Feely did indeed tell Judge Berman about the Jets K ball incident

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Last night, PFT surmised that free-agent kicker Jay Feely may have told Judge Richard M. Berman about the 2009 incident involving a Jets kicking ball during Feely’s unexpected trip to court in his capacity as a member of the NFL Players Association’s Executive Committee.

As it turns out, Feely did.

Appearing on The Doug Gottlieb Show, Feely said that he explained to Judge Berman the situation arising from a Jets-Patriots game.

“We talked about the similarities in that case and the differences in the way the NFL responded,” Feely said. “I didn’t get in trouble. I had no culpability in that case.”

As the kicker, Feely presumably would have been at least “generally aware” of the use of an unapproved piece of equipment by a Jets equipment employee, who was suspended as a result of the incident. But Feely was neither questioned nor disciplined.

It’s an important point, because the failure to investigate or to discipline Feely under similar circumstances shows that the NFL may have been acting arbitrarily in Brady’s case.

By Friday, we’ll find out whether Judge Berman agrees.

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  1. Still love how entirety of NFL’s argument basically boils down to “Judge, you have no authority to be hearing this case. It doesn’t matter if we completely botched this from day one and that in doing so we’ve subjected ourselves to another obvious loss. It’s in the CBA! All hail the CBA!”

  2. Goodell is a despotic sociopath. Don’t let your hate for the Patriots blind you from this obvious fact. He must be removed.

  3. What the Goodell and the people he works with that he is afraid to cross who psychotically hate the pats did is the equivalent of signing a waiver for before eating hot wings at a restaurant and the restaurant serving everyone the same hot wings to every customer expect for a guy (Brady) the restaurant manager (Kensil) hated. The guy the manager hated was given chicken wings so hot on purpose by the cook/manager that his head exploded after eating one and using the waiver he signed before he ate one as justification for giving him alternative chicken wings that nobody else was served ever.

  4. Breaking the rules doesn’t matter for 31 teams, but an accusation warrants a death sentence for one.

  5. It is beyond any question or doubt that the NFL has acted arbitrarily in Brady’s case as compared to other cases. No objective fair minded person can argue that.

    Also the CBA does NOT give Goodell the authority to discipline anyone for “general awareness”, a state of mind. Article 46 only allows discipline for “conduct detrimental”. Last time I checked the dictionary “conduct” is not the same as “awareness”.

  6. This is simple. The Jets break the rules and no one cares. The former Jets execs like Kensil look the other way. No one cares unless it’s the Patriots.

  7. Feely is right. You don’t get in trouble for nothing unless you’ve beaten most teams into oblivion for years on end.

    Then, they don’t like you so much anymore, so they rewrite the rules and turn a potential jaywalking ticket into a capital offense.

  8. The lack of fundamental fairness in the way Wells and Goodell framed Brady is actually breathtaking. You would never think such an injustice would happen in America. The joke of a process used against Brady is actually stunning in its lack of any sense of fairness or due process whatsoever.

  9. “Presumably” ? Bit of a presumption to make, is it not ? Right or wrong, league case against Brady is, in their eyes, based on a bit more than a presumption.

  10. The incident transpired under the old CBA. But even if it had happened under this one Feely’s pelt on the wall would not have provided what the league is looking for. Still, precedent is huge in terms of the law of the shop

  11. Is this relevant because it happened before the new CBA? Idk, but I’d like to know what changed in respect to the CBA and the powers of the commissioner

  12. Or maybe the NFL realized along the way that they needed to handle these situations better to protect the integrity of the game. Having a precedent doesn’t mean that the precedent is correct.

    If Feeley had been asked to cooperate with an investigation and did not, it would be a more relevant anecdote.

  13. Goodell’s “justice” consistently inconsistent…former Jets hacks protect their franchise…Ravens golfing buddy owner convinces Rog to lose the tape…Troy’s Dad works for Colts?!!!

    A chance to nail Coach Bill who walked away from “our” beloved Jets?!!! Let’s nuke em!

    NFL rotting from cronyism.

  14. “It’s an important point, because the failure to investigate or to discipline Feely under similar circumstances shows that the NFL may have been acting arbitrarily in Brady’s case.”

    Ya think?

  15. Judge Berman needs to get Jerry Rice into the robing room to talk about stick-um. And what’s Aaron Rodgers up to these days?

