Chip says Eagles will add a quarterback, Tebow not good enough


Eagles coach Chip Kelly says the reason he cut Tim Tebow today is simple: Tebow isn’t good enough.

Kelly praised Tebow for working hard and getting better, but he said that ultimately Tebow is simply not a good passer to be the Eagles’ third-string quarterback.

“Tim’s really progressed but we didn’t feel like he was good enough to be the three right now,” Kelly said. “He just needs to get out there and get more reps.”

Kelly said the Eagles will, however, add another quarterback behind Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez.

“We’re not done,” Kelly said. “Whether we add a quarterback to the practice squad or the active roster, we will have a third quarterback in here.”

Kelly said that he won’t know the identity of the third quarterback until he scours the waiver wire today.

“We’re going to add a third quarterback. If we add him to the active we won’t add a practice squad quarterback, if we add him to the practice squad we won’t add one to the roster. We won’t have four quarterbacks,” Kelly said.

The Eagles will end up with three quarterbacks, but Tebow will not be one of them.

80 responses to “Chip says Eagles will add a quarterback, Tebow not good enough

  1. The Eagles are not good enough. That’s why they have never won a Superbowl. Someone posted the expected roster yesterday on the comments and my ribs still hurt from the pure laughter I had of that “fearsome” 2-win team. Thank Goodness I’m a Redskin fan. #StephenAwasrightaboutChip

  2. Even i didn’t think the Eagles were that cold…looks to me like they needed a show pony for the miserable preseason fan draw and what better draw than Tebow.

    Follow the money.

  3. Pretty sure Chip wont put himself through everything that would come with signing Josh Freeman. Kellen Moore is available, so is Christian Ponder. Not really seeing it with either of those guys though either.

    He likes Oregon alums… has Joey Harrington kept himself in shape?

  4. I’m not a Chip Kelly fan but I like his honesty concerning Tebow. “He’s simply not good enough.” Enough said.

  5. At least sometimes I’m on point. I called this before the 1st preseason game. I even had Barkley going to Arizona. But I have to try to stay humble. Lol.

  6. I think a lot of teams will regret passing on Brett Hundley through four rounds of the draft. He’s really looked good in the last couple exhibition games.

  7. Bring on the regular season can’t wait. And in three weeks when the skins are 0 and 3 . We won’t have to read anymore crap from logicialvoicepft anymore. Funny how you comment on the birds all the time but your team is a joke from top to bottom.

  8. I feel bad for Tebow but ultimately Chip made the smartest call – as long as he does pick up a third QB. With Bradford’s injury history I couldn’t see only having 2 QBs on the roster.

  9. What’s with the RG3 calling. The guy stinks, is way overpaid, his OL won’t block for him, he is always hurt and he’s all about himself.

  10. I usually can’t stand Chip but in this case I love his honesty. Straight gangta. Dude Tim nice try but u suck don’t let the door hit ya where your good lord split ya.

  11. The announcement may have become “official” today, but Tebow was seen lugging several suitcases through Philly’s airport last night — that made it official enough for me.

  12. Wow, looks like Tebow is done. But I admire him for trying his best despite all the odds. I’ll miss his exciting play though. Enjoyed him @ Florida, really enjoyed him @ Denver. Still think he’s a class act though no matter what anybody says.

  13. If neither Bill Belichick nor Chip Kelly could think of a way to utilize his athleticism, then I’d say it looks like the end of the road for Mr. Tebow.

  14. I love how coaches speak sometimes..”He needs to get out there and get more reps.” But then the coach won’t put a guy into the game. Crazy, if you think about it.

  15. That makes five NFL coaches who have worked with Tebow and come to the conclusion that he’s not good enough to play qb in the NFL. FIVE. (McDaniels, Fox, Ryan, Bellichick & Kelley.

    I think its time for the Tebow and Mike Sam reality show…………

  16. I gotta give it to Tebow. He wants to be an NFL QB and keeps throwing himself in the mix trying to find a spot with any and every team out there. I really thought he was going to stick with The Eagles though, after his startlingly good showing in his last pre-season game and when The Eagles then traded Barkley (MATT not Charles !) To me, and I am not a Jesus Freak, Tebow takes the most grief than anybody else in the NFL, for no other reason than just trying his best every time out. He may not be an NFL QB…..BUT…he IS a good all around athlete !

