Report: Judge Berman overturns Brady suspension


The #DeflateWait is over. (Credit to Trey Wingo for the name.)

According to the Associated Press, Judge Richard M. Berman has “nullified” the four-game suspension imposed on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The ruling has not yet been released, and it’s unclear whether the suspension has been permanently wiped clean or whether the case has been sent back for a second hearing.

The NFL has appeal rights, but it’s highly unlikely that the league would be able to block Brady from playing next Thursday night against the Steelers.

More to come. Throughout the day. And beyond.

506 responses to “Report: Judge Berman overturns Brady suspension

  1. So the collective bargaining agreement is not a legally binding document. This opens the door to some really interesting possibilities.

  2. As a Giants fan, I really just wanted him to be able to play the Cowboys, so I’m pleased enough with the result.

    I do think, that with the complete lack of evidence against him, this is probably justified.

  3. Sweet sweet justice.

    Nothing fair about that process and the NFL’s own handpicked court shoved it up their butt.

    Yet another great day to be a NE Patriot fan.

    Haters Tears are in pouring down in Torrential form!!!

    Hate on Haters

    Brady the GOAT, wins again!!!

    Cry on Haters!!!

  5. That’s what happens when a real court gets involved and not just the NFL and its corrupt scumbag lawyers and partners. Eat it Roger.

  6. He destroyed his phone not because of cheating in the NFL, its probably because his wife may find out all the other “side pieces”.

  7. For the record, I don’t think Brady should be suspended, but I can’t help but feel bitter when other players like Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and many others felt the BS garbage by Goodell, but somehow Tom Brady is the one to beat Goodell and gets to play. Adrian Peterson beat the NFL in court and STILL had to sit out the rest of the season because the NFL wouldn’t get a trial before the season end. Perfect that Tom get’s to play in all the preseason games, and one week before the regular season his is nullified? As a Vikes fan, I’m pretty bitter about it. I guess if you are the Golden Boy and are white, that helps your case.

  8. Gee, I wonder what ESPN and the NFL Network will be talking about today…..for 12 hours straight.

  9. Well… so much for Goodell having the power to ignore due process… let’s hear from the geniuses who claimed the CBA allowed Goodell to do anything he pleased… doesn’t work that way… contracts don’t overrule fundamental principles fo fairness.

  10. #firegoodell
    Can’t imagine the owners letting him continue to spend millions only to end up looking foolish. He’s proven he can’t protect The Shield. He’s THE WORST commish of all time.

  11. but……….. the CBA they said. They agreed to let Roger Goodell hear appeals they said. You cant overturn the commissioners decision they said. Shut it!!!! Look out NFL here come the pats.

  12. If the wording of the ruling is what I think it is, this would really hamper Roger Goodell’s ability to manage the NFL. His days as commissioner are numbered.

  13. “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” – Sun Tzu

  14. I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m no fan of Brady, and have little doubt that he was involved in this, but Roger Goodell’s ego has cost him his credibility.

    Bottom line: the NFL just didn’t have enough evidence to suspend Brady for this, and that Wells report wasn’t good enough to make a four game suspension it stick. If Goodell had gone after Brady for refusing to cooperate, he would have had a better case. But Goodell’s ego has taken him over the cliff.

    The owners need to get rid of this incompetent commissioner, and find someone who will restore integrity to the league office. Any commissioner who equates what Brady did to what Greg Hardy did (both were given four game suspensions) is not fit to hold his post. It is (long past) time for Goodell to go.

  15. Obviously

    “Sorry Roger, You are not Judge, Jury and Executioner”

    “Welcome to America!!”

  16. Nice. As far as I’m concerned, the mere fact that two different pressure gauges were used and gave different answers invalidated the the entire investigation.

    Goodell no longer has any credibility. The NFL may as well set up an independent arbitrator for these situations.

  17. Not surprised, Berman has been hinting from day one how much Goodell and this investigation about Brady and Deflategate was a farce. There will be appeals, Im sure, but the NFL looks like a joke now.

    Pat/Brady haters are on suicide watch lol

  18. Justice is served. This was an unfounded witch hunt from the start. Should have been a $25,000 fine for tampering with equipment right from the start. The rest was a circus.

  19. The only people surprised by this are Patriots haters that were desperate for the Pats to get their (deserved) comeuppance.

    Rational people able to look past their blinding hate could see the NFL had no case, no evidence, and were moving the way they did in a desperate attempt to save face after all the mis-steps they had made with their punishments over the last two years.

    Ironically, in doing so, they floundered once again and look like fools.

  20. Goes to show that garbage “justice” is indeed garbage. NFL tried to rig the process as much as possible, but even then it wasn’t enough. Just another example of why this country and its laws/courts are so great (still some flaws, but perfection is impossible).

  21. Brady not only beats other football teams, he beats the corrupt commissioner. Truly GOAT!

    Now, can we finally focus on football??

    Fire Goodell, and run Kensil and Pash out of town on a rail. or tar and feather them. Either way…….

  22. Thankfully people outside the clown show rodeo known as the NFL front offices are sane and MUCH smarter

  23. I commented here a few weeks ago that having had previous experience before Judge Berman, he is a very fair judge and Brady would get a fair hearing. He obviously wanted the parties to settle instead of issuing this ruling. The NFL is stupid for not taking the one game suspension without an admission of guilt. Freakin idiots.

  24. The NFL did such a poor job investigating Deflategate, and then an even poorer job with the appeal, that it almost seems like Goodell wanted Brady to prevail in the long run.

    Go TB!

  25. That trophy ceremony after SB 50 is going to be interesting. Wonder WHO will be the new commish????

  26. Of course they do. Brady is such a wanke. Another cheater who got away with it. League is becoming a joke. May have to just stop watching.

  27. Jets fan here – good for Brady. I still believe he was generally aware that air was taken out, but deserved no more than a “stop doing that” from the league. Would rather them play at full strength.