    This is exactly what the NFL needs. An independent arbitrator weighing decisions based on precedent and fact rather than public opinion.

    Unfortunately it has to come at the expense of the American taxpayer, since the current discipline policy is wholly inadequate. Just hire a trio of retired judges to figure these out and we can focus on hating players instead of owners.

  16. Oh yah, NFL knows what to do when their balls get manipulated. The difference is the Jan 2015 AFCCG was a sting operation.

    Sounds like East Germany still lives in the NFL.

  17. Of course nothing happened.. It was the JETS.
    Didn’t most of the executives of the NFL work for the Jets prior to becoming “flunkies” for Goodell.
    Just a bunch of BS…. Goodell and his gang are determined to “screw” the Patriots.. Can only hope that the Judge “screws” them back..
    Too bad the rest of the league has such a hatred for the most successful franchise in the last 15 years. (they can only wish that their teams were as good)..

  18. I am generally aware that this is the most overblown ‘controversy’ in sports history.
    I loathe the Patriots, but a quick ‘don’t get caught doing this again’ and a $25,000 fine would have sufficed.
    The bloodthirsty other owners and their stooge Goodell wanted more… and here we are.
    Nice job, fellas.

  19. Interesting point but if there was nothing done from a punitive standpoint I’m not sure it can set precedent in this case, although it would be great if it could. Any lawyers know the answer to this?

  20. Every time I see “Judge Berman” I picture Chris Berman behind the bench with a robe and gavel, “Er, eh Tom ‘here’s a story of a man named Brady,'” …

  21. That incident will have no bearing on this hearing! Very clearly the NFL has shown that it’s discipline policy has evolved from 2009. Six years ago there would have been an outcry if Ray Rice would have been suspended two games for domestic violence, and that outcry would have been in support of Ray. If Brady would have come clean months ago he wouldn’t be in this position ie. heavy fine no suspension, but he blew it and now his legacy is tarnished

  22. Things have changed since 2009 – in much of the NFL discipline. I don’t think it ends up being relevant to current practices, although I think you’re doing a great job of stirring the pot.

  23. Feely and Brady are friends. That might not be something he would do for anyone.

    Of course, Brady and the Patriots were targeted. There is an undercurrent among owners against Kraft, Belichick, and Brady. Much of it is probably jealousy,no doubt.

  24. It’s an important point, because the failure to investigate or to discipline Feely under similar circumstances shows that the NFL may have been acting arbitrarily in Brady’s case.

    Or the NFL could have realized they made a mistake (again) but not investigating/disciplining Feely

  25. Not looking too good for you NFL. We all knew this from the gitgo, it was a witch hunt and smear campaign against one of the greatest, if not THE greatest QB this league has seen and possibly wont ever see again.

    You all have been privileged to watch the greatness that is TOM BRADY.

  26. Witch Hunt !

    Plot keeps building evidence against Goodell.

    If it wasn’t for the stupidity of 345 Park Ave, you would almost feel sorry for Goodell.

    Almost 😉

  27. That’s b/c he was a member of the Jets, not the Patriots. Only the Patriots players get singled out for punishment. Just like the footballs being warmed on the sidelines @ the Carolina / Minnesota game resulted in no punishment, of the QB & the stickum on the balls in San Diego. If Goddell says the equipment manager wouldn’t tamper with footballs w/o the QB knowing , how did it appear to happen in both these instances!

  28. Did Feely admit to bribing equipment guys to alter balls? Also, did I hear correctly that one of those responsible was suspended? Ultimately, Feely getting away with his part in cheeting shouldnt mean that every cheating player forever thereafter is exempt from “culpability” (your word), with equipment guys being the fall guys.

  29. Whether the judge agrees or not it is obvious that the league is arbitrary in how they handle these situations. There is no fairness or justice in this case.

  30. Seems more similar than comparing it to PEDs.

    I still don’t understand why the NFL went so hard after Brady and the Pats.

    The evidence is flimsy at best.

    I hope Brady prevails and can play in the season opener.

  31. “It’s an important point, because the failure to investigate or to discipline Feely under similar circumstances shows that the NFL may have been acting arbitrarily in Brady’s case.”

    There is no “maybe” about it.

    I don’t recall the Jets losing a first round draft choice either.

