Robert Griffin III can’t control his social media, blames the intern


Who says deposed Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III doesn’t make quick decisions, or good ones.

Last night, via SB Nation, his official Instagram account liked a post on the social media site which ripped the team, its “sorry ass team owner” and “sorry ass front office,” and included the only-in-Washington hashtag #ImpeachDanSnyder.

Of course, this made a splash, because lord knows anything the man says or does in the wake of being benched will.

But he came around later and “unlike” the photo, with his own post blaming an intern and backing away from responsibility, under a large photo saying “I just wanted to set the record straight.”

“I did not “like” that IG post ridiculing our team,” he wrote. “I have not been social media active consistently for awhile now and am ultra-focused on working to get back on the field and trying to help this team. One of our interns who helps with Instagram liked the post. As soon as I was made aware of it, it was immediately unliked. That is not how I feel and I appreciate your understanding.”

So he doesn’t hate his employer, but he does run and put his name on an operation designed for brand promotion that doesn’t always do things coherently and consistently, and is willing to chunk a lesser-paid individual under the bus if need be.

Come to think of it, that might be why he lost his day job as well.

56 responses to “Robert Griffin III can’t control his social media, blames the intern

  1. Did you or did you not proclaim yourself as the best quarterback in the league? Now your sitting on the bench, possibly about to be dismissed and your blaming your “intern” for your reckless mouth? Granted, the Redskins aren’t a banner outfit right now, without you and your mess, they might actually win some this year. Let it go son, you just aren’t NFL material. Plenty of jobs available you qualify for, for instance, drive thru, 3 shift grease trap dumper etc. Better get your application in.

  2. Lol you thought Robert Griffin was going to take the blame for something? That will be the day…

  3. Shoulda said hell yes I liked it. Woulda clicked Love if I coulda. He’s done there and needs to exit with a shred of dignity or at least take some shots while he’s still there.

  4. If you want something done right… Do it yourself. I can’t imagine he’s so busy, he can’t take 10 minutes a day to write his own tweets, Instagram or Facebook posts.

  5. Does Robert really not get it?

    For all the talk of him meeting his degree requirements early, to his military upbringing, to leadership, he just doesn’t get it.

  6. I think cases like his are just sad.

    People that know RG3 keep saying how smart he is, everything he does in the public doesn’t show intelligence. I know this week he made a few comments that got blown out of context (I am the best QB in the league, for example). It seems his career is full of sound bits that he should have learned from, but doesn’t.

    The worst part is this is believable behavior from RG3. Anyone who has followed this guy as a fan, or a hater will know he wants to prove he is right his own way. I don’t think he has had much adversity in his career, being a physical phenom. Now that he is at a level where most quarterbacks share the arm strength and can “scramble” to extend a play he is struggling.

    I really feel like these guys should be hiring someone in their mid 40’s who has success in the business world to teach them to filter their comments and thoughts. RG3 needs to hire someone to tutor him on filtering to reduce the outside pressure, allowing him to concentrate on the only thing that matters, for him, football.

  7. RGIII, the gift that keeps on giving. I guess you have to give him credit for not saying his account was hacked.

    How is that branding thing working out for you?

  8. Good lord man- if you actually read the Instagram post, ok, maybe there’s some words for Snyder, but the bulk of the post is simply defending Robert and saying they still believe in him. It’s OK for Robert to ‘like’ that. This is another reason why the Skins can’t ever avoid clown show notoriety- the damn media blows everything out of proportion, and writes misconstrued, out-of-context articles for clickbait. No other QB in the NFL is scrutinized under the microscope that RGIII is. Give the man a break. He’s already broken; let him try to rise back up and quit sensationalizing every minuscule, meaningless act!

  9. I was very impressed with him when he was drafted and throughout his rookie season…. Not so much anymore.

  10. This is unfair, what else should he do/say? If it was really an interns mistake, you want RG3 to take the hit for it to protect this intern who could be anyone in the world?

  11. There isn’t one word there where that person is lying about the organization. They didn’t handle his injury correctly in 2012-13, trust was broken in that Seattle game between Griffin & the Redskins and it never returned.

    Every word that person wrote about the Redskins organization has been true for 16 years. I find it quite ironic when most fans blast Snyder, Allen & others every second of the day as always being the problem in DC but when Griffin likes an Instagram post of a fan all of a sudden he’s the problem!