    And for the record, Goodell in the 80’s was an intern for the Jets for 1 year. Hardly someone that would still hold allegiance to them.

  28. “You know, that’s what good quarterbacks do, they make plays when things don’t go perfectly, which a lot of times they don’t, and Tom does a good job of that.” — Bill Belichick

  29. Excited for the match up. I, for one, wouldn’t want the cowboys to win or lose against the pats without Brady on the field. Losing means you lost to a backup, and winning means you simply beat a backup. It’s about time this whole thing went the way of RGIII’s career as a starter.

  30. I’m not a Pat’s fan, but I have to believe that this hardly over in Kraft’s eyes. He’s one of the most powerful owners in the league. Goodel could be on the bubble.

    2nd, Brady is at his best when he’s flat out angry. You think he’s angry?

  31. This is directly Goodells fault.

    Faulty Wells report evidence.

    Insisting Brady admit guilt.

    Overstepping bounds of his “rule”.

    Inconsistent player punishment for similar infractions.

    Goodell isnt going to get fired, but he has proven incompetent. Im anxious to see Bermans statement.

  32. YES, YES, YES!!! Such a trivial issue becomes an albatross for the Goodell regime. Sorry Rog, you wanted Tommy Boy to give up a phone containing very private information, you spent an egregious amount of money on a faulty report, and you abused the power of the commissioner. Great win for NFLPA also. Lets just hope the owners take another look at Goodell and say we can get someone twice as good for half the salary.

  33. I shake my head. the NFL has just lost all credibility and if I was any player or NFL team official that has been punished in any manner I would be filing suit against Gödel today. This judge words still raises the debate, why would ball boys do this on their own, why did the judge not look at them or Brady not cooperating when we all know Brady’s personality, would have come out and he would have loved shoving it in the league office face day one. I know for myself the NFL has taken themselves back almost to MLB status, who cares to support this league any longer.

  34. This was the only possible outcome.

    Goddell stepped way outside the rule to serve this punishment and it had to be struck down….again, just like the others where he did the same exact thing.

    How much egg does the league need on its face before he gets fired?

  35. FI ally some common sense I’m a huge packers fan all those people who thought this was a big deal is a moron Brady should never have been in this ridiculous court battle ever I’m so happy it’s over roger the idiot godell should be fired

  36. Justice has been served! Where are all the sorry ass posters with no life constantly trolling? hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahgahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……..HA!

  37. HAHAHAHA… A big GFY to Goodell, Wells, Kensil, Vincent, Kensil, Gardi, Nash, Pash, Mortensen, Hubbuch, Grigson, Harbaugh, Kravitz, Doyel, the NFL and all of it’s owners and the rest of hater nation… Brady is back, and he’ll be out for blood. Kiss the rings!!!!

  38. I said it before: they are coming to measure Pash’s office while he sits there, and then four owners are coming to see Goodell.

    Wells will never again work for the NFL.

    Kraft will sue to get his money and picks back.

    I live in SE NY, and you could hear the collective roar from the north and east of hear a few minutes ago.

    Goodbye, Roger.

  39. An Activist judge creating laws from the bench! Only 19 times in history has a judge over ruled an arbiter…and this judge has now done it twice in 5 months. Unbelievable!!! Goodell needs to put the Cheater on the commissioner’s exempt list.

  40. 4 games or any games for deflated footballs with zero evidence other than being “generally aware” is absurd.

    even if he was guilty…all he deserved was a fine of 25,000 which is in the CBA.

    Roger Grandstand & his cronies need to be fired!

  41. Let’s see what all the haters have to say now – you know, the ones who couldn’t wait to see NE fans crying when it got upheld

  42. I’m curious to see what the exact ruling is. If I had to take a guess, I would say it’s something along the lines of Goodell botched the whole thing from the beginning, and overstepped his powers. Or that the appeals process for Brady was unfair to have Goodell be the one to do the appeal hearing. Past suspensions have been voided via the appeals process before in the league, but they had different people other than Goodell doing the process.

    Maybe the NFLPA needs to revisit the CBA or something, or better yet, the owners fire Roger.

  43. I’m no lawyer but what’s the point of having a commissioner if anytime he hands out punishment players can take him to court to be overturned? Maybe goodell should just sit back and let the players destroy the league and laugh all the way to the bank since he makes a fortune for virtually nothing.

    Everything I read made it seem Brady and the pats were guilty here. If so a 4 game suspension was nothing. If it had been anyone other then Brady, manning, or Rogers they woulda been out for the year.

  44. Judge Berman is my new hero! Great decision to stand up the NFL for a bogus suspension.

    But this doesn’t really change too much. People have already made up their minds about Tom’s guilt or innocence.

    Bring on the Steelers!

  45. NFL wins. They got the national media at the slowest time of their season and dwarfed all the other leagues. More $$$ in their pocket – there will be no appeal for them. Just watch every ref throw flags on them throughout the season.


    Suck it Goodell. Suck it Irsay.

  47. The only people happy about this are:
    a) Pats fans
    b) those who love “sticking it to the man” above holding people accountable who break the rules

    Cheaters should be dealt with. You can make the comparison to those accused of domestic violence, but the comparison has never been apples to apples.

  48. Thank you Judge Berman. You exposed Bozo Goodell and his band of misfits.

    Great day for the best team in football and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.


    Penalties on the Patriots are a fraud as well.

  49. So can any player basically sue the league to get a suspension overturned, so long as it’s not drug related? Sure seems like it. The Ginger Hammer sure seems pretty impotent right now.

  50. Here’s hoping that this is the end of one of the most pathetic ongoing stories in the history of this league. Everyone involved should be embarrassed with what has transpired.

  51. This is a bad day for the integrity of the game. From players, to coaches, and organizations who repeatedly push the envelope, bending rules, and so on.

    It doesn’t just stop there though.

