Report: Bills debating whether to cut Matt Cassel


For much of the offseason, it was believed that 2013 first-round quarterback EJ Manuel faced the loss of his roster spot if he couldn’t regain his starting job. Now, the Bills could end up getting rid of the veteran for whom they traded in March.

Sal Capaccio of WGR 550 reports that the Bills have having an “internal debate” on whether to cut Matt Cassel.

The Bills already paid Cassel a $500,000 roster bonus, but they would avoid a $4.15 million base salary by moving on before Week One.

The Bills sent a 2015 fifth-round pick and a 2016 seventh-round selection to the Vikings for Cassel and a 2015 sixth-rounder. Cassel lost the starting job to Tyrod Taylor, a free agent the Bills signed to a three-year, $3.35 million contract. He has a base salary of only $750,000 this year.

If the Bills cut Manuel, they’d still owe him $1.2 million for 2015 and $1.6 million for 2016. However, the Bills would get credit for any money Manuel earns elsewhere.

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  1. Cassel would be a decent backup QB for a team that really needs one. Are you listening, Cleveland? Manziel is damaged goods and will never be a star in the NFL. Why not give Cassel a job? He just might help your team.

  2. Interesting. The money would seem to dictate that Cassel should be cut. Is he really $4 mil better that Tyrod or EJ?
    Me thinks not.

  3. As a Bills fan, excited about the current direction of the team, I really don’t know what the debate is. Matt Cassel embodies everything this franchise has been for the last decade. Mediocre (at best). CUT. HIM!

  4. I suspect that even if buffalo intends to release cassel, they will wait as a way to prevent belichick and the pats from signing him. If Brady is going to be out for 4 games, having cassel (who played well when Brady was hurt) and garrapolo (who has played well this preseason) is best case scenario for a Brady-less Patriots offense.

  5. Tyrod Taylor reminds me a lot of Doug Flutie–give or take 5 inches. I think Taylor could seriously grow into playing at that level (perhaps even higher) if he proves adept at making reads and going through his progressions. And if the Bills make the playoffs this year? Something tells me Rex Ryan won’t pull a Wade Phillips and give Taylor the Flutie treatment in the defining game of his career. (That’s the reason the Titans won that game, not the Music City Miracle.)

    – Titans Fan (and eye witness to January 8, 2000)

  6. It’s not Cassel’s fault, its so much harder to throw balls that are inflated properly and run a high-powered offense when you don’t have tape of the defenses signals.


  7. He is gone.

    EJ showed he could have upside, Taylor may be the real deal and Simms is fine as a 3rd stringer.

    They cut Fred Jackson due to age and declining productivity. Cassel is next.

  8. Ryan Mallett and Matt Cassell share common protege and common results of losing job or getting cut.

    In other news, Flacco’s protege wins starting QB job in Buffalo.

  9. He’ll be a Patriot within the hour of being cut as a security blanket in case Brady’s suspension isn’t vacated.

  10. Cassel has been flat out outplayed by EJ and Tyrod. The Bills have a lot of talent outside of the QB position and that roster spot could actually go to some good use instead of a 3rd QB.

    And $4 million salary for a 3rd QB? With big contracts for guys like Marcell Dareus, Nigel Bradham, and Cordy Glenn coming up, it makes way more sense to cut him loose.

  11. “Matt Cassel embodies everything this franchise has been for the last decade. Mediocre (at best). CUT. HIM!”

    What the heck is EJ Manual?

  12. Definitely keep EJ. The guy has never really gotten a fair chance with a decent team and coaching around him. He has started approx 14 games in his career (not even a full season!). If that is the measuring block then cut Carr, Bortles, Bridgewater, Hoyer, etc. as they all certainly have not reached their potential yet but still have starting jobs.

  13. Is this an accurate report or has the GM gone “rogue” again? This team doesn’t have its QB of the future yet, and will filter through both Manuel and Smith before the season is over, ultimately wishing they had retained Cassel (if they dump him).

  14. mrbgood315 says:
    Sep 2, 2015 10:45 AM

    As a Bills fan, excited about the current direction of the team
    Do none of the Bills fans, GM or owner remember playing the ill-prepared Rex Ryan led Jets last year and destroying them twice?

