Browns cut former first-rounder Phil Taylor


Another year, another former first-round pick flushed by the Cleveland Browns.

The team has announced that the contract of defensive lineman Phil Taylor has been terminated as part of the effort to get to 75 players.

A first-round pick in 2011, the Browns exercised the fifth-year option on Taylor in 2014. By not cutting him before March 10, his salary of $5.477 million is fully-guaranteed.

With 2015 first-rounder Danny Shelton winning a starting job, the Browns opted to let Taylor walk, hopeful he’ll make at or about that much money elsewhere.

Per a league source, Taylor asked to be released, and teams already are lining up for a shot at the player who made his first game appearance over the weekend after aggravating a knee injury in early November.

75 responses to “Browns cut former first-rounder Phil Taylor

  1. Would’ve liked to see the Shelton/Taylor combo anchoring the d-line for years in a tough AFC north division. That’s a lot of beef! Management must’ve known something we don’t (injury related probably).

  2. What makes this move worse as a Browns fan is this is the guy that was involved in the Julio Jones trade with Atlanta (Browns traded pick, passing on Julio, ATL picks him). So many wasted first round picks on the Browns. And this isn’t one regime making bad decisions but a few. Hope they turn it around soon.

  3. Hope there’s more to this than just Shelton winning the starting job, it would have been nice to have Taylor for depth.

  4. Browns are idiots…….you dont cut GOOD d-lineman. Just a stupid…stupid organization. Yet they continue with the Manzel circus. Another year….another last place finish…another top 5 pick. Even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wer’nt this bad in the 70’s

  5. Yes, but I thought that in 2014 the Bills would finish at the bottom of the league, yielding a top 5 pick in the ’15 draft that the Browns would surely turn into a superstar.

  6. Cleveland blows first round picks while the NFL steals them from New England. The results prove first round picks are overrated.

  7. Come to Philly! Be a part of one of the best front 7s in football and give Bennie Logan and/or Fletcher Cox some rest. Having a rotation of Cox, Logan, Thornton, Curry and Taylor would be awesome.

  8. Management must have known something we don’t… OR this is just another in a line of terrible mistakes by this particular management group.. What have they done that has given you confidence?

  9. The Julio Jones deal only works for CLE if they make something of those picks from ATL. Which they did not.

  10. The word on the street in the offseason was that his knee was not responding to the two scopes – best of luck and health to ya big fella. Don’t worry Mike, we have plenty of cap room and were a fake punt away from sweeping the Stillers last year. Enjoy the cap hell that awaits yinz in a few years…

  11. So pretty much any team could sign him for the minimum on a one-year deal and leave CLE on the hook for the remainder, since he’s guaranteed to receive his full salary from somebody. Should be plenty of suiters at that price.

  12. I think the league source is his agent. Phil Taylor said in January that he wanted to retire as a Brown. That said, the Browns drafted Shelton in the first and he looks like a star in the making.

  13. Another “brilliant” move by Ray. We are the worst franchise in sports. But hey, we changed the uniforms. Oh wait, that was stupid too. I HATE BEING A BROWNS FAN!

  14. The current GM isnt the one who drafted him, so Ray Farmer didnt waste that pick. So he shouldnt be the blame. They are releasing him because they are most likely signing the cheap, young undrafted and highly ranked (Pro Football Focus) D linemen Jamie Meder who the Browns coaches have been raving about. He’s a very tough guy who can stay healthy which is valuable seeing what has been happening with Phil Taylor and his health after his rookie season

  15. Why don’t the Browns just trade their first rounders every year and go for more 2nd rounders? Oh that won’t work, they stink at 2nd rounders too.

  16. Meanwhile, Danny Shelton is a stud. The D line is already stacked, someone had to go. I really think they are making space for Jamie Meder, who is a lot cheaper and has shown lots of promise to be a punisher on the line

  17. Well, that one came out of nowhere. I know he’s not been as good as his rookie year since, something I guess we can start calling the Trent Richardson phenomenon, but I would have thought they’d at least keep him around for depth.

  18. Surprising but not a big deal. Likely hurt still from two operations on the same knee in a year, but the Browns are being smart not saying so with the possibility some other team’s physical doesn’t catch it as a big deal or gambles cheaply.

    Either way the Browns save money on a hurt player who wasn’t on the field. And to call him a bust, they got four years, around the league average, and unpredictable injuries caught up with him.

  19. By not cutting him before March 10, his salary of $5.477 million is fully-guaranteed.

    LOL! Typical brownies.