    Not a Patriots fan.

    Just a fan that wants to have integrity in the game again.

    Can we get Tagliabue back?

  32. Text messages…. the deflator… destroyed phone…. science isn’t real…. roger goodell is a paragon… doesn’t matter because its in the CBA…. they’ll still appeal!! … doesn’t matter if it’s thrown out – Brady and the Patriots are tarnished forever….

    (31 other owners and their fans sobbing quietly)

    The North Remembers.

  33. You all know what’s coming. The NFL is about to get speed bagged like the Seahawks defense in Q4. This bozo picked the wrong pretty boy to mess with.

  34. Did Feely also destroy his phone and hamper the investigation? Were there text between the equipment mangers suggesting that Feely knew what was going on?

  35. The league has nothing to gain by suspending one of the faces of the NFL and punishing a storied franchise if there was nothing egregious happening. You can play conspiracy theory all you want, but I have yet to hear a good reason why the league would come down so hard on deflategate if there wasn’t damning evidence.

    Even though the amount of PSI is low, there should always be a major consequence to cheating and potentially altering the outcome of games. Players, coaches, and GMs lose jobs because of wins and losses and the league has become a win-now league. Also, the revenue lost by teams who fail to make the playoffs is substantial.

    It is true that the game against the Colts was not altered by the PSI, but we don’t know how long this had been going on and if the Pats’ record was much better as a result (regardless of the season).

    I’ll accept the inevitable downvotes from the Pats fans and the fans who believe in “sticking it to the man” even when the side opposite of “the man” is in the wrong.

  36. It is interesting how they are tiptoeing around the unfair penalty. First, before any talk of unfair penalties it must be emphasized that there was no crime. The footballs were not tampered with. Start there then you can go further to shine the spotlight on the frame hate job on the Patriots and Brady. We hear the Texans owner blame the Pats, Kraft and Brady while consciously ignoring the fact there is no truth to the allegations. You can include him with the Ravens and Colts and Jets owners as the lynch mob behind Goodell. This is like Mafia bosses trying to take each other out. Shameful, disgusting, unethical behavior by these billionaires. The league office is like the FDA to the pharmaceutical industry.

  37. This has got to be driving the NFL lawyers insane. They can yell “Article 46!” of the CBA as loud as they want, but they can’t change history, and an incident like this may be enough to get the judge to decide that the NFL is acting out of malice, and if that’s the case, then Brady walks.

  38. I assume that the judge will realise the difference between the jobs and importance attached to a kicker (who may contact the ball 4 or 5 times a game) versus a quarterback who handles it every play…

  39. Well there’s one ex-Jet employee the Pats fans won’t be complaining about!

    This after the pretend lawyers who post on this site just got done telling me that no surprise gotcha witnesses are even possible at this point and it’s been explained why many many times.

    Jay Feely just strolls into court and yadda-yadda-yadda tells Berman all about a case in 2009.

    This whole case is a sham. It’s ‘kayfabe’, as in pro wrestling.
    Kept the NFL front and center from the end of the Super Bowl right up to kick-off of the next season.

    Neither side wanted any part of the dorito dink and the deflator in a courtroom. NEITHER side. What’s that tell you?

  40. Say what you will about deflategate, at least there’s an allegation.

    “Game balls were intentionally tampered with by two Patriots employees at the behest of quarterback Tom Brady” holds more water on its face than “Something happened in 2009.”

    You must have been one crappy lawyer.

  41. Gamesmanship has been going on since the caveman days. Of course in our modern era, we have an abundance of weak people who whine to the authorities to help them. These anti-Brady people are an embarrassment to manhood and the American way.

  42. In other news doctors work frantically to find a cure for Patiophobia, the irrational fear and/or hatred of a team that has owned you for 15 years. Symptoms include overstated and unsubstantiated claims of serial cheating, inability to consider timelines of information, the belief that they can divine true meanings of texts from the off season, overuse of * and desperate attempts to weaken the competition through misapplication of a clause in the CBA.

    There is hope for sufferers who don’t wear team logo onesie drop seat PJ’s so most of Haternation is out of luck.

    Other therapies include being forced, a la clockwork orange, to watch Superbowl 49 over and over. Alternative treatment includes listening to and chanting Johnny Most calls,

    Havlicek stole the ball, Bird stole the ball,

    followed by,
    intercepted by Butler.