    The integrity has been compromised the entire way through by the way the league handled it, the way other team(s) were involved, the entire discipline process…

    even reporters who threw out false information and left it on social media for half a year…

    from start to finish, this was bad for the game. This is circus like.

  52. Money well spent Belicheat! Cheaters never win and everybody outside of NE will always remember how you’ve never won a super bowl without cheating no matter how many Judges you pay off.
    New England Patriots = Murderers and Cheaters.

  53. FML!! He is still a cheat and will have many an asterisk by his name. BTW… how/why did the patriots fire the “deflator”… I don’t get it!

  54. Between lawyers fees and Ted Wells the NFL has spent a pretty penny on this. I’ll laugh if Rodger tries to appeal it. With all the bad publicity from #deflatemistake and the money lost. I’m sure someone might be filling out job applications as we speak.

  55. At least it confirms what one side was saying, the Well’s report was not definitive enough to clearly show he was involved. Doesn’t mean he did not have a part only means they really didn’t prove he had a part. Thus, he was innocent until proven guilty. Now on with football.

  56. Good. Now we’ll get a real trial & hear from mcnally & jastremski. Find out the full extent of these cheaters cheating. Deflategate lives on!

  57. To me this is a huge deal. Not because this person can play in a game, that doesn’t mater to me. The fact this judge went against the agreed to contract between the players and the NFL. This also opens the door to every suspension to ending up in court and the NFLs power to provide any punishment null and void. This could be the straw that breaks the NFLs back and starts the downfall of the league.

  58. Yeah!!! The Cheater got away with it, and the Cheater organization gets away with another scandal!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  59. Suspension lifted, new punishment is that he has to play this season wearing the Ugg boots that his wife bought for him and whatever new stupid hair cut she makes him get.

  60. As well he should be and I’m a Raider fan . Goodell overstepped and that has sadly has been his MO from the start of his rein . The day he gets fired which is hopefully soon I will put a hammer to my old Nexus device .

  61. Let’s hear the trolls make all the excuses and continue to insult BRady

    The NFL had NOTHING because there was nothing. No deflation occurred and Brady did no wrong!

    PATRIOTS NATION 100000000000000000000000000000000000

    Haters 0

    SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Of course.

    But one thing, why would a first class organization like the Patriots fire two long-tenured employees if they did nothing wrong?

    Am I missing something?

  63. As a Patriots fan I recognize that this doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

    As a person concerned with fairness in the work place, I recognize that this is a triumph for all of us.

    Bottom line: no matter what collective bargaining arrangement that may exist, you’re employer can’t suspend you without pay based on a bunch of made-up crap.

  64. HaaahaaaaahaaaAhaaaHAAAAA. All you clowns and crybabies that have been commenting about Brady for all this time can go pound sand …. Justice has prevailed!

  65. Goodell, Vincent, Kensil, and co. Got what they deserved. This had all the makings of a witch hunt from the jump. The NFL will appeal though, so now we get 6-12 more months of frame-gate headlines on PFT.

    As a side note, should be interesting to see how Roger explains the Patriots loss of a first round pick at the podium next year (if he hasn’t been fired yet).

  66. As a Patriots fan I recognize that this doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

    As a person concerned with fairness in the work place, I recognize that this is a triumph for all of us.

    Bottom line: no matter what collective bargaining arrangement may exist, your employer can’t suspend you without pay based on a bunch of made-up crap.

  67. Good. The NFL botched this so horribly. Even if Brady did deflate footballs. 4 games?? Give me a break. Let’s all move on and forget this. Let’s get back to football.

    This is also coming from a Ravens fan.

  68. Interesting decision, considering the CBA explicitly allows the Commissioner sole control of disciplinary action.

    Which, don’t get me wrong, is incredibly silly – but that’s what it says.

  69. Also, it looks like the judge absolutely tore apart every arguement the NFL made, and explicitly states in his ruling that there is no proof that Brady did anything, or that the balls were even deflated.

    People will still call him a cheater, but a federal judge looked at all the evidence and called him INNOCENT.

  70. Where are those ball boys by the way? You know the employees you fired with the big needles? Buried in all the idol worship and power-tripping, no one remembers the little guy.

    And we’ll never get to the bottom of the truth.

  71. I admitted many times here that I’m not a Pats fan or Brady fan, and also said that at first I thought they were guilty!

    When this went to Federal Court and I saw the records of the appeal that the NFL wanted sealed that’s when I started to change my mind. The NFL’s lies and deceit convinced me.

    With that said, congratulations to Tom Brady…Now I wonder if the Patriots can fight the NFL for the fine and the draft picks?

  72. Goodell screwed the pooch and now the NFL league and owners will pay the price.

    Repercussions include:

    * Goodell and the owners lose all kinds of power to manage/control the players
    * Players will fight every discipline ruling handed down by the league
    * Discipline will be delayed by weeks/months

    And the Patriots now can cheat to their hearts’ content.

  73. Does not change the fact that he is a cheater. Check the team fumbles per touch over the last decade and see where the patriots stand compared to all the other teams. Anybody that’s played football in the cold knows it is easier to grip, throw, carry, and catch a ball that is under inflated. I remember seeing only one of the balls checked was the proper weight. This was probably inserted in the game when the patriots were punting or kicking.

  74. Happy day!! The judge ruled correctly; no evidence, no prior notice of punishment, failure to make witnesses available for questioning….the list goes on!

    Cue all the haters now and say things like, ‘He still did it, he’s still a cheater, etc.’

    Your words are more hollow than that of Goodell. Good luck appealing, there is even less of a legal footing for the NFL now than there was before.

    Pats ALWAYS win. See you in San Fran next year!!!!