  17. logicalvoicepft says:
    Sep 5, 2015 1:39 PM

    The Eagles are not good enough. That’s why they have never won a Superbowl. Someone posted the expected roster yesterday on the comments and my ribs still hurt from the pure laughter I had of that “fearsome” 2-win team. Thank Goodness I’m a Redskin fan. #StephenAwasrightaboutChip

    It will be an epic battle between the Redskins and the Eagles for last place in the division.

  18. Idk? 17 points with Tebow under the helm, and he’s improving isn’t good enough for 3rd string??

  19. There IS a place in the league for Tebow, as an H-back, TE, or a hybrid of both. He’s just so dad gum stubborn and insist on ONLY playing quarterback.

    As an H-back, he’d get on the field quite a bit, he’d touch the ball a few times. Who knows, the play caller might even have him throw a few times a season. Oh, but he’s GOTTA be a quarterback…or else.

    I guess it’s back to Or Else, and he’s probably run out of chances.

    The average football fan would tear off their non dominant arm for this opportunity (to play in the NFL), and he’s wasted four of them.

  20. I’m confused why would he cut Tebow who has proven himself with a good line he can win, Sanchez was a starter who lost his spot, I know this sounds crazy but, they want make the playoffs this year because of injuries

  21. Why is Cooper still on the team? Rasheed Bailey showed hunger, grit and talent in the preseason as well as any other receiver if not better. Most importantly he did not drop the ball.

  22. Shocking….

    Actually, not really. An awful lot of people have let their feelings about Tebow as a person obscure the painfully obvious…. that he’s a really bad QB who can’t throw the ball good enough to play in the NFL. Its that simple.

  23. Tebow, Josh Freeman, Mike Kafka.

    3 very different QB types, but all share the same trait: Just like 8-10 BILLION other folks on the planet, they do not have the total skill set required to claim one of the 75 or so roster spots for an NFL QB position.

    I don’t think any of them will quit; Kafka and Tebow love the game too much, and Freeman missed the game too much. But I suspect that other careers will soon choose each of them.

  24. And good enough to best Sam Bradford (“The $50M ‘Guaranteed’ Man” who played a total of 49 games-out-of-80 during his 4-year stint in Saint Louie) in a National Championship game. C’mon Chip, even the presumed “best QB” of all-time, Big Bro Manning, couldn’t “pass” for more than 8 points versus the Seahacks [sic] en-route to their Super Bowl win. Chile, pleeze.

  25. My guess is Cassell, if he gets through waivers. A veteran would probably appeal to Kelly.

  26. As a Cowboys fan I was a little worried that the Eagles might have a football genius as a coach. I must say I am relieved to know that Chip Kelly must be clueless because he is entering the season with Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez as his top QBs….Lol

  27. Perhaps Chip is planning to replace one zealous underperforming “Christian” 3rd string QB with another…Ponder.

  28. All QB have bad throws, Tebow , maybe a little more, but what he did with the Broncos, was no fluke, you can not win that many games and a playoff win, and say that you are a bad QB! ? If Tebow would of taken the Broncos to SuperBowl you guys would still say he sucks, to me thats called HATERS!!!

  29. it’s the fantasy fairy tale that ties them together

    The seeming need to disparage it by your ilk tells us you’re not as content in your beliefs as you put forth.

  30. If this doesn’t change his mind about converting to TE, then nothing will. I’m sure it’s difficult to concede, but he either wants to play in the NFL or he doesn’t. And he won’t if he doesn’t concede.

  31. am now convinced that the NFL is blackballing Tebow…For what reason who knows?..I watched his last couple of outings and he looked like a starter….every time he made a great play the announcers would ignore it or blame the defense…Later the NFL commentators showing the highlights did the same thing. Ignored his outstanding play..said NOTHING about his great runs and pinpoint passes.This guy is a solid QB who may be was durable as any other player. His passing has improved and continues to with each rep…He is as good a runner as ANY QB in the league and is as good a Teammate as anyone in the league..Anyone who thinks M Sanchez is better does not know football..This is SO screwed up.

  32. It’s Chip being Chip, he’s going to re-add him to the roster after week 1 to make him expendable, but is trying to keep the rest of the NFL away from Tebow.

  33. Chip kelly cant be trusted. wouldnt surprise me if he bolts for college after eagles go 1-15

  34. Many Steeler fans would love to see Tebow in house if it meant that the worthless Vick were to get sent packing! At least this guy brings a great work ethic, great speed and power for a QB, and lots of positive stuff to the locker room. Not saying that Vick doesn’t of course……..that is if he leaves the dog collars at home…..ha! Too bad that Tomlin has such a ‘guy thing’ for Vick as he’s a burnt-out waste of a roster spot. As often as he gets sacked he’ll last about five minutes in a real game.

