NFLPA thanks Judge Berman, points out Goodell’s record in court


As you might imagine, the NFLPA was rather pleased by Judge Richard Berman’s ruling which overturned Tom Brady’s #DeflateGate suspension.

And in their celebration, they were careful to note that this was merely the latest loss in court for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“The rights of Tom Brady and of all NFL players under the collective bargaining agreement were affirmed today by a Federal Judge in a court of the NFL’s choosing,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement. “We thank Judge Berman for his time, careful consideration of the issue and fair and just result.

“This decision should prove, once and for all, that our Collective Bargaining Agreement does not grant this Commissioner the authority to be unfair, arbitrary and misleading. While the CBA grants the person who occupies the position of Commissioner the ability to judiciously and fairly exercise the designated power of that position, the union did not agree to attempts to unfairly, illegally exercise that power, contrary to what the NFL has repeatedly and wrongfully claimed.

“We are happy for the victory of the rule of law for our players and our fans. This court’s decision to overturn the NFL Commissioner again should signal to every NFL owner that collective bargaining is better than legal losses. Collective bargaining is a much better process that will lead to far better results.”

That’s a fairly strong gloat at a moment when the league is reeling, from a loss even bigger than the Saints alleged bounty scandal and bigger than anything involving Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson or Greg Hardy.

45 responses to “NFLPA thanks Judge Berman, points out Goodell’s record in court

  1. Roger Goodell – the Washington Generals of NFLPA court cases

    Time for the owners to follow their own rules (Article VIII of the NFL Constitution) and appoint a commissioner who actually has “unquestioned integrity”

    Breaking news – Chris Mortenson of the Erroneous Sports Propaganda Network reports that Goodell won and Judge Berman called him to apologize

  2. You don’t just whip off a dense 40 page decision in a couple of days. Judge Berman gave the NFL every opportunity and warning to settle, and they were too stupid to take it.

    I call on all Pats fans to make a customized “Berman” jersey the top selling item for the week.

  3. Goodell seems to think that arbitrator = arbitrary. As Judge Doty in Minnesota said, he doesn’t seem to realize that there is a CBA.

  4. They have the right to gloat — the decision fell one step short of outing Goodell and the NFL Offices as biased. And so much for the Wells Report — the whole thing was a farce.

  5. DeMaurice Smith for commissioner. Let him deal with the issue of player discipline. I bet he would be incredible.

  6. Still a cheater, that won’t ever change. He was never proven innocent of deflating footballs but only the process of the suspension and after is what Berman had an issue with. Please show me somewhere in the ruling where Berman claims Brady’s innocence.

  7. Caught some BSPN discussion round-table while walking on the treadmill at the gym. One of the hacks, er reporters, said “Brady lost but won on a technicality.” So there you go, Patriot haters. Something to hang your hats on now. Kiss the rings while you’re at it.

  8. “This decision should prove, once and for all, that our Collective Bargaining Agreement does not grant this Commissioner the authority to be unfair, arbitrary and misleading.

    Roger LIED again in his 20 release and got busted again.

  9. nfl with all its money and high-priced execs is shockingly incompetent.

    they played a winning hand into a humiliating defeat through gross arrogance.

    in so doing, the nfl has done more to dillute the commissioner’s powers in disciplinary matters than kessler could on his own.

    shame on you, roger
    shame on you, mike kensil
    shame on you, pash
    shame on you, mara
    shame on you, bob mcnair, and every other owner who allowed this insanity to weaken the nfl’s most cherished powers under the cba

  10. In both this case and video gate, the image of the NFL and the “integrity of the game” would’ve been better served by warnings to not do that again.

    Instead, Goodell created a scandal out of nothing by his extreme reaction. People only think that the two incidents were a matter of “the integrity of the game” because of his reaction.

    I would say that regardless of the team involved, but I think Goodell’s reaction would’ve been different with just about any other team.

    Pumping noise into the stadium when the visiting team is on offense clearly gives the home team a competitive advantage, and it has been going on for years, but it has not been treated as a matter of “the integrity of the game.”

  11. Glad you added that “alleged” bounty scandal when referring to the Saints. All the players who have gotten their suspensions vacated or reduced can thank the Saints players who challenged Goodell in court. They set the precedent for outside arbitrators taking a VERY long look at how Goodell handles investigations, punishments, and appeals. It hasn’t been the same for old Roger since Vilma and Smith took him to court and got Tagliabue named as arbitrator. Whether Brady is totally innocent or not, the whole “investigation” was a sham much like it was with the Saints.

  12. Sean Payton needs to sue Goodell and the NFL. Goodell is a criminal.

    He needs to be thrown in jail like Judge Doty asked Kessler.

    Keep hating on Brady and calling him a cheater haters. It only strengthens Brady’s defamation lawsuit for $1 billion.

