Mike Shanahan thinks Kirk Cousins is going to do just swell


In case you were shocked/dismayed/confused when Washington named Kirk Cousins its starting quarterback for the season, rest assured — Mike Shanahan thinks it’s a great move.

Via Dan Hellie of the NFL Network, Shanahan the Elder declared that he loved his former fourth-round pick, you know the one that came after he presided over the drafting of the deposed Robert Griffin III.

Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback, he will be a top 10 quarterback in this league no doubt about it,” Shanahan said.

You can practically see him rubbing his palms together and giggling as he said it, too.

The RG3 dysfunction that ended today began when Shanahan was in charge, and the relationship between coach and quarterback deteriorated quickly.

So it’s no surprise that Shanahan wants to praise his own bargain find/stick it to his former boss/dump on RG3/passive-aggressively provide cover for his own reputation.

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  1. has he been being used as a tackling dummy ?? I think he has taken a few to many shots to the head !

  2. Coming from the guy that played a QB with a torn up knee. He purposely injured RG3 in my opinion further than he already was. Guy is delirious.

  3. wish cousins all the best,but lets no pretend we havent seen him play. Theres a reason no one has traded for him or why rg3 was initially named the starter. He wasnt good when he played

  4. If RG3 is as bad as this site makes him out to be, isn’t it a minor miracle Mike Shanahan won 10 games with him? Or is Mike Shanahan really that good of a coach and you just choose not to give him credit?

  5. “Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback, he will be a top 10 quarterback in this league no doubt about it,”

    Can the concussion protocol be applied to former head coaches?

  6. Says the guy who brought us the John Beck vs. Rex Grossman qb controversy.

    That said, I will root for Kirk. He seems like a decent human being who has earned a shot at this.

  7. Make no mistake, Shanahan saw more in Cousins than RG3. Snyder wanted to draft RG3, and then the Cowboys losing to allow the Redskins into the playoffs that year, and then pressure was in Shanahan to use RG3 in the playoffs.

    That season blew RG3 up into something he wasn’t and shown that he hasn’t been since. Shanahan made other mistakes but he saw through the RG3 hype right away.

  8. The rat can only win a Lombardi when he’s coaching a team that cheats the salary cap to stockpile talent.

    Shanahan alwys has been and always will be a bum.

  9. Being up front with when asked for your opinion is not passive aggressive. Not admitting when you are wrong and blaming others behind closed doors is passive aggressive. Pin that on Dan Synder. Mike Shanahan is not a saint and he shares blame in RG’s knee injury, but he has proven to have been right on RG’s suitability as a long term QB. I hope he proves right on Cousins.

  10. OK, Back in 2012 I was actually pretty high on Cousins and thought he might be the better option (depending on the system), but he hasn’t done anything to prove anything. He’s had a few opportunities and is now getting up there in age. He wasn’t Chris Weinke or anything, but he was 2-3 years old for his draft class. So, he was probably about as close to mature as you are going to get.

    RG3 has been a mess, but he did have 1 good year. Only having 1 really good year since 2012 is still better than a lot of starting QBs. And he still has a career 90 QB rating even with the decline. Around 25 of the QBs starting right now have never had a season as good as RG3 and around 1/2 are probably worse now.

  11. Just because he’s bitter and old doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to what he’s saying. Not necessarily agreeing that Cousins is a lock to become a elite franchise QB, but he’s got better chances at achieving that than Bob the 3rd ever will. He has looked more and more lost every year and from the way he talks he just doesn’t seem to have a realistic grasp of what he’s doing and what he needs to do. I’ve said for years he comes across like a naive little kid sometimes, he doesn’t have the physicality to withstand or the mentality to grow and overcome. He’s just not a pro, simple as that.

  12. I don’t get it. Coaches pick players and they hope they are able to deliver. For the system Shanny ran (play action pass / bootlegs / quick hits with a strong running game) RGIII would have been perfect. I mean, Jake Plummer looked good in this system. So did Jay Cutler.

    So if RGIII couldn’t ascend to the likes of Jake the Snake or Jay “Pick 6” Cutler while they were under Shanny…that is on RGIII.

    If Cousins is a bust…that is on Gruden now.