  43. SMH …. First Feely admits tampering with the Football an the Refs pump the ball to baloon size (16 psi), and the NFL does nothing. When TB refuses to help the NFL (actually the Jets front office), frame him, they throw the book at him….

  44. This is huge.
    Not only did Feely tell the Judge about it….the Judge, more than likely, asked him about it.
    There is no way that Berman can decide against Brady.
    Every single thing that the NFL has done, every step of the way, has not even come close to meeting the standards set forth in the CBA.
    Lying and cheating EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

    As much fun as it would be to see this sent back to Tagliabue for a fair arbitration…..there is no way this gets out of NY alive!
    Eat it, Hitler!

  45. The league has a different standard that they apply to the Jest, who are chronic cheaters. Woody’s tampering habit, Sal Alosi, the kicking ball violations, and their taping of the Pats sideline (right before they went crying to the league about the Pats) are all proof of this. Unfortunately for Jest fans even the though the Jest cheat every year while the league turns it’s head, the Jest just can’t get a division banner, or a “Conference Finalist” banner.

  46. To the Haters, those supporting NE and Brady (and they’re not just fans, I’m not a NE fan) are not – and never have been – trying to say “everyone does it” as some sort of excuse for improper behavior. The point of that argument is that, as we see with this story with Feely, that the NFL has issues with treating similar violations in a similar way.

    Deflategate is a molehill made into Mt. Everest by former Jets employees in the NFL front office. Personal issues with Belichick? Old inter-divisional hatred coming out? Who knows. But it’s a sham, and this story (among others) proves it.

  47. Its important to note this was the Jets.

    Goodell and the league have an axe to grind with one team that has dominated the sport for the past 15 years. The team of the last decade is fast becoming the team of the present decade and the suits on Park Avenue don’t like that.

  48. Nothing to see here….. keep moving……nothing to see here…

    If the Patriots only won 8 games a year, this would be a NON issue.

    AFC Championship Game 2014

    1st Half: Patriots =17 Points
    2nd Half: Patriots = 28 Points

  49. Guess what. when you get pulled over for speeding, you can argue “well those other 20 cars were speeding too” and the police could not care less.

  50. What a joke. Thats like me getting pulled over after drinking and when he asks for me to blow into the breathalizer me saying “well my buddy got pulled over after drinking last week and he didnt have to blow, the cop just told him to drive safe”. That doesnt make me drinking and driving legal or ok in any way. Tom’s trying to sneak out with technicalities, its getting pathetic.

  51. Interesting method to introduce new testimony. Since Feely is a member of the NFLPA’S executive committee, he is somewhat a party to the suit and not just a witness and since the issue was raised in the legal filings it is something that could be discussed.

    Nice legal maneuver.

    However, it isn’t like this information wasn’t out there already, so it is unlikely to sway anything one way or another.

    Hopefully the decision and order will come out today. Berman has to have several staff members working on it and he already had a basic feeling on how he was going to rule for some time now. I would have wagered it would have been out yesterday, but he may be trying to couch his ruling to make it more appeal proof. That may be what is holding it up. I am sure the basic decision is done and he is just collecting prior case law to support it.

  52. 1- No proof that the balls were even deflated — confirmed by NFL to Berman in court.
    2- Precedent for not handing over a phone — Favre = $50K fine, Gostowski = $0
    3- Rules meant for Team Employees applied to a Player with no warning (separate rule books confirmed by Troy Vincent)
    4- All of the other evidence of a biased and unfair prosecution of a player

    How does Berman NOT overturn the punishment?

  53. Why would the NFL punish the NY Jets? This is a franchise who hasn’t sniffed a Superbowl in 50 years. Its a bad thing for business (NFL) when the largest television market has no chance to win their division.

    (Goodell) Hmmm let’s see, we already tried taking a number 1 pick and fining the Patriots for Cameragate (filming from the field and not the press box). We even got the public to throw the word Spy into it to slander the Patriots even more. Spygate. The public bought that one even though its perfectly legal to film signals. (Goodall pats himself on the back).
    (NFL exec) – I have another Excuse Gate. Looks like the Patriots are prime for yet another Superbowl run. Lets setup another sting operation. This time we can say the footballs were deflated. Deflategate! The media and all the jealous fanbases will love this one. If the Patriots beat the Colts we can leak this out to our friends at BSPN. We will say 11 of 12 balls were over 2PSI under regulation. This will distract the evil Patriots during preparation for the SB and ensure the new team with the cool uniforms beats the Pats!