  75. I told everyone that Brady wouldn’t miss a game. Time for Goodell to go.

    On another note it is time for ESPN to get rid of those joke of attorney Roger Cossack and Lester Munson since they both said there is no way Brady is winning

  76. dmiller68 says:
    Sep 3, 2015 10:39 AM
    To me this is a huge deal. Not because this person can play in a game, that doesn’t mater to me. The fact this judge went against the agreed to contract between the players and the NFL. This also opens the door to every suspension to ending up in court and the NFLs power to provide any punishment null and void. This could be the straw that breaks the NFLs back and starts the downfall of the league.


    You’re not allowed to violate federal law because you have a contract.

  77. DEFLATIO says:
    Sep 3, 2015 10:39 AM
    Good. Now we’ll get a real trial & hear from mcnally & jastremski. Find out the full extent of these cheaters cheating. Deflategate lives on!

    Keep Crying!!!!

  78. Sean Payton should sue over lost wages. Saints should sue over lost draft picks. Players who were suspended then unsuspended should sue for lost of income due to unjust decision that affected future earnings. Finally the owners should fire Rodger before noon today.

  79. Brady is going to learn the hard way that “winning” this decision is going to be damaging to his brand. Instead of serving his time for cheating – he beat the system. he deserves all the ridicule coming his way.

  80. If Goodell has no authority as per the CBA (the only way this ruling is legally nullified) then the Cowboys get Hardy for week one too!!!!! Go Cowboys!!!!! I hope he gets to meet toilet paper tommy when they play.

  81. Kraft obviously paid Judge Berman “under-the-table” to render this ruling. So, Belicheat and Bradycheat prevail lol

  82. Those balls lose pressure when the weather is colder, everyone knows this. The haters lost all of the facts because of their distaste for Brady and Billichek and the Patriots.
    Even the hardest of these haters knew that this was a frame up. No one in their right mind believed that Brady did any wrong.
    It’s just a shame that hate, either real or imagined, can blind the most caring people.
    Goodell should be fired, he is the one that everyone should hate. He’s a liar.

  83. I’m a Packers fan and don’t really care about the Patriots, but the league deserved this. They weren’t willing to negotiate a settlement at all over the course of the process, so they dug their own grave here. This is also coming from someone who believes Brady was guilty, but also doesn’t think it really mattered.

  84. Do you guys have pre-written articles to post depending on which way the case goes? Kind of like how news companies have pre-written obits for celebs? I’m curious

  85. Of course he is. The Patriots are the nfl. They can cheat and do whatever they like whenever they like. That’s what having all that money like Robert craft does. It’s all about the money so get ready for irsay craft and rooney to keep on winning while your team flounders for not having the richest owner. And if your a fan of one of these privileged teams then enjoy it. Especially patriots fans. But know your qb and owner are Probly celebrating this victory with a tossed salad and some chocolate. #Bradyonbottom

  86. In honor of this great day I have decided to begin writing a song called Exoneration Day. Please sing it to the words of U2’s New Years Day….

    All is awesome on Exoneration Day
    A new Patriots championship season gets underway
    I want to laugh at Goodell
    Laugh at Goodell, night and day
    Everything changes, on Exoneration Day
    On Exoneration Day

  87. Brady won in the sense that he can play, but he lost in the sense that his reputation is tarnished… Well what was left of it.

    He is a cheater, plain and simple*

  88. It has made my day reading all the butt hurt anti pats fans crying in their cereal hahaha black eye for the goodell regime and Tommy plays 16 games…See ya in the SB pats!!

    – Giants Fan

  89. Never been a fan, but congrats Tom. You have proven that the commissioner is out of his own league

  90. Remember people this all started for nothing. All you need to do is look at the Colts balls. They started out at 13psi. were on the field less (in the ball bag protected) and sat in the locker room longer (more time to warm up) and yet somehow 3 of their balls were under the limit as well??? Unless the Colts were letting air too, that means the Pats did nothing to them at all. End of investigation… or at least that’s how it should have gone. Only the NFL wanted this to happen and once it started with the leaked false info they had to way to turn back so they dug in… and looked like idiots.

  91. “I felt a great disturbance in the comments, as if millions of trolls suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something hilarious has happened.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi

  92. Brady didn’t cheat no matter how bad the haters wish he did. (The fumble-truthers being the most laughable of the loser bunch.) Having said that, this ruling is more about what the NFL did that was blatantly wrong throug this entire process, including leaking lies to defend their sham of a case with no proof whatsoever, handing down an illegitimate punishment.

    Now, let’s finish this thing and go get the 1st and 4th round draft picks back where they belong.

  93. “”An Activist judge creating laws from the bench! Only 19 times in history has a judge over ruled an arbiter…and this judge has now done it twice in 5 month”

    Maybe because the cba does not give the arbiter the right to lie, present known wrong information as fact, ignore science and use double standards to punish the Pats that are not applied to the other 31 teams.

  94. Good ruling. If there is a specification for balls that the NFL feels is important for equal competition then THEY should be responsible for fixing it. Like or hate Tom Brady, he shouldn’t be the scapegoat for the casual attitude the NFL has taken with ball security. Make the refs responsible, do not give teams the balls ahead of time and if teams want to inspect them, let them do it during the warm up time before the game in a public area, with camera surveilence, in front of refs or other NFL personnel

  95. I love how suddenly everyone seems to forget about the Brady text messages (the ones we actually knew about) and the video of the ball guy taking the balls into an off-camera room for no apparent reason.

  96. Do the Pats cheat more than most? Of course. Players have know that for years.

    Is the NFL run by incompetent buffoons headed by an even more incompetent buffoon? Of course. EVERYONE has know that for years.

    This is the millionaire’s version of “sticking it to the Man” and I am OK with that.

  97. This ruling means that in America, you still can’t railroad a man with no evidence! All you out there who are saying ‘he’s still a cheater’…that’s simply untrue and unfair.

  98. Reporter: War’s over, man. Berman dropped the big one.

    Goodell: Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

    2nd Reporter: Germans?

    Reporter: Forget it, he’s rolling.

    Goodell: And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough…… the tough get goin’! Who’s with me? Let’s go!