  13. Oh any anyone still blaming the o-line for Bob the 3rd getting hammered this preseason, give me a break.

    Just for one example of the unnecessary problems Bob the 3rd’s lack of awareness creates for himself, go watch the hit where Levy speared him to the ground. The o-line and the back all pick up and sustain their blocks just fine. He has a pretty good pocket and #88 Garcon WIDE OPEN on the shallow cross with all day to get him the ball with a decent chance for him to gain some YAC. Instead, Bob the 3rd overlooks what the defense is giving him, holds the ball too long and fails to sense the pressure that will inevitably come, and tries to force it a bit deeper upfield to a very covered receiver on the sideline with no room to make any kind of play whatsoever. By doing so, a 6th delayed rusher (Levy) had time to drop back at the snap, read the play, then start his rush and still get clean contact on the play, how is that the lines fault? There is probably an hour long splash reel of all the plays Bob the 3rd has unnecessarily botched. Instead of making a quick read, getting the ball out, keeping the chains moving and keeping the defense on his heels, he gets hammered into the dirt and throws an incompletion.

    He can’t grasp the game he’s playing. He doesn’t show progression on the simple most basic things young NFL QB’s need to show improvement on year to year. He doesn’t even talk like he needs to change anything, like he’s already got it and just needs to “prove it”. He’s fragile mentally and physically and doesn’t have the mind for the game to know how to keep himself out of harms way. Bob the 3rd has no future in the NFL at this rate

  14. Top 10 Quarterback? 2-7 career record, 59% completing, 77.5 QB rating, 18 tds to 19 ints. Those numbers doesn’t indicate a top 10 QB, and I would be shock to see him play the entire season seeing that he was benched last season for McCoy.

  15. There is only one reason that the Great Gimmick was drafted with four squandered primo picks – Lil Napoleon Snyder.

    At no time would Shanny, even as obtuse as he was, spend four draft choices on a QB.

    Let us not forget it was the Great Gimmick who REFUSED to learn how to slide – and it was the Great Gimmick’s pathetic common sense skills that had him injured.

    Shanny was not all that and a bag a chips, but he was never a proponent of the Great Gimmick at the cost they ended up paying for him. This has all the fingerprints of the tiny man in a big office.

  16. Love the Cousins bashing – without Cousins, the Redskins would have not gone to the playoffs that year – he saved one game and won his first start.

    In 2013 he was pulled off the bench to replace the Great Gimmick and the first game back his coach decided to go for two instead of kicking the point after – thus handing the team a loss instead of a chance to win. That was not Cousins’ fault.

    Yes, Cousins throws INTs. And the Great Gimmick doesn’t even get to that step since he fumbles the ball he is carrying.

    I would not bash Cousins on TD’s – in three years and in 33 games that he managed to start and finish, the Great Gimmick has 38 passing touchdowns – he is not a running back so rushing ones are not important. In one year, REAL NFL QB’s will throw 30 or more TD passes.

    And we need to remember that last year the Great Gimmick threw more INTs than TD passes!

  17. Is Shanahan high?

    “A top 10 QB in this league, no doubt about it”?

    Mike, RGIII’s proclamation that he was the best in the league held more water than that.

    Unless, of course, he meant that Kirk Cousins will be in the top ten for INT’s, or fumbles, or…I don’t know.

    The whole situation in DC is a trainwreck on top of a dumpster fire, but how is it that nobody related to this disaster of a franchise can’t keep from saying something utterly ridiculous about it?

  18. When Cousins actually goes 0-4 and gets replaced by McCoy like he always does, we won’t hear a peep like this time a year ago. This is just Shanahan trying to absolve himself of continuing to suck as a coach and personnel evaluater like he did the last 7 years in Denver after Elway retired. When his son fails in Atlanta too, I’m going to be looking for his excuses as well since he learned well from Pops. I think we all know that Matt Ryan sure isn’t going to be the reason he will undoubtedly fail out of that job like he has all his others.

  19. It’s amazing that all the armchair QBs on here somehow think their opinion on football matters are more important than Mike Shannahan’s.

  20. He will be swelling alright, from the Fins D-line come week one. They just made a rag doll out of Matt Ryan.

  21. Cousins won’t be allowed to stink up the joint for 2 seasons like RG3. Cousins might be top 10, if he gets the same chance as rg3.

  22. And I other relevant news, former president Jimmy Carter criticized the Reagan Administration’s decision last week to invade the island of Grenada. Film at 11.

  23. stampnhawk says:
    Aug 31, 2015 2:32 PM
    “Make no mistake, Shanahan saw more in Cousins than RG3. Snyder wanted to draft RG3, and then the Cowboys losing to allow the Redskins into the playoffs that year, and then pressure was in Shanahan to use RG3 in the playoffs.”

    Lmao @ the Cowboys losing to ALLOW the Redskins into the playoffs??? As if the Cowboys gave them some sort of gift by losing to someone else?

    No! The Redskins BEAT the Cowboys in that final game in 2012 to EARN a playoff spot/division win. The Cowboys did not simply allow the Redskins to win the division. (But they did allow Alfred Morris to run for 200+ yards haha- at least they will always have that)!

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