Steelers passing on Phil Taylor because of knee problem

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The Steelers might still be interested in finding a veteran defensive tackle, but it won’t be former Browns first-rounder Phil Taylor.

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers are taking a pass on the recent visitor because they think he has a bad knee which will require surgery.

Although the Browns released Taylor without any type of injury designation, he will receive his base salary of $5.477 million, most likely without offset.

Taylor visited the Steelers Wednesday, but they determined he wouldn’t be able to help them soon. They need some immediate depth up front, so expect them to continue to comb through the discard pile the next few days to look for a big body.

17 responses to “Steelers passing on Phil Taylor because of knee problem

  1. As a Browns fan, I liked watching Phil Taylor play, when he was on the field. His injuries are the reason why he was cut from the Browns. Some team will take a flyer on him and get a solid player, when he plays.

  2. Funny how the greatest franchise in the world thought the Browns would release an abled body defensive lineman for nothing… I love when I hear that Kevin Colbert is a great GM and that Mike Tomlin is a great head coach… Tomlin is a former DC and DB coach, who along with Colbert, cannot find a quality DB to save their lives, and found only one good DL in the last 10 years, (Heyward) who was within 120 miles of Stillers headquarters at Ohio State. The main reason why the curse of Tebow continues…

  3. ……….Aaannnd all the dopey Steelers fans who pitched tents yesterday about the visit can sit back down.

    Browns will beat the Steelers twice this year.

    Also, if you’ve ever typed the phrase “factory of sadness” online and thought you were being funny, clever or original – please punch yourself in the nose.

  4. Surprising. I thought the Steelers never missed a chance to throw away their cap money. Look at Big Ben, 2nd most expensive QB in the league and can’t win a playoff game to save his life. Throws picks in the end zone in front of the home crowd. LOL.

  5. Yeah what a horrible GM and head coach. I can’t believe they brought in a former first round pick to see how long it would take his knee to be ready. What a joke.

  6. As a Browns fan I am so glad they didn’t sign him. I do hope he gets a chance outside the AFC North so I can continue rooting for him. Solid run stopper when healthy and an all around good dude!

  7. The Steelers have a spot waiting for him
    clogging up the middle, once his knee troubles
    are rectified.

    If he doesn’t ask for too much money, Taylor
    would be a very good addition to that young D-line.

  8. It sounds like Cleveland could have kept him without costing any more money by putting him on the IR. Either he isn’t all that, or Cleveland doesn’t think that he is going to come back from this injury.

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