  99. Goodell cannot be this stupid and appeal.

    Oh yeah, he is.

    But now he can go back to the other owners and say “See guys see. I tried my best to take down the big bad Patriots for you”

    PSI in a ball. Amazing.

  100. The NFL deserved this!

    That shame of an appeal that Goodell presided over is to blame. Goodell had the CBA behind him but he screwed up the process and no appeal court will overturn the vacate ruling from Berman.

    Goodell violated “or of any other misbehavior by which the rights of any party have been prejudiced” aspect of US Code 9, Section 10 when the NFLPA was not allowed to call Pash, Kensil or Gardi.

  101. “The fact this judge went against the agreed to contract between the players and the NFL.”

    No he didn’t. The CBA says that Goodell can be an arbitrator. That role carries with it certain responsibilities, none of which were lived up to. In addition, the CBA dictates specific penalties for specific behaviors. The NFL attempted to turn an equipment violation into a capital crime. That violates the CBA. As does punishment for being aware of someone else’s behavior, which is what Brady was suspended for.

    In short, the judge isn’t going against the CBA – the league has, right from the start, and the judge has called them on it…

  102. Goodell is a lawyer, and yet all he does is break the law and lose court cases.

    How in the hell can the senile owners of the NFL think he’s worth about 40 million a year?

  103. These responses are laughable. Brady was guilty until proven innocent from the start. Now that a court of law has reviewed the situation, allowed the NFL to present their evidence, or rather lack there of, and they have deemed Brady innocent. Yet, the haters are frothing at the mouth that:
    -the judge was paid off
    -they cheated and still got away with it
    -etc etc etc

    Guess that’s why Brady didn’t feel compeeled to “man up and take his punishment”, since he was, you know, not guilty of the accusations…

    Yesterday it was, “when the judge rules the Pats fans need to accept their golden boy cheated”, are the haters going to accept that “the golden boy in New England” more probable than not, wasn’t generally aware of any scheme because the scheme didn’t exist?

  104. So the Justice Department says It is ok to Cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And You wonder why the youth of this country is so corrupt!!!!!!!!

  105. 1. Please let this be the end.
    2. The game has lost its integrity
    3. Time for the owners to protect the fans not the profits and fire the commish.
    4. No more purchasing anything NFL or products from their sponsors until some changes are made.

  106. I can say I am shocked. This sets up a bad precedent for the future in all forms of business. The law states that collectively bargained agreements are legally binding and no subject to further court rulings. The judge went against that. Whatever. Don’t care…lol.

  107. “Where are those ball boys by the way? You know the employees you fired with the big needles?”

    Umm, the ones that were suspended by the league and not the Pats at the request of Troy Vincent ? The ones that were repeatedly interviewed by Wells and never admitted to any wrongdoing so Wells buried their testimony since it didn’t match up with the intended verdict of the report ?

    Its easier to believe the lie the Pats fired them since it justifies your fake outrage.

  108. Only in America …

    Cheater$ win. Thank you for ruining a once great sport, Robert Kraft (Tom Brady and Belicheat that means you too).

  109. Ok Hatriots discuss but this time do it amongst yourselves – we weren’t listening anyway

    Patriots Nation

  110. The judge will rule that Goodell violated the CBA and that he still has the power impose discipline.

    Wouldn’t let Brady call all the witnesses he wanted

    Violated past practice and the “law of the shop”

    Suspended a player for an equipment violation when the CBA calls for a fine

    Prior examples where teams and players got no punishment and/or a warning for screwing with the balls

    I could go on and on…

  111. Oh well at least they won’t be able to cheat anymore with the new rules. The impossible fumble rate caused by the under deflated balls is where the real advantage was gained.

  112. The NFL in their ineptitude has now opened themselves up to the greatest challenge they will face. The movie Concussion with Will Smith is now going to be absorbed as fact as the league has been less than transparent in all of their processes.

  113. Brady is a cheater. The judge can’t change that. Deal with it Pats fans – your team cheats and their wins are all tainted.

  114. Goodell needs to resign. And he needs to apologize to Brady and Kraft and the entire Patriot organization. You know who else needs to apologize to the Patriots. ESPN, Mark Brunell, Troy Aikman, Chris Carter, among others who took needless shots at Brady without any evidence. Just sort of going along with Goodell’s anti-Patriot propaganda.

  115. In other words, I can’t argue the facts that Brady cheated so I’ll dig up some phony technicality to rule for my Union friends who financed my career.

    Sheer utter corruption.

  116. Outstand will now watch the game next Thursday night

    Would have been a waste if TB was not playing

  117. Are all Pats fan younger then 25, or are does maturity just not exist in NE? Would really like to know living in Cali and reading their pathetic excuse for posts.

    On a side note, who saw this coming? I hope they got this right, but I don’t think many of us expected this. It’s all bad for the NFL either way.

  118. I figured that this story would set a record for posts (92 million), so I thought I would be part of that record-setting event. Wow, this is neat-o. Are the Patriots cheaters? Of course they are. Why would their owner pay a zillion dollar fine if not? But at least the lesser-evil cheaters defeated the biggest cheaters in the NFL, that drug-infested swamp of dopers masquerading as a talented football team, in the Super Bowl.

  119. Today’s winners : Tom Brady, Pats and Pats fans.
    losers : Roger Goodell, Ted Wells, NFL (Pats included), ALL FANS (PATS FANS INCLUDED)

    This will lead to another football strike. The NFLPA will opt out when their option is available because they want to get Goodell out of being involved in player discipline. The NFL will dig in especially since Goodell is considering it his legacy to “clean up” the NFL.

    The only win-win situation I see starts with: FIRING ROGER GOODELL!!!

  120. I never had much to say about Deflategate – felt the whole thing was blown way out of proportion. All Roger wanted was an easy target he could take down for all the world to see. Today Roger has failed, and probably should fall on his own sword if for any reason just for being an idiot.

