49ers release Philip Wheeler, Joe Looney and Craig Dahl

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Darnell Dockett isn’t the only veteran that failed to make the cut to 53 players with the 49ers.

The team announced Dockett’s release on Friday afternoon along with five other moves that leave the roster at 69 players. They’ll need to pare that number to 53 by Saturday afternoon.

Guard Joe Looney was released, which leaves the team without any players from their 2012 draft class. He was a fourth-round pick of the 49ers and started four of the 19 games he played for the team over the last three years.

Safety Craig Dahl and linebacker Philip Wheeler are gone as well.  Dahl restructured his contract for the second straight year and played in every game for the team over the last two seasons, but that wasn’t enough for him to hold onto a roster spot. Wheeler signed with the 49ers after being released by the Dolphins in March after playing just two years of a five-year, $26 million deal.

The 49ers also released wide receiver Isaac Blakeney and offensive lineman Patrick Miller.

9 responses to “49ers release Philip Wheeler, Joe Looney and Craig Dahl

  1. Baalke bombed the 2012 draft what else is new, the following drafts aren’t reflecting so great either.

  2. Maybe someone should release the guy in charge of the 2012 draft. Certainly the process is not a perfect science, but to miss on every single selection is a problem.

  3. Guard Joe Looney was released, which leaves the team without any players from their 2012 draft class.
    And that, folks, is how a good team turns bad in a hurry. Those guys should just now be hitting their prime and positioned to be the core of the team for the next 4-5 years… not on other teams’ rosters or out of the league altogether.

  4. Good to see the 49ers finally realizing “the Dolphins trash is no treasure” Jonathan Martin was a soft player mentally and physically and Wheeler outright sucked!

  5. The people who are bashing GM Baalke are not 49er fans. They are hired mouthpieces. They never mention the great moves he has made. Drafting Eric Reid, who made the pro bowl in his rookie season. He got a couple of draft picks when he traded Alex Smith. Other teams knew that the Niners were not going to keep Smith, and had to release him no matter what because he was making $7 million a year sitting on the bench. He got Blaine Gabbert, who played great this year, for a low round draft pick. The team now has several young DL (Tank, Dial, and Armstead) who have bright futures. Carolos Hyde made Frank Gore expendable. Kap has more road playoff wins than HOF QB Steve Young and Joe Montana combined. He is the only QB who has brought the Niners to the Super Bowl since Steve Young did it in the 1994 season. Last year he picked 3 cornerbacks and safety Jimmie Ward, who are still with the team and still playing well, making Culliver and Cox expendable, and if Chris Borland did not take a weird turn mentally and retired, he had another pro bowl player at LB. His pick of Aaron Lynch was brilliant, as he is a great pass rusher, making Aldon Smith and his $10 million salary expendable. People are bashing Baalke because they are plain jealous of his accomplishments, and because he is a great GM, as good a GM as Harbaugh was as a 49er head coach. The media bashed Harbaugh last year too, relentlessly. None of the people doing the bashing were 49ers fans. They hate the Niners and are rooting for failure.

  6. Eric Reid, Kenneth Acker, Donate Johnson, Keith Reaser, Jaquiski Tartt, ..5 great young players who will solidify this secondary for years to come..remember the names..

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