Julius Thomas seeking second opinion, may miss four weeks


Julius Thomas’s tenure in Jacksonville is not off to a great start.

Thomas, the tight end who landed with the Jaguars in a big free-agent signing, has missed the last two preseason games with a hand injury. And now he may miss another month.

Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell said today that Thomas is getting a second opinion and may need surgery on his hand. If Thomas does need surgery, the recovery time would be four weeks. Which means Thomas could miss the first few games of the regular season.

A few games is not a big deal in the grand scheme of the five-year, $46 million contract Thomas signed with the Jaguars. But this is not the way the Jaguars were hoping Thomas would begin his tenure when he signed that deal.

23 responses to “Julius Thomas seeking second opinion, may miss four weeks

  1. Enjoy it JAX! This is exactly why us Broncos fans celebrated the day he left Denver. As Shannon Sharpe said, dude couldn’t block the sun out of his eyes! Enjoy a few injury riddled seasons before JT calls it a career

  2. Just like that pesky ankle injury cost him his first 2 seasons in Denver. Funny how he barely missed games when he was in line for that fat new contract and is now back to the injured list. Enjoy it Jags, you get what you pay for.

  3. Boy I tell ya, this is sounding more and more like a consiracy. First of all, lets take a look at Benn, when he did the end around play, he jumped right up after the play and did not appear to be hurt. All of the sudden, this guy has a broken collar bone. I don’t think he would have been able to jump right up after that play if his collar bone was broken. Now here is Thomas out for another 4 weeks when I though his hand was healing.

    Go Jags Go. I am with you until the end.

  4. I’m sure Jags fans will be celebrating in the future more, with or without Thomas playing, considering how terrible the Broncos will be when Manning finally calls it quit.

  5. Don’t think you know what you’re talking about @liverpoolred04. Only thing Jags should be celebrating is Shahid Khan’s “Mustache of the Year.”

    JT is a stud (receiver) when healthy and available. I hope it works out. But I don’t see a perennial bottom feeder having cause to celebrate the Broncos dropping from 12-13 win seasons to 9-10 win seasons for a few years post PFM. Check the roster and think on it.

  6. Now watch how he stretches out the recovery period as well, and then uses the injury as an excuse to play like crap the first month or so that’s he is on the field. He’ll probably start rounding into form about November– if he doesn’t tweak something else that’ll let him sit out the rest of the year.

  7. All the Broncos poseurs poseurs out in full force. Your squad looked great losing the last 4 years. Enjoy another early playoff exit. Julius is going to beast with Bortles. There’s a FF team name for you, Bortles and the Beast!!!

  8. “Funny how he barely missed games when he was in line for that fat new contract and is now back to the injured list. ”

    I love it when the paid experts dispute that players tend to get and stay healthy in their contract years. Seems to happen more often than not, that’s for sure.

  9. The only reason he wants that second opinion is so he can sit around for another few weeks. That dude is happy to go out of bounds at the 2 instead of busting it for the end zone. Softer than a lawyers hands.

  10. This happened the first week of preseason…would’ve been nice to get the surgery over with then if they knew it was a (possible) problem, having him back around the start of the regular season..

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