    It boggles the mind that hiring that same guy is seen as a positive step.

  15. $4 mil for a starter – even a shaky starter like Cassell – isn’t bad in today’s NFL. Everyone talking about mediocrity should remember that Manuel has been on the backburner for awhile now, so he’s your backup if Taylor goes down or gets pulled.

    In the long run I think it would be foolish to let Cassell go. You’re relying on a guy who hasn’t been a starter (and I’m not rooting against Taylor – more power to him, I hope he does well) and/or a guy who the team has all but moved on from. It seems very short-sighted to me.

  16. Is this an accurate report or has the GM gone “rogue” again? This team doesn’t have its QB of the future yet, and will filter through both Manuel and Smith before the season is over, ultimately wishing they had retained Cassel (if they dump him).
    who’s Smith? Tyrod Taylor is the starting QB on the Bills.

  17. Amazing…where are all the articles stirring up controversy about Jimmy Garrapola starting the first couple of games. Why is only the QB controversy discussed with a 3rd string QB in Buffalo and not who is starting to open the season?

    Different rules.

  18. So they add two QBs to get away from the one they had, and now they’re prepared to go with someone completely untested with only the guy they were trying to get away from as the backup (who, odds are, would see action)?

    That makes no sense at all. Cassell would be one of the very best backups in the league and a serviceable starter if needed. Do they really want to let that go now?

  19. Every Chiefs Fan could see this coming with the Bills and Cassel. He conned the Chiefs out of $45 million. Don’t fall into the same trap Bills.

  20. This is not savvy GM maneuvering Dougieboy, you are very haphazard with Draft picks, 1st rounders, 4th, 5th,7ths settle your roll playa

  21. And they should. Manuel is in the role I always thought suited him even though I don’t think Taylor is a starter either and will fail miserably once teams get tape on him to keep him in the pocket. That being said, Cassell never was good and should be out the league if we’re being honest about his skills in relation to his age.

  22. Give up a couple picks and $500,000 for a look in camp that ends in being cut? Good business for the Bills.

    Give $600,000 and nothing else for a camp look at a former top 5 pick? Bad business and an obvious note that some things remain the same in Oakland.

  23. Cassel has not been “flat outplayed” by EJ.
    What a joke.
    EJ is a DUMB dude who will NEVER figure out how to read a defense and is destined to be a lousy journeyman his whole career.

    I HOPE that the Bills cut Cassel and Tyrod gets hurt.

    Will server them dam* right. And their NFL record number or years without a playoff game will continue.

    Freaking idiots…

  24. All three of those QB’s are garbage. The Bills should be calling other teams to look at their backups. Chase Daniels, Mike Glennon, or AJ McCarron would all be better choices than anyone on the current roster.

  25. If Tyrod gets hurt then Cassel would be a terrific backup in fact I think with the weapons,this team has he would make a very solid starter. They picked Tyrod because he has a much higher upside. I like EJ but do we want a quarterback that will throw one into the hospitality tent during the regular season.

  26. Looks like Rex is poisoning the QB well upstate just as completely as he did downstate. How many Bills fans think they can still win the AFC east?

  27. If Cassel is cut, it would be because of his salary, and not because Manuel is a better QB.

    The interesting thing is, Cassel opted out of his contract before the 2014 season in hopes of getting a pay increase and a new two year deal. While he got that increase for last season, it guaranteed that the Vikings would go shopping for a cheaper alternative, which they did, and cut Cassel in the process.

    Now, Cassel is facing getting cut for the second time in 2015 because of his salary. Cassel would make a good backup QB, but not for $4 million a year.

  28. Cutting Cassell would be a mistake. EJ had an improved preseason, yeah. But do you really want your only options to be 2 guys with a combined 14 NFL starts in a combined 7 seasons? I don’t.

  29. As a Bills fan, I was very excited with this offseason and the different moves.
    But, with the cutting of Fred Jackson( more so if McCoy misses a few games) and now Cassell ( if it comes to passing), not sure anymore about the direction of this team.
    And, if Cassell gets cut, hope is not just to save 4 million $ a year…

  30. Not sure what they were thinking when they signed him. Hard for a pocket passing QB to fit in there

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