NFL makes other changes to Super Bowl media schedule

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The biggest change to the events of Super Bowl week comes from the shifting of the circus of frivolity known as Media Day to Super Bowl Opening Night. Other changes also have been made to the activities to be held in the days prior to the game.

PFT has obtained a copy of the email to teams outlining the adjustments to the events at which players and coaches will have to show up so they don’t get fined.

First, the joint press conference involving the head coaches on the Friday before the game has been scrapped. However, coaches will be “required to fulfill broadcast partner commitments as necessary.”

Second, the league has ditched the standard media availability upon the teams’ arrival to the site of the Super Bowl.

Third, in place of the Tuesday media day, the head coach, starting quarterback, and 10 other players will be available at the team hotels.

Other activities are unchanged, including the Wednesday and Thursday media sessions at the team hotels with all coaches and players, and the Monday-after press conference with the winning head coach and the game’s MVP.

6 responses to “NFL makes other changes to Super Bowl media schedule

  1. Super Bowl week Press Conferences are a joke. Bunch of wannabe’s asking the same lame question over and over, getting the same answer over and over.

  2. The league is missing a huge opportunity. The FANS want to be involved. And it would sure make for more enjoyable TV to watch an unscripted (and probably not live) interview with select fans that make the journey and show up to the team hotel or whatever convention center the media day location is. Seriously, who wouldn’t love to see various team superfans talk up their teams. Each team has them. And they generally follow their teams to the big game at any cost. I just think the NFL would do well to encourage more showcasing of fans. I would imagine that it would just encourage more fans to show up. And that puts more dollars in the NFL coffers. Nothing to lose.

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