Chiefs get down to 53, trade safety Kelcie McCray to Seahawks

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The Chiefs are down to the 53-man roster limit, with moves including trading safety Kelcie McCray to the Seahawks.

That move, which gives the Seahawks some secondary depth, could indicate that Seattle doesn’t think it will have holdout safety Kam Chancellor back for Week One. The Chiefs get an undisclosed draft pick in the deal.

The Chiefs also cut receiver Da’Ron Brown, defensive end Mike Catapano, safety Sanders Commings, linebacker Ja’Gared Davis, defensive tackle Hebron Fangupo, center Garrett Frye, defensive lineman David Irving, linebacker James-Michael Johnson, center Eric Kush, receiver Tello Luckett, center Daniel Munyer, defensive back Deji Olatoye, guard Jarrod Pughsley, running back Darrin Reaves, cornerback Kevin Short, tackle Derek Sherrod, tight end Ryan Taylor, fullback Spencer Ware and receiver Fred Williams.

Kansas City also placed tight end Richard Gordon on injured reserve and moved cornerback Sean Smith to the reserve/suspended list.

12 responses to “Chiefs get down to 53, trade safety Kelcie McCray to Seahawks

  1. Very surprised to see Catapano on this list. He’s a monster and has really upped his game. Also surprised they cut Fred Williams. He has shown great athleticism, crisp route running and good hands. I thought they would release aging Jason Avant or even Frankie Hammond before Williams. Hammond know the offense better but what really saved him was his ability to contribute on special teams. Don’t understand Catapano, especially figuring they kept Desmond Moses, Nick Williams, and D.J. Alexander. Trading McCray makes sense, as they have a healthy Tyvon Branch, Ron Parker, Hussain Abdullha, and a well recovering Eric Berry.

  2. I’m willing to bet that Catapano was a numbers casualty due to Poe’s injury that will result in constant rotation of the big guys at NT.. Catapano cannot play the NT position, but both DeVito, Williams and Nunez-Roches can. It’s tough for Chiefs fans to accept Catapano’s cut, but in a 3-4, the primary job of the DE is to tie up blockers for the linebackers. Avant is a long-time Reid favorite and will be a valuable asset in a leadership role for Maclin and crew. Moses has special teams value (was a key member in ’13 season), and showed good outside rush ability in the Arizona game. Alexander was probably kept because otherwise KC only carries two healthy ILBs into the season with Johnson and Wilson. Mauga is still banged up. Also I would imagine KC wouldn’t want to bail on a 5th round pick already.

  3. Seattle loses Kam its all but over, restructure his deal give him what he needs, 2nd best player on the Team and THEE MOST IMPORTANT!!!


    they Lose the LOB they lose the divisional and hand it over to the Cards, Hawks will battle with the Niners for the dweller spot..

    the outcome of this will tell !@’s exactly how much the organization appreciates them and whether or not they’re in it for the money or in it to win it

  4. bout 500k Cardinal fans will pray tonight the Hawks don’t have Kam for the season, this would mean INSTANT win for the Cards if they demolish the Hawks D..

    we saw in the Superbowl what that D means to win it all, 3 Booms were injured and it showed, remove one completely from the picture, DONE DEAL!

    what would be even worse is if the Cards or Rams picked him up..

  5. I don’t think Kam goes anywhere either and def. dreaming. Having him in NY would be awesome. He’s a monster and fun to watch. Don’t take it personal. He’s a beast.

  6. Isn’t this a Chiefs article? Who cares what happens to Kam?
    Now back on topic, I am surprised to see Catapano, Commings, Kush & JMJ on this list. Especially Kush since he was the starting center when training camp started.

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