    Judge Berman found there was no evidence of cheating.

  13. For the record, I don’t believe that Brady ever offered to serve a reduced suspension. I believe that it was more propaganda being leaked to the NFL’s cache of shills in the media with the purpose of making Brady look guilty.

    That being said, if the rumor IS true and Brady did offer to serve a reduced suspension, this Commissioner and the cartel of owners behind this frame job are morons for not accepting it.

  14. I think the Patriots just became my new favorite team. I have always loved Brady.

    I hope the Patriots run up the score on every single team they play.

    I hope the Patriots score 80 on every team. And I hope they throw up 100 on the Colts, the Jets, and the Texans and every teams owner that supported scumbag Goodell.

    Im sure Kraft has a record of who was supporting Goodell.

  15. To all the haters saying he cheated and won on a technicality, this ruling is in response to the league’s filing asking to have the court ratify the findings of the appeal hearing.

    That said, as far as proof goes there was this exchange in open court:

    Judge Berman: “What is the direct evidence that implicates Mr. Brady?”

    Nash: “There may not be a smoking gun, but there is evidence of culpability”

    Judge Berman: “I am having trouble finding that evidence”

  16. Roger Goodell has done more to negatively impact the “integrity of the game” than any other individual in history. The owners should recognize this, cut their losses and fire him….today.

  17. dcapettini says:
    Sep 3, 2015 12:13 PM

    All this means is that every dispute will now be settled in court. I hope that the NFLPA has a very big legal fund.


    No. What it means is that this commissioner (and every commissioner from here on) will just need to administer punishment, and conduct any appeals fairly and within the limits of the CBA. Pretty simple really.

    But what it does also mean is that this commissioner in particular won’t be railroading any more players.

  18. birdgang says:
    Sep 3, 2015 11:46 AM

    Still a cheater, that won’t ever change. He was never proven innocent of deflating footballs but only the process of the suspension and after is what Berman had an issue with. Please show me somewhere in the ruling where Berman claims Brady’s innocence.

    It doesn’t matter, because the NFL had the burden of proof, not Brady. The league could not prove their case because the from the office to the officials, they botched every step of this thing. They were their own worst enemies from the start What the NFL did was shady as hell, and they know it. They will lose on appeal, and hopefully figure out a way to get the commissioner out of the disciplinary process altogether.

    Here is one item that has been mentioned, but the impact has not been explored:

    Wells knew he had to deal with the science involved right away. So he contacted Columbia University about validating the testing results. Within 24 hours, The NFL made a statement that they would not be dealing with Columbia, citing a “press leak” to the NY Times that they blamed on Columbia.

    We all know that Exponent was hired to write that report. And we all know the the “press leak” is the preferred way of getting info out for the NFL to gauge public opinion. So why would they have a problem with that leak in particular? And why would they immediately go to Exponent? There are hundreds of schools that would love the attention gained from working directly with the NFL on this.

    The only thing one can assume from this situation is that Columbia let the NFL know that they had no case with their data. A.) The testing methods were horrible, and there was no historical data for comparison. B.) The Ideal Gas Law makes the point moot and un-provable, because even with the bad data, the effect of weather were enough to explain any differences in .psi.

    Wells knew he was screwed, and after that, all he could do was build a shaky case that proved nothing. But he got the result the league wanted. He had 5 million reasons to do exactly what he did.

  19. To all you whiny ass teardropping haters, just remember: Your anger and sadness over the Patriots success make’s it all the more enjoyable. So please, all Pats fans are actually quite humored by it, keep bitching. It will make every win this season that much sweeter.

  20. raidernation210 says:
    Sep 3, 2015 11:40 AM

    The judge didn’t say Brady didn’t cheat but loser patriots fans will take it that way

    Actually, it was Ted Wells who said Brady wasn’t a cheat when, during the appeals process, Wells stated under oath that he believed Tom Brady told his equipment manger to set the footballs at 13 PSI, within the legal limit.

  21. I’d investigate the relationship between NFLPA and Judge Berman. Who knows what we’ll find….

  22. This whole process has made me a Patriots fan. There could be nothing sweeter than to watch Brady and Co hoist the Lombardi trophy AGAIN. Too many fans of other teams immediately flocked to the NFLs side, insisting he must have cheated simply because ESPN said so. We can only hope that NE has the last laugh this season.

  23. Great the NFLPA can point to Goodell’s record in court. The NFL can point to the NFLPA’s horrible record in collective bargaining.

    The NFLPA is a weak, weak union.

  24. While DeMaurice Smith gloats he must keep in mind that the Commissioner should have NEVER been in position to decisde these cases to begin with. Had Smitty not handed him the keys to the asylum we wouldn’t be in this position.

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