, at least Eli won’t lead the league in interceptions this year…that likely will go to Cousins. seriously now, i think the offense the Giants run is a great fit for Eli (gets the ball out of his hands quick to hide the line issues). the defense is a worry spot do to injury.

  8. Eli bashers will never stop. He lead the league for the last x many of heads in INTS. Also leads the league in Super Bowl wins since 2007

  9. If you follow this team regularly you know the Giants have no shortage of problem areas, beginning with the corner office. Drafting, FA and retention, Reese has been a disaster on virtually every level. Eli, other than his contrcat status, is the least of their problems.

  10. Overcoming adversity (injuries) means depth players have to perform better.
    That requires better quality coaching at the position level and better quality player acquisition.

  11. The years that the Giants are picked to be a basket case and be in the cellar seem to be the years they go and win the Super Bowl. Go figure.

  12. joefelicelli says:
    Aug 31, 2015 2:46 PM
    Let’s not forget their QB, who has the most turnovers in the NFL over the past 3 seasons. Ever since he called himself elite, he has been anything but.

    With Jay Cutler as your QB, you are seriously delirious talking stuff about Eli.
    You guys are wearing out & ruining Matt Forte. You should be much more worried as to how the Bears can even get any first downs if Forte gets hurt.
    And BTW, I will take Eli over Cutler any day of the week & at least 30 other teams fans would also. Cutler proved he can only play for Shanahan. Cutler hasn’t even achieved minimal success since Shanahan had him in Denver.

  13. jenkins should not be speaking on behalf of the giants as a team and is on the roster bubble.

    he looked really slow and uninpiring vs. the jets over the weekend and should take a long hard look in the mirror.

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