    Now at last the long national nightmare is over. How about some football?

  121. Typical Patriot fans with their way of responding to the news. Do you Pats fans really believe Brady had no part in this? Seriously? I’m not saying Brady deserved 4 games but it’s just sad that you’re really all that pro-Brady that you can’t even admit he hand some part of this, which was never that big of a deal in the first place. If he had just admitted to something so dumb from the beginning this story would’ve been over before it even started.

  122. Really comparing Brady to OJ, that’s uncalled for. Regardless of Brady’s guilt or innocence. You people need to just go away forever.

  123. Like or hate the Patriots….this can’t be the level of evidence required to suspend a player. That is the issue that gets lost. The NFL got in over its head with its suspension and did not know how to unring the bell.

    Can we play some football now….please

  124. Tee hee 🙂 Look at all the salty Patriot Haters.

    Their misery is our joy! 🙂

    Not to mention that they’re not bright enough to see the bigger picture of an inept and corrupt NFL front office getting exactly what they deserved. To all intelligent NFL fans who love our sport….this victory is for you too.

  125. I love all the people sticking their fingers in their ears and crying “He’s still a cheater! Wah wah wah!”

    You sound like children. And I love it.

  126. Congratulations to Tom Brady! What a fraud this has been. Mike F. is the man. One of the only voices if reason in this whole debacle.

    Kraft should sue the NFL. Their behavior has been criminal.

  127. If you don’t think Brady at least knew balls were being tampered with by the equipment guys, you are delusional. But the NFL blew it with a longer suspension than he should have gotten, then would not negotiate. That is just bad management.

    I hope the Pats lose every week.

  128. What the Pats fans are failing to realize is that many of the people that don’t like Brady simply because he is a whiney douchenozzle, is that even with that hate for him, true football fans are happy because Goodell has finally been shown that he can’t just make decisions on his own and have them be set in stone.

    The sooner Goodell is out of the NFL the sooner it can start to rebuild on it’s history and bring back the sport that we all love so much. Good riddance Goodell. Good riddance…

    Just don’t go and destroy your phone now Rodg’

  129. What is best in life?

    To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of the petty, whining haters that tried to bring you down!

    GO PATS!!!

  130. A fair, independent, impartial arbitrator for the first time + a ruling that was fundamentally unfair by the NFL = just decision.

    Despite collusion by the Ravens, Colts, Goodell, Patch, Tensil, Vincent, Anderson, Mortensen, Wells, etc., collectively, couldn’t come up with any evidence to convict TB12 – and it didn’t take long to see that Judge Berman to see that he was not given due process.

    Too bad all the headline readers and haters didn’t do what Judge Berman did and weighed all the evidence – or, in this case, lack of evidence – they would have come to the same conclusion!

  131. It is now clear Tom is actually the second coming and should be worshiped as such.

    Wonder if Rex will kiss his rings before week 2. Cmon bills get angry!!!

  132. it’s not Godell, it’s a number of owners who just hate the patriots.

    and to those who don’t understand the power of Article 46, read the judges decision, and maybe then you will get it.

    bottom line, this was all about a power play, and players if treated justly when they actually break the rules will lose in court, but when they are treated roughshod, they will win.

  133. I’m curious to see what sort of calls Brady gets from the refs this year.

    Kind of get a sense any player wanting to take liberties on Brady isn’t going to be catching a fine or suspension.

  134. Here’s one fact we can all agree on: the judge did not deem Brady to be innocent of the charges. Specifically, the judge said on page 20: “An arbitrator’s factual findings are generally not open to judicial challenge, and we accept the facts as the arbitrator found them.” Thumbs down if you want Pats fans but this ruling does not EXONERATE him.

  135. The worst part about this whole thing is now having to listen to all the stupid, mindless ramblings from those racist, idiotic, self-righteous Boston fans

  136. Supreme Court rulings actually back the NFL. Berman ruled this way and is praying that the NFL does not appeal. If they do, Berman will be overturned and look the fool.

    I don’t care either way at this point, just let it end. However, the NFL is way to involved so expect it to drag on and hope it doesn’t bite Brady later in the season.

    Ultimately, don’t put a CBA in place when all either side is going to do is run to the courts.

  137. Everyone should rejoice that Judge Berman was not on the NFL’s payroll.


    Slander, Lies & Corrupt ESPN = NFL

  138. Roger Goodell was motivated in my opinion by his bosses. My opinion also included the decision being vacated. Here is what I posted on September 2nd:

    One of the peripheral things about this fiasco has to do with the NFL owners. Those owners who have not won or come close to winning a Super Bowl and those such as the Ravens and Colts etc. They’re tired of losing to the Patriots. They are now behind this over the top exhaustive effort to bring down the Patriots. Give the Patriots a disadvantage in competing. So Roger Goodell has most of the owners on his side with this nonsense. If you can not beat the Patriots on the field, soften them up off the field with draft picks being taken away, suspensions and more. The reality here is that Roger Goodell has the support of most if not all of the owners in this latest NFL fiasco. I would expect Judge Berman to vacate the Brady suspension due to lack of fairness in due process irrespective of the CBA. Moreover Goodell and the owners are not independent arbitrators they are competing franchises who want to win and create a disadvantage for the Patriots. This situation does not have much precedence so lawyers are conflicted. Goodell is refusing to accept a settlement at the behest of most of the owners. He works for them and makes a few bucks doing so.

  139. I think Brady knew what was going on with the footballs given the fact every current and former QB said the same thing. In that aspect I do believe Brady should have some consequences especially given the fact he destroyed his cell phone that he KNEW would be requested as evidence. Even with the inconsistencies of the Wells report there was still evidence suggesting the Patriot footballs were being deflated.

    That being said, it’s nice to see Goodell get burned for his overbearing inconsistencies to where he has a Lord syndrome. If this leads to Goodell being fired or maybe the owners should fine him like he does all the players, coaches and front office, than I’m all for this ruling.