  54. This likely a good sign for Brady. Judges usually don’t go through this kind of effort for dicta, it’s probably going to be a substantive part of the ruling, which could only be in favor of Brady, if true.

    I wonder if Mara was not there to facilitate a settlement, but to testify as well. I believe Mara was in charge of his little committee in 2009, perhaps Berman wanted to know why the inequity.

  55. Honest question for the legal eagles: does what happened to Feely matter to Judge Berman at this point in the process? From what I understand Berman is judging the arbitration, not the punishment or steps leading up to the punishment. Feely’s case (or lack thereof) would seem to be something for the arbitrator to take into consideration in determining if the League was fair in handing down the punishment it did, but we’re beyond that point (for now).

  56. Good for Feely. My opinion of him just went up a good deal.

    I wonder what the reaction would have been by former Jets public relations intern Roger Goodell and Jets director of operations Mike Kensil had the teams’ roles been reversed in this case in 2009. I doubt it would have led to the same “huh, I think I remember something like that happening at some point” reaction from the media and NFL fans. I’m a Pats fan and even I barely remember that incident.

  57. if brady loses, it’s in large part due to the court venue. the NFL did their homework. if the league loses, they didn’t have much of a case to begin with, and shot themselves in the foot repeatedly by employing slimy tactics

    this selective discipline by the league is really out of hand, and i for one hope brady smokes ’em in court, and torches them on the field, which if it happens will be his true legacy.

    …imagine that–after winning IV superbowls.

  58. At first, I didn’t even think Judge Berman was entertaining things like this. Now….not so much. With this previous incident being discussed with him it would only make sense that other instances where balls have either been illegally modified or deflated are, or were fair game throughout the appeal process. These events might be the gamechanger Brady’s defense was looking for If Berman is considering precedence. Precedence could play a large part in the judges decision being that it would appear that the league acted in a capricious and undermining fashion when applying the punishment. Therefore, article 46 could be deemed null if in fact the judge feels that the league acted unfairly through the investigative process. 46 is a catch-all provision, however, only if the ENTIRE investigation is seen as equal and fair to all parties involved. Have a great day gentlemen….football eve is right around the corner. Good luck to you, your families and your favorite teams,

  59. Did this take place prior to the AFC Championship game? It didn’t?

    Brady and his co-conspirators tampered withe balls prior to AFC Championship game, see the difference?

  60. I think the major problem for the league is they had their star player refusing to cooperate with an investigation. Now, if Tom doesn’t has to cooperate and there is no significant penalty for not cooperating, what player is going to cooperate with any investigation? Furthermore, the NFLPA would advise all players not to cooperate with any investigation. Just pay a $50K fine.

    Now if players can stymie and official NFL investigation, why not refuse drug testing too?

    It’s a slippery slope the NFL is trying to prevent. The argument for not cooperating and bringing up past history of non cooperation being rewarded with a fine only makes the NFL want to stick to their guns this time to prevent future non-cooperation.

    NFL needs players to fear the shield. NFL needs the player thought process to be if they suspended Brady 4 games for not cooperating you know everybody else will be suspended too.

    That’s a far cry from saying don’t cooperate and pay the fine.

  61. I am very curious about something. It is often argued by “the Patriots haters” that the Patriots get special, more favorable treatment from the NFL. They always get off easy, etc.

    Is that actually true though, or just a crutch for them? I would argue 1 of 2 things in response. First, it would appear to be the opposite, and second, it would appear that the Jets are the ones that get off easy. Lets look at the situations and see what happened in similar, comparable scenarios.

    Lets start with filming your opponents signals. The Jets were caught filming in Foxboro, in the playoffs, and went completely unpunished. So unpunished that it wasn’t even reported. There is a whole generation of younger fans that think you are lying if you say the Jets got caught first, and went unpunished. Just 8 months later, the Patriots get busted for the same thing, and they are destroyed by the media, and punished more harshly than any team ever to that point. Interesting, no?

