Tim Tebow out-plays Matt Barkley in battle for Eagles roster spot


If the fourth and final preseason game was the deciding factor in the Eagles’ third-string quarterback competition, then Tim Tebow won. And it wasn’t even close.

Tebow played very well tonight against the Jets, completing 11 of 17 passes for 189 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception, plus 32 yards rushing on four carries. Matt Barkley, who started tonight’s game, did not play nearly as well, going just 4-for-9 for 45 yards, with no touchdowns and one interception. Barkley did not run the ball.

However, it’s unclear whether tonight’s preseason game will be the difference. Barkley has been ahead of Tebow on the depth chart to date, and Tebow still has flaws as a passer. Chip Kelly might decide that Tebow just doesn’t throw the ball well enough to make the 53-player roster.

Kelly didn’t show his hand after the game, saying that both quarterbacks showed some strengths and some weaknesses tonight. But there’s little doubt that Tebow showed more than Barkley.

82 responses to “Tim Tebow out-plays Matt Barkley in battle for Eagles roster spot

  1. I’m no Tebow lover or hater but I would keep him instead of Barkley. If you get to your third string it does you little good to have a mediocre passer anyway. Might as well have someone who at least is hard for the opponent to game plan around. Gives you a better chance of winning.

  2. No one wants Tebow so if they cut him, he will be available if they decide they want him back. However, if they cut Barkley he could be gone.

  3. Might as well keep Tebow as he can contribute on 4th and short or two point conversions. You’re not going to get anyone at this point to develop in the 3rd QB spot.

  4. Up until tonight I thought there was no way Tebow makes this roster but he actually looked like a QB tonight. Obviously there’s no doubt Bradford is #1 and Sanchez is #2 and it’s not close, so why not keep Tebow as #3. Barkley has never shown the ability to come in and run the offense anyway. I’m far from a Tebow fan but he was solid and I think he beat out Barkley. Bottom line is if we get down to Barkley or Tebow we’re screwed either way.

  5. RG3 would be a perfect fit for Kelly’s offence, and his personality suits Kelly’s. And if he chose RG3 over Tebow, it would help kill off the racist label.

  6. Yeah, you just drop both in this situation because you don’t need 2 QBs on the sideline week 1.

  7. Also tebow’s interception came on a 4th and 11 on the Jets 30. It was either complete the pass or a turnover on downs. Nobody was open so he tried to force one. Which in that situation, is better then taking a sack or throwing it away.

    I thought Barkley deserved the spot before tonight, but Barkley proved once again he can’t play under pressure. Be it when he has gotten to play during the regular season or in a preseason game that decides his fate. Tebow once again proved that that’s when he plays his best. Be it playoffs or preseason.

    Tebow actually deserves to make the team. As shocking as that is.

  8. argh88 says:
    Sep 3, 2015 10:31 PM
    Might as well keep Tebow as he can contribute on 4th and short or two point conversions. You’re not going to get anyone at this point to develop in the 3rd QB spot.

    Not really. In order to do that, you would have to have all 3 qbs active on game day and virtually no NFL team does that anymore.

    The only way Tebow makes the team is if Kelly trusts him more to run the team if Bradford and Sanchez go down. Based on tonight, you might say yes, but keep in mind that Tebow got a lot more run against worse players. I’d still probably keep Barkley.

  9. Barkley’s just not good. If you’re down to your 3rd string QB, you’re not going to be good. But there’s no way you take Barkley over Tebow if you’re in that situation. And what’s crazy is that if Barkley would have come out of college a year earlier, he would have been one of the first 3 players drafted.

  10. A lot of people are saying that Chip should get rid of both Tebow and Barkley and have only 2 quarterbacks going into the regular season. I watched NFL Network after the game and both analysts said (1) Tebow has proved he cannot play in the NFL and (2) Tebow should be cut to make room for a RB or WR or …

    Well I disagree! I thought Timmy had a great game and won the Tebow-Barkley shootout hands down. Timmy really stood out in this game 4. I simply cannot understand these people who are so down on Tebow and say he can’t play at the pro level. He can’t throw the long ball? Oh yeah? How about the 45 yard bomb tonite. I’d call a 65% completion rate, 2 TDs and 1 pick pretty good. And he can scramble with the best of them.

    I fear Bradford will be injured and who ya gonna call? Mark “Butt-Fumble” Sanchez? I’d rather rely on Tebow.

  11. Correct me if I am wrong but if you do go to a 3rd string during the game then the 1st string qb is out for the game? So using him in situations even as a 3rd wouldn’t be doable. Of course I could be so wrong.

