Report: Martavis Bryant’s suspension didn’t surprise Steelers


Martavis Bryant’s emergence last season helped the Steelers become the league’s most productive offense, and over the last month Bryant has looked like he’s going to be a star.

But last week’s news that Bryant will start the 2015 season by serving a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy was not a surprise to the Steelers. Per Gerry Dulac of the Pittsbugh Post-Gazette, the Steelers knew of Bryant’s failed drug tests as far back as last spring.

The four-game suspension for Bryant suggests he’s been caught breaking the league’s policy more than once. If he fails another test, he’ll be suspended for 10 games.

As a bit of Bryant insurance, the Steelers took a big receiver in the third round of last spring’s draft, Sammie Coates, and the plan was for Coates to be brought along slowly the way Bryant was last year. Per Dulac, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin believes Coates did not come to camp in peak condition.

Bryant was inactive for the first six games last year before catching eight touchdown passes and averaging 21.2 yards per reception. The four-game suspension will cost him games against the Patriots, 49ers, Rams and Ravens.

21 responses to “Report: Martavis Bryant’s suspension didn’t surprise Steelers

  1. This may, at least in part, have something to do with why Ben has been hyping Wheaties as the breakout candidate — and not Martivis (despite Martavis’s filthy game).

  2. I have a good friend who’s a Steelers fan. I’m a Packers fan. We both agree that we’re sick and tired of these NFL players who break the rules, which are unmistakable.

    I’m even more sick and tired of those fans who make excuses for them and even defend them. You are 100% wrong. Because no matter what you say, it’s an NFL rule that you can’t smoke pot and until it is changed, any player who does it deserves to be suspended.

    When the greatest QB who ever lived — Johnny Unitas — passed away, Peyton Manning wanted to wear black high-topped spikes to honor Unitas’s memory. The league said Manning couldn’t do that, and would fine him if he did it.

    In that case, the rule was stupid. But it’s a good rule over all, otherwise players would wear what they want and pretty soon teammates wouldn’t even look the same. So — Manning didn’t wear those spikes and followed the rule.

    He had sense enough to obey the rule, but these nitwits who keep getting in trouble with drugs don’t.

  3. Difference between Bell and Bryant, it sounded like a one time thing with Bell.

    Bryant deserves every quarter of a 4 game suspension for failing “multiple drug tests”. In fact, he’s lucky he is only getting 4 games.

    Stop hanging out with Wiz Khalifa.

  4. If the teams are aware of suspensions well before hand I guess that’s fair even though they aren’t made public.
    There should be some time for a plan to emerge for every team regarding suspensions.

  5. Wheaton is a decent WR, not a suitable replacement for Bryant. Coates could be if he learns how to concentrate and work hard – two things he struggled with at Auburn.

  6. The height of stupidity. And this guy hasn’t even got paid yet. He’s blowing his chance and a lifetime of wealth all over freakin’ pot. Justin Blackmon 2.0.

  7. Some young men make bad decisions once. Stupid young men make them twice…here is hoping Tomlinson can get thru to him. And sadly enough a rule is a rule…the NFL needs to enforce theirs uniformly all the time!

  8. He is a jackass. Your first year in the NFL and you’ve already failed four drug tests??!! That is ridiculous. Whether you like weed or not is not the question. This is your career, your life. You can’t manage to stay off long enough to pass a drug test that you know about in advance?? How pathetic is that? Get some friggin help.

  9. Look many people may not like it but weed is still a banned substance in the NFL. You would think that with the chance of making millions to set himself up for life would get him to cut back on the weed even just a little but no you would be wrong. Bryant has tremendous talent but he also has zero brains cells left in his head. Like any other type of addict smoking weed and getting high comes before making millions to him. If he doesn’t somehow wake up from the ganja cloud soon he will be simply another in the long line of broke NFL washouts.

  10. Steelers’ fans have been endlessly bragging about beating the Ravens last November. They forgot to tell us that Bryant and Bell were both on drugs. Cheaters! LOL.

  11. “Martavis Bryant’s suspension didn’t surprise Steelers”

    Why should it? He’s a Steeler.

  12. Even though I think pot should be legal, it’s not. Why would you risk losing millions?! He may be gift athletically but he’s obviously not very bright and I say this as a die hard Steelers fan.

  13. The first sentence contains an error.

    The Steelers did NOT have the most productive offense last season.
    -If offensive production is measured in offensive points, the Steelers were 7th (4th in AFC).
    -If offensive production is measured in yards gained, The Steelers were 2nd behind the Saints.
    -If offensive production is measured in yards per play, the Steelers were 2nd behind the Packers.

    Great numbers, among the best, best in their conference, almost best in the league, verifiable at the NFL’s website.

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