  20. big phil had torn bicep and knew problems for that last 2-4 years so he had too go he was fully reliable your be missed hope DANNY STAYS HEALTHY AND PRODUCES

  21. Please. For any other NFL squad who cuts an overpaid, injury prone player its business as usual but when the Browns do it they get ragged on. Ridiculous.

  22. Browns could have had Julio AND Justin Houston. Browns traded up from the falcons spot to select Taylor. Gave KC our 3rd round pick, they took Houston. Browns clearly could have used an elite #1 WR and a guy who had #22 sacks last year

  23. So he gets “$5.477 million fully-guaranteed” as a parting gift, laughing all the way to the bank and he’s out of CLE too….

  24. He was a bum, 42 starts with 7 sacks and couldn’t stay healthy.
    He did however keep the employees at Chipotle busy as he often tweeted:
    “I’m ’bout to hit up a Chipotle”
    If he would have hit the QB once in a while and studied the defensive schemes and stayed healthy he might still be here.
    By the way his $5MM dollar salary has offset language that if/when some team is dumb enough to pick him up then Cleveland owes the difference of his new salary, if that happens.
    Not a total loss with the salary, but another wasted draft pick, this one we can pin on Eric Mangini.

  25. magicmtndan says:
    Sep 1, 2015 5:11 PM

    Ever since the Browns lost to Tebow in the playoffs…

    Err, no wait, the Browns don’t go to the playoffs.

    Can you please take thirty seconds of your day to explain what this is even supposed to mean?

  26. Makes sense. My team has good depth at D-line and RB, so the only good players to get released are D-line and RBs…….. Need a O-lineman to drop.

  27. There are two rookies that will have a huge impact on their defense. Shelton and Cooper. Cooper has three sacks in preseason. I loved Phil Taylor, but he never played an entire season, because of injury.

  28. buffalosunshine says:
    Sep 1, 2015 4:40 PM

    Management must have known something we don’t… OR this is just another in a line of terrible mistakes by this particular management group.. What have they done that has given you confidence?

    Trade Trent Richardson to the Colts for a first round pick. Get rid of Brandon Weeden. Basically clean up after Mike Holmgren’s brilliant draft picks (Taylor included).

    Taylor’s production was garbage the last 3 years plus he couldn’t stay healthy. I have no problem with this move.

  29. As a Browns fan, I couldn’t be happier with all the hate directed toward my favorite team. I mean, people *really* seem to just despise the Browns (even though, for years, they haven’t been a threat to any of your teams… It would make more sense to direct all your hate at a team that is capable of taking your favorite team out…) …But anyway, the point is that all the hate is just going to make it oh so sweet when the Browns finally make the playoffs… And they will– a decade has not ended since 1946 without the Browns in the playoffs. Even in their worst incarnation (since 1999), they made the playoffs in the 2000s… So they’ve made the playoffs at some point in each decade- the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. They still have 5 seasons left in this decade to make the playoffs- and they will.

    And when they do, it’s going to be a huge pleasure to watch all these angry peoples’ heads exploding. 🙂

  30. I have nothing against Baylor (besides their handling of the recent rape by the FB player), but it really seems that this school produces more draft busts per player picked than any other school.

  31. A). Taylor has been a solid player when healthy.
    B). He’s not healthy and hasn’t been for 10 months
    C). Browns DLine is deep and talented.
    D). With Jones, the Falcons have won 10 games combined over past two seasons and made the playoffs once since he’s been there.
    E). So who cares!!??

  32. Td40, I don’t think the general NFL fandom hates the Browns. They pity them. They hate the Stillers.

  33. Guy had two major knee surgeries DURING last season. Shelton made him expendable and the Browns’ deepest position group is the defensive line.

    Guaranteeing his salary in March looks crazy now but I’d guess they wanted to see how he progressed from his injuries and as far below the cap as the Browns were/are, the $5.5MM wasn’t going to cripple them. And what if the draft fell in a way where they weren’t able to get Shelton? You all would then be calling them crazy for not getting insurance for Taylor.

    Farmer didn’t draft him, all Taylor was to him was a guy who wasn’t healthy enough to contribute to a deep position group.

  34. Julio Jones said over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over that he did not want to be a Brown and would have holded out if drafted.

  35. How can you be this bad with your round 1 picks? My educational guess says Cleveland has had more 1st round picks than anybody in the last 10 years and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

    I do recall them having TWO different drafts with TWO first round picks. The incompetence is staggering.

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