    Most Redskins fans are flip flippers & two faced and it’s sad.

  12. If true, why would you turn over your credentials to log onto Instagram to an intern? That is foolish.

  13. I don’t know which is more amusing, that RGIII is throwing an intern under the bus or that this dime store hero has an intern working for him in the first place!

  14. And for everyone who laments the fact that RGIII is unfairly scrutinized, when the Redskins mortgaged their future to draft him, the scrutiny was inevitable!

  15. If the bloggers, media, lobbyists, even the President aren’t taking shots at the Redskins on the regular it wouldn’t be a good day. Want to say something negative that everybody will agree with? Just include the redskins name. Not very original but t works very well.

    Robert did nothing different than anybody else. He liked a slam on the patsy Redskins. No big deal. The only irony is it is that it takes issue with Snyder who is a Rg3s biggest fan and supporter. Snyder needs to read that. Quit riding the kids jock Snyder.

    Will this kid wind up being a bust? Nobody is going to know that until about 3 years from now.

    I know you think you know, now, but give him time, another coach, and another “system” and wait and see. It is not out of the realm of possibility.

    Pull yourself up by your bootstraps Robert. Time to suck it up and move on. All that social media stuff just looks petty and trifling.

  16. Besides the whole “not my fault” thing (maybe not, but you’re still responsible for your own account, right?), perhaps the worse part is this:

    “…I have not been social media active consistently for awhile now and (I) am ultra-focused on working …”

    Bob – you went “ultra-focused on working” before now?

  17. Griffin, dude. I mean, COME ON MAN. You’re killing yourself. Why you guys seek attention on instagram and twitter thingies is beyond me.

  18. Anybody running a social media account for a celebrity would not have done that lightly. From some of the ish I’ve been reading, wouldn’t surprise me if someone paid the intern to do that. And yall are a bunch of haters, I know he hasn’t carried himself well at all but it’s obvious he never would “like” a post like that. Pull your heads out, they’re trying to get rid of him in a typical reputation smearing.

  19. I wish another team would pick him up. Ever since trying to be the hero Washington wanted and craved for, and basically threatening his career because of it, people
    Have only bashed him. As a Giants fan I remeber being scared to death when he was on the field. All of this other stuff that arm chair fans worry about kills me. Look at all of these players who are out here raping women (you know who I’m talking about) and gets a pass from
    Their fan base, yet people are ready to crucify this kid over liking a post… On Instagram… While he’s injured? This is why players go out there and do it for the money. Screw he love of the game because when you’re down it doesn’t love you back. Get Paid!

  20. I have definitely clicked ‘like’ on something unintentionally. It is especially easy with a touch screen when you try to move the screen but it gets confused and registers a tap.

  21. Wait a second. I know there are circumstances where what I’m saying could be challenged, but just realistically think about the situation. If he isn’t actively on social media, then how did he see what somebody else wrote and set the record straight?

    I can see a person being upset about being benched if they feel they shouldn’t be. But at least take responsibility when you do lash out.

  22. So where are all the people that normally post the “#HTTR” thing in every response?

  23. I’m surprised he didn’t opt for the tried-and-true “someone hacked my account” excuse. Instead he chose to place the blame at the feet of someone who is probably working for little more than a stipend, if anything.

  24. Actually, it was his intern that said he was the best QB in the league….yeah, that’s the ticket….

  25. No wonder his teammates were positively giddy when Cousins performed well in the last preseason game.

    RGIII has lost the fan base, lost his teammates and lost the coaching staff.

    I guess that leaves Mama as the only believer left…

  26. First off I don’t believe him, but even if it’s true what does he have an intern for? He’s a quarterback. Unless? Yea, maybe that’s why hes gotten worse at his job. Instead of watching film like he used to he has his intern do it instead. He probably works out for him too.

  27. “backing away from responsibility” prety accurate depiction of his personality and his career. I feel sorry for Griffin.

  28. Honest Question: Do any of the people here who have commented negatively about RGIII really know the truth? With comments so definite, how could you possibly know?

    Second Question: If it were you and you had an intern who mistakenly liked a story that has a slam on your boss in it, you are telling me that you would honestly take the responsibility for that if you in fact didn’t do it and not try to set the record straight?

    Third Question: Why so much hate for a guy who has really never done anything to you? Really, ask yourself that. What has this guy ever done to you?

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