  12. I think we are starting to see what we are going to get with Tebow. He makes some bad plays, and then turns around and amazes you with some tight spot throws, and awesome runs. His leadership is genuine, and unparalleled. I would much rather have him run the offense if Bradford went down than the other 2 weak confidenced QBs. If you think Sanchez or Barkley is better, you need to quit watching Stephan A Smith.

  13. Head to Head comparison by Drive Charts.

    Barkley was in for 3 drives. 2 in the first quarter and 1 in the third quarter. First drive, interception. Second drive, 70 yards that went for a FG after 3 straight run plays.
    3rd Drive, didn’t make it past midfield.

    Tebow was in for 6 drives. 4 in the 2nd Quarter and 2 in the 4th Quarter.
    First Drive, didn’t make it past midfield.
    Second drive, started on the 2 yard line and couldn’t punch it in on 3 straight run plays. FG.
    Third Drive went for a total of 6 yards. Punt.
    Fourth Drive, 85 yard 2 minute drill before the half for a TD. Best drive of the night.
    Fifth Drive. 41 yd drive that ended in an INT.
    6th Drive. Short Drive that started in Jets territory on the 45 yard line. drive that went for a TD.

    To me it’s a coin flip. Both had an INT. Both had a long drive. Both had a drive that didn’t make it past midfield. Tebow got twice as many chances and stalled quickly on 2 and picked up an extra TD late in the 4th on a short field.

    If Barkley was ahead on the depth chart going into this game, then he’ll probably still stay there.

  14. There is no reason to keep barkley. He’s been with the team 2+ years and he hasn’t developed.

    Tebow is a grinder and a winner . Tonight’s game was a showcase for those 2 and Tebow came out and played well. Barkley played scared and probably lost his job. Tebow is the guy you want when the game is on the line.

  15. Did RG3 get cut already? No? then why even mention him? you may as well be saying sign Tom Brady or Peyton Manning..none of which are available at this current moment in time.

    As it is, Tebow was far better than Barkley, with the same players on offense, against the same players on Defense.
    And Tebow surely had a few nice passes, that were dropped by 3rd string receivers. maybe the 1s and 2s catch those. Barkley’s weren’t even close..

    And, Tebow can run..

    He has the will to win. maybe not the best talent, but he finds ways. I was actually excited for Denver when he took them to the playoffs..the dude try’s and puts his heart into it. We in Philly had a few players in the past that put their heart and soul into the game.. Does Tebow compare to them? maybe.. Dawkins wasn’t a starter his first yr either..Tebow hasn’t been in the same system for more than 2yrs.. Just like RG3. Talented players being left down by Owners and coaches playing Fantasy Football.

  16. They were hoping Barkley would play well enough to warrant another team trading a 6th or 7th rounder for him. He didn’t play well enough, and now they’ll cut him.

    Maybe we could trade Barkley for Jeff Hornacek again…

  17. Nobody mentioned; Tebow’s very good throws were dropped by recelvers before the 4th quarter.

    I rather have him than Barkley when the game is on the line. He deserved the job.

  18. It’s easy to make a case for Tebow on intangibles alone before even considering his running ability. It’s hard to make a case for Barkley on his own merits; he only exceeds Tebow on pure passing ability because, let’s face it, Tebow is below average on pure passing ability.

  19. I’m fine with the pick, it was like a punt anyway. 4th and 11 deep inside Jets territory – whatever.

    But I was completely wrong about Tebow’s passing ability. He made a half dozen really, really sharp throws last night and 3 or 4 of those were just right through the hands of 4th string receivers. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and last night Tebow more than showed that he can be a 3rd string QB in this league.

    His decision making was noticeably better too. Sure he took a couple of sacks/short gains but he pulled the ball down or tossed it way away rather than force something. Also good.

    Its intrigued me enough to the point that I’d like to see him for at least a bit with his 1st teamers but I know thats never going to happen.

  20. Barkley has had 3 years in the system but he still makes horrible mistakes. He makes 2 good throws but then always a mindless INT thrown right to the other team. Tebow was out of football 2 years and didn’t have much except garbage time until last night. If the Eagles get down to 3rd string, better chance of Tebow rallying team than Barkley.

  21. His third season with the team, Barkley ought to know better to just go for base hits instead of homeruns (re: that first throw). Just a checkdown is sometimes the higher percentage play. Given that Tebow has only been with the team for the past three months, his experience/knowledge from having already been a starter in the league (with the Broncos) and having already been a post-season winner (versus Steelers) makes Tebow a better “safety net” for Kelly/Eagles in the event that Bradford is done by Game 7 and The Sanchize comes in and thereby needs a capable backup himself. Stop taking those darn sacks, Timmy — you know Coach Kelly doesn’t like ’em.