    Failure to cooperate with an investigation, and failure to hand over a phone got Jets QB Brett Favre a $50,000 fine. Failure to cooperate with an investigation, and failure to turn over his phone got Brady a 4 game suspension. Interesting, no?

    The Jets kicker scenario didn’t even get an investigation, or 10 seconds of air time. It has received more publicity in the last 12 hours than it did in the last 6 years combined. But here we are again, the Jets and Patriots, both accused of an apples to apples violation of the rules, and the Jets go unpunished, the Patriots get hammered.

    Are we still going to parrot the line that the “darlings of the NFL, the Patriots, always get off easy”? Or are you going to remove your heads from your rectums and see that something very wrong is happening. If the Patriots are getting off easy, where is the outrage for the Jets??? The New York Jets are the true darlings of the NFL offices, with all of the former Jets front office personnel working at 345 Park Avenue. This disgusts me as a football fan. I don’t want the commissioner to be “The Enforcer”, but if he is gonna be, he should be doing it consistently across the board. At least then he can pretend he treats all teams equally. As it stands now, he takes the punishment that should be doled out, and then decreases dramatically if it is the Jets, increases it dramatically if is the Pats, and keeps right about where it should be if its the other 30 teams

  62. @tricktic
    “Therefore, article 46 could be deemed null if in fact the judge feels that the league acted unfairly through the investigative process. ”

    This argument is null if Brady is seen as not cooperating with the investigative process.

  63. Countdown to Brady starting the 1st regular season game and the end to Roger Goodell’s tenure as NFL commissioner. This whole “Deflategate” brouhaha has been so utterly botched by Goodell and Co. that it has become a huge embarrassment for the league and all concerned. ENOUGH ALREADY! I look forward to Judge Berman bringing some long-overdue sanity to this whole fiasco and putting it to an end.

  64. “weepingjebus says:
    Sep 1, 2015 11:15 PM
    Feely’s testimony was delayed for 20 minutes when Mara faked a cramp in front of the bench.”

    I laughed out loud reading this post.


  65. @steelcitywity This argument is null if Brady is seen as not cooperating with the investigative process

    Actually, your argument is null since the league acted with negligence and and maliciousness prior to it getting to the point where Brady would be even questioned about the subject. I.e giving the patriots wrong info about thREAL measurements of their balls. And the continuing with the ommittence of information in the letter to the pats about the colts balls aall being in regulation, which theyy were not. 3/4 colts balls whether you’d like to believe it or not were under 12.5 and were under meaning it is more probable than not that 75% of the 12 would be as well. However, we don’t have measurements for the other 8 being that the staff conducting the measurements ran out of time when they saw what was happening. Meaning that it is also very possible that the colts played the entire 2ND half with balls below regs. No disrespect at all bro. II’ve always liked the Steelers and the fans, and I can understand why you guys wouldn’t want Brady to play the first game being that you’re without Pounced, Bryant and more importantly Bell. It would’ve been a toss up had everyone of your starters played. I might’ve even put some cash on you guys. The reality is that the nfl staff was at the very least arbitrary from the time they received the emails….waaaaaaaay before Brady refused to hand over the phone. If you remember correctly at the beginning of the investigation one of the kicking balls was in question, they requested to see Gostkowskis phone, he refused, no punishment. take it easy bro your Steelers are going to make some noise this year. All I’m saying is we probably never get to this point if the NFL hadn’t botched the investigation from before kickoff. Be safe cuz.

  66. tlyons4 says:
    Sep 2, 2015 8:37 AM
    Honest question for the legal eagles: does what happened to Feely matter to Judge Berman at this point in the process? From what I understand Berman is judging the arbitration, not the punishment or steps leading up to the punishment. Feely’s case (or lack thereof) would seem to be something for the arbitrator to take into consideration in determining if the League was fair in handing down the punishment it did, but we’re beyond that point (for now).

    Kessler seems to think so. The NFLPA/Brady briefs specifically mention the Feely incident in the section on lack of notice & consistent treatment.

  67. 2015 outlaw pats revenge dream scenario:

    16-0 regular season.
    brady owns the steelers yet again. close game against jags. win convincingly over both mannings. two shutouts each of the jets and dolphins. destroy bills for being posers. cut the eagles and cowgirls down to size. destroy the texans in their crib(sorry vince). close games against the titans and redskins(who got an upgrade at QB this week).