  140. Beyond the east coast, most people just stopped giving a crap.

    Seriously. Goodell may as well be the head of the IOC at this point. He is a joke and the erosion of this sport is totally on him.

  141. I agree with most on here…Goodell deserved it, and so did that blankety-blank Ted Wells (yeah but you Pats fans loved the guy when he implicated Richie, Mike Pouncey, and John Jerry now didn’t you?)

    Even better, Brady no longer has the bogus”motivation” to whack out his opponents (and wait until the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills D-lines get to him! Twice! Ahhhh…justice!)

    And can Brady throw non-deflated balls for maybe the first time in his life? And can Gronk catch non-deflated balls?

    Only guy I feel sorry for is Jimmy Garopolo, who looked really good this pre-season…

  142. The bottom line is that the NFL couldn’t prove the balls were even deflated intentionally. They manipulated information and then engaged in misinformation and a biased appeal hearing.

    What is perfectly clear is that the NFL was willing to throw Brady and the Pats under the bus in order to hide the corruption and misconduct in their own offices.

  143. If you are inclined to play Fantasy Football, now would be a good time to pick up every Patriot you can and DEFINITELY DO NOT start the Steelers defense.

    Forget Steel Curtain, we’re going to give them more airtime than Delta.

  144. This ruling does not clear Tom Brady of cheating, all it does is prevent Rodger Goodlell from using a suspension as punishment for the offense.

    CBA guidelines clearly indicate the punishment for such a case is merely a fine as is all equipment related offenses. Tomorrow a video can be released showing Tom Brady letting air out of a ball himself, even then the only thing that could be done would be ton fine him.

    I agree that a violation of the rules of this severity should result in a more serious punishment than a fine, but until the CBA is amended (like they did last year with domestic violence punishments) the only punishment to handout will be a fine.

  145. The judges ruling does not say Brady was not guilty. It says the NFL didn’t adequate notice of the possible punishment and didn’t give access to Pash. So Brady walks on technicalities instead of innocense. Karma may come into play here. Go ask OJ.

  146. What will the NFL come up with next to try to create parity in the league? Problem remains, the Patriots still have the Best Coach, the Best Quarterback, and have the most dedicated, studious, hardworking players in the NFL. This whole circus was an attempt to give other teams a chance . Pats may have their QB back for the whole season this year, but have still lost 1st round draft pick and a million $.
    It’s too bad that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. People should just be guilty based on what other people say sort of like what they were doing in Salem in the 1600’s .

  147. Steelers have to play Brady. Love it. Now AFC North title can be decided on the field instead of by some arbitrary ruling by Goodell. Way to go Judge B

    Go Patriots

  148. To all the “haters” out there & Roger the Dodger Goodell…

    from the NY Federal Court…

    ” GOTCHA ”

    Have a nice day !


  149. Great, now we have to deal with obnoxious Bostonians yelling “Brah…..Brady’s innaaaaaacent! Brah !! Where dem Dunkin Donuts!?!? Brah!! Get da caaaaar, let’s get dem wicked donuts!”

  150. Glad to see this happen, because Deflategate is nothing more than a huge sham/witch hunt, next step would be to fire Goodell, and stop fining players for legal hits and TD celebrations

  151. The fix is already in the works,

    predicting an increase in flags for the Pats. Predicting cheap shots at Brady’s knees. Anyone with a brain knows Roger is vindictive. Probably a deal in the works for a kneecapper to take Brady out and get off easy. Where’s that ball stealing ref BTW?

  152. I hope the nfl appeals and it gets overturned in week 12 so the Pats lose their last 4 and miss the playoffs. And don’t be surprised if defenses take some free shots at Brady without penalty/fines. They’ll likely get cheered for it outside of Boston.

    Cheaters are disgusting. I wasn’t a Patriots/brady hater or even disliker previously, but now I am. As I’m sure a lot of people are who think playing fair is important.

  153. Some people on this board without logic and reasoning just don’t get it. The judge didn’t rule about what actually happened because he didn’t have to. The ruling on process only just denied NFL’s shabby decision. It also demonstrates that there is no evidence against Brady. How could you victimize somebody if there is no evidence? Just by your imagination and instinct? Give me a break. If so, most of us are criminals in others’ eyes.

  154. Ridiculous.
    Makes me wonder if the judge is a Pats fan.
    After all, it wouldn’t be the first time something like this happen.
    Senator Mitchell had ties to the BoSox, which I still can’t believe was not a conflict of interest.

  155. Just a reminder that your commissioner shouldn’t be setting up stings and other such nonsense. Brady definitely knew, but I said from the start, if you only fined people for this in the past, and that’s in the rule book people, so what exactly are we talking about? It’s pretty simple stuff. The Spygate thing was much worse and Roger destroyed the evidence in that one. Just another in the long line in the adventures of Commissioner Inconsistent.

  156. the perception is that the Patriots cheat…if you believe they don’t, why do things like this keep coming up? If this had been Phillip Rivers or Tony Romo, the suspension would have stood. Remember, perception means a lot…and the perception is the patriots cheat.

  157. I really hate it when cheaters get away with it. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens–and it just did in New York. Oh well…sooner or later, karma will catch up with Brady, Belicheat, and the Pats. You might get away with it once, but you can’t go around cheating constantly and think you’ll get away with it forever. Eventually the cheaters will get theirs.

  158. Hey I’m a Ravens fan and I’d argue our team had the most reason to root for a Brady suspension… but not me. This has been the most overblown bit of ridiculousness in the history of sports. Great decision by the judge.

    I only hope this signals the beginning of the end of Goodell’s tenure. I’m not going to say he has been bad for the game; I think he was necessary early on to correct a lot of wrongs, but his time has passed. Every decision he makes will be a lose/lose situation from now on.