  22. Anyone that thinks Tebow outplayed anyone in the last two preseason games is simply looking at stats and not the actual play.

    Unless he was doing a good deed for that corner that slipped and waited for him to recover and have a chance to make a play before throwing the TD.

    Missing wide open receivers and waiting for them to get covered isn’t going to work against teams top 4 corners.


  23. Keep Tebow…at least he has a more diverse skillset and you can repurpose him for special plays such as wildcat, 2 pt. conversion, etc.

    If Bradford and Sanchez both get injured, it’s not going to matter much anyways…

  24. 66muds99 says:
    Sep 3, 2015 11:04 PM
    RG3 would be a perfect fit for Kelly’s offence, and his personality suits Kelly’s. And if he chose RG3 over Tebow, it would help kill off the racist label.


    Chip cuts players with “me first” personalities from his team. He wants players to play as a team.
    RGme would not fit on the Iggles.

  25. I love how Sanchez has to be the No.2. Remember when he had a chance to take the Eagles to the playoffs LAST YEAR. Oh yeah, most fans memory is week to week.

    If Bradford gets hurt Tebow is there best chance to win.

  26. Can we all please stop with the “keep Tebow for 2 point conversion” thing? Not once last year did Chip Kelly dress a #3 quarterback. Not once! He’s not going to do it this year either. If Tebow makes the team, it won’t have anything at all to do with 2 point conversions. I personally would like them to check the waiver wire. I have to believe that there are going to be better options for a #3 than either Tebow or Barkley.

  27. Obviously Matt Barkley is a more polished passer but with the third quarterback spot, Tim Tebow can provide more for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Tebow does have some flaws in his delivery but can be utilized on 3rd-and-1 and 4th-and-goal rather than risking Sam Bradford getting hurt.

    New York Giants used Jared Lorenzen in a similar fashion…yes I just name dropped JLorenzen.

  28. This decision in my opinion could be the biggest decision in awhile with a 3rd string QB. Not because it is Tebow but because if Bradford gets hurt (which given his history is probable) and you never know what Sanchez will do. So 3rd string is going to be vital to this team and you can’t say that too often.

  29. 66muds99 says:
    Sep 3, 2015 11:04 PM
    RG3 would be a perfect fit for Kelly’s offence, and his personality suits Kelly’s. And if he chose RG3 over Tebow, it would help kill off the racist label.
    RG3 would be a horrible fit for both Kelly’s offense and team.
    1) Kelly prefers QB’s who get rid of the ball fast. RG3 is the complete opposite. Everyone assumes he prefers running QBs despite the fact that every move he’s made says the opposite. He benched Vick for Foles, signed Sanchez and traded for Bradford. He clearly is looking for QBs who can think quick and operate his offense at a fast pace.
    2) RG3 does not fit the culture of this team. Kelly prefers “team first” guys. He’ll sacrifice talent (see Desean & Lesean) for guys that buy into his team first concept. On several occasions, RG3 subtly blamed other players on his team for his shortcomings.

  30. Kelly is creative enough to effectively use Tebow as a backup QB, or maybe even an H back.

    Barkley doesn’t have the arm to eventually become a starter. Maybe they can deal him for a future pick.

    At least Tebow is a threat, Barkley doesn’t do much for me, and I’m not an Eagles fan.

  31. If they’re both cut, Barkley is the first one to wind up on a new team. On strength of character, Tebow means more to Eagles in locker room and for gadget plays.

  32. I don’t understand why anyone would have love for Barkley. Has done nothing to prove that belongs on a NFL roster aside from throwing a nice ball in shorts and a T shirt.

    He is still yet to throw a TD in the regular season and has 5 turnovers. In 3 preseasons, he has thrown more Interceptions than TDs.

    In this preseason, he has more passes than any other QB on the roster but hasn’t scored a TD, has thrown the most picks, has the lowest completion percentage, yds/att, and a QB rating of 57.5.

    Tebow had a very solid preseason with a QB rating of 90.7.

    Objectively, I don’t see what Barkley has ever done since leaving college that shows he can play at this level. Much like Tebow, Barkley seems like a very nice guy, but you have to earn your roster spot.