  35. Somehow I doubt that he has gotten the hint that he is a loser, yet.
    Figures since he believes in an invisible guy in the sky and a book of myths and fairy tales.

  36. Tebow’s final preseason stats:

    21/36 (58.3%)
    286 yards (7.94 per attempt)
    2 TD’s to 1 INT
    90.7 passer rating
    14 rush attempts
    82 yards (5.9 per rush)
    1 TD

    Not good enough for 3rd string…right.

  37. Other QB hopefuls are cut. So why is this the one and only loser we hear about all the freaking time? Why does the media have such a hard on for this big zero?
    Tbag is just trolling the NFL and the media. Let it go, NFL media.

  38. He did get booed in Philly a couple of years ago when he was playing for the Pats in preseason but everyone has forgotten that! They booed him cause he wasn’t good. I’m saying that nice!

  39. emmitt22bates40 says:
    Sep 5, 2015 3:32 PM
    As a Cowboys fan I was a little worried that the Eagles might have a football genius as a coach. I must say I am relieved to know that Chip Kelly must be clueless because he is entering the season with Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez as his top QBs….Lol
    I like that you’re relaxing. Fingers crossed your team does likewise.

  40. … and Sanchez is? He was the reason they failed to make the playoffs last year when Foles went down, including a thrashing at the hands of Seattle. What happens when Bradford goes down …. again?

  41. Ok so chip thinks that Morris from Miami is a better QB than Tebow? Where is the opium den that Chip and his QB coach hang out. I have film that says Morris threw more Interception in 3 years at Miami than the Angels have made in the last ten years. Especially of note is his laughable performance in big games. He implodes once he crosses the 50 yd line. The Eagles will NEVER get to the big game because 1) qb1- will get injured 2)qb2 is good but haunted by his past in big games 3) qb3 now couldn’t make the JAGS roster.

  42. Obviously, Tebow was too good to play 3rd string for the Eagles.

    Tebow QBR 90.7 – 3 TDs Too Good
    Barkley QBR 57.5 – 0 TDS signed by Arizona
    Ponder QBR 74.4 – 0 TDs sought by Eagles to replace Tebow
    Morris QBR 79.7 – 2 TDs good enough-hired

  43. David 1800, Right on target! Just the facts and add to that that Tebow would lay down his life for anyone of his teammates and you have a real leader. Tebow gets things done. It may not be pretty all the time but he finds a way to win. Using Chip’s methodology of “Not Good Enough” (subjective and not factual) Here are some other QBs that Chip would have passed on; Jim Plunket(can’t throw a spiral)Sonny Jurgenson(same as Plunket), Daryl Lamonica(inconsistent), Fran Tarkington(too Small), Terry Bradshaw (Arm Strength), Russell Wilson (too small), Eli Manning (arm strength/inconsistency) and Drew Brees (too small). These guys were/are not prototypical drop back tall pocket passers but are winners, leaders and competitors that were able to get more out of their teammates than was thought possible. That’s the kind of leader Tim Tebow is. And thus I hope that the Eagles have a great year, but fear that Chip has no clue when it comes to judging character.

  44. The 2015 season is over and this is how Bradford compared to Tebow’s first 16.
    Bradford threw 65% for 19 TDs in 532 attempts with 14 interceptions, 0 rushing scores in 14 games.
    Tim Tebow threw 47.3% for 19 TDs in 374 attempts with 9 ints, 15 rushing scores in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays.
    Why does Tebow score more often? He is patient in the pocket and throws longer passes.
    Bradford averaged 10.7 yards per completion and Tebow averaged 15.3 yards per completion.
    Bradford scored every 18.2 completions and 28 attempts in 2015.
    Tebow scored every 9.3 completions and 19.6 attempts in 2010/2011.
    Tebow scored almost twice as often per completion and much more often per pass attempt and added 937 yards rushing. The Eagles would have won their division and gone to the playoffs with 15 more scores, another 937 yards rushing and 5 fewer interceptions from their quarterback.
    Tebow scored 34 times in 549 touches.
    Bradford scored 19 times in 558 touches.
    Kelly and the Eagles went 7-9 in a weak division with an injured Romo because he cut Tim Tebow, the highest and fastest scoring player on his team, passing or rushing.

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