    1st round bye
    (peyton goes 1-&-done yet again, further settling GOAT, losing to the texans, getting their hopes up)

    obliterate the texans in the divisional round(again, sorry vince)
    torch the colts in the AFCCG(or ravens would be almost as satisfying) again
    win SB L, against the seahawks(again) or packers(sorry packers, a team you have to respect)

    now as far as the 2016 season goes…

  68. chicagobtech says:
    Sep 2, 2015 12:13 AM
    It should also be an important point that the 2009 incident occurred under a different CBA.


    Actually that it happened under a different CBA is not relevant.

    What is relevant is the precedent the NFL set in the way they handled that case versus the way they handled this one.

  69. beach305 says:
    Sep 1, 2015 11:46 PM
    Did Feely also destroy his phone and hamper the investigation? Were there text between the equipment mangers suggesting that Feely knew what was going on?

    There wasn’t an investigation, and he was never asked for his phone.
    See the difference?

  70. jetsclaps says:
    Sep 1, 2015 11:12 PM
    Did Feely text an equipmeny manager dubbed “the deflator?”

    We don’t know because he was never investigated.

  71. beach305 says:
    Sep 1, 2015 11:46 PM
    Did Feely also destroy his phone and hamper the investigation? Were there text between the equipment mangers suggesting that Feely knew what was going on?
    Brett Favre didn’t hand over his phone. Got fined. Gostowki during this investigation didn’t hand over his phone, no punishment.

  72. Maybe the NFL just wants to take a tougher stance on inflation levels now. The incident with Feely happened 6 years ago. Na, who am I kidding? Conspiracy against the Pats!

  73. This is totally different. Some QB’s like the ball with more air, some with less. Every kicker wants the ball to fly longer and straighter which, I assume, is what a more inflated ball would do. No need to consult Feely. Its like saying a baseball was juiced and left the park earlier and , oh, the batter must have had knowledge. Nice try.

  74. So why deny an 2nd interview to the two employees? Oh, don’t want to inconvinience them. This is a chance to get to the truth. To exonerate yourself. Jaz and Chaz have been thru enough, so, lets suspend them? They will never see that locker room again.What spin.

  75. It just shows you how corrupt the Goodell administration is:

    1. When the NFL found the Lions guilty of tampering in 2011, Detroit had to forfeit a 7th round pick and exchange 5th round picks with the Chiefs. The tampering concerned losing DC Gunther Cunningham.

    2. When the NFL found Jets owner Woody Johnson guilty of tampering with Darrell Revis – arguably the best CB in the entire NFL, the Jets were punished… a mere 100k fine.

    Losing 2 draft picks vs 100k. One team lost a DC, while the other team lost the best CB in the NFL. Yeah, Goodell’s regime is fundamentally UNFAIR! #FireGoodell

  76. The league is supposeldy going to be doing regular checks on ball psi levels focusing on properly recorded measurements both pregame, halftime and postgame. All the balls will be checked in the same manner with new approved, calibration correct guages. Sadly, as of today noone knows where those new guages are. The NFL does not want this now because after Wells proved nothing but jibberish and AEI and then SmartLabs out of PITTSBURGH-TROLLS, GOT IT-PITTSBURGH, proved Wells report was FLAWED and all the media leaks were false and not corrected by the NFL (because as we’ve now seen in published documented emails, they were generated by the NFL,, what happens when we see that balls in fact are affected by the Ideal Gas Law. Are all the trolls and haters going to admit the Patriots never cheated or are all the cold weather game teams now labeled cheaters just to be able to say that the Patriots still are. 12.5 is legal just as 13 up to 13.5 is legal and when the Patriots are holding the Colts to 3 and outs, Indy’s balls do not get abused as much as the Patriots. Getting tackled, spiking TD’s all contribute to losing air pressure and it is not just the weather. I hope the haters enjoy their humble pie at the end of the year when the first PSI study becomes available and COMPLETELY exonerates Brady and restores his legacy nation wide. That is when Goodell gets fired and Brady files a defamation suit for causing unjust and unfair harm. The only thing Brady is lying about are the strategically placed news leaks that his marriage is under duress because of all the bologna of Deflategate. If Goodell and the league can falsify reports to tarnish the Patriots and Brady, then turnabout is fairplay to build a strong defamation case.

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