  33. Tebow has 1 good game and it is overblown by Tebots and the media like always. He sucks. He couldn’t lead this team if Bradford and Sanchez went down and truth is if they both went down, the Eagles would probably be looking for some veteran to come in and lead the team. Tebow can’t be a goal line/ 2 point specialist because as a 3rd QB he won’t be active. He is 28, he is not developing anymore. He has been in/out of the league long enough and he still throws a bad ball and is inconsistent in his reads. The worst part of all this is the Tebots all want him to make the team and if he did, they then would be clamoring for him to start or secretly hoping Bradford and Sanchez get hurt. Sick individuals pulling for a player because of the good religious guy he is. Kinda ironic. Now get on and thumbs down my comment you no life having Tebots.

  34. If your team is looking at Sanchez, Barkley, or Tebow as a back up QB your team is in trouble!

  35. Anyone who believes rg3 would be a good fit in Philly does not understand chips offense. Tebow has made significant improvement in his decision making, and the Matt Barkley experiment has been a failure. Chip is not the fool the media has made him out to be.

  36. You need a good QB if you want to succeed in the NFL, and The Eagles have four good QBs. They’re all still young and improving. Other than Sanchez, these guys haven’t even scratched the surface of how good they’re going to become. NFL QBs don’t hit their prime for 4 or 5 years. I guess Chip Kelly understands the pro game a lot better than some guys who have spent their entire careers in the NFL. It’s a QB driven league.

  37. Trade him to Cleveland, Tebow looked better than any Browns QB has this preseason. In fact, he ran better than any of their running backs have, too.

  38. Barkley is a product of USC, that alone should get him cut totally independent of what Tebow does.

    There are plenty of teams without 3 QB’s on the final 53, Chip should cut them both.

  39. Id rather a mind-screwed RGme over Timmy the Teblow.

    Is it me, or does every motion he makes from running to throwing look completely inefficient?

  40. I like Barkley and Tebow because they both have character and my t-shirt says character counts. I will always admire Barkley for staying in school and sticking with his teammates for one more run. That said, the weaknesses of Philly are an oft-injured starter and a mediocre passer in Sanchez. Why back those guys up with a mediocre passer with injury history. Tebow is a tank and can run the ball. He seems like a better reliever when you need a surge after a loss of one the #1 or #2.

  41. I have to credit Tim Tebow for somehow making the Eagles, their fans, and Philadelphia sports media even more insufferable, which I did not think was remotely possible.

  42. The Eagles are heading for the Super Bowl and something tells me Tim will have a hand in it

  43. Tebow was the best but then you have the tebowhatingpundints last night and this morning falling all over themselves trying to explain why stats don’t matter and that you have to look at timing, and decision et-bs-cetera

  44. If Kelly is content on keeping a roster spot for a third QB, you keep Tebow if it’s down to him vs. Barkley. Tebow at least has some value in the wildcat or occasional trick play, can run the ball, and has shown he can win close games in the past.

    He’s obviously not going to see the field much and maybe will be inactive most weeks, but more people will turn into watch the Eagles and follow the team if he’s on the roster. If he wants to wallow at the bottom of the QB depth chart on a team for a few more years extending his career and collect a few paychecks and teams are willing to keep him around, more power to him.

  45. Honestly, if Tebow didn’t have the history he does, and was solely judged upon his preseason results, it sounds like he’d clearly be the #3 over Barkley. Quit living in the past and reward the hard work.

  46. I’ve watched every Eagles preseason game. Barkley has outplayed Tebow in every game except the final one. However, I would definitely put more weight on the final game. Both players knew it came down to last night, and when the pressure was on Barkley faltered big time and Tebow looked…. ehhh ok. I don’t feel comfortable if the Eagles need to rely on either guy, but then again what team can say they would feel comfortable starting their 3rd string QB?

  47. chalkruz1989 says:
    Sep 4, 2015 8:14 AM

    Tebow does have some flaws in his delivery but can be utilized on 3rd-and-1 and 4th-and-goal rather than risking Sam Bradford getting hurt.

    A very good point! You don’t want to risk Bradford who played very little in Preseason but played very well. Unfortunately Bradford spent more time on the injured list than he did on the field for the Rams.

  48. I love to pick on Tebow largely because I’ve always felt that his crazy fan base wanted the job handed t o because he’s God’s guy. Which is silly.

    But in this case, Tebow has earned his roster spot over Barkley. And for that he deserves congratulations.

  49. I still can’t believe Barkley didn’t enter the draft as a Jr. Dude would have been a top 5 pick and made 17-18 mil. Now he might not even be able to beat out Tebow for a 3rd string gig. Unreal.

  50. i’d keep Tebow. Even if you do get down to your 3rd string QB. I imagine Tebow will win more games because he has done it in the past then Barkley who just hasn’t look good at all in his 2+yrs.

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