  159. It’s not finished yet. The final outcome will be even more condemning than this decision and order. Judge Berman didn’t want this in his courtroom. He felt it was sham and that it was in the NFL’s best interest to come to that same conclusion and remedy the situation without a legal precedent being set. They chose to ignore him. Judge Berman saw the long-term effects of that possible decision and warned against it. Even tried to get beyond Goodell’s ego by bringing Mara in. But that warning didn’t stick either. So he decided and ordered. All as per the NFL’s request because remember that this was the NFL that brought this to court. His decision was strong and unassailable but not as complete as it could have been. He restricted himself to only the matters he was asked to rule on. However, he did make it clear that should the NFL attempt an appeal, there are a lot more assailable actions that the NFL would lose on.
    He stopped short of called Goodell foolhardy. But that is easily read in his remarks, his previous questions and his decision. And by extension, the NFL as well if they keep Goodell as commissioner.
    The NFL has to clean its executive slate. They have proven themselves incompetent wrt legal issues and this has grown into a very litigious business.
    Roger,it’s time for you to take down your framed copy of your Enforcer portrait on the Time Magazine cover. You have obviously overstayed your reputation.

  160. Don’t care about Goodell or Brady.

    If you aint cheating, you aint tryin.

    If my teams’ coaches and/or players aren’t caught cheating in the next 2-3 years, I say fire em all and get somebody who will.

    I want a case full of trophies (and astericks) too!

  161. Tom Brady is a great quarterback but he’s not the greatest of all time. I’m sorry he’s just not. So stop it Pats fans and go Steelers one week from today.

  162. You will all laugh and say great things about this…right up until the time that the owners lock out all the players and there is no football.

    Remember, the billionaires own the world.

  163. To all the haters that said: “Brady will never take this to court” and later said: “Brady will get killed in court” I have one question: “How do you like your crow served”?

  164. The first thing I thought of when I heard the decision was Bluto Blutarsky’s reaction during the Delta trial.

  165. For those saying the Pats cheated, please explain this excerpt from the Judges decision:

    The transcript from the Judge says,
    “Brady’s passing performance during the game improved during the second half, after the footballs had been re-inflated.

    See Wells Report at 122 n.73 (“We were not asked by the NFL to investigate the potential competitive impact of the deflation of Patriots game balls and, therefore, do not make any findings or reach any conclusions on that issue. Nevertheless, we note that Brady’s performance in the second half of the AFC Championship Game- after the Patriots game balls were re-inflated- improved compared to his performance in the first half. Specifically, in the first half, he completed II of21 passes for 95 yards and one touchdown, and in the second half, he completed 12 of 14 passes for 131 yards and two touchdowns.”). “

  166. I liked this part. The judge even had to bold the ridiculous part.

    “The Wells Report also summarized testing and analysis performed by Exponent. Exponent concluded that “the reduction in pressure of the
    Patriots game balls cannot be explained completely
    by basic scientific principles, such as the Ideal Gas
    Law, based on the circumstances and conditions
    likely to have been present on the day of the AFC Championship Game.” Id. at 130.

    At the same time, the Wells Report acknowledged
    that “[o]ur scientific consultants informed us that the data alone did not provide a basis for them to determine with absolute certainty whether there
    was or was not tampering, as the analysis of such data is ultimately dependent upon assumptions and
    information that is uncertain.
    ” Id. at 131
    (emphasis added).

  167. dal1as says:
    Sep 3, 2015 10:35 AM
    Of course they do. Brady is such a wanke. Another cheater who got away with it. League is becoming a joke. May have to just stop watching


    Well if you are this offended by .3 PSI of air you probably should find another sport to watch because I promise you much much worse goes in in the NFL (And most pro sports)

    I get hating Brady/the Pats but I have to imagine anyone whining about “cheating” in this case is a sniveling child really.

    #500 post, all time record.

  169. pillowporkers says:
    Sep 3, 2015 10:30 AM
    For the record, I don’t think Brady should be suspended, but I can’t help but feel bitter when other players like Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and many others felt the BS garbage by Goodell, but somehow Tom Brady is the one to beat Goodell and gets to play.


    ….Greg Hardy was accused of roughing up and threatening his GF

    ….AP was guilty of hitting his kid with a stick until his privates were bleeding

    …. Ray Rice was guilty of KOing his wife in an elevator

    …. Tom Brady was accused of being “generally aware” that the Pats ball boys may have let a little bit of air out of some footballs.

    Do you think there might be a little bit in the difference of the severity of these incidents? If one player was going to beat the rap, why shouldn’t it be Brady over these other miscreants?

  170. toddsuperbowles says:Sep 3, 2015 1:43 PM

    Tom Brady is a great quarterback but he’s not the greatest of all time. I’m sorry he’s just not. So stop it Pats fans and go Steelers one week from today.


    Yes, he is.

  171. toddsuperbowles says:Sep 3, 2015 1:43 PM

    Tom Brady is a great quarterback but he’s not the greatest of all time. I’m sorry he’s just not. So stop it Pats fans and go Steelers one week from today.


    Most postseason wins of all time. Most SB touchdowns of all time. Tied for most SB wins of all time. He is certainly in the conversation…..and he’s not yet done.

  172. toddsuperbowles,

    Well you’ve provided such a clear, concise,convincing argument; you convinced me. Especially the “I’m sorry he’s just not.” That was the final straw for me!

  173. Nothing beats waking up after having won the Super Bowl and one year except reading these pathetic posts from Haternation. It’s glorious Sunday in New England.

    You may now resume your regularly scheduled whining.

  174. Makes me wonder if the judge is a Pats fan.


    No, just a rational federal judge whose impartiality is not in question (unlike yours and mine)–which is exactly why you saw the right thing happen.

    Sorry to all of you ‘something must be up because Brady is so good’ fact-disbelievers. It was unequivocally shown that the process was woefully flawed and unjust, and NOTHING HAPPENED TO THE BALLS.

    Deal with it. Justice was done.

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